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Duke of Marmalade 09-23-2007 12:21 PM

Infanta Elena's Marriage in Trouble?
Every now and then this topic comes up so I thought I'd open a thread.

This week, BUNTE picks up on the topic, stating that the Spanish journalist Maria Teresa Campos has hinted at a possible divorce and of course Senor Penafiel jumped on the same waggon.

How credible are the rumours? A divorce would be a shock I guess but there has been a lot of talking for years now that the marriage has been in trouble since Jaime's stroke and Elena's miscarriage.

lula 09-23-2007 12:55 PM

Your you have many commentaries on the topic, here:

This one is a cyclical rumor that appears periodically, is not an innovation. Before the wedding of the prince was annunced to be the same rumor existed, later they were saying that after the wedding it would be annunced and 4 years have passed.

Many people think that the Campos took advantage of the rumor to publicize, she was returning to the radio after a failure in the television and 1 year in the unemployment. It was supposed that before she was near to the circle of Marichalar's friendship, and others have commented that for a time not so much.

The Lugo always have been different, for example, from the Palma. They are a more independent couple, and each one has their interests. On the other hand, often the business and Jaime de Marichalar's labour commitments, they are incompatible that the role of an Infanta of Spain.

On the other hand, Jaime's disease changed their life. He has physical, and psychic sequels, and coexist with something like that is not easy.

Often the press looks for the easy motive for extending the rumor, in this one that he had not come to the trip to Croatia ... and even they speculate saying lies how that he had gone away to another site ... when actually he was in Palm with the rest of the Family. Later a journalist who had been speaking with him in the Cup of the King, comments that Jaime was not well of health and that he was passing it badly with the heat ... but it is not interested. Often his disease or his attitudes a bit eccentric have turned him in aim of jeers.

The rumors I will believe myself them when the Dukes of Lugo have signed the divorce before a judge, till then I do not believe them.

Duke of Marmalade 09-23-2007 01:54 PM

Thanks for your comment lula. Much appreciated :flowers:

planetcher 09-23-2007 06:14 PM

Or they could very well be following the status of the married life of the Kings where everything is just a facade, but they actually live separate lives.

adelaide 09-24-2007 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by planetcher (Post 671115)
Or they could very well be following the status of the married life of the Kings where everything is just a facade, but they actually live separate lives.

You are speaking of the Kings, I presume ? in their case, I think that we have to say that they have a separate private life or brtter a gentleman agreement, I beleive, as many people after so years of wedding. but the interst of the Crown is more important than their private life we can say that they life together for their official tasks, aren't?

For the Dukes of Lugo, up to now and whithout any official announce of separation, it seems to me that they live under the same roof, may be with differences of activities and interests. What do you think about that?

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