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lula 05-09-2008 08:59 AM

Queen Sofia's Official Visit to Greece: May 14-17, 2008

Trip of Her Majesty the Queen to Greece
Greece, from May 14 to May 17, 2008

On Wednesday, the 14th of May, Dona Sofía will preside, in the Residence of the Embassy of Spain in Athens, at the imposition of decorations to the Hispanists Silvia Pandou y Philipos Dracontaidis.

On Thursday, the 15th, the Queen will visit to to Zakynthos's Marine Nature reserve and and will go to a lunch offered by the Metropolita of Zakynthos, Chrysostomos.

On Friday, the 16th of May, Her Majesty will visit the Island of Rhodes. There she will know the Acropolis and the fortress of Lindos - accompanied for the Greek minister of Culture-, and the medieval city of Rhodes. In the evening, she will preside at an act in the House of Spain of Rhodes.

On Saturday, the 17th, Dona Sofía will visit the new Museum of the Acropolis of Athens and will inaugurate the night lighting of the building of the Chancery of the Embassy of Spain.

It seems that the Queen is already in Greece in private visit, since her official activities do not begin until Wednesday. gente-ocio - espectaculos - Triunfo del Ballet Nacional de España en Atenas en presencia de la Reina Sofía

Triumph of the National Ballet of Spain in Athens in presence of the Queen Sofia

With a magnificent qualified spectacle Seville-Madrid-Sevilla, the National Ballet of Spain directed by Jose Antonio has triumphed in Athens yesterday in the night.

The Queen Sofia was accompanied by her sister the Princess Irene and several of her Greek relatives: the Prince Michel with his wife the Princess Marina and his daughter the Princess Olga, as well as the Princess Catherine, widow of the Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan. There presents also the Mayor of Athens, Nikitas Kaklamanis, the President of the Parliament Dimitris Siufas and the Ambassador of Spain Juan Ramon Martínez Salazar.

lula 05-13-2008 06:10 AM

Queen Sofia of Spain attending the Ballet National De Espana, Pallas theatre, Athens, Greece - 10 May 2008

Imposition of decorations to the Hispanists Silvia Pandou and Philipos Dracontaidis.

Queen Sofia of Spain attends the release of a sea turtle (Caretta caretta) with a satellite transmitter mounted on its back , at Gerakas beach on the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Sea, west Greece

ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank

Duke of Marmalade 05-15-2008 03:05 PM

Many thanks for these pictures lula. Queen Sofia is always beaming when in Greece. Funny that she turns into a paparazzo herself on most trips, taking pics with her small camera for showing them to the family at home.

catango 05-15-2008 03:59 PM

I've never heard Queen Sofia speaking Greek.

Has she done it on this trip?.

giov 05-16-2008 07:51 AM

Galerías de imágenes

lula 05-16-2008 10:15 AM gente-ocio - gente - La Reina adelanta su regreso de Grecia al lesionarse la Princesa Irene

The Queen advances her return of Greece when injures the Princess Irene

Her Majesty the Queen has decided to advance her return of Athens, foreseen for the next Sunday, since her sister, the Princess Irene of Greece, has done a fissure to herself in the fourth and fifth metatarsus of a foot, after suffering a fall. Though the injury does not present gravity, before the possibility that she had to be controlled or, simply immobilized, Dona Sofía, who is of official trip, has decided to return to Madrid tomorrow in the evening. The doctors who attended to Dona Irene in Athens placed a rod.

agm 05-16-2008 01:43 PM


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lula 05-16-2008 01:58 PM

Queen Sofia of Spain riding a donkey during her visit at the archaeological site of Lindos, Rhodes island, Dodecannese, accompanied by the Greek Culture Minister Michalis Liapis

ANP Beeldbank

Visit to the locality of Lindos, placed in the island of Rhodes

Queen discovers, together with the minister of Culture of Greece, Michalis Liapis, a commemorative plate in the House of the Language in Rhodes

The Queen has done a extensive declarations to the journalists who have accompanied her in her trip to Greece, something that is very slightly habitual. She speaks on her feelings on Greece and Spain, her work and her family.

La Reina se siente cien por cien española y orgullosa de ser útil a España

The Queen feels hundred for hundred Spanish and proud to be useful to Spain

To scanty six months of her 70 birthdays and when for three days she celebrated her 46 anniversary of wedding with Don Juan Carlos, the Queen of Spain she confesses that she feels ' hundred for hundred ' Spanish woman and very proud to be able to be useful the one that she considers to be her country.

' I am Spanish to hundred for hundred ', underlines Dona Sofía in a conversation with the journalists that these days have covered her official trip to Greece, her country of birth but whom already she does not see as ' her house ', after taking almost two thirds of her life living in Spain.

Doña Sofía thinks today in this chat about the passage of time, does a brief balance of her years of reign and, in one more plane intimist one, speech of the things which she enjoys, to end up by formulating some desires.
... gente-ocio - gente - La princesa Irene, hermana de la Reina ingresa en la clínica Ruber por la lesión en un pie

The princess Irene, sister of the Queen, has been deposited this morning in the clinical Ruber Internacional of Madrid, they have informed to Efe hospitable sources, to be attended of an injury in a foot that was done three days ago in Athens, where Dona Sofía was in official trip.

acdc1 05-16-2008 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by agm (Post 766589)

Is she speaking on a cell phone in the video? And in what language is she speaking?

princess leonor 05-16-2008 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by acdc1 (Post 766650)
Is she speaking on a cell phone in the video? And in what language is she speaking?

Yes she is actually. I've been trying to hear in what language she's speaking, but the sound is not very good so I cannot quite hear it. Maybe she was talking to sister Irene? I've heared the Queen has shortened her stay in Greece because Irene had an accident, so who knows!

agm 05-16-2008 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by acdc1 (Post 766650)
Is she speaking on a cell phone in the video? And in what language is she speaking?

I think is english. Spanish not.:ermm:

New video from Tve

YouTube - La Reina Sofia en Grecia/ Queen of Spain in Greece

Philippe Egalite' 05-17-2008 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by catango (Post 766197)
I've never heard Queen Sofia speaking Greek.

Has she done it on this trip?.

Yes, she spoke to the media last Friday during the show of the Spanish National Ballet at the Pallas theater. Her Greek was rusty and elementary, as if it is neither her first nor her second language!

giov 05-20-2008 09:27 AM

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Blog Real 08-13-2021 07:17 PM

Queen Sofía on her official trip to her native Greece. However, her majesty is declared "one hundred percent Spanish" after having lived 46 years in Spain.

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