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Marengo 02-21-2008 07:46 AM

King Alfonso 'The Just' XI of Castile and Wives (Queen Constanza and Queen Maria)
Alfonso XI, King of Castile & Leon (Salamanca, 13 August 1311 – Gibraltar, 26/27 March 1350); married 1stly in Valladolid on ?,? Princess Constanza Manuel de Villena of Castile (Penafiel), annuled in 1327 (1318/1323-13 November 1345); married 2ndly in Alfaiateson 26 March 1328 Princess Maria of Portugal (1313 - Évora, 18 January 1357).

Note: Alfonso XI had a mistress, Leonor de Guzman with who he would get 10 children

Reign: 1312 - 1350

Dynasty: Burgundy

Predecessor: King Fernando IV of Castile & Leon

Successor: King Pedro I of Castile & Leon

Children Alfonso & Maria: Prince Fernando of Castile and King Pedro I of Castile & Leon

Children Alfonso & Leonor:Pedro Alfonso, Lord of Aguilar; Juana Alfonso, Lady of Trastámara; Sancho Alfonso, Lord of Ledesma; King Enrique II of Castile & Leon; Fadrique Alfonso, Duke of Medina de Rioseco (Enriquez); Fernando Alfonso, Lord of Ledesma; Tello Alfonso, Marques of Aguilar and Campo; Juan Alfonso, Lord of Badajoz and Jerez de la Frontera; Sancho Alfonso, Count of Alburquerque and Pedro Alfonso

Parents Alfonso: King Fernando IV of Castile & Leon and Princess Constance of Portugal

Parents Constanca: Prince Juan Manuel of Castile and Princess Constanca of Aragon

Parents Maria: King Alfonso IV of Portugal and Princess Beatriz of Castile

Siblings Alfonso: Queen Leonor of Aragon and Princess Constanca of Castile

Sister Constanca: Princess Beatriz of Castile

Half Siblings Constanca: Prince Fernando Manuel of Castile and Queen Juana Manuel of Castile

Siblings Maria: Prince Alfonso, Prince Dinis, King Pedro I, Princess Isabel and Prince João of Portugal; and Queen Leonor of Aragon

Marengo 02-22-2008 05:09 AM

Alfonso XI of Castile (Salamanca, August 13, 1311 – Gibraltar, March 26/27, 1350) was the king of Castile and León, the son of Ferdinand IV of Castile and his wife Constance of Portugal.
He is variously known among Castillian kings as the Avenger or the Implacable, and as "He of Salado River." The first two names he earned by the ferocity with which he repressed the disorder of the nobles after a long minority; the third by his victory in the Battle of Rio Salado over the last formidable African invasion of Spain in 1340.
Alfonso XI never went to the insane lengths of his son Pedro of Castile, but he could be bloody in his methods. He killed for reasons of state without form of trial. He openly neglected his wife, Maria of Portugal, and had an ostentatious passion for Eleanor of Guzman, who bore him ten children. This set Peter an example which he failed to better. It may be that his early death, during the Great Plague of 1350, at the Siege of Gibraltar, only averted a desperate struggle with Peter, though it was a misfortune in that it removed a ruler of eminent capacity, who understood his subjects well enough not to go too far. He was the only European monarch to die during the Black Death.

Read the entire wikipeida article here.

Marengo 02-22-2008 06:34 AM

Constance of Peñafiel or Constance Manuel of Castile (b. 1315-1323, d. November 13, 1345) was the daughter of Juan Manuel, Duke of Peñafiel (1282-1348), called "el escritor" (the writer), Duke of Peñafiel, and his second wife Constance of Aragon. She was Queen consort of Portugal.
While still a child she became the first wife of future King Alfonso XI of Castile (1311-50), also a child at the time, in Valladolid. The marriage was annulled in 1327.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

Marengo 02-22-2008 06:35 AM

Infanta Maria of Portugal (pron. IPA: [mɐ'ɾiɐ]) was a Portuguese infanta, first daughter of King Afonso IV of Portugal and his first wife Beatrice of Castile. Her maternal grandparents were Sancho IV of Castile and María de Molina.
She was born on 9 February 1313 and became Queen consort of Castile by marriage to Alfonso XI in 1328. She was the mother of Pedro of Castile.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

CyrilVladisla 10-11-2018 08:10 PM

King Alfonso XI of Castile introduced the Madrid City Council in 1346.

Blog Real 06-09-2021 01:10 PM

Alfonso XI of Castile attacks the Muslim Moors led by Muhammed IV, Sultan of the emirate of Granada.

Statue of Alfonso XI in Algeciras.

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