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anna 01-14-2004 03:25 AM

Frederik & Mary in Australia for Sister's Wedding: January 2004
"Princess" Mary back in Tasmania - January 14, 2004

AUSTRALIA'S princess in waiting Mary Donaldson arrived in Hobart today.

She and her fiance Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark arrived on a commercial flight unrecognised by their fellow passengers.

They flew in a day earlier than anticipated, largely avoiding media attention.

The couple, who met at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, left the airport directly from the tarmac in a waiting sports car, driven by the Crown Prince.

They are in Australia for Ms Donaldson's sister Patricia's wedding on Saturday.,00.html

Dennism 01-14-2004 06:13 AM

That's cool that they did it and that it worked. Neat.

Bubbette 01-14-2004 10:27 AM

You know, it must be hard making all that small talk all the time! With people you don't even know. I guess after going to enough events together you get to know them.

Dennism 01-14-2004 11:01 AM

The Age:

Bubbette 01-14-2004 05:41 PM

that is a nice photo, thanks for posting.

karolinabraganza 01-15-2004 05:17 AM

TASMANIA'S princess-in-waiting Mary Donaldson arrived in Hobart yesterday, looking relaxed and happy to be among family.

Mary and her fiancee Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark flew into Hobart Airport about 9.30am.

They are in Tasmania for the Saturday wedding of Mary's sister Patricia Woods and are expected to spend a week in Mary's birthplace.

After catching up on rest after the long flight yesterday, Mary ventured out for her sister's hen party last night.

The statuesque brunette drove her older sister Jane Stephens to the party at Lenah Valley.

Mary, 31, was clearly happy to be at home when united with her sister Jane - the pair chuckling as they walked to Mary's silver Audi.

Although Prince Frederik, 35, arrived with Mary at Jane's home, he stayed behind while the sisters drove on together to the hens' party.

Their car was closely followed by a car full of Danish security guards.

Although Mary's plans while in Hobart have been kept confidential, her sister Patricia said there would be a lot of "family time".

Mary's father, mathematics professor John Donaldson, is also in Hobart. The academic, who recently took on a post at the University of Denmark, spends much of his time abroad teaching at Oxford and the University of South Korea.

Patricia said her younger sister was exhausted yesterday after flying from Denmark and was spending the day sleeping off her jetlag.

The details of Patricia's Saturday wedding are being closely guarded, although it is believed to be taking place in a private garden at Sandy Bay.

Earlier this week the Danish palace announced some of the guest list for the May 14 royal wedding, which will include friends from Australia.

After the wedding, at Copenhagen's Lutheran cathedral, the couple will ride through the Danish capital in a horse-drawn carriage.

Ms Donaldson will become Crown Princess Mary. Frederik is first in line to the throne. He will eventually become King Frederik X and Mary will be the first Australian to become queen.

The Mercury

karolinabraganza 01-15-2004 05:28 AM

are there photos or other informations about mary's sister?

is that patricia or mary?
does patricia have children?

CD. 01-15-2004 05:29 AM

Actually I like her relaxed off the plane look. She looks natural and at ease. Maybe being back in OZ makes her feel normal.

karolinabraganza 01-15-2004 05:34 AM

is this mary or her sister? are there other pictures of patricia?

andiemac 01-15-2004 05:47 AM

found this from the age newspaper online today

Mary, Danish prince in Hobart
January 15, 2004 - 8:05PM

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and his Australian bride-to-be Mary Donaldson are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Tasmania as they prepare for the weekend wedding of Ms Donaldson's sister.

Prince Frederik said he was very happy to be in Australia and wasn't missing his home at all.

"I don't have any sort of homesickness or anything like that because we're both here," he told the Nine Network.

"I'm with Mary and it's just the right place to be with her."

The couple strolled hand-in-hand through a local Hobart park, and took a sightseeing flight in a chartered plane before joining friends for lunch on a cafe's outdoor terrace.

The down-to-earth pair arrived on a commercial flight on Wednesday, a day earlier than expected.

They left the airport directly from the tarmac in a waiting sports car, with the crown prince at the wheel.

The couple are in Australia for Ms Donaldson's sister Patricia's wedding on Saturday, and Prince Frederick expressed some jealousy about the low-key build-up to the event.

"My wedding and Mary's wedding will be a little bit different but that's the way it is," he said.

The couple, who met at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, will wed on May 14 in Copenhagen.

The 31-year-old Ms Donaldson, a former Sydney real estate agent, will become Crown Princess Mary.

Prince Frederik, 35, is first in line to the throne, but his mother, Queen Margrethe, 63, has said she has no plans to step down.


andiemac 01-15-2004 06:44 AM

jane and mary look so much alike !! what's patricia like ? is she the one with the pram ?

Cissan 01-15-2004 08:03 AM

OMG!! Frederik sounds so sweet when he talks about her! I get a little in love with him... :blush: :blush: :blush:

Dennism 01-15-2004 03:38 PM

" that is a nice photo, thanks for posting."

You're welcome.

Binny 01-15-2004 03:59 PM

From the Sydney Morning Herald..

Rough ride for the Spirit, smooth sailing for royalty
By Andrew Darby

January 15, 2004

While the Spirit of Tasmania was getting all the attention in Devonport - not all of it good - the future Queen Mary sailed into Hobart almost unnoticed yesterday, her prince in tow for a private visit to her home state.

Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who will marry in Copenhagen on May 14, flew in to be reunited with her family before the weekend wedding of her sister, Patricia Woods.

They arrived on a commercial flight at Hobart airport, apparently unrecognised by fellow passengers, and left from the tarmac in a car driven by the prince, in keeping with the low profile they have maintained since meeting during the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Rather more eyes were focused on the Spirit of Tasmania III when it arrived - three hours late - at the end of its maiden voyage from Sydney to Devonport, a journey plagued by protests, a brief engine problem, strong winds and some unnerving seas.

The ferry, which restores a link last sailed in 1972, hit trouble before it even left Sydney Harbour when anti-woodchipping protesters abseiled down the side to display a banner.

"A stupid, reckless act," said the Tasmanian Premier, Jim Bacon, who sailed the maiden voyage.

More trouble was to come, as one of the ship's four engines was briefly taken out of service after overheating. But most of the three-hour delay was caused by overnight winds of 50 knots, and waves of 3.5 metres, which the captain, Jim Lewis, described as a short, nasty little chop.

The ship kept its dining areas open for a long brunch because of the delay.

One passenger, Alice Hammer of Camden, NSW, said she was happy with the food and the service but not impressed with the delay. "I was supposed to catch the bus and the family was waiting to pick me up at the other end," she said.

Passengers with cars were all off the ferry in Devonport within 30 minutes of it docking. Among them were the Best family, returning to Devonport from a 19-day holiday.

"It was very pleasant, very spacious," said Susie Best. Her daughter Holly, 13, said the rough part of the voyage had made her feel sick, but otherwise she was impressed. "There were heaps of things for kids to do. We liked the movies and the video games and the reading room."

Binny 01-15-2004 04:03 PM

Can't say I like the monogram either. The text is too chunky and modern for the emblem.

Alexandria 01-15-2004 04:11 PM

From the above article posted by Binny, can anyone explain why Mary's sister Patricia has the last name of Woods? Was she married previously? Or are she and Mary half siblings, and Patricia is the daughter of Mary's mom from a previous marriage or relationship?

anna 01-15-2004 06:14 PM


Originally posted by Alexandria@Jan 15th, 2004 - 10:11 pm
can anyone explain why Mary's sister Patricia has the last name of Woods?
Was she married previously?

Yes, Patricia Woods has two children with her first husband.

Her third child Molly Kay Bailey was born september 2002 - previously posted pic of Patricia standing behind the trolley.

Patricia is marrying Scott Bailey saturday.

paulette 01-16-2004 04:46 AM

I loved their pictures! They look so sweet and happy especially in that last photo of them together. :)

I would like to ask if Mary only has 2 sisters namely Patricia and Jane??
Can someone please post also a clearer picture of Patricia and jane.. :)

Bubbette 01-16-2004 10:36 AM

I am not liking her pants or her tops!

Lena 01-16-2004 11:21 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Itīs not easy to distinguish Mary from her sister...and Fredīs trousers... :doh: ok, in the 80ties on the golf court such trousers were modern :innocent:


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