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Old 04-22-2004, 12:31 PM
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Interviews & Speeches - Princess Caroline

Hi, I have an Interview with Princess Caroline from Hola!. If youn want it I can traslate it in Google. Do you want?
Old 04-22-2004, 12:36 PM
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O fcourse, we want ! Thank you a lot !
Old 04-22-2004, 01:21 PM
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[color=blue]INTEVIEW TO HER ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCESS OF HANNOVER. by Jean Marie Rouart, of the French Academy. 1st part

Is difficult to be a Princess in the today world?
Surely it is easier than before. I imagine, according to which I have read, that the life was much more difficult. Watch the ecistencia of the daughters of Louis XV. They as soon as they had name nor identity. It was called Lady First, Lady Second, Lady Third, etc. They did not have own life. They underwent multiple limitations. Locked up, they did not have access to anything. Surely today he is easier, more pleasant, in any case.

That is to say, that is easy?
Everything is relative. If we compared, is easier. But there are other restrictions.

What is what its life different with respect to the one does from the Princess of long ago? the press? the pressure of the opinion?
No. It is, perhaps, that today in this position, we are in state of permanent justification. We must demostrate that we are not useless. We must do it sometimes more than the others. They are all those slopes that you must overcome constantly. Sometimes he is a little ungrateful. But it is necessary to make the things because they must be done and not hoping that you you recognize them. If one were which the objective is one compensates, he would be ugly.

Have the princess more duties than before?
Yes, without a doubt. Like everybody. He is not exceptional. Today all we must demonstrate that we are in the place due.

Is because the republican spirit has developed the principle of the merit...?
We forgot that the begin, in History, the titles and the distinctions were granted to people who deserved them. The fact that those titles are hereditary is perhaps debatable, because it is not possible to be sure that unavoidably the merit is transmitted. But to princio it was a recognition to the merit and the value. Under the revolution they called to us sufficiently to the order so that we know that today everything must be deserved

There are two models of legendary princess: Sissi and Diana. Which prefer you? None. They are cuts of History. He is fastfood of the thought and the dream. Sissi is truely of another century.
Old 04-22-2004, 01:51 PM
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2 nd Part
It has the feeling of which you and your family represents for the French a symbolic form of monarchy? As if there was an coexistence of a Republican State and a monarchic legend?
Yes, because that is without risks. Nothing threatens. If you do not want to us, is without risks. And if they want to us, there are no risks either. We are in the dream. There is no reality. We are a little outside the politic.

That urgent interest which they minifiestan by You not him you have been sometimes a little heavy?
Without a doubt, it it has been. The heavy thing is, coverall, the interest by the things that are not interesting. It would cheer to me if they were interested in subjects that is more near my heart or which they are more urgent, as my action in costs to Me much to mobilize to people in the important questions. The serious subjects please less than the fútiles things. That is thus.

In that interest by the princess, it is not desire to find in them its own misfortunes? They are alleviated seeing that the Princess suffers like the others.

Yes, that is very human. It is like in the Greek tragedy. If we make accounts, in the UE there are finally more monarchies than republics. That demustra that the monarchic principle corresponds to the dream of much people

France continues being enough monarchist...
Thousand years costumary do not erase.

Which are Queens of the history of France that interests to you more? Maria Antonieta? No, except the one of Stefan Zweig. Esdifícil because there are many more cortesanas and favorites more interesting and more shining than Queens. (laughter)
Old 04-22-2004, 02:39 PM
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The interview is very long, still lack two parts, that I will write tomorrow. Excuse my English but I don't speak very well, so I translate with google.
Old 04-22-2004, 02:52 PM
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great job with the translating, please provide a link to the orginal article though or the publication info of the magazine. Thanks :)
Old 04-22-2004, 02:58 PM
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I feel sorry but for see the articles of Hola! in Internet you must have a suscription and pay. I copy the article in the PC and traslate by google, not direct to the internet article.
Old 04-22-2004, 03:49 PM
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ally cooper thanks great job... it's very interesting
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Old 04-22-2004, 11:28 PM
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It seems that it is the same interview featured on Paris Match on late March in which she was on the magazine's cover and it had 2 pictures by Lagerfeld. Thanks for the interview :)
Old 04-23-2004, 09:39 AM
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3rd part

From where that desire comes to him to commit itself in its foundations?  Which have been their motivations?  
Those foundations existed in the artistic, literary plane... Also, my mother had begun to create a system of scholarships that distributed to the young people whom wished to continue studies in a field artistic, either in the musical composition, or in the putting in scene. Those foundations were dedicated to help children who did not enjoy any social protection nor attendance. But that was gradually. After the death of my mother, I have developed the humanitarian aspect, specially in please the families who do not have means to hospitalize their children. We have many of them in France and in other countries. Also there is an important aid to the hospitals. We contributed to maintain all the great pediátricos hospitals of France: Necker, Saint-Vincent-of-Paul; Trosseau, etc. Ademas we grant an important subvention to the investigation. More of 200.000 euros in 2003, which is specially of the present time at this moment. Professor Jean Claude Weill, of Necker Hospital, contacted with me. I had helped him personalemente, mainly with ganacias that had provided me certain number of processes. This contribution was not sufficient, and I hoped not to have processes all my life.Therefore, I looked for like being able to contribute an annual contribution to its laboratory. It was then when I had the idea, approaching me several bankers, to construct a common bottom of investment, and their clients donated to the foundation a percentage of the benefits. We created a unit that is called Monaco Recherche, with the aid of professors Weill, Ferrier and Evrad, dedicated to the basic investigation. Thus we got to help to three laboratories in France: one in Marseilles and two in Paris. Perhaps it is a way by which the powers public could be inspired.

What think you of the crisis of the investigation about France?
Is lamentable. In France there is truely shortage. We attended a flight of intelligences. That will be an impoverishment for the scientific and intellectual life. Sometimes three months are needed delay to have a microscope in an investigation unit. They are apparatuses that often are worth near 450,000 euros, but is nothing else no one by unit, that is to say, for almost thousand investigators, who are themselves forced to hope without being able to dedicate itself to their experiments.

Which would be the solution? To happen through deprived foundations, like in the USA?
Some American investigators have said to me that in France the scientists had less means, but more freedom. Whereas in the USA the investigators have many means, the private foundations are much more puntillosas and tacañas with respect to their work. Therefore, it is necessary to build with much prudence in that land.
Old 04-30-2004, 05:33 PM
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Thank you so much for that, ally cooper!
Old 05-14-2006, 01:07 PM
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good interview
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Old 05-14-2006, 01:49 PM
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thank you for all your trouble ally cooper, it was interesting reading
Old 05-14-2006, 02:06 PM
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If anyone is interested, here is another interview from 2003 for the 40th birthday of AMADE... Click here....
'I think optimism is a choice one makes. For me, the cup is half full. Or maybe a quarter full. Or at least there is a cup.
Or there could be a cup…' (Princess Caroline of Hanover)
Old 05-15-2006, 03:10 AM
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Originally Posted by tbhrc
If anyone is interested, here is another interview from 2003 for the 40th birthday of AMADE...
Indeed this one is also very interesting, thanks tbhrc and thank you ally-cooper :)
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Old 05-19-2006, 05:22 PM
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Here is another interview I just found. It's also about her work for AMADE. Click here....
'I think optimism is a choice one makes. For me, the cup is half full. Or maybe a quarter full. Or at least there is a cup.
Or there could be a cup…' (Princess Caroline of Hanover)
Old 05-19-2006, 05:28 PM
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Caroline has so much common sense and insight. Thank you for sharing.
Old 06-05-2006, 02:27 AM
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AMADE - Speech of H.R.H the Princess of Hanover at the time of Her nomination as a Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO

Paris, December 2, 2003

Director General, Excellence, Ladies, Gentlemen, dear friends,

I thank you for any heart for this so cordial reception. Last year, when it was proposed to me to become ambassador of goodwill and to join such prestigious rows, I was first of all posed question: why me?
Because while looking at the statistics I realized that I made left the quarter of the adult women who have escaped with illiteracy.
Then, by studying the proposals for missions which you think of entrusting to me, I am lengthily leaning for me on this one: “Nonformal Education and microcrédits for the future of the girls and of women in rural medium” And my answer was: why not me?
Being armed with goodwill since step badly of years, so much with the service of Fondation Princesse Grace that from Amade, both rested by my mother, and who work without slackening in fields different for the improvement from conditions of existence of the children on the level educational, cultural, moral and medical, an obviousness was essential on me: Any help with childhood, if she wants to be effective, depends obligatorily, imperatively I would say, of a help to the woman, the mother.
It is as a woman and a privileged mother that I feel concerned and person in charge as for the assumption of responsibility and the realization for this program. AMADE Document 2 There is a sentence of Joseph Conrad who can make us smile, us others Western women who saw our recognized and affirmed rights, but which reflect in the rest of the world an alarming truth: “To be a woman is actually terribly difficult: indeed, that consists primarily to deal with men”. Nobody calls in question the difference between a man and a woman; only the situations creating of the injustices are discussed.
Because of discriminations towards the women and the girls, those remain always private benefit of many major initiatives for the development. Consequently, their rates of illiteracy and unemployment are very high, which on the one hand, limit their opportunities and on the other hand, increase their dependence, particularly towards the men of their family. Illiteracy affects 860 million adults of which nearly the three quarters are women. This situation does not represent only one obvious violation basic rights of the women and girls, it proves moreover extremely expensive for the human development and the reduction of poverty. Indeed, it is known that the decision-making power of the women within their family increases according to their level of education and their occupation. However, these last factors have an unquestionable influence on: - The reduction of the high rates of fruitfulness at the origin of overpopulation. - The reduction of current pathologies and the infant mortality rate. - Better information as for the provisions to take to save children in the endemic cases of diseases or epidemics. Creditable initiatives to educate and encourage the women to work in accepting formal employment however concerns raise. Remunerated employment inevitably does not release the women of oppression within their family and inevitably do not give to the women the control of theirs conditions, sometimes disastrous, of work.
We can note an increase in the total workload of women, especially those of the poor women in the poor countries. But they are still the women primarily who take the responsibility for service of care to the members of the family. They face a double charge: that of remunerated work and that of the service of not remunerated care. The governments recognized that work not remunerated, carried out by women in the family farms and companies, integrated into the economy of market remains under evaluated. Family or Community work not remunerated women is excluded by definition of the system of the national accounts because it is not marketable. So pressures are exerted on the health of the poor women and that their children; pressures are exerted on the level of the schooling of the girls who can be obliged to give up the school to replace their mother. But these pressures do not appear immediately in calculations of persons in charge for the economic policies. And one finds oneself a few years later vis-a-vis the same problems: descolarisation or not-schooling of girls and exploitation of the women.
The exhausted women are badly placed to make voluntary help within ONG Community or to spend time to supervise the duties of their children and to maintain networks of reciprocity with their family and the neighbors that them economists call “the authorized capital now”. The programs of microcrédits became one of the key strategies in fight against the poverty of the women. They target the women for reasons of cost-effectiveness and of equality, because the rates of refundings are higher among women. Let us be us thus not only more enduring, more hard-working, more loving but also more honest and more profitable!
The projects of microfinancement succeeded in increasing the level of the incomes of women and the control of their income in most of the areas of world. Nevertheless, microfinancement all alone a solution does not constitute to reinforce the capacity of action of the stripped women.
It is important that a development of microfinancement does not create the illusion only the stripped women who profit from it have of this fact minus need for the assistance of the public services. It is also important that economic macro financial establishments, nationals and international, function according to social criteria's and not only according to financial criteria. The challenge that you propose to me, Mister the Director General, is enthralling and I am grateful to you. Objectives of the millenium for development (OMD) and the objectives of to reduce half extreme poverty and the hunger as to carry out the equality of the sexes are used as hot lines to the present project. Worrying figures show us the urgency of such an initiative, without to want to go into their detail. It is, I believe, fundamental to wonder: What a woman when it is only one slave and whom it has fear? With what is used a mother if it cannot nourish, to look after and protect her child? What becomes a small girl when it is sold by her parents? And finally, which kind of man will be the little boy who saw and lived all that? They are painful questions, but we are linked today here by even will so that they are posed never again, because I am convinced that to educate a woman is to educate a whole nation.

H.R.H. the Princess of Hanover

translated with google
'I think optimism is a choice one makes. For me, the cup is half full. Or maybe a quarter full. Or at least there is a cup.
Or there could be a cup…' (Princess Caroline of Hanover)
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AMADE - Philippines - October 2004 - Closing remarks from HRH the Princess of Hanover

Closing remarks by HRH the Princess of Hanover
President of AMADE
San Lorenzo Church
26 October 2004
Olongapo, Subic Bay, The Philippines

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
I am very happy to be with all of you today. It is not just that your country is truly beautiful, or that your
reputation for having a hospitable people is well-justified. It is also that I have, by being here, fulfilled a
promise that I made to pay a visit to a very important person who is, regretfully, no longer here with us in
this world. That person is a six-year old Filipino child, Jaster Bernal, who died early this year due to nonhereditary
leukemia, a disease that is suspected to be connected with the toxic waste contamination of the
former American military bases in Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Pampanga and Subic Naval Base, here
in Olongapo City where he resided.
Toxic waste contamination is a problem that needs to be squarely addressed and remedied because many
of its victims are those without the capacity or ability to defend themselves against its devastating effects.
Most pitiable and in need of help are the children whose lives are, from the beginning, severely
compromised. Justice must be done for these children. There must be remediation and compensation of
toxic waste victims.
I have, as President of AMADE, World Association of Children’s Friends, personally asked the American
President, George Bush, for his “intervention to expedite the necessary countermeasures to redress this
critical and life-threatening situation and to provide much needed humanitarian aid and compensation to
the victims and their families”. I was informed, however, by his subordinate that the Philippine
government had agreed that the bases would be left in their existing conditions at the time of departure of
the American military, without any other legal obligations.
My dear friends, it appears to me that the issue of concern is not legal, but moral. To redress the pitiful
conditions that our children find themselves in, for reasons that are not of their own making, is a matter
that can always – and should be – be defended, if not as a matter of legal obligation then as the right and
moral thing to do.
The sad reality is that there appears to have no proper sanitary strategy taken by the military forces that
one occupied these bases to ensure ecological balance. I have been told that the destruction of the
ecosystem and the contamination of aquifers have dangerously affected the ecological balance in these
former military bases. And more than disrupting this nation’s environment, such contamination has
crippled your children.
In coming to your province today, AMADE seeks to demonstrate its support for your efforts to seek
justice and its continuing commitment to do all that it can to alleviate the plight of your suffering
children. No child’s life should be needlessly riddled with pain and disabilities. No parent deserves to
experience the unnatural experience of outliving their children. And no government should be allowed to
ignore this situation by mere expedient of invoking legal, but not necessarily moral, justifications.
AMADE will always be one with you in trying making children’s lives better, in whatever part of the
world they may be found.

Thank you
'I think optimism is a choice one makes. For me, the cup is half full. Or maybe a quarter full. Or at least there is a cup.
Or there could be a cup…' (Princess Caroline of Hanover)
Old 06-05-2006, 02:35 AM
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AMADE - Manila, October 2004 - Thanks from HRH the Princess of Hanover

Thank you remarks by HRH the Princess of Hanover
President of AMADE
Charity Dinner
25 October 2004
Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are all gathered here today for the same reason that I have flown so many thousands of miles to be
with you : because we all care for our children ; they define, wherever they may be found, the essence of
humanity and what our community of nations can hope to accomplish in this generation, and in
generations yet to come.
There is tremendous work to be done for our children. But there are so many of them in dire situations
that even our best, it would seem, may never be enough. What has to be done must go beyond feeding
them, and healing the wounds that have been inflicted upon their fragile bodies. Their rights must be
recognized, and there must be true punishment for violation of those rights. There must be accountability
for wrongs done to our children. It is in this area that we should hope to make greater progress. Indeed,
there are bold initiatives that are aggressively being undertaken today by the world’s unspoken heroes in
the protection of children and their rights. Child advocates are becoming more innovative and more
aggressive in fighting the senseless crimes committed upon the world’s children, crimes that shock the
conscience of humanity. Humanitarian relief should not be the singular approach to the upliftment of
children from their poverty and misery.
Hand in hand with such relief is the need for each and every nation to seek accountability from those who
fail to uphold appropriate international standards spelled out in the United Nations Convention on the
Rights of the Child or in the Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court. Governments and their
leaders must be vigilant in protecting the children, and must demand compliance with standards that
apply to all nations, big or small.

As President of the World Association of Children’s Friends, I hope to continue focusing the need to
prioritize children in national and international agenda and to redress all forms of wrongs that are done to
them. Make no mistake, a nation that ignores its most valuable human resource is bound to fail in the
governance of its people.
The World Association of Children’s Friends expresses its warmest appreciation for your generosity in
supporting this effort to make this world better for our children. Your generous contributions will go to
the Filipino children who need it most –- to the children of AMADE–Philippines and Virlanie
Foundation. One of these days, streetchildren will be an anomaly, incarcerating children will be taboo,
and exposing them to hazardous conditions will be an international crime whose perpetrators will be
punished. May that day come soon. The success of AMADE–Philippines and Virlanie Foundation in this
direction will be the success of humanity in this side of the world.
Once again, we reiterate our deepest gratitude for your participation in this worthwhile endeavor.

Thank You and Good Night.
'I think optimism is a choice one makes. For me, the cup is half full. Or maybe a quarter full. Or at least there is a cup.
Or there could be a cup…' (Princess Caroline of Hanover)
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