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MihoshiMarie 11-24-2004 02:13 AM

"20 Hottest Young Royals" (2004) - E! and Forbes Documentary
I saw a commercial for this today, and was excited. Then I went to their website and found out that the only royals featured are the Windsors, Bernadottes (from Sweden) and the Grimaldis (Monaco). I think the show lasts an hour and thirty minutes (the show featuring Princess Ann Claire, called Love is in the Heir premieres right after this show).

You can go read about it here. It premieres on Sunday, November 28 at 8 PM.

Marengo 11-24-2004 07:29 AM

who is princess Ann-Claire???

kittencrews 11-24-2004 01:56 PM

Princess Ann Claire is the granddaughter of HIH Princess Shams of the Pahlavi Dynasty. She was raised in London but has moved to LA to pursue a carreer in Country Music.... her parents are angry and fed up so they've made a reality show about it.

Dennism 11-28-2004 09:57 PM

Has anybody been watching this? Itīs a lot of old things and old footage that weīve seen before. But it was good to see and hear Victoria and I hope America listened and watched! :) But a lot on the Windsors and the Grimaldis...:rolleyes:

MihoshiMarie 11-28-2004 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by Dennism
Has anybody been watching this? Itīs a lot of old things and old footage that weīve seen before. But it was good to see and hear Victoria and I hope America listened and watched! :) But a lot on the Windsors and the Grimaldis...:rolleyes:

I live on the West coast, so it isn't on yet. But that is kinda disappointing - Windsor and Grimaldi overload. At least, I hope that it isn't like that.

Was Victoria speaking in English?

Interesting trivia - it may or may not be true. I think I heard somewhere that for the new season of THS there was supposed to be an episode on Prince William. I wonder if it has changed to the show that is airing now.

Dennism 11-28-2004 10:41 PM

Yes, a lot on the Windsors and Grimaldis but it is segmented so you can just turn off your brain for a couple of minutes at a time. Then they get to the really interesting royals like my beloved. Yes, she was speaking in English. Havenīt they done one on the Windsors yet? I would have thought that they did already. That should be interesting anyway. Well, I mean for those who follow the Windsors.

mybags 11-28-2004 11:12 PM

I hadn't heard or seen the King C XVI G and Queen Silvia interview so it was good to see that. But boy, they sure know how to work the overload on the Windsors and Grimaldis. But how about them Bernadottes. It was good to see E! have some info about them.

Dennism 11-28-2004 11:16 PM

Well said. It was nice for a change. I hope people who are not as "Royally"(cough cough) involved as many members of TRF are, had a chance to see all of this. It was good to a point. But still they had to play to a majority of viewers who would have been just interested in the Windsors and Grimaldis.

irishchic5 11-28-2004 11:29 PM

It was definitely nice to see some royalty on TV besides the Windors and Grimaldis. I bet most Americans couldn't even find Belgium or Luxembourg on a map!

hillary_nugent 11-28-2004 11:41 PM

Did you get to hear any of the Monaco royal speak???

Dennism 11-28-2004 11:44 PM

I donīt think so. Or maybe I just missed it when they did speak.

sara1981 11-28-2004 11:53 PM

i watch on television of Larry King of Crown Prince of monaco did speak good like his mother the Princess Grace who been speak good when Princess Grace been interview with 20/20 because Princess Grace was raise American.

Sara Boyce

Dennism 11-29-2004 12:15 AM

Eh, I know that I should not pay too close attention to the show but I did spot a mistake early on. They said that Carl Gustaf and Silvia were married a year after the death of Gustaf VI Adolf.

MoonlightRhapsody 11-29-2004 12:46 AM

I'm watching it right now...Not a bad program but only a few minutes of each royal.

MihoshiMarie 11-29-2004 12:55 AM

I liked hearing King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, and Crown Princess Victoria speak. It was a rather well-known remark too - the one 'Sometimes you wish you were somewhere else...and someone else' or something like that.

Dennism 11-29-2004 01:09 AM

Yeah, that was good.

MoonlightRhapsody 11-29-2004 01:54 AM

I didn't like it as much. They concentrated too much on the Windsor royals (i.e. William and Harry). Not enough on the other royals.

ShksprNLov 11-29-2004 02:06 AM

I was looking forward to watching the THS but I was gobsmacked when I realized they were only doing the three families - I wanted to see some of the Luxembourgers. It was fun to watch though. Yeah, most Americans probably have no idea where Belgium and Lux are. I'm proud to say I can and that I have visited both of those countries. :)

queenanne 11-29-2004 02:45 AM

I don't think that most Americans are ignorant as to where those countries are. They may not know that those countries have monarchs, but they can surely point them out on a map. Also, I'm not surprised that the show focused on England and Monaco, thats pretty much all our royal news consists of, here in the States.

sky 12-04-2004 09:07 PM

The show was okay. Since I already know abot the Windors and the Grimaldis, I just wanted to about the Swedes. Victoria has cute accent when speaking English. She doesn't really have must of one though. THS made a couple of mistakes, once they called Victoria Crown Prince Victoria, then they said Charlotte was 4th in line, and called Mary, Mary Mcdonald. But I didn't expect must for E! anyway.

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