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Old 01-22-2019, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
I found this interesting site called Kongernes Samling = The collection of Kings.

It contains books - and various souvenirs, seemingly sold under the administration that is running the various royal palaces, museums, exhibitions and what not affiliated to the Danish royal family.

The prices are very reasonable and presumably go only to cover the production and administration.

Try take a look in the section for books in English here:

And those in Danish here:

These books may be of interest to the hardcore follower of royalty and history.

The front page:
I've seen several people on Twitter post about these books. They say the books are very good and given that the posters are professional royal watchers it says something about the quality of the books.

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Old 11-18-2019, 03:15 PM
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New book: Danmarks konger og dronninger = Kings and Queens of Denmark.
By Jim Lyngvild.
242 pages. Hardcover.

Obtainable here, among other places:

It's a portrait book by the designer, multi-talent and self-proclaimed super-royalist Jim Lyngvild.

He has created a book in which he has "photographed" all kings and queen there have been in Denmark since Gorm the Old, up until the current QMII.
For the photos he has used, when possible, paintings from the period the king reigned.
But for basically more than half the Danish kings, let alone their queens, we have no idea how they really looked like.
So Jim Lyngvild has used modern substitutes, dressed them up in period costumes as well as ornaments, jewellery and hairstyle - as close to the what is known about the period as possible.
Jim Lyngvild has designed the clothes and accessories (he has done that previosuly for the National Museum) and recreated the hair and beard-fashion of the periods.
In the photos that are based or paintings, Jim Lyngvild has copied the dress and accessories the royals are seen wearing.

The result is IMO quite interesting and I consider buying the book. My mother-in-law has already "requested" one for Christmas.

But have a look for yourselves here:
The model at the top, depicts Queen Margrethe I, holding a genuine national treasure, borrowed by the National Museum, the Norwegian King's Horn, which was used as a drinking-vessel at the Norwegian court back in the 1300's, before QMI became Queen-regent of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. - Hence why the model was required to wear gloves.

The model to the right, depicts a young QMII. The model is not supposed to resemble the real thing that much, it's the style that is more in focus.
To the top right we have Prince Henrik, when he was young and more dashing, with a cigarette, which was what you had in your hands, when you were cool, only a generation ago.
Top left we have a genuine Viking-King, Svend Estridsen, who ruled from 1047-1076.
Silk and vivid colors were well featured in Viking-attire. As well a fur, lots of it!
This photo is based on descriptions of Svend Estridsen as well as descriptions of Viking-fashion.
The somewhat feminine crown is based on his portrait on coins.
He is wearing teeth from a polar-bear around his neck, because he was once presented with a polar-bear cup.

The photo top right is based very much on a photo of Queen Ingrid (then princess) from 1933. Complete with a copy of the Kame-tiara.

Bottom left, is Queen Caroline Mathilde, the one who had an affair with Struensee. And as such Struensee is indeed depicted as well in this somewhat racy photo. - as the only non-royal in the book.
Top right: Queen Louise, who was married to Frederik VIII.
She came to Denmark absolutely loaded with jewellery! And as such she is wearing some of the magnificent pieces in this photo.
The pearls are genuine, otherwise it shows, so Jim Lyngvild estimates he have spend more on making this book, then he expects to earn from it.
The dress is an original from the 1800's, borrowed from the Schaffalitzky de Muckadell family from Arreskov Manor.

Bottom left, this is an error Jim Lyngvild made in the book, to his chagrin. The pearls came to DK with Queen Louise, but in the book he has made the mistake of having Queens Marie Sophie Frederikke and Caroline Amalie wear it as well - but they were around before Queen Louise.


Here are some additional photos from the book:

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Old 08-30-2020, 08:19 PM
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Books about Princess Mary:

Kronprinsesse Mary fortaeller:

Mary. Kronprinsesse af Danmark:

Mary, kronprinsesse med stil:

Vild med Mary:

Have other books been released about Mary?
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Old 08-30-2020, 09:08 PM
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Kronprinsesse Mary fortćller are by Palshřj & Reder, and they are always positive towards the DRF. What is of interest in their books is that they let the DRF members themselves and family and friends talk about their subject.
So their books are pretty much 50 % direct quotes from named sources and the rest are summaries of events leading up to the quotes.

Mary, Kronprinsesse med Stil, is by Jim Lyngvild and Jan Körner.
- Jim Lyngvild is a super royalist, and even though he can be critical of the DRF if they do something silly, he remains a royalist.
Jan Körner is a EB reporter and he still writes about the DRF in that tabloid. His coverage there is invariably negative, regardless of what. To the point of being irrational. Something the readers don't fail to point out.

Vild med Mary is by Jim Lyngvild and as mentioned above he is a super royalist and very appreciative of Mary's fashion sense. Being an accomplished designer himself you can rest assured that the book will be well illustrated and going into details in regards to Mary's fashion choices.

- All of the books are "Christmas-present books" usually published before Christmas as a nice present for aunt Oda.
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Old 12-25-2020, 03:05 PM
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New book:
Frederik - en magisk rejse gennem kronprinsens liv
My blogs about monarchies
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Old 12-25-2020, 03:50 PM
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Thanks, Blog Real.

Hadn't heard about it. And a quick Google for reviews produced nothing.
Have not read about this book being quoted anywhere.

So my conclusion is that this is a harmless, easy to read, well illustrated fanbook about Frederik.
Sold at an affordable price this book probably doesn't contain any interviews at all and no direct quotes.
And it's not controversial.

I'd say this is for fans of Frederik, and less so for people interested in learning more about Frederik that we don't already know.

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jon bloch skipper, princess benedikte, queen anne marie, queen margrethe

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