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"Book of Kings" [Maps of Dynastic Family Trees] - Aurelius777

Hello everyone. I need an advice and this is my first post on this forum.
I am a writer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently living in Croatia.
In addition to writing I have a great interest in Royal family trees and also compiling the family trees of royal dynasties and members of peerage.
Recently I finished a project which I called 'Book of Kings' and I am looking for a publisher for this book.
Since I come from a country where there are no writer representing agents, I am not sure what would be the best way of publishing this type of a book.
I have been looking for agents from the UK and US but with no luck.
"Book of Kings" is a unique set of maps of family trees in a form of atlas which includes all current and former monarchies of Europe.
So far there is no such thing ever published in this dimension, there are only a geographical and historical maps, and this is the first time ever this type of full set genealogy maps have been compiled.
I am aware that my work is extremely valuable and protected it in the UKCS Acc. Nr 91 345 Reg. Nr 311,709th
I started chronologically with the ancient dynasties, ie, Pharaonic Egypt, through Persia (Achaemenes), Greece (Perdiccas),Seleucids, Ptolemids, further to Romans and to the medieval and modern Europe.
The book contains 274 royal, imperial dynasties and aristocrat families, I processed 406 family cards from 96 states (most of which no longer exists) and the book has a total of 546 pages.
I can show an example of the maps I created if someone can explain to me how to put a pdf format on this forum.
I would really appreciate your input.
I am interested to know what the honorable members of this forum think I should do and what approach to take to having this book published.
Thank you in advance for your help. My email is:
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First Part: Evolution of Greatest Dynasties
Chart 1: The Dynasties of Byzantine Empire
Chart 2: The Dynasties of the Caliphs
Chart 3: The Dynasties of France
Chart 4: The Normans Dynasties and Dynasties of England&Scotland
Chart 5: The Dynasties of Spain
Chart 6: The Dynasty of Nassau-Orange
Chart 7: TheDynasties of Austria and Hungary
Chart 8: The Dynasty of Hohenzollern
Chart 9: The Dynasty of Oldenburg
Chart 10: The Dynasty of Luxemburg
Chart 11: The Dynasties of Russia
Chart 12: Shema Evolution of Turkotatars
Chart 13: The Dynasties of Mongols

Second Part: Greatest Dynasties of The Ancient World
The Imperial Dynasties of Egypt
List 1: The Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt
Chart 14: Ist Dynasty
Chart 15: IIIrd , IVth, and Vth Dynasties
Chart 16: Vth, VIth and VIIth Dynasties
Chart 17: XIth Dynasty
Chart 18: XIIth Dynasty
Chart 19: XIIIth Dynasty
Chart 20: XVIIth Dynasty
Chart 21: XVIIIth Dynasty
Chart 22: XIXth Dynasty
Chart 23: XXth Dynasty
Chart 24: Dynasty of Archbishops and XXIst Dynasty
Chart 25: XXIInd Dynasty, Dynasty of Archbishops and XXIIIth Dyn.
Chart 26: Dynasties XXIVth, XXVth, XXVI and XXVIIth
Chart 27: XXXth Dynasty

The Assyria & Babylonia
List 2: Rulers of Mesopotamia: Uruk, Ur, Lagash, Kish, Akkad and Hittites
List 3: Kings of the Assyria
List 4: Kings of the Babylon
Chart 28: The Royal Dynasty of Sargon
Chart 29 The Imeprial Dynasty of of Mitanni
Chart 30/31/32: The Royal Dynasty of Assyria
Chart 33: The Royal Dynasty of Babylon

The Athene
List 5 The Arhonts of Athene

The Sparta
Chart 34/35: The Royal Dynasty of Sparta

The Carthage
Chart 36: The Royal Dynasties of Carthage

The Persia
List 6: Elamite Kings of Persia
Chart 37/38: The Persian Imperial Dynasty of Achaemenes

The Ancient Greece
Chart 39: The Royal Dynasty of Perdiccas
Chart 40: The Royal Dynasties Antipatrids and Antigonids

The Helenistic Empires
Chart 41: Royal Dynasty of Arsacids in Partia
Chart 42/43: The Royal Dynasty of Seleucids
Chart 44: The Shas Dynasty of Sassanid
Chart 45/46: The Royal Dynasty of Ptolemids

The Holy Land
Chart 47: The Imperial Dynasty of Israel
List 7: Kings of North Kingdom – Israel
List 8: Kings of South Kingdom – Judaea
Chart 48: The Royal Dynasty of Maccabees
Chart 49: The Royal Dynasty of Herodians
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Third Part: Old Greatest Imperies

The Roman Empire
Chart 50: The Kings of Rome
Chart 51: Relationships Between Noble Families
Chart 52: The Gaius Julius Caesar Family Tree
Chart 63: The Augustus Family Tree
Chart 54: The Dynasty of The Antonians
Chart 55: The Dynasty of The Octavians
Chart 56: The Dynasty of The Claudians
Chart 57: The Claudius Family Tree
Chart 58: The The Imperial Dynasty of The Julians-Claudians
Chart 59: Military Emperors, Three good emperors
The Imperial Dynasty of The Flavians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Antonians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Severs
Chart 60:The Imperial Dynasties of The Barracks
Chart 61:The Imperial Dynasty of The Ilyrians
Chart 62:The Imperial Dynasty of The Constantines
Chart 63:The Imperial Dynasty of The Valentines
The Imperial Dynasty of The Theodosians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Thracianids

The Barbarians Kingdoms
Chart 64: The Hunnic Kingdom
Chart 65: The Bourgundy's Kingdom
Chart 66: The Vandal’s Kingdom
List 9: Kings of Illyrians
Chart 67: The Avar’s Khaganate
Chart 68: The German's Kingdom

The Byzantine Empire
Chart 69: The Imperial Dynasty of The Justinians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Heraclians
Chart 70: The Imperial Dynasty of The Isaurians
The Imperial Dynasty of The Armorians (Frigians)
The Imperial Dynasty of The Lacapenos
Chart 71: The Imperial Dynasty of The Macedonians
Chart 72: The Imperial Dynasty of The Ducas
The Imperial Dynasty of The Comnenus
Chart 73: The Imperial Dynasty of The Angelos
The Imperial Dynasty of The Lascaris
Chart 74: The Imperial Dynasty of The Paleologos
Chart 75: Emperors of Trabizond

Chart 76 The Origins of the Arab Dynasties and First Caliphs
Chart 77 The Caliph Umayyads Dynasty in Syria
Chart 78/79 The Caliph Abbasids Dynasty in Irac and Egypt
Chart 80 The Imam Fatimids Dynasty in Egypt
Chart 81 The Caliph Fatimids Dynasty in Egypt
Chart 82 The Sultan Dynasty of Umayads in Cordoba
Chart 83 The Emir Dynasty of Nasrids in Granada

Crusades States
Chart 84: The Principal Dynasty of The Tancred
Chart 85: The Royal Dynasty of The Jerusalem
Chart 86: The Latin Emperors of Constantinople
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Fourth Part: Europe

Chart 87/88: The Royal Dynasty of Mérovingian
Chart 89: The Pipinides
Chart 90: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 91/92/93: The Royal Dynasty of Capetians
Chart 94 The Royal Dynasty of Valois
Chart 95: The Royal Dynasty of Valois-Orléan and Valois–Ango ulęme
Chart 96: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon
Chart 97: The Imperial Dynasty of Bonaparte
Chart 98: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Bourbon-Orléan
Chart 99: The Duke Dynasty of Normans in Normandy
Chart 100: The Duke Dynasty of Anjou 1st House
Chart 101: The Duke Dynasty of Anjou 3rd House
Chart 102/103: The Duke Dynasty of Brittany
Chart 104/105 The Duke & Earl Dynasty of Burgundy
Chart 106/107/108: The Duke Dynasty of Lorraine
Chart 109: The Duke Dynasty of Beauharnais
Chart 110: The Bastards of Henri IV and Louis XIV
Chart 111: The Dukes and Counts of Bourbon & Bourbon-Montpensier
Chart 112: The Dukes and Counts of Vendôme & Marche
Chart 113: The Counts Condé, Soissons & Conti

Chart 114/115: The Royal Dynasty of Visigoth
Chart 116/117: The Counts and Royal Dynasty of Arista and Jimena in Navarra
Chart 118/119: The French Royal Dynasty in Navarra
Chart 120/121: The Royal Dynasties of Pelayez and Perez in Asturia, Leon and Galicia
Chart 122: The Counts Dynasty Bellonides of Barcelona and Sánches in Catalonia
Chart 123/124: The Counst Dynasty of Galindez and Royal Dynasty of Barcelona in Aragon
Chart 125: The Counts and Kings Dynasty of Lara and Royal Dynasty of Gonzáles in Castile and Leon
Chart 126: The Royal Dynasty of Navarra and Burgundy in Castile and Leon
Chart 127/128: The Royal Dynasty of Trastamára in Castile and Leon
Chart 129: The Royal Dynasty of Habsburg
Chart 130/131: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon

Chart 132: The Royal Dynasty of Burgundy
Chart 133: The Royal Dynasty of Aviz
Chart 134/135: The Royal Dynasty of Braganza
Chart 136: The Counts Dynasty of Bourbon-Orléan Braganza & Nemours

Chart 137: The Royal Dynasties of Ostrogot’s
Chart 138: The Royal Dynasties of Longobard’s
Chart 139: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 140: The Royal Dynasty of Anjou – the 2nd House
Chart 141/142/143/144: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Savoy
Chart 145: The Duke Dynasty of Medici
Chart 146: The Duke Dynasty of D’ Este
Chart 147: The Duke Dynasty of Visconti and Sforza
Chart 148: The Duke Dynasty of Gonzaga
Chart 149: The Duke Dynasty of Farnese
Chart 150: The Earl Dynasty of Borgia and della Rovere
Chart 151: The Royal Dynasty of Bourbon: The Kings Two Sicilies
Chart 152: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Bourbon/Parma
List 10: The List of the Venetian Doges
List 11: The List of Popes and Antipopes

Chart 153: The Royal Dynasty of Flanders and Hainaut
Chart 154/155: The Royal Dynasty of Dampierre
Chart 156: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld

Chart 157: The Royal Dynasty of Friesland
Chart 158: The Royal Dynasty of Hainaut
Chart 159/160: The Royal Dynasty of Nassau-Orange

Chart 161/162: The Royal Dynasty of Luxemburg
Chart 163/164: The High Dukes Dynasty of Nassau

United Kingdom
Chart 165: Kings of Kent
Chart 166: Kings of Bernicia and Deira – Northumbria
Chart 167: Princes and Kings of Gwynedd, Deheubarth, Powys and Seisyllwg in Wales
Chart 168: Kings of East Anglia
List 12: Kings of Sussex
Chart 169: Kings of Essex
List 13: Kings of York
Chart 170: Kings of Mercia
Chart171: King of Wessex
Chart 172: The Royal Dynasty of Saxon
Chart 173: The Royal Dynasty of Norman
Chart 174: The Royal Dynasty of Plantagenet
Chart 175: The Royal Dynasty of Lancaster
Chart 176: The Royal Dynasty of York
Chart 177: The Royal Dynasty of Tudor
Chart 178: The Royal Dynasty of Stuart
Chart 179: The Royal Dynasty of Hanoverians
Chart 180: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Chart 181/182: The Royal Dynasty of Windsor
Chart 183/184: The Duke Dynasty of Norfolk
Chart 185: The Duke Dynasty of Somerset
Chart 186: The Duke Dynasty of Marlborough and Spencer
Chart 187: The Duke Dynasty of St. Albans
Chart 188: The Duke Dynasty of Grafton
Chart 189: The Duke Dynasty of Bedford
Chart 190: The Duke Dynasty of Hamilton & Brandon
Chart 191: The Duke Dynasty of Hamilton
Chart 192: The Duke Dynasty of Northumberland
Chart 193: The Duke Dynasty of Sutherland
Chart 194: The Duke Dynasty of Richmond & Lennox & Gordon

Chart 195: Royal Dynasty of Picts
Chart 196: The Royal Dynasty Dalraida
Chart 197: The Royal Dynasty of McAlpin
Chart 198/199: The Royal Dynasty of Athol
Chart 200: The High Stewards Dynasty
Chart 201: The Royal Dynasty of Stewart

Chart 202: The Royal Dynasty of O’Néill
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Chart 203: The Imperial Dynasty of Carolingians
Chart 204: The Imperial Dynasty of Saxony
Chart 205: The Imperial Dynasty of Franconia
Chart 206: The Imperial Dynasty of Hohenstaufen
List 14: Duchies: Wurttemberg, Wittelbach, Palahtinate of Rhine and Wettin in Saxony
Chart 207: The Royal Dynasty of Hanover
Chart 208: The Dynasty Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp
Chart 209: The Duke Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Chart 210: The Royal Dynasty of Brunswick
Chart 211: The Duke Dynasty of Hesse
Chart 212: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Hesse-Cassel
Chart 213: The Duke Dynasty of Hesse-Darmstadt
Chart 214/215: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Chart 216: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Chart 217: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Württemberg
Chart 218/219: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Wettin
Chart 220/221: The Duke and Royal Dynasty of Wittelbach
Chart 222: The Duke Dynasty of Holstein-Zondeburg-Augustenburg
Chart 223: The Duke Dynasty of Holestin-Zondeburg-Glücksburg
Chart 224: The Duke Dynasty of Baden
List 15: Emperors of The Holy Roman Empire
Chart 225/226/227: The Imperial Dynasty of Hohenzollern

Chart 228: The Counts and Dukes Dynasty of Babenberg
Chart 229/230: The Counts and Dukes Dynasty of Hapsburg
Chart 231: The Dukes and Royal Dynasty of Hapsburg
Chart 232: The Dukes, Royal and Imperial Dynasty of Hapsburg
Chart 233/234/235: The Emperor Line of Hapsburg
Chart 236/237: The Imperial Dynasty of Hapsburg-Lorraine
Chart 238: The Dukes Dynasties of Hapsburg-Toscany and Hapsburg-Modena
Chart 239: The Lost Hapsburgs

Chart 240/241: The Royal Dynasty of Árpád
Chart 242: The Royal Dynasty of Luxemburg and Jagiello
Chart 243: The Royal Dynasty of Corvinus

Bohemia / Czech
Chart 244/245: The Royal Dynasty of Pŕemysl
List 16: Rulers of Great Moravia
Chart 246: The Royal Dynasty of Luxemburg, Hapsburg and Jagiello
Chart 247: The Royal Dynasty of Podébrad

Chart 248: The Royal Dynasty of Piast
Chart 249: The Dukes Dynasty of Silesia and Oppeln
Chart 250: The Dukes and Kings
Chart 251: The Dukes Dynasties Kuiavia, Masovia and Luxemburgs Kings
Chart 252: The Royal Dynasties of Jagiello and Vasa
List 17: Elected Kings of Poland

Chart 253: The Duke and Royal Dynasty Jagiello

List 18: Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order

List 19: Rulers of Estonia

List 20: Rulers of Finland

List 21: Rulers of Iceland

Chart 254: Early Kingdoms

Chart 255: The First Royal Dynasty in Denmark
Chart: 256/257/258: The Royal Dynasty of Estrith
Chart 259/260: The Royal Dynasty of Oldenburg
Chart 261: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg
Chart 262: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg today

Chart 263/264/265: The Royal Dynasty of Olofson-Jedverssen
Chart 266: The Royal Dynasty of Vasa
Chart 267: The Royal Dynasty of Holstein-Gottorp
Chart 268: The Royal Dynasty of Bérnadotte
Chart 269: The Royal Dynasty of Bérnadotte today

Chart 270/271/272: The Royal Dynasty of Haraldsson
Chart 271a: Dynastic Connections Between Scandinavs and Germans Dynasties
Chart 273: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg

Chart 274: Kings of Dublin & York
Chart 275: Jarls of Orkney & Man
Chart 276: Jarls of Norway & Yutland
Chart 277: Jarls of Gotland & Vigen
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Chart 278: The Dukes Dynasties of Rurik
Chart 279: Izjaslav
Chart 280: Vladimir
Chart 281: Izjaslav I
Chart 282: Svjyatoslav II
Chart 283: Vsevolod
Chart 284: Izyaslav II
Chart 285: Rostislav
Chart 286: Vasilko
Chart 287: Alexandar Nevsky
Chart 288: Andrey II and Yaroslav III
Chart 289: Family Tree of Saburov and Godunov
Chart 290/291: The Imperial Dynasty of Romanov

Chart 292: The Duke Dynasty of Bogdan

Chart 293: The Duke Dynasty of Bessarab in Walachia
Chart 294: The Others Dukes Dynasties in Walachia
Chart 295: The Royal Dynasty of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Chart 296: The First Bulgarian Empire
Chart 297: The Second Bulgarian Empire
Chart 298: The Royal Dynasty of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Chart 299: The Royal Dynasty of Glücksburg

Chart 300: The Counts Dynasty of Cilli

Chart 301: The Royal Dynasty of Trpimirovich-Kreshimirovich
Chart 302/303/304/305: The Dukes Dynasty of Shubich-Zrinski
Chart 306/307/308/309/: The Dukes Dynasty of Frankopan

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Chart 310/311: The Royal Dynasty of Cotroman
Chart 312: The Dukes Dynasty of Hrvatinich
Chart 313: The Dukes Dynasty of Kosacha
Chart 314: The Great Vizier Dynasty of Sokolovich

Chart 315: The Dukes Dynasty of Balshich
Chart 316: The Dukes Dynasty of Crnoyevich
Chart 317: The Bishops Dynasty of Njegosh

Chart 318: The Royal Dynasty of Nemanjich
Chart 319: The Dukes Dynasty of Lazarevich
Chart 320: The Dukes Dynasty of Brankovich
Chart 321: The Royal Dynasty of Obrenovich
Chart 322/323: The Royal Dynasty of Karadjordjevich

Chart 324: The Imperial Dynasty of Cometopuli in Macedonia

Chart 325: The Duke Dynasty of Skenderbeg
Chart 326: The Prince Dynasty of Topia
Chart 327: The Royal Dynasty of Zogu

Chart 328: The Royal Dynasty of Lusignan

List 22: Grand Masters of St John’s Knights

Chart 329/330: The Prince Dynasty of Grimaldi
Chart 331/332: The Duke Dynasty of Liechtenstein

Chart 333: The Sultan's Dynasties of Seljcuk
Chart 334/335/336: The Sultan’s Dynasty of Ottoman
List 23: All Sultans Parents, Wives and Childrens
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Fifth Part: Genealogical Trees and Dynastic Connections

Chart 337: Dinastic Connection Between XVIIIth, XIXth and XXth Faraohs Dynasties in Egypt
Chart 338: Dinastic Connection Between Persian Dynasty of Achaemenes
Chart 339: Dinastic Connection Between Macedonian Dynasies of Perdiccas, Antigonids and Antipatrids
Chart 340: Dinastic Connection Between Dynasty of Seleucides
Chart 341: Dinastic Connection Between Dynasty of Ptolemids
Chart 342: Dinastic Connections Between Dynasty of Julians-Claudians
Chart 343: Dinastic Connections between Dynasties of Military
Emperors, The Flavians, The Antonins and The Severs
Chart 344: Dinastic Connections between Dynasties of of Ilyrians,
The Constantines, The Valentines, The Theodosians and The Tracianids
Chart 345: Dynastic Connections of The Duca, The Comnenus, The Angelus and The Lascaris
Chart 346: Dinastic Connections between Hungaria, Bysantian Empire and Russia
Chart 347: Dynastic Connections between of Bysantian Empire, Russia and Kingdoms of Central Europe
Chart 348: Dinastic Connections among the Balcan Kingdoms
Chart 349: Dynastic Connections of the French Dynasties
Chart 350: Dynastic Connections of the English Dynasties
Chart 351: Dynastic Connections between the English and French Kingdoms
Chart 352: Dynastic Connections of the Hapsburg Dynasty
Chart 353: Dynastic Connections of the Savoy Dynasty
Chart 354: Dynastic Connections in Reconquista in Spain
Chart 355: Dynastic Connections in Spain
Chart 356: Dynastic Connections Dynasties between in the Holy Roman Empire
Chart 357: Dynastic Connections of the Hohenzollern Dynasty
Chart 358: Dynastic Connections of the Bourbon Dynasties
Chart 359: Dynastic Connections of the Savoys to the Bourbons and the Habsburgs
Chart 360: Dynastic Connections in Scandinavia
Chart 361: Dynastic Connections in Scandinavia before The Union of Kalmar
Chart 362: Dynastic Connections of the Romanov Dynasty
Chart 363: Dynastic Connections before and at the Time of the First World War
Chart 364: European Royal Family from XVII Century until the Present-Day
Chart 365: European Royal Family of Detronized Kings
Chart 366/367/368/369: First Worlds bankings Empire: Rothschilds
Chart 370: Second Worlds bankings Empire: Rockefellers
Chart 371: Greatest Worlds oils Empire: Dynasty Saud
Chart 372/373: Royality Ancestors of Presidens of USA

Sixth Part: Ancestral Charts

Chart 374: Ancestry of emperor of Rome Caligula
Chart 375: Ancestry of emperor of Rome Nero
Chart 376: Ancestry of emperor Byzantium Constantin XI
Chart 377: Ancestry of king of France Louis IX
Chart 378: Ancestry of king of France Louis XIV
Chart 379: Ancestry of king of England Henrik VIII
Chart 380: Ancestry of queeen of Great Britain Victoria
Chart 381: Ancestry of emperor Holy Roman Empire Karl V
Chart 382: Ancestry of queen of Austria Maria Teresia
Chart 383: Ancestry of emperor of Holly Roman Empire Franz II
Chart 384: Ancestry of king of Prussia Friedrich II The Great
Chart 385: Ancestry of emperor of Germany Wilhelm I
Chart 386: Ancestry of king of Spain Carlos II
Chart 387: Ancestry of queen of Spain Isabella I
Chart 388: Ancestru of king of Portugal Carlos I
Chart 389: Ancestry of king of Italy Vittorio Emanuelle II
Chart 390: Ancestry of king of Denmark Christian IX
Chart 391: Ancestry of queen of Sweden Christina
Chart 392: Ancestry of king of Sweden Gustaf IV Adolf
Chart 393: Ancesty of king of Norway Olav V
Chart 394: Ancestry of queen of Netherlands Beatrix
Chart 395: Ancestry of king of Belgium Baudouin I
Chart 396: Ancestry of high duke of Luxemburg Jean
Chart 397:Ancestry of empres of Russia Katarina II The Great
Chart 398: Ancestry of emperor of Russia Nikolay II
Chart 399: Ancestry of king of Romania Mihalj I
Chart 400: Ancestry of king of Bulgaria Boris III
Chart 401: Ancestry of king of Greece Konstantinos II
Chart 402: Ancestry of king of Yugoslavia Petar II
Chart 403: The Pedigree of Emperor of Franks Charles I The Great
Chart 404: Family Tree of Firs Father of Europa Charles I The Great
Chart 405: Family Tree of Second Father of Europa John Villem Friso Prince of Orange

Seventh Part: Sinoptic Tables and Lists

Sinoptic Table 3: Dynastyc Line
Sinoptic Table 4: The Comparative List of Kings
Sinoptic Table 5: Pretendres in Europa
List 24: Longest ruling rulers
List 25: Assasination Kings
List 26: Nicknames of rulers
List 27: List of rulers known as The Great
List 28: Importnant Monarchies
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if you cannot find a publisher, you might consider self-publishing through a print on demand company. or putting your material online.

I did notice the lack of any far eastern coverage

are you suggesting any interrelationship among the various ancient kingdoms you do cover or a connection between them and more recent families?
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Originally Posted by norenxaq View Post
if you cannot find a publisher, you might consider self-publishing through a print on demand company. Or putting your material online.
First step is to have scholars look at your work and get them to write you letters of support for your work, if they are willing. Approach your local university - History Dept. Someone there should be able to give you contacts - or perhaps put you in touch with history seminars or conferences that will touch on what you have written where you can get interest happening for your work. It's important to get your work vetted positively by people in the discipline - these letters of support will be your entre to agents and publishers. A publisher will be investing a lot of money in handling the book - they want to be assured of scholarship, accuracy, etc.

You can find special interest publishers listed in such reference works like 'Writer's Digest'. You can access online - get leads there. Some literary agents have blogs and will answer questions.

If your book is more unique than an established historian would recognize - as norenxaq has suggested (see above) you can self-publish online. Look into Amazon. Publishers watch these online books and will make offers from the Amazon track record.

Link to 'Wrter's Digest' online - scroll down and you will see links to WebSeminars on publishing and links to literay agent blogs, etc. One link is for 'How To Get A Literary Agent'. LINK:
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To Chronicler,

Looks like you have done an incredible amount of work. I am particularly interested in the Davidic Monarchy. Bit of a speciality of mine...

Well done !
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Originally Posted by Chronicler View Post
...I can show an example of the maps I created if someone can explain to me how to put a pdf format on this forum.
You can attach a one page (or part thereof) pdf document to a post with a maximum file size of 200 kb:
Go to Quick Reply (which follows the last post)
> Go Advanced
After typing your post scroll down to...
Additional Options
> Manage Attachments
> Browse
> Upload
when file uploaded scroll down to...
> Close this window
> Preview Post
and if you are satisfied...
> Submit Reply
Seeking information? Check out the extensive Royal A-Z
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Wow! Congratulations, for you amazed workI would love toread it!
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Congratulations on your book and like you I am also interested in royal genealogy. This book would be wonderful. Again congrats.
" An ugly baby is a very nasty object, and the prettiest is frightful when undressed."
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Is your work a follow up or updating of Arnold MacNaughtons multi volume Book of Kings?
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for norenxaq: If I had enough I would prefer everything self-publish. In the introduction I noted that it is a family atlas of maps of Europe and the ancient Middle East.
for Tyger: Thanks for the advice. They are very constructive.
for Adam Neira: Sorry, but I can’t put on the forum everything what members of this forum looking for. Therefore I decided put only one country: England / GB / CD. I hope you understand.
for Warren: Thanks for the advice. I will try tonight put on the page e.g. England.
for ashelen and Grandduchess24: Thanks, thanks.
for NGalitzine: In my books I've dealt with chronological period from antiquity to the present. About book you mention, I don't know whether they displayed graphically family trees.
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This is only smal part of England&GB&UK.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	1.Norman.jpg
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ID:	284620   Click image for larger version

Name:	2.Plantagenet.jpg
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ID:	284621   Click image for larger version

Name:	3.Lancaster.jpg
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ID:	284622  
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York - Tudor - Stuart
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	4.York.jpg
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Size:	135.8 KB
ID:	284623   Click image for larger version

Name:	5.Tudor.jpg
Views:	555
Size:	183.1 KB
ID:	284624   Click image for larger version

Name:	6.Stuart.jpg
Views:	448
Size:	166.3 KB
ID:	284625  
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Hannover - SCG - Windsor
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other considerations:

what are your sources? I am familiar with a lot of the ancient period you are covering

how reliable do you consider them to be?
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It looks to be a very interesting book Chronicler, I wish you luck and I hope you will keep us informed about your progress. Best wishes.
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