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Devin 12-25-2002 04:33 PM

Imperial Family of China
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To say it short, I am really intrested in the last empror of China. The reason why I'm intrested is that I saw this facinating movie called "The Last Empror" directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. This is more than a simple movie it's really touching and I think that everyone should see it. I have come to be very curious about his life and the last chineese dynasty called "Qing" or "Ching".
Henry Pu-Yi (1906-67) was the last emperor of China. His reign name was Hsuan Tung. After the abdication the republicans gave him permition to live in the Forbidden City of Beijing until 1924. After that he lived in the Japanese territory in Tiajin. In 1934 he was crowned emperor of the Japanese puppet state of "Manchukuo" or Machuria. At the end of the war the Russians advanced into Manchuria and captured Emperor Pu Yi. He was kept comfortable in Russia until 1950 when he was turned over to the government of Communist China. He was imprisoned at Shenyang until 1959. Finally, the government decided he could be useful as a propaganda tool and released him to become a gardener. Empror Pu Yi died in 1967, it's unclear how. But he died probably whether from cancer or maybe he was killed by the Chinese sectret police.

May I present "The Great Emperor of the Great Ching Dynasty, Great Kahn of Tartary, Son of Heaven and Lord of Ten Thousand Years"


Devin 12-25-2002 04:36 PM

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A three year old Emperor!

Another one

Age 11


Devin 12-25-2002 06:02 PM

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Pu Yi, the Last Emperor with the Japanese

Devin 12-25-2002 06:09 PM

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Henry Pu Yi in the 60's

Devin 12-25-2002 06:12 PM

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Pu Yi and his last wife Li Shuxian, nurse and communist party member the marrige was arranged by Chairman Mao Zedong.

Rick 12-26-2002 04:59 AM

This movie and the biography on which it is based, (same title), written by Edward Behr. Is what got me interested in royalty. More particularly Asian Imperial families.

Those kids that played the younger Pu Yi and Pu Wren were fantastic don't you think?

Just to clear up a few things, Pu Yi was born in 1903. His full Manchu name is Axein Julen Pu Yi. Tsu Tang, the dowager empress chose him as successor to her son, and he was entroned in 1906, less than a week after she died. In 1912 he abdicated without knowing so when Chang Kai Chek gave the eunichs a document for him to sign.

Even though he was seen to be Shintoist during his reign as Emperor of Manchuko, he was even more of a Buddist in private. His First wife, the primary consort and Empress divorced him, his second wife, the first concubine became pregnant to her Japanese lover while in Manchuria, the child was forcibly aborted and she suicided.
Henry Pu Yi, although he not yet 'surrendered' tried to escape to American occupied territory but since the soviets joined the war and 'liberated' Manchria first they captured him. He was re-educated to the communist way of thinking in China, and was set to work in the forbidden city.

If you can ever get your hands on a copy of 'Hirohito, the man behind the myth' written by Edward Behr, I strongly recommend that you read it.


Pu Wren (when his brother saw that he was wearing yellow ) it is normal lellow
Pu Wren (on seeing the presidentical car from the palace wall, to the emperor) China is a plebulic

Rick 12-28-2002 04:17 AM

Thanks to Jaqueline's post on news regarding HIH Akahito, I now have the reign name used by Pu Yi while he was Emperor of Manchuko

It was Zhang Zuolin

Alexandrine 11-26-2003 04:27 AM

( 2003-11-25 09:23) (China Daily)

GUANGZHOU: Zhao Mei, known as "the King of Nanyue (South China)", may have been a victim of his own "pills of immortality."

The king may have died after taking the elixir of life he tried to make more than 2,000 years ago, senior archaeologists said Monday.

Archaeologists found many "pills of immortality" inside Zhao's tomb yesterday in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province, after they dug out the ancient tomb for archaeological studies.

The five-colour pills which reach a diameter of 1.8 centimetres are actually made of sulphur, crystal, red realgar, calaite and alunite, archaeologists said.

Two large stoves used to make "the pills of immortality" were also found.

The pills which ancient Chinese kings and emperors used to take to avoid growing old were actually poisonous, said Wang Fang, a professor from Zhongshan University, in South China.

Archaeologists and experts will continue testing Zhao's bones and the pills to prove the king did in fact die of the elixir, Wang said.

Wang said the discoveries of the ancient stoves and "the pills of immortality" indicate Zhao used to make and take the pills for longevity purposes. But Zhao is believed to have died in his 40s due to chronic poisoning.

It is the first time the death of an ancient Chinese king is believed to have been connected to the elixir that many ancient Chinese kings and emperors used.

Meanwhile archaeologists also found many other valuable relics from ancient tomb groups under Guangzhou's downtown areas. The relics include jade clothes sewn with gold thread, imperial jade seals, ceramics, bronze mirrors, jade, jewelry, glass, and even ivory.

lynn 12-07-2003 06:19 AM

Though this is not likely to happen, should China reinstate the Imperial Family, who would be the next in line? Though Pu Yi did not have any children, perhaps his brother had some??? Where are Pu Yi's descendants now? Thanks in advance!

ILOVEABBA 12-07-2003 06:58 AM

Have a look in a website called Royal Ark, it covers the Non - European Royal Families. For China look under the section on China and also take a look under the section on Manchuoko (if ive spelt that right?) for the descendants of the Last Emperor. Hope that helps. ;)

Poppy 12-07-2003 09:30 AM


Originally posted by lynn@Dec 7th, 2003 - 6:19 am
Though this is not likely to happen, should China reinstate the Imperial Family, who would be the next in line? Though Pu Yi did not have any children, perhaps his brother had some??? Where are Pu Yi's descendants now? Thanks in advance!
His descents are too scattered. The friend of the dad of one of my friends' friend is a descent of Pu Yi's brother and he is living a very very normal life and not very rich.

ryo 12-11-2003 07:15 PM

In some of the photos, does she have looong nails? What's the significance of having long nails?

Poppy 12-14-2003 03:00 AM

Long nails represent noble and wealth. Only ladies of wealthy families are able to grow long nails because they didn't need to do housework.
Those things that cover the nails were made of gold and gems.

Poppy 12-20-2003 04:26 AM

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The Imperial Concubine Xiang (Princess Xiang). She did not like her husband, the Emperor who adored her very much. Once when she was cutting something, the Emperor embraced her from the back. The embrace was so sudden that the Princess accidentally cut the Emperor on the hand. The Emperor was not annoyed but the Empress Dowager was and she quickly ordered the Princess to comit suicide. The Emperor was very much hurt by her death.

Poppy 12-20-2003 04:39 AM

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The Imperial Grand Concubine Zhen (of the first class).

She was the second last Emperor's favourite wife, friend and companion. Throughout the Emperor's whole life, she was his only love. They shared many hobbies and interests including wearing Western clothes and taking photos, and they were all broad-minded people longing to modernize China and even thinking about turning the monachy into a Constitutional Monarchy.

She was ordered to be thrown into a well and drowned by the Empress Dowager Cixi who was astonished and annoyed so much by her encouragement for reforms. She was probably pregnant at that time. Today the well is a landmark in the Forbidden City.

Poppy 12-20-2003 04:47 AM

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The first official portrait of the last Empress, Wan Rong (Elizabeth).
She was 17 years old and it was taken during the wedding period.

Poppy 12-20-2003 05:49 AM

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The last Emperor, Fu Yi, with the Last Empress, Wan Rong.

Their English names are Henry and Elizabeth respectively.

Poppy 12-20-2003 05:50 AM

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Emperor Fu Yi (Henry) with his siblings during Christmas.

Poppy 12-20-2003 06:07 AM

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Empress Wan Rong (Elizabeth, fourth from left) and Imperial Concubine Wen Xiu (of the third class, third from left) with the Empero Fu Yi (Henry) 's siblings.

Poppy 12-20-2003 06:45 AM

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The last Empress (second from right, seated row) and the Imperial Concubine Wen Xiu (second from left, seated row) photographing with some of the noble ladies in the Forbidden City.

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