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Poppy 10-16-2003 08:42 AM

Please don't mind, but I sorta feel a bit sorry for Alexandra,
because she is soon to be the third lady of the royal family.
She use to sit and stand closely to the Queen or the Prince Consort, but in
the near future, she's going to be third important and Mary is going
to be given soo much attention, much more than Alix.
You can now already see the difference. Also at many royal functions, it will
always be Mary first.
I'm just used to Alix being Denmark's only royal daughter-in-law, in official photos the only woman standing between the Crown Prince and Prince Joachim, and the Queen followed immediately by Alexandra.

I don't usually feel like this, I didn't feel sorry for Princess Laurentine of The Netherlands when Maxima married into the family, because Maxima just looked soo vivid, happy, outgoing, nice and friendly espcially with her big jolly smile.
Whereas, Mary looks my opinion, "determined", ,snobbish, not friendly, and just not as down-to-earth and kind like Alexandra and Maxima. Don't know whether she'd be kind to Alix or would use her Crown Princess status and compete with Alix. In conclusion, I don't like Mary. Excuse me for this, people.

USCtrojan 10-16-2003 09:45 AM

DITTO!! I loved having Alexandra right up there with HM.... Now she is going to be replaced by someone who only wanted to marry a Prince................ Personally I dont think that she loves Fred.. He only loves her. Who knows, in due time maybe the Danish people and world will really know who she is and what she really wanted. Too bad it will be too late....

holly*anja 10-16-2003 10:17 AM

Hey guys....let's give Mary a chance and see what she can do! Who knows, maybe she and Alex will find great ways to use their status as royal daughters-in-law (and princesses) to benefit the people of Denmark even more!

Hey - call me an optimist. Call me crazy - but I just don't see Mary as the golddigger that many people do. She's a lucky girl. She's in love. Personally, I'm happy for her and am excited to watch her turn into a princess... :flower:

Josefine 10-16-2003 10:22 AM

I'm not worried about Alexandra she seems to be a strong women
It can be hard to have to step back but I think the Danish people will always love her and respect her so she will have a prominent place in the royal family
She may very well be like a mentor for Mary,
Mary could learn loads from Alexandra

Poppy 10-16-2003 10:53 AM

I don't think she loves Fred as well. Fred looks like a little kitten now (infact I think Joachim is much more better than him in many areas, Fred doesn't really look like someone who steps firmly on the ground) and probably in the in future he is going to be controlled. A crown prince controlled by his crown princess and later his queen, is she going to be become a mariarch (excuse me for the spelling, it's incorrect I guess), phew..that Denmark is only a constitutional monachy and not an absolute!

Alexandra is ofcourse a strong, firm and intelligent woman, but her kindness is her weakness, many kind people can be tripped by wicked people. Yeah, Mary has alot to learn from Alexandra, and after she had used Alix, she would probably start to show her real side.

Man...this is so unfair. Alix should become queen.

paulette 10-17-2003 12:47 PM

I can't directly accept the fact that it's not anymore Alexandra who would be in between the two princes but Mary is already there also smiling... :(
I also feel sad for I know that the press' attention would be divided among the two. I would really be sure that after their wedding, the papparrazi would keep on following her so it's like less attention would be given to Alexandra.
But I know that Alex don't need the cameras to show to the world that she is doing her job and fulfilling her duties sincerely. She is a kind of person I really admire the most for you could not see in a person good traits all rolled into one just like her. Very prudent, beautiful, caring and compassionate. I know that Alex would not ignore Mary for she knows that Mary would be a nice royal and she has also a special skill in her just like Alex.

I would even tell that Alex have welcomed Mary with open arms and she can even teach her a LOT of things regarding her role and deal with adjustments. Both two are unique so I both adore them. Examples of women who are fashionable and their people are very proud of them.

bramair 10-17-2003 06:27 PM

Although I wish Alex could have become queen, I think she will keep doing her royal and charity duties, and since she also works for UNICEF, I believe her global influence will grow.

I have a feeling that Mary might choose to do different sorts of things from Alex, e.g., patron different types of establishments from the ones Alex has already sponsored.

I don't think Alex will ever be ignored, because unlike Princess Anne, who was unpopular compared to Diana despite her extensive charity work (and didn't get as much attention), Alex has a very appealing personality and image, and a genuine caring that shows through in her photos (I read that she had a very charming personality ever since she was a child).

I do hope Alex and Mary become friends. I liken their situation to the situation of glamorous actresses in Hollywood. Surely there is room for both of them. Maybe Mary will become more popular after she gives birth. If Mary and Alex don't become close friends, I'm sure Alex will be professional enough to get along with Mary.

George 11-01-2003 02:08 AM

Believe me on this one: IF MD is dumb enough to make a quip to Alex,
Alex will put her in her place, or just ignore her. Some palace established
respected folks will do just that to MD: trust me on this: they will say something
to her or about her within hearing, and make her know .

so relax, she will get a taste of her own. when she pushes the envelope too far.

hrhcp 11-01-2003 10:35 AM

You are right .. in that Alexandra slips (officially) from second place to third place.

And officially she is ... I would think .. patron of various organizations that they really wouldn't take away from her and give to MD ?

Unofficially, she is number one and will always be number one in her way. She's the alternative to the Queen and the future Crown Princess .. because people always like underdogs, imo.

Louise 11-21-2003 11:54 AM

I really don't understand why you're all so negative about MD. Why don't you at least give her a chance to show what she's made of.
Of course she's not going to get any of Alexandras official duties, they're given (I don't know if thats the correct term, but in lack of a better word) to her personaly, not because she so far has been the yongest woman of the royal family.
And I was just wondering why most of you see her as snobish. In the official situations she has been in, it is quite natural that she has been nervous, couldn't that expalin her appearance? :rolleyes:

Olivia 11-22-2003 02:08 PM

agreement! I think her appearance is a little strange. It's not the style I like. It seems that she is not very friendly and warm-kinded.

Rosequeen 11-22-2003 05:51 PM

I couldn't agree more! But I don't believe that a peasent girl from Tasmania can make Alexandra invisible.

Look at the facts:
Alexandra is an intelligent young woman with style - she has lived in the world and know how to behave. She knew how to dress even before she had royal stylists to help her. She knew well enough not to speak Danish before she could do it perfectly!

What has Mary? Nothing of the above - and she doesn't even has a fiancée to help her. Fred doesn't lift a finger to support her, wait for her when the step out of cars at official arrangements or talk to her during royal dinners.
poor Mary she may be a golddigger - that was my first impression of her - but she is just so misplaced in the role of a princess.

cille 11-23-2003 05:57 AM

I am very sorry, but I just cannot feel sorry for Alexandra. She knew when she married Joakim, that she would not become queen of Denmark. And if you think Mary is snobbish, I think you should take into account that Alexandra "loves" Denmark so much, that she spends one quarter of the year in Hong Kong, because she cannot get use to the cold weather in Denmark. This is eventhough her parents live with her in Denmark. And just so you know. When she travels to Hong Kong she sits in first class, while her kids and there nanys fly coach. So I do not know who is more of a snob. Mary or Alexandra.

If you go to Copenhagen you will be able to meet Mary at HM, that is really not being snobbish. When we talk abaou style. Mary looks young and beautifull, whereas Alexandra looks boring and old wearing the same outfits as the queen who is much older than Alexandra.

I cannot help, but I love having Mary join the Danish Rayal Family, and from the look of it, the queen loves it too.

sky 11-23-2003 06:47 PM

How do you know all of this and does she take her parents with her to hong kong also?

Jasl 11-25-2003 01:55 AM

I know it's really just difference of opinion, but I just feel that judging someone from photos without ever knowing what that person is kinda superficial. Anyway, here's just a couple of things I don't completely agree with:


, Mary has alot to learn from Alexandra, and after she had used Alix, she would probably start to show her real side.
Yes Mary has a lot to learn from Alex. And apparently Alex was kinda supportive of Mary during the engagement (apparently there was a picture of Alex with her arm on Mary's arm). But then I have difficulty with the phrase "and after she has used Alix"... can we read Mary's mind and know for certain that this is her intention? If we're not blessed with the ability to read minds, where's the justification for this comment? And Mary's real side... what, her good side (well apparently to some she's already already displaying her snobbish side so there's only the good side left)!


agreement! I think her appearance is a little strange. It's not the style I like. It seems that she is not very friendly and warm-kinded.
Some people are not able to show their caring side to the camera. I think personally people are mistaking Mary's nervousness for snobishness. Look at her early photos - she's always smiling etc. But if you still think she's not warm-hearted (though I don't know how one can make such a conclusion just by looking at photos) then we just have a difference of opinion.. that's cool. A smiling Mary doesn't necessarily make a nice Mary, but just as there's "innocent until proven guilty", I don't see a problem with my thinking that she's a nice person now. On the other hand until someone can show something she's done that was so wrong, so despicable, so unkind, then I don't think we have a right to say she's calculating etc.


I couldn't agree more! But I don't believe that a peasent girl from Tasmania can make Alexandra invisible.
I have no idea what this quote is all about. Firstly, what exactly is a "peasant girl"? Australia is an egalitarian society and it's not right to say that a particular Australian is a "peasant" - there's no hierarchy upon which Australians are judged by their fellow countrymen. When they go out to the world, all Australians I think stand equal to anyone else in the world - they are not prejudged at home so why should they be oversease? If it was commoner v royalty, i suppose that's acceptable. But Alex was a commoner too so I don't see the problem.

Also I suppose "peasant" has connotations with impoverishness. But Mary was never impoverished and even if she was, so what? Being impoverished doesn't make you less of a person. How discriminatory is it for a poor person to be belittled just because that person is poor? Woteva.... my opinion only but I think the quote in question is completely meritless.


She knew well enough not to speak Danish before she could do it perfectly!
Goodness, if I took this advice to heart I'd be dead before I'd be able to do all the things I wanted to do! Mary has done it and it sounded lovely even if not perfect. The Danes didn't think it was all bad (but apparently a number of non-Danish speaking message board posters thought it was "pathetic"... huh?), Mary admitted it wasn't her best Danish, so now she knows that she has to try harder.

Also, Alex's Danish wasn't perfect when she came out. I don't think it was in this board but Alex's first sentence in Danish was "This is my first speak in Danish". Should people have stopped Alex from trying to speak Danish? So what if it's not perfect? It was still lovely of Alex for trying. Just as it was lovely for Mary for trying.


When she travels to Hong Kong she sits in first class, while her kids and there nanys fly coach. So I do not know who is more of a snob.
I don't know about this. Somehow I can't accept that Alex would do this.

But whatever, maybe Alex was affected by the idea that she's not going to be the only daughter-in-law. Who knows? But everyone knows that the Danes and all of us will continue to love her. She'll be Alex and Mary will be Mary. If don't necessarily think that there need be a scenario of one displacing the other.

Lasty, I THINK MARY IS LOVELY!!!! a but nervous, but LOVELY!

George 11-25-2003 03:17 AM

do not fret over Alexandra., as she is so busy as a wife and mother, she can
barely keep up. so she is well occupied. I do think she knows the score and
doesn't care really at this time. Her husband, children are important to her.

Jasl 11-25-2003 09:16 AM

I agree George. And apparently Alex's dad is not very well. I think this would occupy her mind more than silly non-existent squabbles between her and Mary for the most popular daughter-in-law.

Poor Alex. This is my opinion only but I really don't think she gives two hoots about the rise/decline of her popularity. I think she just wants to do what's good and be kind and caring to people.

hrhcp 11-25-2003 09:58 AM


cille    Posted: Nov 23rd, 2003 - 5:57 am

She knew when she married Joakim, that she would not become queen of Denmark.



I love having Mary join the Danish Rayal Family, and from the look of it, the queen loves it too.
Probably because its a woman thing with fashion and art, and Mary is 'open' to change ????

sara1981 11-25-2003 12:14 PM

let give her break!

but Alexandra would love to have another baby! but she never have girl but she had 2 boys! she would get pregnant right now!

Sara Boyce

Jacqueline 11-26-2003 11:05 AM

I think that many people are taking it into consideration that Alex may feel left out or a bit out of place now that Fred and Mary are engaged. However, how do we know that she feels this way?

Alex seems to be an exceptionally intelligent and sophisticatd woman. She has created her own role within the family and I doubt that Mary can take that away from her. She has her own interests and obligations, not to mention a lovely family. I seriously doubt that she is concerned about being Queen. The fact is that being queen would only lead to having more responsibilities and of course at times more problems. Alex is a very smart woman and any intelligent person would not pity themselves or feel bad, because she truly gets as much of the best of both worlds with a little less headache.

I don't feel sorry for her at all,and I doubt that she feels sorry for herself. She has already established herself in Denmark as both a private and public person. Alex has very few if any hurdles left whereas Mary has much to learn and many adjustments to make.

Alex only needs to do as she has been doing all of these years and enjoy her life. There is nothing about her that is worth pitying in my opinion.

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