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Popescu 04-18-2008 09:45 AM

Hi everyone
I'm Mary form Romania. I have 31 years old. I would like to say hello to all the members of this forum, to thank all the members who provide this forum with photos of the royal families and for accepting me as a member in this forum.
I’m a huge fan of Queen Marie of Romania whom I admire for the great ability, a fitting co-ruler of a country that has long stood as an outpost of civilization and culture in the wilds of barbarism. She has a powerful personality and she loved so much my country: Little by little the stranger became one of them, and now she would like the country of her birth to see this other country through the eyes of its Queen”.
If you have more photos or information about my queen please let me know.

Till then I’ll sent you all my love,

Warren 04-18-2008 09:51 AM

Hello Mary and welcome to the Forums! :flowers:

Have you had a look at the Royal Family of Romania thread yet? There is information and photographs of Queen Marie which you may enjoy.

Ancient Princess 10-02-2010 12:02 PM

MacFhingon Ancestor
Royal House of Ard Righ King Flann Sinna of Meath, Royal House of Alpin
My name for now is Ancient Princess, I was born in the Pacific Northwest and have information about the MacKinnon family that is trying to get their line recognized as a Royal line of not only Scotland but of Ireland.I do have friends here. I want to thank you for accepting me on your site.
There is a genealogy that has come to light that traces directly back to the Ard Righ King Flann Sinna of Meath's daughter Princess Spontana of Crimthann that married into the line of the Royal House of Alpin down through King Alpins second son Donald I of Alpin and continued down through his direct descendents of MacFhingon's. There is a site on called Family Legacy Copyrighted & Registered 2008-2021 All Rights Reserved and a site on myspace called UNITE THE CLANS Deborahs Destiny that was put together by the direct heir of these lines. The detailed genealogy is on both of these sites. The genealogy will be presented to the Lord Lyon Courts in Edinburgh and the Chief Herald in Ireland for examination and approvel. Much attention was paid to finding out if there were other Clan lines that could claim this and from the research of their own proven genealogy's verified by each Chief of the differant Clans (both Irish & Scottish) no one came close to the current heir of MacFhingon. The MacFhingon name would be known today as MacKinnon. The Current Chief of MacKinnon is Madame Anne Gunheild of Antigua Mackinnons and is of a younger indirect line. The elder line however, is the Kilmorie/Mishnish line of MacKinnons and the heir is the owner of the above sites on ancestry and myspace. It will be interesting to see what will happen. Other royal lines came into the Royal House of Alpin, Alpins wife was the direct descendent of King Locene MacFhingon of Picts 645 A.D., Mary Haakonsdatter of Norway (Daughter of King Haakon IV of Norway) married Findanus MacFhingon/MacKinnon Great Elder Grandson of King Donald I of Alpin, MacFhingon's date back to Conn of One Hundred Battles and have a connection to St Columbas father and mother. The genealogy I will post here for you to examine for yourself. It is backed up by Historic Documentation as well as Legal Proofs, Y-DNA Study Markers, Verified by Genealogist and Attorney of the family to be correct and true. It is a very clean line of descent and the heir is the eldest in line left. That is what prompted the journey to have this line examined. It is a line that was around in the time of the Pictish Kings and it continued to King Alpin second son King Donald I of Alpin. It stayed within direct biological elder males till the current heir. Kenneth I of Alpins line stopped at Lulach that was not of original Alpin blood. MacKinnons , however continued silently through the years.

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