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Old 05-31-2012, 05:47 PM
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Actually, I read the whole thing. It was quite informative. "Witnesses" can't prove someone is drunk, particularly if the drunk person is well-accustomed to alcohol overuse. Henri-Paul wasn't a chauffeur; he was in security. For a man who was not a licensed chauffeur to drive very quickly in a powerful car, down an incline, and round a bend, while being distracted by pursuing photographers--well, that's a recipe for an accident, as I can see it. That's a dangerous situation even if the driver is sober.

Originally Posted by anbrida View Post
I wonder how many members of this forum have actually finished reading that report, especially the part regarding whether the driver was drunk.

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Old 05-31-2012, 06:08 PM
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The report did mention that some friends of Paul said he was not a good driver. It happens quite often that speeding itself can lead to a car accident, especially AT NIGHT. I am not trying to put up a conspiracy, just want to clarify something. It is quite reckless to put a finger on Henry Paul being drunk that night, with all those evidences at hands.

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Old 05-31-2012, 06:13 PM
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Occam's razor - the simplest explanation is usually the best. Driver who had been drinking, driving at high speed, passengers without seat belts on, driver loses control, occupants of car die.
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Old 05-31-2012, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by anbrida View Post
(1) The blood test of the driver conducted by the french authority had a lot of misdeeds.
(2) Some results of the blood tests was very ridiculous. The alcohol level indicated by those tests would have killed a person within 3 seconds.
(3)Investigators could not find any witnesses who could prove the driver was drunk.
(4)Investigators could not find any witnesses who could prove the driver had drunken a large amount of alcohol.
(5)Investigators could not identify the time frame when the driver get drunk that night.
Some statements from Operation Paget (which I have read from the beginning to end) concerning Henri Paul's alcohol consumption.

Originally Posted by Claude Garrec, page 166,
...even if Henri Paul had drunk alcohol and had been asked to drive for Dodi Al Fayed, he could not have refused. Furthermore, Dodi Al Fayed would not have known that Henri Paul had been drinking, because Henri Paul did not display signs of intoxication even when he had consumed more alcohol than usual. It would have been a matter of pride for Henri Paul, and to refuse Dodi Al Fayed, would amount to refusing to drive for Mr Mohamed Al Fayed.’
Originally Posted by Dr Dominique MELO, page 171
...he asked me to give him a prescription for Prozac antidepressant and for Noctamide, a medication prescribed by a Parisian doctor... ‘I recommended that he add two therapeutic drugs to his treatment: Aotal, which causes a dislike of alcohol, the efficacy of which is relative, but I felt that this prescription would reassure Henry. I probably did this because he was a friend of mine and I would not have used this substance in that context with one of my regular patients; and Tiapridal, which is a neuroleptic usually with alcoholic connotations.
Originally Posted by page 173
Dr Dominique Mélo had prescribed Aotal to Henri Paul. It was not found in the analysis of samples taken from Henri Paul’s body at the autopsy.
Originally Posted by page 206
The evidence of Didier Gamblin, François Tendil and Jean-François Musa indicates that Henri Paul considered his work finished for the day when he left the Ritz Hotel at around 7pm on Saturday 30 August 1997.
Originally Posted by page 199
After finishing his work for the day, Henri Paul left the Ritz Hotel just after 7pm. François Tendil, the night duty security officer, called Henri Paul on his mobile telephone at around 10pm to tell him that the Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed had unexpectedly returned to the hotel.
Originally Posted by Claude ROULET, page 200
Described talking to Henri Paul outside the Bar de Bourgogne at around 7.30pm on Saturday night. The bar was very close to Henri Paul’s home address.
Originally Posted by Kieran Wingfield, Bodyguard to the Al Fayed family, page 220
Henri Paul ordered a drink, which he drank. [at approximately 22:00 - my addition] I asked what he had and he said ‘ananas’, which I understand to mean ‘pineapple’. I thought it was pineapple cordial. That was what it looked like, one of the cordial’s they have in France. The barman brought it with a carafe of water and Henri Paul poured water into it. He might have had some ice in it too but I cannot recall for sure.
Originally Posted by Sébastien TROTE, Barman in the Bar Vendôme, page 221
He was a casual barman in the ‘Bar Vendôme’ and was on duty on Saturday 30 August 1997. He last saw Henri Paul at about 11pm that night. He recalled seeing him in the ‘Bar Vendôme’ at a table with the bodyguards. Sébastien Trote took Henri Paul’s first order and served him his first glass of Ricard.
Originally Posted by Philippe DOUCIN, Barman in the Bar Vendôme, page 221
He was the barman/headwaiter who served Henri Paul’s second glass of Ricard. He
recalled Henri Paul sitting at the table with the bodyguards. On clearing their table, Philippe Doucin recalled that amongst the items he removed was a ‘nearly empty glass of Ricard from in front of M Paul.’ When Philippe Doucin cleared the table, Henri Paul ordered another Ricard. Philippe Doucin served him a 5cl measure, together with an accompanying jug of water.
While there are multiply (and sometimes contradicting) accounts, I don't think there can be any doubt Henry Paul did consume alcohol on the night. As some of his friends noted, he would not appear to be drunk even if he did drink more than usual.
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Old 05-31-2012, 06:20 PM
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I agree entirely, Mermaid. It's not really necessary to prove whether Henri Paul was drunk or not, in my view at least. He was driving a very powerful car which was new to him, on a challenging stretch of road while pursued by photographers. He was evidently driving too fast to avoid the terrible accident.

I can speak from personal experience here. I managed to lose control of my little 1.2 litre car while coming up to a nasty bend on a country road. The loss of control caused the car to veer wildly off the road, down a ditch and flip over a few times before coming to rest on its roof. I was then, and still am, entirely teetotal. I had had no alcohol, my car was much less powerful than the Mercedes Paul was driving, and I was not being pursued by anybody; and yet I still managed to have a very nasty crash which I'm sure would've killed me had I not been wearing my seatbelt.

Paul could've been stone cold sober like me and still have caused an awful smash.
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Old 05-31-2012, 07:33 PM
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I had a similar accident, because I missed seeing a 25 km/h sign on an unfamiliar stretch of road. We left the road and flipped over a couple of times, narrowly missing a large tree stump. Fortunately, we were okay; and interestingly enough, the first person to come along was a former paramedic. The most sober, most careful driver can have an accident. I think what everything boils down to with the Paris accident is that there were too many "cowboys" and not enough "sheriffs." What was needed were professional protection officers, which Diana didn't have because she dismissed them.

Originally Posted by EIIR View Post
I can speak from personal experience here. I managed to lose control of my little 1.2 litre car while coming up to a nasty bend on a country road.

Paul could've been stone cold sober like me and still have caused an awful smash.

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