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Ottoman Dynasty: House of Osman

Ottoman Arms

Genealogy of the House of Osman

The - The Ottomans History

List of Sultans of the Ottoman Empire
List of sultans of the Ottoman Empire: Information from

List of Valide Sultans
List of Valide Sultans: Information from

The - The Ottomans History

Ottoman Dynasty
Ottoman Dynasty: Information from

Ottoman Sultans Family Tree
Ottoman family tree: Information from

Line of Succession to the Ottoman Throne
Line of succession to the Ottoman throne: Information from

Ottoman Family - Immediate Living Descendants
Ottoman Family

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Ottoman Sultan's Topkapi Palace:

Ottoman Tugra:

Sultans and wife name
  • Ertugrul Gâzi - Hayme Hatun
  • Osman I. - Mal Hatun (1299-1326)
  • Orhan I. - Nilufer Hatun (1326-1359)
  • Murad Hudavendigar (1359-1389)
  • Yildirim Beyazid - Devlet Hatun (1389-1402)
  • Sultan Celebi Mehmed - Emine Hatun (1403-1421)
  • Murad II - Huma Hatun (1421-1451)
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmed - Mukrime Hatun (1451-1481)
  • Beyazid II. - Gulbahar Hatun (1481-1512)
  • Yavuz Sultan Selim - Hafsa Hatun (1512-1520)
  • Kanuni Sultan Suleyman - Hurrem Sultan (1520-1566)
  • Selim II - Nurbanu Sultan (1566-1574)
  • Murat III - Safiye Hatun (1574-1595)
  • Mehmed III - Handan Sultan (1595-1603)
  • Ahmed I - Kosem Sultan (1603-1617)
  • Mustafa I (1617-1623)
  • Osman II - (1618-1622)
  • Murat IV. (1623-1640)
  • Ibrahim I - Turhan Hatice Sultan (1640-1648)
  • Mehmed IV - Gulnus Sultan (1648-1687)
  • Süleyman II. (1687-1691)
  • Ahmed II. (1691-1695)
  • Mustafa II - Saliha Valide Sultan, Sehsuvar Valide Sultan (1695-1703)
  • Ahmed III - Mihrimah Sultan, Rabia Sermi Sultan (1703-1730)
  • Mahmud I. (1730-1754)
  • Osman III. (1754-1757)
  • Mustafa III - Mihrimah Sultan (1757-1774)
  • Abdülhamid I -Ayse Saniye Perver Sultan / Naksidil Valide Sultan (1774-1789)
  • Selim III. (1789-1807)
  • Mustafa IV. (1807-1808)
  • Mahmud II - Bezmialaem Valide Sultan (1808-1839)
  • Abdülmecid I - Sevk Efsa Hatun (1839-1861)
  • Abdülaziz I. (1861-1876)
  • Murat V. (1876)
  • Abdülhamid II - Gulcemal Kadin Efendi (1876-1909)
  • Mehmed V. Resad (1909-1918)
  • Mehmed VI. Vahdettin (1918-1922)
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Old 04-29-2010, 01:37 PM
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As on today, there are hundreds of Princes and Pashazades. You are all lost and some of your brothers, cousins and sisters do not know that they belongs or care blood of the Royal House of Osman. Some people trying to hide or do not recognize those titles.

As we all know, Abdil Hamid I had many sons including Mustafa IV (1807–08) (his son by Ayse Seniyeperver), Mahmud II (1808–39) (his son by Naksh-i-dil), Murad, Nusret, Mehmed, Ahmed, and Suleyman.

Some of them got married and had sons and daughters. - and some of you have their blood and roots and you belongs to Royal House of Osman and you have brothers and sisters. You are not alone.

Only in end of 1990- 2000 were found:
MUSTAFA IV - has only 1 (one) daughter from Suleymanthe Great - and name of this daughter was Nilay (Emine) Sultan ( 1808). She was married to Daud Pasha and they had son Sultanzde Abdulkerim who was born in 1830.

Sultanzde Abdulkerim was also married and had children including 2 boys: Shabgul (a.k.a Shab gul Mustafa - 1860) and his younger brother Sultan Mustafa.

Sultan Mustafa died in Iraq. And his older brother Shabgul Mustafa - carried Sultan's body days and nights all over Iraq desert to bury his body near family. ( This information was confirmed in 1999) by descendants who moved from Iraq to Azerbaijan.

Shabgul Mustafa was married to women from Azerbaijan and had a son, which was named after his brother Sultan Shabgul Mustafaev ( 1889-1945)

Sultan Shabgul Mustafaev ( 1889-1945) had 3 wife and 4 issue.
  • Inna Mustafaeva
  • Kazbyla Mustafaeva
  • Nyugbar Mustafaeva
  • Malik Mustafaev
They all were born in Baku Azerbaijan

( as you can see they all carrying last name Mustafaev, since at that time governments required to have not only First name, but Lasts name. more details about it you can find in Wikpedia and Archive of Ministry of Culture of Turkey)

Note: If some one will ask why man had so many marriages? Answer: Man got married until he will have male issue. it was important to have male, who will care name of the father's family.

Son of Shabgul Mustafa was Malik Sultan Mustafa(ev) was married to Russian women Elza Klunicheva who had issues of 2 (two) sons: Vasiliy Malik Mustafaev ( 1955- alive) and Sultan Malik Mustafaev ( 1961 - alive)

Both of them had issue:
  • Vasiliy Malik Mustafaev ( 1955- alive) / Nadezhda Shabanova (1955)
    - Son: Konstantin V Mustafaev ( 1980) alive, live in Canada ( Male model)
    - Daughter: Ludmila V Mustafaeva (1979) alive, live in Russia ( military Diplomat)
  • Sultan Malik Mustafaev ( 1961 - alive)/ Flora ( unknown) (1965)
    - Son: Malik Sultan Mustafaev (1992) alive, live in Russia ( Military cadet)
    - Daughter: Fakia Sultan Mustafaeva (1990) alive, Live in Russia ( Since worker)
As you can see, roots are spreading. There are missing information on all families descendant of Mustafa IV ( and his daugther Emine Niley Sultan - married to Daud Pasha).

However they they are all Princes and Princesses with no right on throne. The only people who has right on throne ( by today is only one person)

Osman Bayezid Osmanoglu - (23 July 1924 - alive) He was born in France and become 44th Head of the House of Osman (2009-...after death of Ertugrul - Osman V, who died in 2009. ), great-grandson of Sultan Abdülmecid I.

Based on Archive and records we have. There are quite a lot of Princes and Princess which carry blood of Abdul Hamid I.

About Timur Can (1978) descendant of Mehmed Murad V (1840). Murad V was 29th Ottoman Sultan. Even he related trough Fehime Sultan Daughter of Murad V - he still has right to care title of Prince of the Royal House of Osman.

Considering that Mahmud II was brother of Mustafa IV and had same father - Abdul hamid I (1725-189) then Prince Timur Can ( 1978) Germany alive, Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev (1980) In Canada alive and Prince Malik Sultan Mustafaev (1992) in Russia alive - are relatives by blood. There are many in USA, CANADA, RUSSIA some of them returned to Turkey.

The separation starts from Abdulmecid I and Murad V - which is 2 generations

As I mentioned above, you have a lot of relatives by blood. However I can see that there are missing Parts of Prince Timur on his parents and grand parents. This information is not in public records of Ministry of Culture of Turkey.

And this is very important for all of you to keep in touch with your relatives and support each other as members of the Royal House of Osman.

This information is official from sources of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Archive of General Library of Turkey - for the public release and domain.

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Old 04-30-2010, 12:04 PM
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very interesting

I know there are many descendants of the Ottoman sultan dynasty.
they live in different countries and know nothing or little of each other.

because of Mustafa IV.. I am not a descendant of his daughter Emine, it can be because she is deceased with 6 Month.

I'm a descendant of Saliha Sultan, daughter of Mahmud II., she was born 1811 and passing in 1843.

My Family Tree

- Osman I
- Orhan I
- Murad I
- Bayezid I
- Mehmed I
- Murad II
- Mehmed II
- Bayezid II
- Selim I
- Süleyman I
- Selim II
- Murad III
- Mehmed III
- Ahmed I
- İbrahim I
- Mehmed IV
- Ahmed III
- Abdülhamid I
- Mahmud II
- Saliha Sultan
- Ayşe Sıddıka Hanımsultan

- Azize Hanım
- Fahire Hanım
- Nemzade Hanım - Sebahattin Bey
- and me, Beyzade Can Timur

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Old 04-30-2010, 01:30 PM
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descendants of The Royal House of Osman


My Greetings Timur Can!

Thank you for your reply, there are few lines which we didn't have in register. I will send them to Archive for review and research. We still keep track of the descendants of The Royal House of Osman. It's not a secret that some people claim to be relatives of the Royal House of Osman and after research we have to give them refusal confirmation. But most o them, I would say 75%- 80% of people who requesting information - are the descendants of Ottoman Empire.

Out of record, I may say that some of them angry and claiming the Throne of the Royal house of Osman, but this is not possible. It's the same as to ask toe be Prime Minister.

As per your request about Mustafa IV and you. No, your roots are not from Mustafa IV, but Daud Pasha - this is correct. If you will make a Family tree - you may find this more clear and easy to understand all your roots.

I have sent request to review your DOB and Archive may ask you to provide your birth certificate with any 2 (two) IDs which confirms your date of Birth. But it can be later and not in Internet - it's too private matter and we can not release any personal information about descendants of The Royal House of Osman. It's protected by Act of Privacy of Personal information. ......."No requests can be made by public or electronic form ...........

About descendants of The Royal House of Osman from Mustafa IV. We do believe that there are 2 females and 1 male ( both living in Russian federation) also descendants of The Royal House of Osman from Mustafa IV) but this information still on review. For now
- HH The Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev
(1980) in Canada
- Prince Malik Sultan Mustafaev (1992) in Russia alive

- are relatives by blood

There are not many sources which are open on Public and I'm not allow to mentioned here. But I'm very glad that you provided some information which can be helpful to find your relatives.

With all my respect to you


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Old 05-02-2010, 06:44 AM
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This is a fascinating account of the genealogies of the Sultans. We have to remember pre Great War (WWI) there were four imperial dynasties in Europe. The Romanov, Hohenzollern, Hapsburg and their descendants are well documented; not so the remaining Osman dynasty. So this is a very important and interesting contribution to this forum. Thank you for elucidating a very intriguing dynastic history.
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Old 05-02-2010, 01:59 PM
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The one interesting fact which we are looking is Who was the mother of Nilay Emine Sultan ( 1808) Father was Mustafa IV and he had 4 wifes: Shevr-i Nur,
Peyk-i Dil

Which one was real mother of Nilay Emine Sultan - still unconfirmed.
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Old 05-02-2010, 06:22 PM
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and that is the problem
the mother was not recorded.
strange right?
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Old 05-03-2010, 11:06 AM
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I have found in the I-Net on a Turkish side following information.

IV Mustafa born September 8, 1779 – murdered November 15/16, 1808)
(He reigned from 29. May 1807 - to 28. July 1808 )

Dilpezir Kadınefendi born 1784, died in 1809, although she was 25 years old.
She gave birth to a son.

Peyk-i Dil Kadınefendi born 1785, died in 1809, although she was 24 years old.
She gave birth to a son

Sevk-ı Nur Hanımefendi born 1784, died in 1812, although she was 28 years old.
She gave birth to a daughter, Emine Nilay Sultan.
As Emine was about 3 years old, her birth mother died.

Seyyare Hanımefendi born 1786, died in 1817, although she was 31 years old.
She gave birth to a daughter, possibly named the girl Emine (Ayşe), but it died after birth.
Seyyare was thus for a short time, the stepmother of Emine (Nilay).
Emine was then given into the custody of their grandmother Seniyeperver.

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Old 05-17-2010, 08:34 AM
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I am not fully cognizant with Ottoman courtly protocols so I should tread carefully here. However, it does seem the discussion is being stilted by interpretation. As in German speaking lands prince can take several forms; during the era of The Porte there were various rankings of pasha, some purely governors of provinces, some afforded princely status, and yet others like the rulers of European tributary states (Christian princes) were afforded the style and privileges of pasha. The present Walachian princely family for instance certainly didn't receive its status and titles from the Holy Roman Empire.
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Old 05-17-2010, 11:42 AM
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A descendant of an Ottoman princess did not belong directly to the family of the ruler.
In the Ottoman Empire ruled the shariya (Islamic law).
Thus, the children were always the father.
Even the children of Ottoman princess named for the father.
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Old 05-27-2010, 09:30 PM
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We've found today confirmed information, that His Highness Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev is currently residing in Canada. He has residence somewhere in Province Quebec near Montreal. In 1998 - 2000 He left his family with condition to care The Ring from The Royal House of Osman and return back upon request.
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Old 05-29-2010, 10:30 PM
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I have found him on Facebook
two days we have together written.
But then he turned me from his friends list

Originally Posted by KVM View Post
We've found today confirmed information, that His Highness Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev is currently residing in Canada. He has residence somewhere in Province Quebec near Montreal. In 1998 - 2000 He left his family with condition to care The Ring from The Royal House of Osman and return back upon request
What do you mean with 'The Ring'?
I do not understand what you mean.

I see the Rings in Facebook
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It surprises me very much, Konstantin V Mustafaev claimed to be a descendant of Daoud Pasha
None of the children of Daoud ever lived in Iraq.!
The descendants of Daoud Pasha lived in Medina for 20 years in very poor conditions, without jewelry, gold or other valuables.
Nothing more!
Konstantine can not be a descendant of Sultanzade Abdülkerim.
That person never existed.!!!
There was only one Pashazade Abdülkerim, but the died in the age of 7 years in Medina, and was buried there.

The whole story is very suspect.

About Emine Sultan,she died at 6 months.
Her coffin is seen by her father IV Mustafa, and grandfather Abdülhamid I.

"There are no living descendants of Mustafa IV.".!!!

Several princes of the family Osmanoglu have investigated over the person of Konstantine.
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Very interesting thread. I hope it continues.
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Old 07-04-2010, 03:16 AM
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1. We've tried to reach His Highness Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev, but only his security staff answered, that only HH Prince Konstantin and his family know and can confirm that family tree contains name of Abdulmecid I or Mustafa IV.

2. There are many people, fans and even enemies of The Royal House of Osman trying to write some misleading information and even dirt on Royal Family of Osman. It doesn't surprise us.

3. People are making fake profiles of HH Prince Konstantin V Mustafaev and HH Prince Malik Sultan Mustafaev and you should pay special attention to it, before you know that you are talking to real people. Even on Facebook, some people making fake profiles with different name spellings of the members of the Royal House.

4. HH Prince Konstantin V is hiding his life, traditions and obligations from the Public and never discuss anything what is related to his title. However his cousin is very open to talk about it.

5. Prince Konstantin is not claiming and in the same time is not refusing any responsibilities which he has as a Prince, but it's not so easy to reach him.

6. Dear Timur Can, if you will have any chance to communicate directly with HH Prince Konstantin V, please let us know. I think this information should be registered and released for public.

7. We still have believes that he may be descendant of Abdulmecid I which makes him Imperial Highness.

With all my respect to you


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Old 07-04-2010, 03:37 PM
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Good evening
Thank you for your review.
You're right.
Many people make fake names, etc.
In my name they write in forums too.
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Hello friends,

Well, as being a great fan of the Turkish history, especially the Ottoman era, I'd like to make some things clear about titles of the imperial dynasty. You know everyone being a descendant of a grandsultan doesn't bear an imperial title&style all the time :)

Here I'm writing you the imperial titles and the people who have the right of bearing one.

The head of the states was Padişah [the grandsultan, meaning the shah of the shahs (king of the kings)], of course he had a lot of titles beside this one.
Padişah would simply be called Sultan XYZ.

Sultan: The title of sultan was used in many cases by the grandsultan, the imperial princesses, the wives of the grandsultans and the imperial princesses.

If 'Sultan' is before the name, then that person is the grandsultan/padişah.
e.g: Sultan Mehmed II.

If 'Sultan' is after the name, then that person is an imperial princess (daughter of the padişah or an imperial prince's daughter) or the padişah's wife. An Imperial princess' (Sultan's) children bear the titles of hanımsultan and sultanzade/beyzade but grandchildren of the Imperial Princess don't bear any titles.

Fatma Neslişah Sultan : An imperial princess. She's the last official member of the dynasty who was born during the Empire. Just google her and she's got a reportage in French on youtube. She's a real princess!!! For example; Neslişah Sultan's son is Beyzade XYZ and daughter is ABC Hanımsultan but Neslişah Sultan's grandchildren don't have any Ottoman titles.

Hürrem Sultan : As being Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent's wife and big love. She had such an interesting life story.

The Imperial Princesses' imperial style : Devletlû İsmetlû [Name] Sultan Aliyyetuş'şan Hazretleri’ ( meaning 'Her Imperial Highness, The Imperial Princess [Name] of the Empire', for the imperial princesses by birth.)

Şehzade : The imperial princes in male line used to bear it.

Shortly Şehzade [Name] Efendi,
with his title and style:
Devletlû Necabetlû Şehzade Sultan [Name] Efendi Hazretleri’ (meaning ' His Imperial Highness, The Imperial Prince [Name] of the Empire')

Hanımsultan: Princess but not an imperial princess. Daughter of the imperial princess.
A Hanımsultan's children are commoners.
Title&style: [Name] Hanımsultan.
The famous author Kénize Mourad isn't an Ottoman princess. Her great-grandfather was Sultan Murad V. Kénize's maternal grandmother was an imperial princess with the title of Sultan and then Kénize's mother was Selma Hanımsultan. Kénize's father is a Muslim Indian Raja, so she's an Indian princess and she doesn't bear any Ottoman title.

Sultanzade or Beyzade : Prince but not an imperial prince. Son of an imperial princess.
He doesn't have the right of being in the succession line to the throne. His children don't bear any Ottoman title.
Title&style: Sultanzade or (but lately) Beyzade [Name] Beyefendi.

Husband of an imperial princess :
He wouldn't have an imperial title but his style would be: "Damad-ı şehriyari [Name] Beyefendi"

And although the grandsultans had a few wives, the system of 'empress consort' never existed.
We had the term of Valide Sultan (Empress Mother or sth like that)
If the padişah's mother is alive, she's the Valide Sultan and the ruler of the Imperial Harem, which was making her one of the most powerful women of the old times.

I hope I made it clear enough. I wanted to write this message because there are some people claiming to be a descendant of the Ottoman dynasty, so people shouldn't get it wrong.

If you have any questions, you can ask me.
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My ancestress Princess Saliha was born in 1811 in Topkapi Sarayi.
She married in 1834, an officer (gürcü halil rifat pasha).
He was of Georgian origin.
They got together two children, a son who died at 3 years, and a daughter, who survived.
Saliha, died young in 1843 of tuberculosis.
Her daughter Aysha Siddika was still a little Girl, and came into the household of Pertevniyal.
In this Time ruled Abdülmecid I
Abdulaziz was 13 years old when his older sister, Saliha died.
Aysha then married the server Pasha and had three daughters.
Her second daughter Aziza married then later Suad Bey and got three children.
Her older son was Ziya Songülen, founder of the Turkish-soccer club: Fenerbahce.
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Old 06-20-2013, 11:35 AM
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Kenize Mourad and also other descendants of an Ottoman princess today, always are together in the Family Meeting of the Ottoman Dynasty.
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