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Julia 11-22-2003 08:12 PM

Late Princess Grace's Fashion and Style
Do you have a favorite gown or outfit that Grace wore in a film or in real life? Was it the white chiffon creation in To Catch a Thief, or one of her many gorgeous gowns that she wore as Princess of Monaco at thousands of events?

Post away!

Julia 11-22-2003 08:18 PM

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1. The white chiffon gown that Edith Head created for Grace in To Catch a Thief...

2. Looking very chic w/ Maria Callas...

3. Looking very demure at the Golden Globes...

kittencrews 11-22-2003 08:24 PM

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I don't which is my favorite gown... but this is one of my family outfits... it's the first down she arrived in Monaco after their engagement... all the reporters were mad because they couldn't see her face do to the big hat... but I still love it!!

Julia 11-22-2003 08:30 PM

Grace did look really lovely in that navy overcoat and marvelous white hat. Great choice!

Alexandria 11-22-2003 08:37 PM

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I have to go with a classic gown worn at the Oscars. Several decades later, this gown is still stunning and elegant not just for its simplicity but for the way Grace carried herself in it and how absolutely radiant she looked in it. If someone were to put this gown on in 2003/2004, it wouldn't seem the least bit out of place and still classy as ever. (Of course, they wouldn't have that je ne c'est quoi that Grace had. ;) )

kittencrews 11-22-2003 08:44 PM

That is a great gown (from the Oscars) she always had great taste... glad it carried on to Caroline and Charlotte!!!

Julia 11-22-2003 08:49 PM

That gown that Grace wore to the 1956 Oscars was gorgeous. I am absolutely in love with the gauzy neckline of this gown. And you are most right, Alexandria. Even today this gown would work at an event like the Academy Awards but there is no actress with that certain je ne c'est quoi that Grace had. :)

Ianna 02-06-2005 04:24 PM

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In Princess style..

Charlotte82 02-07-2005 04:14 PM

Princess of Hearts
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My favoritefrom princess Grace.

Blueice 02-07-2005 06:18 PM

Oh, these are lovely - thank you for sharing them Charlotte. She had rare, flowless beauty and class.

maryshawn 02-20-2005 03:34 PM

Navy coat and hat
She was greatly criticized for the navy ensemble and hat she wore when she met the Prince on his yacht prior to marriage. The photographers and many in Monaco, at the time, said the hat totally obscured her face. But as the photo posted clearly shows, it certainly did not. It was a very classy it!

maryshawn 02-20-2005 05:06 PM

She always looked great in white!
Grace on steps of Monaco Palace

Danielle 02-20-2005 06:37 PM

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It's nearly impossible to pick a favourite outfit that Grace has worn, but I agree the one she wore to the 1955 Academy Awards (I have that photo of her in my profile) is one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses I have seen. Another favourite of mine, is the dress she wore to the 1954 Academy Awards. I found a colour photo of the dress, and it’s quite lovely. I liked the dress (photos below) she wore in “High Society” as well. Photos from IMDB and Grace Kelly Online

Photos 1-3: 1954 Academy Awards
Photos 4-5: from "High Society" (1956)
Photo 6: Another photo of the stunning black and white dress she wore in "Rear Window".

Charlotte82 02-21-2005 08:39 AM

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Princess Grace of Monaco. She´s dresses

Charlotte82 02-21-2005 04:11 PM

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The Princess is wounderful. She was a beautiful woman.

nina86lila 02-21-2005 04:28 PM

Beautiful pics
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You have a great pics of Grace of Monaco and I am totally agre with you Princess grace was an exceptional woman intelligent, beautiful, great mother.:)

semisquare 02-21-2005 10:03 PM

i cant pick a dress cause i like them all, she is so beautiful.
i like the thread-it was a good idea to have a thread like this one

Danielle 02-22-2005 01:09 AM


Originally Posted by nina86lila
You have a great pics of Grace of Monaco and I am totally agre with you Princess grace was an exceptional woman intelligent, beautiful, great mother.:)

I couldn't agree more. Princess Grace was a wonderful, kind, caring woman, not just as an actor or a princess; but as a mother too. She is an inspiration to many people (well, to me anyway) and she will always be remembered for all the good she has done. Thank you everyone for the photos of her outfits.

Aww, how cute

Blueice 02-22-2005 09:46 AM

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Thank you all for sharing those lovely photos of Princess Grace here - indeed, it so very difficult to choose just one as a favorite. I admire her style, class and elegance and found most of her fashion choices to be remarkable. These are several more images of Princess Grace, as an actor and later as a Princess showing her style in various occassions and periods of her life. Hope you'll find them as interesting as I do. Enjoy. :)

Blueice 02-22-2005 10:02 AM

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Second batch...

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