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Avalon 02-24-2007 05:57 AM

Infanta Cristina and Family, Current Events Part 9: February - July 2007
Welcome to the new thread for the
Current Events of Infanta Cristina and Family

The old thread can be found here.

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Have fun! :flowers:

monica 02-28-2007 05:49 AM

Infanta Cristina will fulfill east year the custom of the Royal Family to venerate the Christ de Medinaceli the first Friday of March.

Infanta Cristina will be the east one in charge year to fulfill the custom of the Spanish Real House to go to kiss the feet of the Christ de Medinaceli the first Friday of March, within the time of Cuaresma, already initiate. The visit will be to eleven in the morning.

El Confidencial Digital

el confidencial

crisiñaki 02-28-2007 10:54 AM

Great news sis, so we can see her on friday:flowers:
Any word on Iñaki going yet?:wub:

BTW: I love this new subforum:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:

monica 02-28-2007 04:29 PM

Delivery of the 5 edicin of the Prizes Sustainable City Barcelona, 1 of March of 2007
These awards, promoted by the Fundació Environmental Fórum, recognize the activities directed to the sustainability carried out by City councils and Spanish Administrations.
Casa de Su Majestad el Rey de España

monica 03-01-2007 01:39 PM


crisiñaki 03-01-2007 03:21 PM

Thanks for the pics sis, since it was in Barcelona Iñaki was able to come with her:wub::wub::wub:

monica 03-01-2007 05:07 PM

The City council of the Alava capital informed today into which the Environment councilwoman, Idoia Garmendia, that it gathered the award of hands of Infanta Cristina, it emphasized that the sustainability must be a priority in the agendas of the public administrations.
Gasteiz logra el "Premio Ciudad más Sostenible" en reconocimiento a su política en favor del medio ambiente DEIA

monica 03-02-2007 04:51 AM


Infanta Cristina gave yesterday to the City council of Vitoria the prize to the more sustainable city, that it gives the prestigious Environmental Forum Foundation, like recognition to its integral policy in favor of environment. The award was received in Barcelona by the Environment councilwoman, Idoia Garmendia. In he himself act, the leasehold Delegation of Praises gathered he himself award in the category of supramunicipal local beings by its work in the integral recovery of the Salty Valley of Salt mines of Pineapple.
La infanta Cristina entrega a Vitoria el premio de «ciudad más sostenible».

monica 03-02-2007 05:32 AM

Thousands of faithfuls today go to venerate the image of Jesus de Medinaceli.

Today, the first Friday of month and Cuaresma, thousands of faithfuls hope their turn to venerate the Christ de Medinaceli. Like every year, the devotion does that many people hope before to the opening of the doors of the temple from many hours, like that they appear in the image. Today, following the tradition of the Real House, it is predicted that Infant Doña Cristina is the one in charge to go to the temple to kiss the feet of the Christ. madrid - madrid - Miles de fieles acuden hoy a venerar la imagen de Jesús de Medinaceli

Infanta Cristina today venerates the Christ de Medinaceli

VERITAS -- La infanta Cristina venera hoy al Cristo de Medinaceli

fanletizia 03-02-2007 08:59 AM

From terra

From anp

ANP Beeldbank

From hola

monica 03-02-2007 09:17 AM

thanks fanletizia, I like to see Infanta Cristina in several acts like these last days.

monica 03-02-2007 09:43 AM


crisiñaki 03-02-2007 01:03 PM


LaChicaMadrilena 03-02-2007 02:02 PM

Video from "Hola!", with Cristina and hubbie delivering the prizes "Ciudad Sostenible". "Hola!" doesn't put separeted links to the videos any more, so you have to click on "realeza". - Vídeos del día

crisiñaki 03-02-2007 02:23 PM

Thanks for the vid LCM!
I just loved when he whispered something on her ear:wub::wub:

monica 03-02-2007 02:59 PM

thanksss for the pictures and the video !!!!!!!!!

meac 03-02-2007 05:01 PM

the Infanta Loock amazing

ladejesus 03-02-2007 05:31 PM

I love this one: Thanks for this pics and video everyone.

crisiñaki 03-03-2007 02:54 PM

More in the Medinacelli act:


monica 03-04-2007 07:29 AM



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