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sirhon11234 05-29-2007 07:21 PM

Well let us hope William or Harry has a little girl. I think Charles will make a good Step-Grandfather to Camilla's grandchildren.

Skydragon 05-30-2007 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by CasiraghiTrio
I hope for a girl. A family can never have enough girls! Girls rule! :biggrin:
Since Charles never had a daughter, he needs a granddaughter, even step-granddaughter will do.

Most granddaughters can wrap grandpapa around their little finger!

Most grandpapa's that I know, make no distiction between natural or step grandchildren and I don't believe that Charles will be any different. :sun: :flowers:

CasiraghiTrio 05-30-2007 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by Skydragon
Most granddaughters can wrap grandpapa around their little finger!

Most grandpapa's that I know, make no distiction between natural or step grandchildren and I don't believe that Charles will be any different. :sun: :flowers:

No, I don't think he will make a distinction either. The only distinction will be official. Insofar as the family is concerned, Tom and Laura are much his as they are APB's kids. I think when Charles is King he might grant them some kind of honour. I imagine he will not give them titles but perhaps, something, in recognition of their special position as his "step" children, as The Queen Consort's children.

Lumutqueen 08-16-2007 01:17 PM

She can't have children!
She can't have anymore children i don't no whether someone has said this already but well w/e!
in march this year camilla went into hospital to have a hysterectomy which makes her unable to have children anymore!
and i think they wouldn't have had children anyway there scheduele's are fair to busy for them to really take care of a child i mean look at charles the first time he saw his mother after his birth when he could recoginise her was when she came back from a 4 month tour of india and he had to wait in line to shake her hand! and then they spend most of there time with there nannys???

acdc1 08-16-2007 01:51 PM

I don't think that even before the surgery she would have had more kids. Laura and Tom are already going to be parents, and William and Harry will probably also have wives and kids in ten years or less.

Lady Marmalade 08-16-2007 05:45 PM

Tom and Laura are not members of the British Royal Family even when he becomes King. They are the blood children of the Duchess of Cornwall and I would think it would be in poor taste for any of them or their children to receive any title of any kind in any way shape or form after he becomes king.

Technically, as male-line descendents.... Freddie, Ella, Alexander, Davina, Rose, Lady Helen, Earl of St. Andrews and Lord Nicholas are Prince/Princess of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (and Xan and the children of the Earl of St. Andrews)... When you think about it.... :-)

I have read that in a few books and also emailed to ask Debrett's Peerage.

BUT..since Zara and Peter do not have titles given they are descended from the female line, and their father refused a peereage, and they have half royal blood....why should Tom and Laura??

I think if for some bizarre reason he offered they would have the common sense to turn it down...

Alison20 08-16-2007 07:45 PM

The Queen or King can give a title to whomever they want. However, the Queen has tended to follow the Govenment line over recent years and not create further hereditary titles - except for those within her family circle. Pr Andrew and Pr Edward were, I think, the last 2 to get titles and these were Royal one. I think the last non-royal title was to Anthony Armstrong-Jones on his marriage to Pss Margaret. He became the Earl of Snowden (with subsidiary titles as well), but this was just within the normal peerage and did not make him Royal.

It might well be that when Charles is King he might want to give a title to Camilla's son and daughter - that is, if they wanted one. Princess Anne specifically turn down titles for her children, and neither of her husbands received any title. Princess Margaret's children do carry courtesy titles because of their father being Earl of Snowden (Vicount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, or now that she is married Lady Sarah Chatto), but they are not Royal.

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