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infanteleonor 10-11-2006 05:44 PM

Spanish National Day (2006-2013)

Originally Posted by adelaide
Thanks dear Lula.

from tve international


Con motivo del Día de la Hispanidad, Desfile de las Fuerzas Armadas
desde Madrid con la asistencia de SS.MM. Los Reyes, El Presidente del
Gobierno, Presidentes del Congreso y Senado, Ministros y autoridades
nacionales, autonómicas y locales.

10:15 DAY OF NATIONAL CELEBRATION 2006 In the occasion of the Day of the Spanishness, Parade of the Armed Forces from Madrid with the SS.MM. attendance the Kings, the President of the Government, national, autonomic and local Presidents of the Congress and Senate, Ministers and authorities.

Noticias última hora, programas y series de RTVE

infanteleonor 10-12-2006 03:35 AM

on can see the retanlition on line on tv madrid sat

Juanita 10-12-2006 05:38 AM

The ladies look great!! :wub: :wub: :wub:
Unfortunatelly i badly see the outfit of Cristina and Elena :sad:

Juanita 10-12-2006 06:01 AM

The first photo from elmundo :flowers:

The act finished right now so we just have to wait to see the photos :rofl:

nayralorenzo 10-12-2006 06:46 AM

I saw it in the tv. Letizia was speaking all the time with Felipe, I think she was uncomfortable because of the pregnancy. I like a lot the dress of Cristina. She is always very good dressed acording with the moment.
I think Letizia is not in the reception now in the palace because she is feeling bad.

lula 10-12-2006 07:02 AM


infanteleonor 10-12-2006 07:03 AM

The flag returned to the parade because this one is dedicated to the international missions. The Kings presided over the act. Next they will offer a reception in the Real Palace, to which Letizia Ortiz will not go. The Kings have presided over the military parade of the Day of the National Celebration, in which he has returned to wave the American flag, and in that the 3,900 military have participated about, 206 vehicles and 81 airplanes and helicopters. By this time, the present personalities in the act of the Armed Forces go to an official reception in the Real Palace, which the princess of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz, will not attend. In the march, that this year has paid tribute to the international missions, it has been seen, for the first time to companies of voluntary reservists and of just created Military Unit of Emergencias (UME). In the tribune of the Madrilenian seat of Columbus, they accompany to the Kings the president by the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the presidents of the Congress, Manuel Marín, and of the Senate, Red Javier, as well as all the autonomic and representing members of the Government, presidents of the main institutions. n that consisted the parade Officially the act began with the arrival of the Kings, received with Decree military honorses. Next, the typical act of tribute took place to which they gave his life by Spain. Later, about the 3,900 military, 206 vehicles, 81 aonaves and 150 horses crossed the Madrilenian Stroll of the Castilian. In tribute to the international missions, this year flags of "the nations marched past friends and allies" in the mission of Kosovo (KFOR), reason why could be contemplated the flags of Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Sweden and Portugal, in addition to the Spanish. It emphasized the presence of the flag of the U.S.A., that did not wave since it did it in 2003 next to the one of other countries that had taken part in the war of Iraq. The then leader of the opposition, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, did not rise before the passage of the American flag as he shows of his opposite position the war. Aerial parade During the act, it was possible to be contemplated in the aerial spectacle: 18 airplanes F-18, eight airplanes Mirage F1, four airplanes F-5, four Harrier airplanes, four Eurofighter and four House CN-235/CN-295. Helicopters Superpuma and Sikorsky volarontambién on the Castilian. The acrobatic patrol "Aguila" closed the parade. Terrestrial parade It began with the section of motos of the Real Guard, with 21 motorcycles Harley Davidson, followed of armored vehicles Aníbal, BMR and VANTAC, with personnel of the brigades of the Air transportable Legion and. Of cars on board battle "Leopard" marched past theAcorazada-Mecanizada Grouping and on foot the military the Battalion of the Real Guard and students of the Navy, Air, Earth and Civil Guard marched. The passage of units of the Legion, as well as of Regular of Melilla and Ceuta. The swarm of sabers of the Civil Guard put the finishing touch to the parade.


lula 10-12-2006 07:18 AM

From terra:

infanteleonor 10-12-2006 07:20 AM


the 2nd
the whistles are for zapatéro in the beginning and that I hope for it

Minority groups of extreme right boo Zapatero
don't for the royal family

lula 10-12-2006 07:33 AM

The Princess of Asturias doesn´t go to the receipt in the Royal Palace

The Princess of Asturias, who is in her second month of pregnancy, will not be present at the receipt that the Royal Family offers to the personalities invited to the celebration of the National Day, informed Efe a speaker of the Royal House.

Dona Letizia has been present close to the rest of the Royal Family, from 10:30, at the military parade celebrated in the Plaza of Colon, where she remained in foot together with the rest of authorities of the presidential platform.

The princess, according to the speaker of Royal House, has asked the King for permission not to be present in the receipt in the Roya Palace, in which she should remain at least other two hours also of foot.

The receipt has foreseen to begin on 13.00 hours and thousand of persons have been invited more of one, representatives of the intituciones of the State, the diplomacy, the world of the finance and the culture, between others.

Before beginning, in the Lounge of the Throne, there is a levee in which there will be the Kings, the Prince of Asturias and the dukes of Lugo and of Palm.

Photos from abc

adelaide 10-12-2006 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by nayralorenzo
I saw it in the tv. Letizia was speaking all the time with Felipe, I think she was uncomfortable because of the pregnancy. I like a lot the dress of Cristina. She is always very good dressed acording with the moment.
I think Letizia is not in the reception now in the palace because she is feeling bad.

I saw also the braodcasting of TVE Internacional and I find the Princess very tired since her arrival and it would be understable that she wouldn't here for the reception which a standing one with the famous "besamanos" !:flowers:

monica 10-12-2006 07:46 AM

thanks, Letizia had face to feel tired.

princess leonor 10-12-2006 08:22 AM

I think Letizia's outfit is great. But you are right she looks quite tired :ermm:

lula 10-12-2006 08:24 AM

From reuters via yahoo

Juanita 10-12-2006 08:27 AM

Some of terra :flowers:

Some more here:

lula 10-12-2006 08:30 AM

From polfoto

adelaide 10-12-2006 08:37 AM

Yes, she looks absolutly exhausted, I'm sure that this kind of exercice which needs to have to prepare yourself about two hours before is very tiring plus to be stand up quiet two hours.... it's a little bit difficult - I know, not impossible but somtimes a little bit hard, it's depend of the women.

Thanks for the pics

Lauritas138 10-12-2006 08:54 AM

Letizia looks tired and she seem has feel nauseous...:neutral:

The dress that she takes seems very pretty :flowers:

LaChicaMadrilena 10-12-2006 09:09 AM

Thanks for all photos! :flowers: Poor Letizia, she probably feel bad cause the act was in the morning and the discomfort is probably the biggest then. But her outfit was great, especially that red/pink dress undreneath the coat was beautiful, it already looks like a dress cut for pre-mammy :smile:
The Queen and Elena look terrific as always, but where is Cristina?

lula 10-12-2006 09:14 AM

Act in the Royal Palace
From terra

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