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Yennie 02-02-2004 04:16 PM

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yes.. his first girlfriend (age 17-19) was Wiweka Thott, a schoolmate at Lundsberg.

Carl Philip and Wiweka Thott. a party

happy_27 02-14-2004 07:18 AM

;) Hi

Why didn't Prince Carl Philip attend the dinner at the Palace? The pics in the other thread only show the King and Queen, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madelaine (who both looked stunning).

Dennism 02-14-2004 07:33 AM

Don't know why he didn't. That's a good question. He wasn't listed to attend either.

absolutelyroyal 03-02-2004 11:50 AM

Hey everybody!

About the Royal Family's whereabouts last week when they supposedly had their sportlov/winter holiday - here's an article from Aftonbladet that was published last Wednesday on Prince Carl Philip! If you want help with any translation, just ask!

Link to the article: The Prince (Carl Philip) drives like a king! (published 25 February)

There’s also another article about Prince Carl Philip that was published by Expressen yesterday, it's about him skiing Vasaloppet's öppet spår or "open track" as I think it translates in English, yesterday morning.

Next Sunday the traditional skiing race Vasaloppet will be held (and The King will give out the prizes), a competition which hold an enormous amount of tradition to it, and that is very much linked to the Royal Family (King Carl XVI Gustaf has skied "open track" three times!). The skiing race/competition race is held every year in Dalarna based on 1921 when King Gustav Vasa escaped from Mora in Dalarna towards Norway... Well anyway, I think you get the picture (if not, visit the official website

Link to the article: Carl Philip to finish in open track (published 1 March)

happy_27 05-06-2004 07:48 PM

;) Hi

Just wondering what Prince Carl Philip does with his time? He doesn't have as many official duties as Victoria, so what does he do in between?



Dennism 05-06-2004 07:54 PM

He goes to a design school. That´s one of the reasons he has less duties at the moment.

Lyonnaise 05-06-2004 10:23 PM


Originally posted by Dennism@May 6th, 2004 - 6:54 pm
He goes to a design school. That´s one of the reasons he has less duties at the moment.
Design school? Architecture, interior design or clothing design? (I'm just being nosey)

Dennism 05-06-2004 10:50 PM

He draws. He did a CD cover for his mother´s 60th birthday.

Alexandria 05-07-2004 09:59 AM

Isn't he in graphic design? He might've drawn the CD cover for his mother's birthday present, but I think his field of study at univeristy is graphic design, rather than another sort of design program.

GrandDuchess 05-07-2004 10:12 AM

Yes, Alexandria, you’re absolutely right! Prince Carl Philip is studying graphic design at the Forsberg School in Stockholm. :woot:

Dennism 05-07-2004 11:28 AM

That´s it. Graphic Design. I had forgotten the term. Yes, that´s what he is studying.

Yennie 05-11-2004 03:56 PM

Tomorrow, wednesday may 12, swedish Tv 4 will air a show about Carl Philip. Its a new interview with the prince about his life and its because of his 25th birthday.
I´ll definately watch!

tv 4 19:00
Prins Carl Philip 25 år
Inför sin 25-årsdag ställer prins Carl Philip för första gången upp på en längre intervju för TV4:s Lasse Bengtsson.

Yennie 05-12-2004 01:36 PM

The show was nothing spectacular. He just talked about his childhood, family and friends. Most of the things have we heard from Victoria before.
But there was one thing:
he was asked: "Your girlfriend of five years, Emma, how is she handling the attention?
And he answered...

So now its super official :)

Lena 05-12-2004 01:49 PM


Originally posted by Yennie@May 12th, 2004 - 6:36 pm

And he answered...

And what?

And when he talked about his childhood did he also complain about the absence of his parents like Victoria did?

Yennie 05-12-2004 01:56 PM

I meant that he answerd...
he said something that "Yes sometimes its hard for her"... Can´t remember it right now but I´ll write a summary later...
But just the fact that the reporter was allowed to refer to her as "your girlfriend Emma" is sensational :P

GrandDuchess 05-12-2004 11:17 PM

Article, translated by me, from today's Expressen! :flower:

The Prince turns 25

Prince Carl Philip’s plans for the future are not clear, but he does not feel stressed. At the moment, he is interested in both the military and graphic design. But he also wants to get to know his roots.

To turn 25 does not mean any bigger change in Prince Carl Philip’s life. He does not feel that he has to finish his education and start a family.
- No, it’ll come when it comes. It doesn’t mean bigger pressure, just because you turn 25, he says to TT (Swedish news agency).
On Thursday the Prince celebrates his birthday with an official ceremony at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, but how the private celebrations are going to be carried out is not decided.
- I don’t really know yet, there will be a dinner of some kind, the Prince says.

Graphic design
During the spring he has studies graphic design at Forcers School in Stockholm, and now he’s attending a course in photography.
- I’m trying to feel it a little. I think graphic design is very interesting, so it’s something I can imagine continuing with, he says.
There is an artistic gift within the family, from Sigvard Bernadotte and Prince Eugen. But the expectations on him can be higher on him than others.

After the coming weddings in Demark and Spain, he will continue educating himself within the defence. The defence suits him; there he can be just like anyone else.
- I’m going to attend a transport leader education in the stab (direct translation, don’t know the English terms), and add that that will lead to him becoming a lieutenant later on.

Explore Brazil
He says that he is just like any other guy on his free time, who likes to spend time with friends, watch TV and walk the dog. But he also likes to travel.
- Since my mother is half Brazilian, Brazil is a country I’d like to visit to try to understand how her childhood was, and of course learn the language.
Many people are interested to know where their roots come from.

To be a Prince means both privilege and responsibility, and he doesn’t think he would like to change that life even if it means a lot of attention.
- It’s very stimulating, you get to see and do many things; he says and adds that he also has to make sure that people are satisfied with what he is doing.

Carl Philip has received a lot of attention from both sexes, in the gossip magazines and the homo-magazines. And how does the Prince really feel about being a gay icon?
- (laugh) It’s a bit special, but it’s always nice to be liked!

GrandDuchess 05-12-2004 11:32 PM

I came home really late (11:30 PM) after evening meetings, so I took dinner with me and sat down to watch the taped interview – and I tell you – a piece of bread almost chocked in my throat when he said Emma!!! This is sensational, a TV personality daring to be this frank and forward with a royal. When someone from the media asks the Crown Princess about boyfriends (they don’t dare always to mention Daniel’s name), she just says that she doesn’t comment on her personal life.

The interview was very nice, you could notice Carl Philip’s dyslexia quite evidently (phrasing words, some insecurity, pausing, some “eeeh’s”) – but it was warm, open and frank. I liked it.

Now, fellow friends of LTR, here is my English translation of TV4's interview with Prince Carl Philip that was aired on Wednesday evening! I got home very late and has spent several hours to watching the recording, writing it down and translating it, so I hope yall appreciated it - I'm heading off to be pronto now! :P

I tried my best and hope that you all like it, it's all yours!

(LB = Lasse Bengtsson, the interviewer and CP = Prince Carl Philip)

The interview from Lasse Bengtsson at TV4, aired Wednesday evening:

LB:The Prince is born into attention and being famous. When did the Prince first become aware of the special thing of being born as a Prince?
CP: Difficult question. When I was 10 and was in Storlien skiing or at Solliden, and the journalists flocked around and started taking pictures. At that point I think you understood a bit more what it was about.
LB:How did it feel?
CP: It felt a bit special.
LB: Was the Prince prepared for it? Had mother and father prepared you?
CP: I don’t really remember, but I think they tried to hint it somehow.
LB: I have some pictures with me that I think all of us have seen sometime, for example this one of the Christmas baking (CP laughs). How did it feel?
CP: It was fun, maybe a bit special to do it before the TV-cameras and reporters, but it was fun.
LB: Where you at that point aware that this was being photographed and immortalized?
CP: Yes, you saw the big cameras and understood a bit, but maybe not fully. But you could understand that it was something special anyway.
LB: Does this say anything about the dividing of the roles? (the picture of the Christmas baking where Victoria had an “eminent” role)
CP:I don’t know what to say. As the eldest it is quite natural that she gets to decide.
LB:Was she active in the upbringing? In the way that she told you how things were to be done?
CP: She is a pretty decisive, especially back then – a decisive young lady. Of course when she started school before us, she taught us how it was to be and taught us a few things.
LB:So it was to be done in the right way. (CP giggles).
LB: How was the Prince yourself as a child? Is it possible to describe some special characteristic – rowdy or active?
CP: I think I was quite calm, and a bit quiet maybe.
LB:Whom in the family are you most like?
CP: It depends on what it is. I’m very like father in certain ways, but also mother.
LB: For example?
CP: For example the interests are very alike, and the way of thinking of mother.
LB: What about the sisters, how are the likeness and dislike-ness there?
CP: Same there.
LB: Are you much alike?
CP: In certain ways I think I’m like Victoria.
LB:Any example?
CP: We both like the same things, when we where younger we both liked to be outdoors. Victoria is quite like father, so it’s pretty natural that we like the same things.
LB: And Madeleine and mother did things for themselves?
CP: Yes, they are a bit more like in that way. But lately Madeleine and me have become closer, or alike if you say that. We have design in common, and Madeleine and I don’t have the same role as Victoria and maybe therefore we are more alike.
LB: And it’s a big difference on the role that Victoria has?
CP: Yes.
LB: I understand that. Here is another picture. To always be public and very much in focus.
CP: As a child it was hard. To understand and to deal with it. When you were younger you wanted to get out and be with your friends, but sometimes you simply had to do other things. It was very special.
LB: Did the Prince ever miss this of being a normal kid, and get out like everyone else?
CP: I think my parents did a good choice when we moved to Drottningholm Palace, so that we could be outside when we were children, and not to be exposed too much to the media. As a child you just want to be outside playing without that pressure.
LB:And security guards?
CP: Yes, it becomes a strange situation. But it was as good as it could be.
LB: Could the Prince have any normal friends?
CP: Yes.
LB:From normal environments/backgrounds?
CP: For example I have two childhood friends whom I met when I was three.
LB: Who are not from the same background?
CP:Yes, two normal guys from Bromma. We’re still best friends.
LB: What did they say the first time they came to the palace?
CP:I think their eyes were huge. But when you’re that little, I don’t think you understand it all: the palace, the security guards, and the staff. It’s maybe later, when you’re around 10 that you understand and open your eyes. It went fine.
LB: The 18th birthday was a big day. It was covered well in the media. What did it mean to the Prince? Was it something special that happened?
CP: Yes. I can’t say I was an adult, but you grow up and are seen as an adult. It was a personal thing.
LB: And an increased concrete responsibility?
CP: Yes, of course.
LB: Heir Prince. Did it feel like you got an extra responsibility and pressure to do well?
CP:Yes, exactly.
LB: As we were in to before, this likeness with father. For example this interest with cars, does it come directly from father?
CP: Yes, but also from Prince Bertil. But mostly from father, of course.
LB: What is so fun with cars?
CP: Hard to say. The engine, a lot of powers. I like to ski fast, or to sail. I like when things happen and move.
LB: And your racing license if finished now?
CP: Yes.
LB: Congratulations!
CP: Thank you.
LB: Does this mean that the Prince wants to go for this and compete with the pros?
CP: That’s something that time will have to decide, but it’s very fun and we’ll see what happens. But I do have the opportunity to drive on the racecourse.
LB: But this is a violent sport, we all know this. What does mother and father say of the Prince drives in a violent speed in a fast car on a racecourse?
CP: Of course it’s important, but the sport is not as dangerous as you could think. There are many more dangerous sports than car racing.
LB: But there are accidents.
CP: Yes, of course.
LB: Talking of driving fast, how fast did it go from on the way home from the Gellerås racingcourse? There has been quite a bit written about it in the media.
CP: Yes, it has been written very much about it, and I can say that nothing of it is accurate whatsoever.
LB: It’s not?
CP: What is good with racing is that you can drive as fast as you can and can cope on the track, and then when you get out on the highway you don’t have to drive fast.
LB: It went very well for you in Vasaloppet. When I mentioned the time for my colleagues they were surprised. 6,21.
CP: Yes, thank you.
LB: 48 minutes faster than father, what did he say?
CP: He was a bit surprised, but at the same time happy for me.
LB: It is true that Victoria’s Daniel has increased your interest in working out?
CP: Yes, for working out. You feel much better physically when you keep an even level with training and working out. But the most important thing is to keep active.
LB: The Olympic Games in Athens this summer, and the Prince gets and assignment. Tell us?
CP: In the beginning of July the Olympic Torch is coming to Stockholm, and I have been asked to run one of the stretches. It’s going to be exiting to get to run with the Olympic Torch.
LB: An honorary assignment?
CP: Yes, absolutely.
LB: Is the Prince going to Athens?
CP: We’ll see. It would be very nice.
LB: The design interest, here is a CD cover that the Prince has designed (he holds up the ”The Nut Cracker” case he made for Queen Silvia’s 60th birthday last December). Are you please?
CP: It came out very well, I’m satisfied.
LB: How serious is the design interest? Is it something that the Prince could commit too?
CP: I think it’s very interesting, and then we’ll see how things come along. But it’s something I could imagine doing.
LB: Back to this with the attention. It’s not only the Prince who gets attention, but also the people around you. I’m thinking of Emma whom you’ve had a relationship with for five years now. How aware was she of this when you met?
CP: In Sweden everyone has an idea of whom you are when you first meet.
LB: Do you feel that you must protect your girlfriend from to much public life?
CP: Yes, I want to try to let the people close to me not to be exposed so much to the pressure.
LB: Does she suffer from it?
CP: Same here, it’s different; you get different eyes on you.
LB: A question from my sons, what food do you eat an ordinary Wednesday evening like this?
CP: An ordinary Wednesday… I suppose we’d eat spaghetti and minced meat sauce.
LB: Who’d cook?
CP: Emma.
LB: Not you?
CP: It happens. But I’m not as good as her at it.
LB: When it comes to friends, does the Prince always have to think about the friends you make? That you have to be able to trust your friends?
CP: Of course.
LB: How do you know if someone if a real friend?
CP: You can’t know that 100%, it’s hard to get into how they think. You have to try to feel if the person is a good person.
LB: Are there many luck-seekers who close the Prince and the Princesses, who want to be near?
CP: Yes, I think so. As I said, it’s hard to keep apart the luck-seekers and those who want to be real friends.
LB: Do you siblings often talk about this?
CP: It happens.
LB: When the Court gets criticised, it has happened this past year, as it’s been a busy one. How does it feel?
CP: It puts a pressure on all of us, both in the family and within the Court. It affects many people.
LB: What has been the hardest?
CP: How everything gets angled in the media, it’s hard for the people to know it really is when they don’t get to see or know everything. It’s the frustration that it’s not the right information that gets spread out.
LB: Earlier I have talked to Victoria about the dyslexia and the pressure – the incomprehensible strong pressure, not the least because of Victoria’s dyslexia. How does the Prince feel in that context, that you have to prepare more than usual for your assignments. Is it the same for the Prince?
CP: Yes, I also have dyslexia so it characterizes what you do. If you are to open something, give a speech, or give an interview like now – you have to think a bit more than usual, and it can be hard to phrase the words right.
LB: Something you have to constantly work on. Do you do that?
CP: It’s hard to constantly think of it and work on it.
LB: The Prince was born as Crown Prince, but you are now Heir Prince and it’s Victoria who is taking over. What does the Prince think of this, that the law was changed?
CP: It’s hard to say how it would be if it wouldn’t have been changed, but as it is now I think Victoria is doing a very good job – and I don’t know if I could have done it better than her. I think she is very capable.
LB: Can it even be good to not have the extra pressure that Victoria has on her shoulders?
CP: Yes, sometimes. For example, I don’t think I could have done the graphic design education I’m undergoing to the extent I am now.
LB: This is a festive week, tonight this Wednesday the Prince will be on a party in Copenhagen with the young (royals). How does that feel?
CP: It’s going to be fun; it was a few years since we met last time.
LB: Are these fun and relaxed occasions?
CP: Yes, I think so.
LB: Or is it that you have to watch yourself and be formal. Can you relax?
CP: Of course you have to think a bit extra because there are many eyes watching. But there is a relaxed atmosphere within the group of guests.
LB: What happens tomorrow then?
CP: Tomorrow there will be a ceremony on the Inner Courtyard and then a private dinner at home.
LB: How many guests are invited?
CP: I don’t know if I’m supposed to know that… It’s hard to say, it’s the family and some friends.
LB: Has the Prince decided the food?
CP: Together (with the chef?). It’s going to be a little different foods, not just Swedish, a foreign touch.
LB: Does it feel grand to turn 25?
CP: A bit special, but not very. It feels like you maybe have to grow up now, but not right now!
LB: Congratulations in advance!
CP: Thank you!

Lena 05-13-2004 06:08 AM

A meadow full of flowers for you, GrandDuchess! This surely was a lot of work do to. I really appreciate it.
And of course also thanks to Yennie for the pictures.

:flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

I really like this interview. It has a personal touch...and Carl-Philip seems to be a really likeable guy.

But what I still don´t understand...why is is difficult for a dyslectic person to answer questions in interviews? I´ve thought dyslexia is a reading and writing-problem. And Victoria (who is dyslectic too) is quite "fluent" in interviews.

Yennie 05-13-2004 06:15 AM


But what I still don´t understand...why is is difficult for a dyslectic person to answer questions in interviews? I´ve thought dyslexia is a reading and writing-problem. And Victoria (who is dyslectic too) is quite "fluent" in interviews
I think its more Carl Philips personality and not because of his dyslexia... he is very shy and dont like beeig in the spotlight and getting a lot of attention.
Victoria is used to it after years of traing. But if you look at older interviews with Victoria, like the ones from her 18th birthday, she is very much like Carl Philip was in the intervew yesterday

Lena 05-13-2004 07:47 AM

In the birthday-pix Silvia has all the time a "proud mummy of a son"-look on her face ;)
And the wind did good work...this shawl is (IMO) awful. Maybe Madeleine wanted to please Aftonbladet and tried to wear something more arty. ;) :innocent:

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