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HMQueenElizabethII 10-31-2004 07:10 PM

Rarely see Princess Lilian,but she looks nice.When i see her,i remember about Princess Alice,Dowager Duchess off Gloucester who has just died on Friday.

Anna_R 12-04-2004 08:28 AM

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Stockholm Sweden

Princess Lilian today visited the the Anglican Episcopal Church of St.Peter and St.Sigfrid in Stockholm for the Chrismas Bazaar.

Anna_R 12-04-2004 08:32 AM

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Stockholm Sweden

Princess Lilian today visited the the Anglican Episcopal Church of St.Peter and St.Sigfrid in Stockholm for the Chrismas Bazaar.

GrandDuchess 12-04-2004 09:08 AM

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Thanks so much for posting these wonderful pictures! Princess Lilian looks great and at good health, it's always nice to see her out and about. I looks like she and the Court Mashall had a lovely time, and it's a nice tradition for Lilian to visit this Christmas Bazaar.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday 20 November this year when Princess Lilian awarded “The Hasselblad Prize 2004’ at the City Theatre in Gothenburg:

Josefine 12-06-2004 12:10 PM

it is soon her wedding day

and still going strong she will be at the nobel this year

HMQueenElizabethII 12-07-2004 07:39 AM

Yes, Princess Lilian is still strong now.She still has some engagements now.Wish good health for her wonderful 90th birthday next year.

Josefine 12-10-2004 01:52 PM

what a smile she gave when going down the stairs at this year nobel a very lovley lady

GrandDuchess 12-12-2004 05:44 PM

Princess Lilian at Nobel 2004
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Princess Lilian at the Nobel Banquet 2004, arm-in-arm with the Speaker of the Parliament, Björn von Sydow (right) and a student marshall:

MoonlightRhapsody 12-12-2004 06:05 PM

It is such a sweet love story. Amazing that a love like that can still happen in today's (I mean within the last half century) world.

Alisa 12-12-2004 07:02 PM

Fantastic pictures of a fabulous lady, thanks:)

GrandDuchess 12-19-2004 10:04 PM

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Looking fabulously stylish as ever - here's Princess Lilian on 9 December, awarding the Royal Automobile Club’s Grand Golden Plaque:

GrandDuchess 01-04-2005 04:05 PM

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Some absolutely wonderful captions of the elegant lady - Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland:

Yennie 01-24-2005 12:16 PM

A nice article from a few years back, when Lilian published the book about her life. "My life with prince Bertil"

edit: see also GD´s translation here:

Prinsessan som stjäl showen
Lagom till 85-årsdagen ger hon ut boken om sitt livs kärlekshistoria
Humor och hårt arbete.
Där har ni prinsessan Lilians recept för att välbehållen kryssa fram mot 85-årsdagen.
Hon har upplevt stor glädje. Och stor sorg.
När det var som mörkast efter prins Bertils död fanns en trogen vän till hands: drottning Silvia. Som flyttade in på en campingsäng i vardagsrummet.
Lagom till prinsessan Lilians födelsedag i morgon kommer boken om hennes liv med prins Bertil ut. Kärlekssagan som är vassare än de flesta såpor. Passionen började gry en afton 1943 när bomber och granater dränkte London och prins Bertil ädelmodigt for genom den rykande staden för att rädda unga mrs Lilian Craig ur spillrorna av ett raserat hus.
De blev sedan hemligt sambor och tilläts inte av kungahuset att gifta sig förrän 7 december 1976 .
– Jag ville berätta om vårt liv tillsammans därför att jag älskade honom – och så många andra också tycks ha gjort det, säger hon när hon trippar in på sylvassa klackar för att presentera sitt verk.
Ingen i kungafamiljen fick läsa manuset i förväg men i helgen kom kronprinsessan Victoria på besök till villa Solbacken och då lämnade prinsessan Lilian fram den färdiga boken.

”Victoria sträckläste boken”
– Victoria lade sig på golvet och sträckläste från pärm till pärm, berättar journalisten Omar Magnergård som är medförfattare och har sammanställt materialet.
Prinsessan Lilian lyser upp lite extra när kungabarnen kommer på tal. Hon och prins Bertil blev ju lite av farföräldrar under Victorias, Carl Philips och Madeleines uppväxt – och nu är det ungdomarna som hälsar på och hör av sig till häftiga ”auntie Lilian”. Under Victorias studietid i USA kom det ständigt brev och kort till Villa Solbacken.
– Hon blir en utmärkt drottning, så ambitiös, intresserad och duktig.
Några råd på vägen?
– Åh, jag tycker redan att hon klarar jobbet exellent.

Håller sig i form med arbete
Om sin egen roll i kungahuset i dag säger prinsessan Lilian:
– Jag arbetar så hårt jag bara kan – det är enda sättet att hålla sig ung.
”Jag ville berätta om vårt liv tillsammans därför att jag älskade honom”
– Och så är det viktigt att inte glömma humorn – som vi skrattade tillsammans Bertil och jag.
Den 5 januari 1997 tystnade skratten i Villa Solbacken. Prins Bertil somnade in för alltid och prinsessan Lilian höll hans hand i sin.
I boken skriver hon om den oändliga sorgen och vännen som blev hennes stora stöd.

Drottning Silvia campade intill
– Vem tror ni campade i en fällsäng intill? Jo, drottning Silvia. Natt efter natt. Vi talade och talade. Varje morgon steg Silvia upp, kysste ”auntie Lilian” som hon kallar mig, på kinden och åkte till kontoret på Stockholms slott.
Allt sedan dess pratar damerna i telefon med varandra varje dag.
– Jo, drottningen är min allra käraste vän, säger prinsessan Lilian.
85-årsdagen i morgon firas med en mottagning på Slottet under eftermiddagen. På kvällen bjuder kungafamiljen till familjemiddag på Drottningholm. Överraskningar har utlovats.

GrandDuchess 01-26-2005 02:59 PM

Here is the article from Aftonbladet in August 2000 that Yennie just posted here - this is my translation that I did this past spring of the article, posted earlier in this thread. I thought I'd post it again, so that everyone will see it for sure and can read, and perhaps get to know our dear Princess Lilian a bit better. :)

Published in Aftonbladet on 29 August 2000:

The Princess who steals the show
Just in time for her 85th birthday, she publishes the book about the love story of her life.

Humour and hard work, there you have Princess Lilian’s recipe to a safe and sound cruise towards the 85th birthday. She has experienced great joy. And great sadness. When it was as darkest after Prince Bertil’s death, there was a faithful friend at hand: Queen Silvia who moved in on a bed in the living room.

Just in time for Princess Lilian’s birthday tomorrow, the book about her life with Prince Bertil is released. The love story that is sharper than most soap operas. The passion started to develop one evening in 1943 when bombs and shells drenched London, and Prince Bertil courageously went through the smoking city to save young Mrs. Lilian Craig from the debris of a destroyed house. They then became secret co-habiters, and where not allowed to marry by the Royal House until 7 December 1976.

- I wanted to tell about our life together and why I loved him so, and so many others who seemed to have done it too; she says when walks in on her sharp heels to present her work.

No one in the Royal House were allowed to read the script in advance, but this weekend Crown Princess Victoria came to visit at Villa Solbacken and then Princess Lilian handed over the finished book.

“Victoria read it in a stretch”
- Victoria laid down on the floor and read the book in a stretch from cover to cover, tells journalist Omar Magnergård who is the co-writer and has put together the material.

Princess Lilian shines up a little extra when the royal children ate at speak. She and Prince Bertil became something of grandparents during Victoria’s, Carl Philip’s and Madeleine’s upbringing – and now it’s the youngsters who comes to visit and keeps in touch with cool “auntie Lilian”. During Victoria’s study time in the USA, letters and cards where constantly coming to Villa Solbacken.
- She’ll be and excellent Queen, so ambitious, interested and good.
Any advice on the road?
- Oh, I think she’s doing an excellent job already!

Keeps in shape with work
About her own role in the Royal House, Princess Lilian says:
- I work as hard as I can – and that’s the only way to keep young.
- And then it’s important not to forget the humour, like we laughed together, Prince Bertil and I.

On 5 January 1997, the laughter silenced in Villa Solbacken. Prince Bertil fell asleep for ever and Princess Lilian hold his hand in hers. In the book she writes about the endless grieve and the friend who became her big support.

Queen Silvia camped just beside
- Who do you think camped in a bed? Yes, Queen Silvia. Night after night. We talked and talked. Every morning Queen Silvia got up, kissed “auntie Lilian”, as she calls me, on the cheek and went into the office at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
Ever since, the ladies talk on the phone every day.
- Yes, The Queen is my dearest friend, says Princess Lilian.

The 85th birthday tomorrow is celebrated with a reception in the afternoon. In the evening, the Royal House invites to a family dinner at Drottningholm. Surprises have been promised.

Lilian’s favourites:
Artist: Nat King Cole
Sports star: Stefan Edberg “my golden boy”
Food: Fläsklägg and rotmos (can’t translate this to English since it’s so Swedish)
Drink: Bloody Mary
TV series: Sunset Beach (I think she's the only royal who could confess that this is the fact...)

Lena 01-29-2005 02:23 PM

Time to close the thread on our appreciated princess Lilian. Thanks to those, who have helped to make it that interesting and informative.
To read and write in the new one go to:

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