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Josefine 09-16-2003 09:10 AM

Prinsjesdag 2003-2012
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We all waits for the pictures.. i found one of Maxima



Lena 09-16-2003 01:46 PM

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Wow, Maxima´s belly is growing really fast, twins, triplets ;) ?
From www.







Josefine 09-16-2003 01:57 PM

I don´t like Beatrix hat....

Lena 09-16-2003 02:04 PM


Originally posted by Josefine@Sep 16th, 2003 - 12:57 pm
I don´t like Beatrix hat....
I agree, it looks like a nest (an aery) and just imagine how many birds have been picked for that :woot: ;)

Josefine 09-16-2003 02:08 PM

what is Prinsjesdag

Helena 09-16-2003 02:21 PM

the opening of parlaiment

Lyonnaise 09-16-2003 02:38 PM

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Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was the vision of a radiant mum-to-be on Tuesday as she joined her mother-in-law, Queen Beatrix, at the opening the Parliamentary Year in the Hague.

The 32-year-old royal, who is expecting her first child in January, 2004, opted for an outfit in line with her famed vibrant style as she watched the queen make her traditional annual speech at the Hall of Knights. A bright pink dress and pillbox hat was the ensemble of choice for the royal engagement, her growing bump peeking through the folds of her matching overcoat.

Meanwhile, the queen elected to wear a green patterned gown and feathered hat for the stately occasion, which marks the presentation of the government's 2004 budget.

The Argentine-born princess and her husband, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, announced in June that they were expecting an heir to the throne. The couple tied the knot in February, 2002, in an Amsterdam wedding attended by more than 2,000 illustrious guests.

Lyonnaise 09-16-2003 02:39 PM

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A rather neat picture from

Members of the Dutch Royal Guard guided their horses through clouds of thick coloured smoke in the run-up to the event

Alexandria 09-16-2003 09:27 PM

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More from Prinsjesdag ... Princess Laurentien.

More from Prinsjesdag ... Crown Princess Maxima exiting her golden carriage. A truly glamorous picture, I think, demonstrating the Dutch monarchy in all its splendor.

More from Prinsjesdag ... Queen Beatrix waving from inside the carriage.

More from Prinsjesdag ... The balcony.

More from Prinsjesdag ... A different view of the balcony.

More from Prinsjesdag ... One more of the balcony.

Crown Prince Willem. - Willem and Maxima.

Mandy 09-17-2003 03:11 PM

Great pictures everybody. Thanks for posting. Maxima looks wonderful! :flower:

USCtrojan 09-18-2003 11:41 PM

My local newspaper the Sacramento Bee featured in its NAMES and FACES section the DRF with Beatrix, CP Willem-Alexander and Maxima! I will scan it as soon as I am able to get the scanner working again....


Cissan 09-19-2003 09:52 AM

Why isn't Mabel in the pictures?

The Watcher 09-21-2004 08:35 AM

Prinsjesdag 2004
First picture:

The Watcher 09-21-2004 08:50 AM

Queen Beatrix!x414!)

The Watcher 09-21-2004 08:53 AM

Constantijn, Maxima and Willem-Alexander

leon 09-21-2004 09:55 AM

Constantijn, Maxima en WA

konan 09-21-2004 10:51 AM

Outside the dress looks grey and inside the dress looks brown.

carlota 09-21-2004 11:38 AM

maxima and laurentien were just wonderful. i loved both dresses... they were stunning.

micas 09-21-2004 01:45 PM

Dutch Parliament Opening
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Wonderful pics from a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy famelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just one question: Wear is Princess Mabel?

micas 09-21-2004 01:48 PM

Sorry The Watcher but i open a new thread, i don't now the minimal ideia what is the name of your topic, any way my falt i should resherch frist. I gona post the pics

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