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thepentacle 01-22-2008 05:43 AM

These are not exactly baby pics of him but found some of him when he was 10 or 11, I think:

indian princess 01-22-2008 10:58 AM

there were some pics of him as a baby i the earlier threads cuz i remember seeing them.....if someone could post them it would be great.....n of what i remember from his pics he was one those babies who you would totally feel like grabbig and kissing:)

elisabetteke 01-23-2008 05:04 AM

he is not a baby here. It's a picture with the birth of his brother prince Joachim. Amedeo was 5 years old.
Prince Joachim

Rihga 01-30-2008 06:55 PM

I was looking at articles this past weekend and I saw that Amedeo is now an LSE Alum. Has he graduated or is this another rumor?

Shikha Pal 01-30-2008 11:49 PM

Where did u read that Article Righa?

royalwatcher77 01-31-2008 11:53 AM

i think he has one more year in london.

Rihga 01-31-2008 06:13 PM

I can't remember where I read it. I was just looking at websites on the internet and I saw it. I wish I could remember the site.

Shikha Pal 02-01-2008 12:47 AM

by the way what does LSE Alum mean

marie45se 02-01-2008 05:15 AM

LSE is London School of Economic but Alum I donīt know what it stands for. I read an article about his mom from Svensk damtidning. He studies Economic and Sinology, which is a Chinese laungage and culture which is the same his sister studies.

royalwatcher77 02-01-2008 11:54 AM

so his sister goes to LSE too?

mizzy2006 02-01-2008 12:42 PM

Is it Alum stand for Alumni? And his sister is in China if I'm not mistaken...:rolleyes:

Rihga 02-01-2008 01:11 PM

An alum is someone who has graduated from the institution where they are studying.

marie45se 02-02-2008 03:56 AM

No, she is not studing in China accordon to the article with her mom, she was in China for 3 weeks chorus but she studies in London but Princess Astrid didnīt say which school in London.

stephanievl 02-03-2008 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by DuchessCharlotte (Post 725145)
And about Maria Laura...I think she is attending SOAS in London, which is one of the colleges of the University of London

you can read everything about Maria Laura in het own topic!

* Last year she went to London, where also her bother Amedeo is studying. she choose for a bahelor education in management and Chineese language at the "School of oriental and African studies"
SOAS: Study Asia, Africa & Middle East at University of London, SOAS

* Nowedays Maria Laura is in China where she is folowing an 8months during intesive language course Chinese.

Marengo 02-22-2008 08:57 AM

This thread has been cleaned up and is reopened. All remarks about the Facebook or former Facebook account of Prince Amedeo or a supposed Prince Amedeo have been deleted due to privacy rules we have at TRF.

For general remarks and questions about Prince Amedeo you can go to the FAQ thread, which you can find here. This thread is reserved for News and Events of the Prince, which aren't too many at the moment. Any post that is not related to news and events in this thread will be deleted by the Belgian Moderators.

royalwatcher77 02-25-2008 06:52 PM

yay! its reopened! happy late birthday amedeo. so he's 22 now right?

indian princess 02-25-2008 10:16 PM

yeah he turned 22......i was hoping for some any of the belgian members know if there was a photoshoot?

Moonmaiden23 02-26-2008 03:09 PM

I was flipping through old issues of Paris Match last weekend and saw two VERY funny and adorable photos of Amadeo when he was very little. The first one was taken in April 1990 at a family birthday party for Prince Philippe...Philippe was leaning over to blow out the candles on his cake and there was little Amadeo right at the table with him..his head barely reached the top of the table but the way he was eyeing that cake made me laugh! He obviously expected the first piece!

Then there was one from the same year in September at King Baudouin's 60th birthday party at The Palace of Brussels. Baudouin was cutting the cake with help from a footman and Queen Fabiola-and there was little Amadeo peering over the table with the same gleam in his eye! It was so cute...I wish I knew how to scan photos from magazines!

He was an adorable little boy.

royalwatcher77 02-26-2008 06:26 PM

haha those sound like funny pictures. I hope there are pictures also. Were there any for his 21 birthday?

royalwatcher77 02-26-2008 06:29 PM

i just thought i would also add this picture of him when he was little. i know its probably been posted but i just think he was so cute.

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