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Safaa Batin 09-28-2004 04:04 PM

Queen Rania's Jordan River Foundation
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Queen Rania Opens Ajloun Nature Reserve

AJLOUN, Sep. 28 (Petra)--In line with the vision of promoting sustainable community development while preserving different areas of the Kingdom culturally, historically, and ecologically, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah on Tuesday inaugurated the Ajloun Nature Reserve, a pioneer eco-tourism project launched by the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) in cooperation with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN).

The project, funded by the Spanish Agency for International cooperation and the Japanese Embassy, is the first Eco-tourism project in Ajloun and the most unique in terms of the resources and services offered in the reserve.

While highlighting the importance of forests and nature conservation, the Ajloun Reserve merges efforts in environmental protection as a means to promote sustainable community development through developing eco-tourism activities within and around the area as a means of supporting conservation programs and providing job opportunities for the local community.

While Ajloun is considered one of the poorest governorates in the Kingdom with almost non-existent tourist activities, it is hoped that the pilot project will encourage its replication throughout the various governorates of the Kingdom, as it showcases a successful example of how building a corporate identity for the different governorates can benefit the country at large.

During her visit to the reserve, Queen Rania was briefed by JRF Director General Maha Khatib, and RSCN Director General Khaled Irani with an overview of the role of JRF and RSCN in the Ajloun area.

Queen Rania, who is chairperson of JRF, toured the different areas of the reserve, taking a firsthand look at the camping area where children from Ajloun enjoyed the environmental activities held there. She also met local women making the natural and hand-made products from Ajloun.

Representatives of the local community joined the Governor of Ajloun as Queen Ranialaunched the RSCN's website of birds also toured the photography exhibition, portrayingthe implementation phases of the project which started 18 months ago.

With a total budget of nearly JD200,000 donated by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in cooperation with RESCATE' and the Japanese Embassy, the donor bodies expressed to Her Majesty their pride in being part of such a pioneer initiative.

Enjoying the highest rainfall rate in Jordan, Ajloun is a haven of rolling hills covered by dense woodlands of evergreen oak and scattered pistachio, carob and wild strawberry tress. Rich in natural, agricultural and human resources and known for its revered historic and religious significance, Ajloun promises great tourism potential.

The Ajloun Nature Reserve is now serviced by 10 cabins, a srestaurant with a splendid view of the reserve, a visitor information center, a research center and a handicraft production center whose designs are inspired by Ajloun's picturesque beauty and reflect its culture and heritage.

It is hoped that this will entice Jordanians towards local tourism as well as make them aware of the importance of forest conservation in Jordan, especially since all our woodlands combined comprise not more than 0.9% of the Kingdom's total area

JRF, a non-profit NGO dedicated to social and economic community empowerment also spearheads many projects in Ajloun Governorate that provide employment opportunities for local residents and training courses for their benefit. The latest venture currently underway is the promotion and implementation of Site Management Plan, an ambitious urban development master plan that will formulate a vision and public investment programme for sustainable development and tourism promotion in Ajloun city, Ajloun castle, Anjara and the surrounding area.

The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation was established in 1988 endeavors to promote welfare and stability throughout the world, especially the Arab world. Spain's long and enduring friendship with Jordan has been strengthened through the many projects the Agency has sponsored since 1971, several of these in cooperation with JRF, such as the Jabal Al Nasser Center which promotes proactive measures to eradicate the root social causes of child abuse and neglect.

The RSCN hopes to spread awareness to all Jordanians about Ajloun's area prospective and potential and encourage optimal use of its touristic, environmental, geographical, human and cultural resources.

Balqis 10-03-2004 11:07 PM

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Queen Rania at the STARS Foundation dinner in support of Jordan River Foundation, Dubai, 17 January 2002.


Safaa Batin 11-02-2004 07:50 PM

Queen Rania attends JRF fundraiser

Foundation announces the completion of the country's first family and child centre Majesty Queen Rania attends a JRF Ramadan fundraising event at the Four Seasons Hotel on Monday (Photo by Nasser Ayoub)

AMMAN (JT) As part of the Jordan River Foundation's (JRF) annual activities benefiting its various programmes Kingdom-wide, Her Majesty Queen Rania, chairperson of JRF, on Monday attended a Ramadan fundraising event at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Proceeds of the event, organised by the JRF volunteers, will benefit the various developmental programmes of the foundation, established by Queen Rania in 1995. The JRF works in two main areas: Protecting the rights and needs of children through the Jordan River Children Programme and empowering individuals and communities through the Community Empowerment Programme.

Addressing attendees, sponsors and volunteers, JRF Director General Maha Khatib presented an overview of the work of the foundation and its initiatives in creating and supporting sustainable social, economic and cultural programmes, as well as empowering communities and individuals based on their needs and priorities.

Khatib explained how the Child Safety Programme and its other components, including therapy, legal consultation, and awareness campaigns, work to support the objectives of the programme.

Launched in 2001, the programme focused on the basic component of prevention services. However, as work on child safety progressed, JRF, under Queen Rania's directions, recognised the greater need for preventive intervention to minimise the number of cases and avert the negative spiral of consequences, whether on an individual, domestic or societal level.

It was because of that purpose that the idea of launching the Queen Rania Family and Child Centre came about as a pioneering initiative that would present an innovative Arab model of a community centre, providing training and support through a multifaceted and comprehensive approach addressing the multiplicity of causes that lead to abuse, and identifying protective factors along the system levels.

The multipurpose centre, for which Queen Rania laid the cornerstone in May 2003, is due to open soon in Jabal Al Nasr and will be the first of its kind in the Kingdom and the region. It focuses on quality training and healthy adult-child interaction for the purpose of upgrading development, health, nutrition and education services within the framework of child and human rights, with the goal of ultimately combating child abuse and neglect.

Initially, the centre will serve the local community and later expand its area of coverage to include other rural, nomadic and urban communities with similar backgrounds, first in Jordan and, at a later stage, in the Arab world.

The centre will include a training facility for parents and children, where various services and activities will be provided including a computer centre, a kitchen for children, an art workshop, an interactive library and parenthood and life skills training.

While the land for building the centre was donated by the Greater Amman Municipality, an agreement with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI), plus the revenues of JRF's fundraising gala dinner in Paris in September 2002, helped cover the cost of construction.

JRF is nonprofit nongovernmental organisation whose mission is to promote, in partnership with stakeholders, the development of a dynamic society by initiating and supporting sustainable social, economic and cultural programmes that empower communities and individuals based on their needs and priorities.

The foundation is recognised nationally, regionally and internationally as an agent for positive change and as a leading local institution contributing to social and economic well-being of citizens.


Humera 11-02-2004 09:24 PM

I wish I could see what Rania's wearing in that looks like a very pretty dress

micas 11-03-2004 05:17 PM

Some1 have a nice viwe of the dress?

Safaa Batin 11-04-2004 03:49 PM

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Originally Posted by micas
Some1 have a nice viwe of the dress?

larger pic.

galuhcandrakirana 11-26-2004 05:50 AM

Rania looks beautiful in that colour...amazing, she keeps slim while pregnant, I should ask her how to keep her body slim while in pregnancy:D

abir 11-26-2004 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by galuhcandrakirana
Rania looks beautiful in that colour...amazing, she keeps slim while pregnant, I should ask her how to keep her body slim while in pregnancy:D

Yes, she looks amazing and slim.
I think the secret is simple: no bread, no cheese, no pasta, no cakes, no sweets and 3 meals a day. it works. but maybe rania has something more to say: having money, staff who takes care of her and no stress.

rania never keep same look for a while, she keeps changing her hair style/color, and make-up, but always simple and nice look which personaly I like.

galuhcandrakirana 11-26-2004 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by abir
Yes, she looks amazing and slim.
I think the secret is simple: no bread, no cheese, no pasta, no cakes, no sweets and 3 meals a day. it works.'ll dificult for me to do, those yummy things are my favorites:D


Originally Posted by abir
rania never keep same look for a while, she keeps changing her hair style/color, and make-up, but always simple and nice look.

indeed, I like her hair style on the first photo in post no.147 by guess who.

abir 11-26-2004 09:30 AM

celebreties, rania of course, cares a lot about their look, and having good advisers helps a lot: the celebrety gains time to achieve the look is looking for.
but in general, I found many people look beautiful when they are slim;
plus of that keeping reasonable weight and watching what we eat, are good for health.

cute_girl 01-12-2005 03:57 AM

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this is for micas,but I know it doesnt help

hillary_nugent 01-12-2005 05:44 AM

Rania looks beautiful in the pic above! ^___^

micas 01-12-2005 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by cute_girl
this is for micas,but I know it doesnt help

THanks so much swety!!! It help a lot, now i just met a litle more of the dress;) . Maibe we find a better pic of the dress.

Thanks so much for the atention!:) :p

Balqis 02-09-2005 09:36 PM

Opening of Dar Al-Aman Center
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Dar Al-Aman Center for abused and neglected children, the first of its kind in the Arab region, was opened by Queen Rania in August 2000.

From Corbis and Getty:

Humera 10-20-2005 07:06 PM

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King, Queen attend JRF 10th anniversary celebration

AMMAN (JT) Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania joined Jordan River Foundation (JRF) supporters and friends on Wednesday in celebrating the foundation's decade of successful socio-economic community and development projects across Jordan.

picture from Petra

Humera 02-08-2006 11:39 AM

Queen Rania visits Dar Al Aman

Amman, Feb. 8 (Petra) -- Her Majesty Queen Rania on Wednesday stressed the importance of the private sector in partnering with civil society organizations in the country's socioeconomic development. Queen Rania's remarks came during a visit to Dar Al Aman. Queen Rania joined children and private sector donors at Dar Al Aman, Jordan River Foundation's Child Safety Center, to launch the Center's new playground, library, and Early Childhood Development Unit.
Her Majesty Queen Rania chairs JRF's Board of Trustees since 1995 and pioneered the first Arab initiative of its kind by establishing the Child Safety Program in 1997.

Petra pictures

Humera 11-06-2007 12:35 PM

Jordan River Foundation

The Jordan River Foundation is a non-profit Jordanian non-governmental organization established by Her Majesty (then Princess) Queen Rania al- Abdullah in 1995.

The Foundation's two main areas of concentration:
  • protect the rights and needs of children through the Jordan River Children Program
  • empower individuals and local communities through the Community Empowerment Program


1995 – JRF is established
1997 - JRF's Child Safety Program is launched
2000 - Dar Al-Aman, the first center of its kind in the Middle East for neglected and abused children, is launched
2004 - Ajloun Nature Reserve is opened
2004 - JRF launched in France
2005 - Official inauguration of the Queen Rania Family and Child Center (QRFCC)
2005 - JRF celebrates its 10th anniversary
2006 - JRF launched in the United Kingdom
2006 - Family Support Line is launched (TRF link)
2006 - QRFCC given the "World Day for the Prevention from Child Abuse Award"
2007 - JRF's USA Board is established during Queen Rania's working visit to the US in October
2008 - cornerstone laid for Queen Rania Al Abdullah Centre for Community Empowerment in Aqaba
2008 - JRF becomes first NGO in the Middle East to launch its sustainability report
2010 - JRF celebrates its 15th anniversary

Details on the above, as well as links to some of the more useful sections of the JRF website featuring articles and photos of Queen Rania's involvement with the Foundation over the years, can be found in the next post.

Humera 12-03-2007 03:09 PM

JRF ABROAD - This section of the website has lists of JRF's France, UK, and USA Board members, as well as details of the Foundation's international activities such as fundraisers and cooperation agreements with international organizations.
  • May 31, 2006 - Queen Rania attends dinner at Whitehall Palace, London, to launch JRF in the United Kingdom: Press Release. For more information, visit the following thread (starting with post #65): Current News 16
EXHIBITIONS - This section contains articles and pictures of exhibitions showcasing JRF as well as its projects and products both at home in Jordan and abroad.
  • April 7, 2004 - Queen Rania opens "The Artistic Hands" exhibit at the Dubai Ladies Club (April 7-10). Picture Gallery
  • November 22, 2004 - Queen Rania inaugurates an exhibtion of JRF products at the Printemps store in Paris, marking the Foundation's entry into France and Europe at large: Press Release. Also see the following posts: #2, #3 and #12
FUNDRAISERS- Articles and pictures of various JRF fundraisers held over the past few years, ex. the Annual Ramadan Fundraiser.
  • January 17, 2002 - Queen Rania attends STARS Foundation Gala Dinner in Dubai. The event raised US$250, 000 for the JRF.
  • September 30, 2002 - Queen Rania hosts a fundraising gala at Versailles (the funds were primarily allocated to a child and family development center in Jabal Al Naser - later dubbed the QRFCC)
  • April 6, 2004 - Queen Rania and DAMAS Group host fundraiser at the Royal Mirage in Dubai.
  • July 30, 2006 - JRF holds fundraising concert for Lebanon. For more information visit the following thread: Current Events 18 (starting with post 13)
  • April 3, 2007 - Queen Rania presides over "Night of Jordanian Treasures". Held in conjunction with UNESCO's 2007 Goodwill Ambassadors Meeting the event raised funds for JRF's Safe Schools Project. For more information visit the following threads: Current Events 22 (starting with post #183) and Current Events 23
VISITS - Here you'll find articles and pictures of visits to JRF's facilities, over the past few years, by Queen Rania as well as foreign guests and dignitaries including royals, first ladies, celebrities etc.

Humera 12-03-2007 03:24 PM

Please use this thread to post all the latest news and information about Queen Rania's involvement with the Jordan River Foundation and its many projects and facilities.
Remember that the Forums' Rules and Photo Posting Rules apply in this thread.

Happy Posting!
Jordanian Forum Moderating Team
Avalon, Humera, Zonk

Little_star 01-21-2008 01:23 PM

I found this short documentary on the Jordan River Foundation
YouTube - Jordan River Foundation

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