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Old 05-01-2021, 12:28 PM
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Why does Diana still evoke such strong positive and negative reactions in people?

To this day, from seemingly intelligent people, they either see Diana as the ultimate villian (downright evil at times) to the perfect Saint. Now any human knows people are complicated with grey areas and can be good and bad.

For some reason when it comes to the charles and diana thing, these human observations seem to go out the window and they're only seen as black and white.

I've been swayed throughout the years. As a youngster, believing the hype then seeing a lot of nastiness about her. I admit I was swayed and being really disliking her and disliked the worship of her all around the world. I stopped getting into it because it was just one disappointment after another and I felt so bad for charles and the brf and the staff/friends who had to deal with Diana.

Now as I'm older, I don't care as much but I still find it fascinating how people still react to her, even people who weren't alive during her death. Why does inspire such visceral reactions in people?

There's always an anxiety in browsing this thread because I'm thinking will there be a good side to her shown? A private situation that shows she was a good person or will it be the opposite.

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Old 05-01-2021, 01:34 PM
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There seems to be a thing about famous women who die young. Eva Peron is the other obvious example, but you could also point to Marie Antoinette. Some people do seem to get quite obsessive about them, and lack objectivity. And, with Diana, it was all supposed to be such a fairytale - the big wedding and all the rest of it.

I think Diana was a difficult person, probably largely due to her childhood. Her parents needed a male heir and, as the third daughter, she possibly felt a bit unwanted, although a brother soon came along. Then they very publicly and bitterly divorced - Johnnie Spencer branded Frances an unfit mother in court and, as they were from such a prominent family, there was a lot of newspaper coverage of it. Then she made an unhappy marriage. If Charles and Diana had been any other couple, they would have accepted that they weren't suited, divorced after a few years, and moved on, but, as the Prince and Princess of Wales, they had to keep going, and it must have been very hard for both of them.

She and Charles both sound difficult to live with, but I think she was manipulative with the media. Having said all that, she did a lot of good work for some very important causes: the pictures of her shaking hands with AIDS patients really did change attitudes. And she was clearly a loving mother. She had good points and bad points, as most people do.

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Old 05-01-2021, 02:02 PM
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Diana had her faults like anyone else. I believe she was a difficult person.
But I also believe that she was a good mother, and that she liked to play with her children.
Much of what William and Harry are today inherited from her mother.
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Old 05-01-2021, 03:32 PM
Serene Highness
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What a really interesting question.
I followed and believed the fairy tale.
Even when the media were publishing gossip I still believed the fairy tale.
I was so disappointed when reality hit, looking back the clues were there.
Diana did great work and brought the media attention to some deserving causes, the public loved her.
I still believe she wanted to remain married to Charles, she mistakenly thought they would never divorce and the public affection for her would force him to stay with her. Her mistake was firstly the book then the interview, once it was out there that Charles loved somebody else her power was gone. The damage was done , she had lost her edge.
The media was manipulated to tell her story, to make her look better than Charles, the media manipulated her also.
The last cruise, the new boyfriend, the kiss, the trip to Paris, all of a sudden after years of hiding her boyfriends , Dodi was front page news.
I have often wondered if that relationship had all been kept under wraps would she have been leaving the Ritz that night in full view of the press.
Who was manipulating who.
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Old 05-01-2021, 04:10 PM
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Location: Leicester, United Kingdom
Posts: 42
I forgot to mention the mental health aspect of it all. I once read Diana would be diagnosed as borderline personality and some even said narcissistic sociopath (yikes!) Only recently has there been a wider exploration and understanding of mental health issues, so I feel she would've done well to benefit from help and support. She would've dealt through all the dysfunction, understood herself and her issues and hopefully done good in the mental health field. I think there would've been more empathy towards her if she had a diagnosis. This is just my opinion.

I do think Diana is a large part of why they created heads together.

I haven't been on here for a while but elsewhere online, when talking about the royals, the conversation goes back to Diana and again, emotions are heightened are people go from one extreme to another. It's very hard to see a fair discussion anywhere. It became like this thing where anything new came out I was like oh god what horrible thing about Diana is out there now. Or oh wow that was nice story about her, that was a good thing etc etc.

I wonder if it was because she was the first global superstar of the time and nothing like it was seen before. Beautiful, blonde, blue eyed, motherly ( all the tropes) People put their own projections into what a princess should be. So when she fell short of anything heavenly, it bothered people. Maybe if she didn't play severe pr games and was open about her flaws from the beginning, it wouldn't have got to people so much that she was far from a "princess" and the most beloved.

It's the affairs with married men that bothered me. I'm not judging her on her anger issues, relationships and other stuff. Lord knows I've done things I regret and have been messed up. I don't see myself as a bad person, just one with issues and a bit broken. But I would've thought she would've saved another family from breaking up or kids getting hurt by getting involved with their dad. When charles looks like the good guy because he only had one long term extra marital affair.

I like that her and rainie made up near the end. Shows she could be soft/forgiving and be mature. And I really hope her charity interactions and how she cared for kids was sincere. Again when people mention all that, others chime in with oh she dropped all her charities and only did it to look better than the brf.
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Old 05-01-2021, 04:43 PM
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Diana was diagnosed as having Bulimia Nervosa and went for treatment to the same doctor that treated her sister Sarah for Anorexia. Unfortunately those who did not care much for Diana and wrote books about her, "diagnosed" her posthumously with various other disorders when they were not qualified to do so.

As far as her affairs, she was for the most part involved with single men. Charles it should be remembered moved on after they had the two children. He was with Camilla and Janet Jenkins (the letters sent by Charles and Janet were auctioned off a few years ago. Diana was never named as co-respondent in any divorces. Carling denied having an affair. Hoare and Diana never commented and he did stay with his wife. Diana point blank denied she had a physical relationship with Mannakee when she spoke to Settelen. She was involved with Hewitt who ultimately betrayed her selling their story to Anna Pasternack. And I believe she was in love with Dr. Khan and he with her. I think Dodi was a fling. After the separation and then the divorce, she was involved with Dr. Khan. I don't think it should have been expected that Diana would have to be celibate after her marriage with Charles was in name (she had the heir and spare) only and CHarles was involved with a married woman himself. If divorce had been allowed sooner and Diana was not at risk of losing access to her sons and being called a "bolter," both of them could have moved on earlier.

I don't think Diana wanted to "hide out" Dr. Khan, he was said to have been the one not to go public. Diana was divorced a year from Charles and was free to date Dodi Fayed and go public. Even Charles did not go public with Camilla until after he divorced DIana.

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