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Denville 06-01-2020 09:31 AM

Yes that was announced wasn't it? I think she had a long labour so they decided to expedite matters..

Moonmaiden23 06-01-2020 10:06 AM

When/if Stephanie has another child, I wonder if it will have to be born born by Caesarian as well?

Biri 06-01-2020 10:10 AM

Probably yes, she is over 35 already.

Biri 06-05-2020 09:07 PM

Also King Louis II of Hungary (Jagiellon, 1506-26) was born premature; the court doctors kept him alive by slaying animals and wrapping him in their warm carcasses as a primitive incubator.

sarahedwards2 06-25-2020 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Claire (Post 2270244)
I would have to agree - another Biograph of the Queen's noted something similar that the Queen started reading mother magazines and how to raise children books with Andrew and was very enthusiastic about natural birth and early mother bonds. Which is why she has a midwife for Edward and insisted on the Duke of Edinburgh been present. There was concerned about her age , early problems with the pregnancy and the fact that Edward was small and had weak lungs. An ambulance stood by to take mother and child to hospital if needed. Side note - although Edward is now way into his fifties - the Queen is always reminding him of his weak lungs - which I am pretty sure you grow out of.

My brother was born by emergency C-section (all three of us were; although my youngest brother was a non-emergency) at 28 weeks weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces and also had weak lungs; he was on oxygen for the first 10 months of his life, and to this day (he’s 27 now) he still carries a puffer around with him as they’re still a bit twitchy. He was hospitalized for a severe chest infection when he was 6, and had to move out of his apartment last year after only being there for a few days as the tenants above him were smokers. Thank God for surfactant otherwise none of us would be here! (all three of us were born ~3 months early)

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