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MARG 03-04-2012 01:49 AM


Originally Posted by Grandduchess24 (Post 1375672)
Are there steps to becoming a prince by marriage? And if there is I'm guessing it goes something like this:

1. Etiquette

Check Perfect manners and the model of a futue consort in public! In private I suspect their relationship is a little more equal.
Quote: to wave?
Check. Seems to have finessed that at the media call after the birth of their daughter!

3.formal speech
Check. See No 2

4.what to do in certain situations
Same again plus during his increasing solo engagements

5. Posture?
Pretty damned good from what we seen in the media

6.a certain way to smile?
I think the wedding and the aforementioned media briefing certainly showed how well he smiles

7. How to address other royals and monarchs
Check. Doing OK with the in-laws. I'm guessing other royals and monarchs would be a cake-walk after his father-in-law!

Stuff like this,much like princess lessons but for a man. But pretty much I find that Daniel is doing a good job and is calm and professional when at royal events or at meetings.
I think his public persona has been raised cosiderably during the engagement, dream wedding, tear-jecking speech at said wedding and how he aced the media call after the birth of their daughter.

Victoria seems to have found the almost perfect man to walk beside her in life as a husband, father and consort. Check out the first photo of Victoria, Daniel and Estelle walking in the park! It's such a loving and tooth-achingly sweet picture!

Princess Victoria baby: Swedish royal and husband Daniel take little Estelle for a walk -

Mbruno 01-13-2017 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by Iva (Post 1252029)
It's actually a bit of mystery what his name/full name is. ;) He is officialy styled as HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland. The royal court talks about Olof Daniel, Pr of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland, the swedish version calls him Olof Daniel Westling Bernadotte, Pr of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland. For legal purposes he is called Olof Daniel Bernadotte Westling, with Bernadotte being his middle name and keeping Westling as his last name. But after the wedding it was said that it would be the exact opposite, moving Westling to middle name spot and last name being Bernadotte. least we know that he goes by Daniel. :rofl:

According to Wikipedia (not the most reliable source), he is registered with the Swedish Tax Authority as "Westling Bernadotte", not "Bernadotte Westling", so I'd say that, for legal purposes, it is indeed "Westling Bernadotte" and not the other way around.

The Royal Court website no longer lists his full name. Instead, following the convention of omitting family names for members of the Royal House, he is listed only as "Olof Daniel, Prins av Sverige, Hertig av Västergötland" and cited simply as "H.K.H. Prins Daniel".

The legal foundation for his titles of "Prince of Sweden" and "Duke of Västergötland" remains unclear to me though. Unlike his other European counterparts, the King of Sweden, under the Instrument of Government of 1974, doesn't seem to have the power to give titles to anyone, not even members of his own family and there is no official regulation of how the titles are bestowed.

In the past, the title of Prince or Princess in Sweden seemed to be interpreted as a title of the reigning dynasty similar to any title of nobility transmittted in male line. In fact, prior to 1980, any male descendant in male line of King Karl XIV Johan was called an Sveriges Arvfurste (i.e. a "Hereditary Prince of Sweden"), with the heir to the throne in particular being called the Sveriges Kronprins ("Crown Prince of Swden"); a female descendant in male line of Kiing Jarl XIV Johan was called in turn an Sveriges Prinsessa ("Princess of Sweden"). Both the title of Arvfurste and title of Prinsessa, with the associated HRH predicate, could be lost if the title holder violated certain conditions in the Act of Succession. e.g. married unequally; for males in particular, that also meant the loss of succession rights for himself and his descendants, who also became by extension untitled (for females, the penalty was only the title loss , as there were already no succession rights).

With the change in the Act of Succession, the line of succession was restricted to the male and female descendants of King Carl XVI Gustaf only, by order of equal primogeniture. Only possible legal interpretation that is frequently suggested, then, is that all his descendants , who are not excluded from the succession by the situations in the amended law, may now use the new titles of Prins av Sverige and Prinsessa av Sverige that replaced the old titles of Sveriges Arvfurste and Sveriges Prinsessa. However, whereas a wife of a Prins av Sverige could, by courtesy, be also called a Prinsessa av Sverige, that is not Daniel's case as his wife is still entitled Sveriges Kronprinsessa, whereas he is a Prins av Sverige rather than Sveriges Kronpris, suggesting a title suo jure rather than a courtesy title.

Daniel, however, is not in the line of succession to be a Prins av Sverige in his own right and cannot get the title from the King, as the King has no legal power to grant any title. Should we interpret his title then just as an honorific dynastic title as the Swedish royal duchy titles are now interpreted, in which case the King is able to give the title in his condition as Head of the Royal House ? It is all very confusing to me !

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