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Originally Posted by Denville View Post
I don't believe they grew apart because I don't believe they were ever really together. I don't realy understand all this Mrs Keppel stuff, but I think that Charles did want a wife who didn't overshadow him, but that's what a royal wife (or husband of a royal woman) is required to do, be the support act. If she is more dazzling than he is, she has to turn it down a bit. Diana didn't intend to overshadow him at first but her whole appeal was SO amazing that I think she could not help being more popular and it was hard for him to avoid being a b it jealous.
He also wanted a woman who shared his interests. Diana didn't do that and before long, she pretty much stopped trying or fooling herself. So Charles had the worst of botht worlds, a woman who was more adored than him in public, and who didn't give him any real companionship in thteir private life.
I think if they had gotten on in private, he would have adjusted to her being more publicly loved, but Diana didn't get on with him in private.
and in time, she began to use her star appeal to deliberately put him down...
I don't believe her affairs had anythng to do with the downfall of the marriage. I think by the time she started having lovers it was all over.
I don't think any spouse should have to "tone it down" to please his or her spouse. Love I think wants both partners to excel and each be proud of the other. I think the jealousy issue was Charles' issue and he should have addressed that. Had Diana been jealous I'd have suggested the same thing. JFK famously said that he was the man who accompanied Jackie to Paris. He won praise for that comment.

When Diana started he first appearance with Charles in Wales she did not want to leave the car she was so nervous. But she went out and the public took to her, I think she was a natural.

I think it was over before Diana moved on. Charles according to various sources was "done" with Diana after she had the heir and spare. I think Diana gave up on the marriage in the late eighties. Allegedly she wanted to reconcile in 1989 but Charles said no.

Diana and CHarles DID indeed have interests in common. Both enjoyed skiing and went on ski holidays, they both liked water sports and swimming, and both enjoyed music. DIana loved classical music of Italian opera and the Ballet. She became good friends with Pavarotti and was patroness of the Royal Ballet Co. Diana religiously watched Charles play polo prior to the separation and went each year to Balmoral until the separation. The problem was that Charles preferred Camilla and also did not love Diana when he married her. He told this to his biographer in 1994 And it's all in the book The Prince of Wales.

I think Diana would have remarried but certainly not to Dodi, had she lived. I think she and Dr. Khan perhaps were not "over."

Aside from walking a few steps in back of ER II, Philip was allowed to be himself and he would not be one to tone it down.

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