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This group is open to all people who are interested in Royalism and in modern politics. However, to the degree that I can direct it I will focus on leading us to discuss certain things: 1. Long term associations of Royalty & Nobility 2.Classical Greek Political Theory of the the One the Many and the Few. 3.The Christian Doctrine of the Two Swords 4.Reforming Abuses and Misunderstanding 5.Restorationism as a professional art. 6.Exiled, hiddden and non-state courts 7.Parliamentary theory and mixed government. 8. Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism
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10:08 PM
The controversial elite club of the HRE. A listing of the surviving members of Nobility and Royalty of the Holy Roman Empire of the First Reich. Most lost their titles with the surrender of Germany in 1918 and the adaptation of Germany as a republic in 1919. Most names were affiliated with the Hapsburg Dynasty. This list can be viewed at: <>
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11:42 AM
"The Knights Templar is an organisation dedicated to fraternal friendship based on honour and integrity. The Knights Templar are guardians of many secrets including the Holy Grail. In the 12th Century the Knights Templar would meditate twice a day and before battle, to focus their mind and spirit as one. The Knights Templar used sacred geometry and symbols in their ceremonies and rituals, and believed in the brotherhood of mankind. Fraternal friendship is our code of life."
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01:09 PM
A site I use to write my shorts. political commentary and political humor. Please visit me and my stories, under user name "countgregor". As of April 2011 I have written about 160 shorts. Some have been heard on public radio, worldwide and BBC Television. I am sure you will either love me or detest me Stop by and leave comments. I invite others to join.
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10:34 AM
History: China has always been governed by Han-Chinese people with the exception of the Yuan (1206-1368) and Ch'ing Dynasties (1644-1912), which are Mongolian and Manchurian family run dynasties. The last Han-Chinese dynasty to rule China was the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) of the Chun clan. In 1644, China's then-court installed CHOU Shun Cheong as emperor and court went underground and into hiding from their Manchurian captors. A discussion of China's Han-Chinese royal family.
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01:59 PM
This is for people who love getting lost in the UK's Royal Collection website and just obsessing over like paintings and everything.
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04:31 PM
Hello - my name is Chris and I am a researcher from a UK based University. My co-researchers and I are currently investigating the topic of 'Royal Gift Giving' where members of the public give gifts to the Royal Family. We have put together a short questionnaire [2 minutes] and would love to hear about your stories and examples. You will not be identified in any way and your information will be confidential. Participants must meet the following criteria: 1) Have given more than one gift to the Royal Family over the last 10 years. 2) Be available for an interview with one of the members of the research team (face-to-face or over the phone). If you qualify, please follow the link below If you have any questions please email me on Thank you and I look forward to hearing about your examples Chris
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04:36 AM
Lovers and supporters of HRH King Binyam Selamun and his people Beta Esrael: The Ethiopian hebrews, lembas of Southern Africa, Hebrew Israelites of the Americas
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08:29 PM
Discuter présente Noblesse et passé dans la religion et la relation historique entre la religion et la monarchie, et les anciennes traditions et le folklore. Please post in whichever language you are comfortable with. Thank you for your interest in these subjects.
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01:24 PM
Performers of the State of Washington to partispate in Organized Shows.
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06:16 AM
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