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jacqui24 05-22-2018 12:00 AM


Originally Posted by Ish (Post 2113949)
Yes, it does matter who is on the throne when Harry and Meghan have children. Under the current LPs, any children born during the Queen's reign will be styled as the children of a Duke, not as HRH Prince/Princess.

It is possible that the Queen might modify the LPs, but that's no guarantee. It's equally as possible that Charles might modify the LPs or issue a statement during his reign that would prevent any children of Harry and Meghan from being HRH Prince/Princess, comparable to Edward and Sophie.

We really won't know until if/when Harry and Meghan have children.

Yea, I really think whether or not exceptions are made for the children either way would take into account of the parentsí opinion. And knowing those two, I donít see their children being addressed as HRHs. While Iím sure the Queen and Charles donít mind all of his grandchildren to have HRH status, Edward has already set a precedent for this. Not much doubt in my mind that Harry would follow.

Jacknch 05-22-2018 02:05 PM

A new thread - - has been created to discuss the future of the British monarchy including the subject of what the monarchy may be like when Charles comes to the throne and beyond.

Accordingly, this thread is now closed.

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