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Marengo 02-07-2008 11:38 AM

King Juan I of Castile and Wives (Queen Leonor and Queen Beatriz)
Juan I, King of Castile and Leon (Zaragosa, 24 August 1358 -Alcalá de Henares, 9 October 1390), married 1stly in Soria on 18 June 1375 Princess Leonor of Aragon (Santa Maria del Puig, ? 1358 - Cuéllar, Segòvia, 13 August 1382); married 2ndly in Elvas on 17 May 1383 Princess Beatriz of Portugal, ‘Queen Beatriz I of Portugal’ (Coimbra 9 December 1392 -Madrigal, 8 March 1408 )

Reign: 1379 – 1390

Dynasty: Trastámara

Predecessor: King Enrique II of Castile & Leon

Successor: King Enrique III of Castile & Leon

Children Juan & Leonor: King Enrique III of Castile & Leon and King Fernando I of Aragon

Son Juan & Beatriz: Prince Miguel of Castile

Parents Juan: King Enrique II of Castille and Princess Juana Manuel of Penafiel (Castille)

Parents Leonor:Pedro IV of Aragón, (Pedro II of Valencia amd Ampurias, Pedro III of Barcelona) and Princess Eleonora of Sicily

Parents Beatriz: King Fernando I of Portugal and Dona Leonor Teles de Meneses

Siblings Juan: Queen Leonor of Navarra and Princess Juana of Castille

Siblings Leonor: King Juan I ‘The Hunter’; King Martin I ‘The Humane’ and Prince Alfonso of Aragon

Half Siblings Leonor: Queen Constança of Sicily, Countess Juana of Empúries, Princess Maria and Prince Pedro of Aragon; Prince Alfonso of Aragon, Count of Mortella, Prince Pedro of Aragon and Countess Isabel of Urgell

Siblings Beatriz: None

Marengo 02-22-2008 04:58 AM

John I (August 24, 1358 – October 9, 1390) (in Spanish: Juan I) was the king of Castile, was the son of Henry II and of his wife Juana Manuel of Castile, daughter of Juan Manuel, Duke of Penafiel, head of a younger branch of the royal house of Castile.
His first marriage, with Eleanor of Aragon on June 18th, 1375, produced most of his issue, including the future Kings Henry III of Castile and Ferdinand I of Aragon.
He ransomed Leon VI of Armenia from the Mamluks and out of pity granted him the lifetime lordship of Madrid, Villa Real and Andújar in 1383.
He had engaged in hostilities with Portugal. His first quarrel with Portugal was settled by his marriage, in 1382, with Beatrice of Portugal, daughter of King Ferdinand I of Portugal. On the death of his father-in-law in 1383, John endeavoured to enforce the claims of his wife, Ferdinand's only child, to the crown of Portugal. The 1383-1385 Crisis, a period of civil unrest and anarchy in Portugal, followed. He was resisted by the national sentiment of the Portuguese people, and was utterly defeated at the battle of Aljubarrota, on August 14, 1385.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

Marengo 02-22-2008 04:59 AM

Eleanor of Aragon (20 January 1358 – 13 August 1382) was a daughter of King Peter IV of Aragon and his wife Eleanor of Sicily. Her maternal grandfather was Peter II of Sicily.
Her brother became Juan I, King of Aragon. She was born at Santa Maria del Puig and died at Cuellar. On 18 June 1375, at Soria, she became Queen consort of Castile by marrying King John I of Castile.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

Marengo 02-22-2008 05:01 AM

Beatrice, in Portuguese Beatriz (pron. IPA: [biɐ'tɾiʃ]), (9 December 1372, Coimbra – 8 March 1408) was the only daughter of King Fernando I of Portugal and his wife, the Castilian Leonor Telles de Menezes. She married King Juan I of Castile and claimed to be Queen of Portugal in the 1383-1385 Crisis that ended with her uncle João I of Portugal being acclaimed King of Portugal.
At the beginning of 1383, the political situation in Portugal was not peaceful. Beatrice was the King's only child, and heir to the throne, after her younger brothers' deaths in 1380 and 1382. Her marriage was the political issue of the day and inside the palace, factions lobbied constantly. Ferdinand arranged and cancelled his daughter's wedding several times before settling for his wife's first choice, King Juan I of Castile. Juan had lost his wife, Infanta Leonor of Aragon the year before, and was happy to take the Portuguese heiress. The wedding took place on May 17, 1383 in the Portuguese city of Elvas. Beatrice was only eleven years old.
King Ferdinand died shortly thereafter, on October 22, 1383. According to the treaty between Castile and Portugal, the Queen Mother, Leonor Telles de Menezes, became regent in the name of her daughter and son-in-law. But not everybody in Portugal was happy about this state of affairs. The loss of independence was unthinkable for the majority of Portuguese freemen. A rebellion led by the Master of the Order of Aviz, the future João I, began in that year, leading to the 1383-1385 Crisis.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

Blog Real 05-14-2021 12:03 PM

Biography of King Juan I of Castile:
Juan I de Castilla | Real Academia de la Historia

Biography of Queen Leonor of Aragon:
Leonor de Aragón | Real Academia de la Historia

Beatriz de Portugal's Biography:
Beatriz de Portugal | Real Academia de la Historia

Blog Real 08-24-2021 06:27 PM

Sepulchre of Juan I of Castile in the Cathedral of Toledo.

A statue of Queen Leonor praying at her Sepulcher.

Effigy of Queen Beatriz, Monastery of Sancti Spiritus in Toro, Zamora, Spain.

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