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Old 10-09-2003, 10:11 PM
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Charlotte Casiraghi - Astrology


Born: August 3, 1986
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Capricorn Ascendant: Indicates that you're an individual with an energetic, success-oriented personality and the determination to satisfy your personal goals. You strongly identify with the material world and tangible assets. Unless other factors in your personality or background interfere, you are not likely to adopt an easy-going, "take me as I am" attitude. You feel more comfortable with formality. You want to be aware of all the rules of social conduct and adapt their actions to fit these structures. Consciously or subconsciously you specifically choose the company of people who make you look good. It is not unusual for handsome Capricorn Ascendant males to select less attractive wives or, beautiful Capricorn Ascendant women to select less attractive female friends.

Sun in Leo: Leos are stubborn and impervious to changes not of their own making. They are however, able to accomplish things in life because of their tenacity in sticking with projects when others lose patience and stamina. Unfortunately, stubbornness in the Leo personality is dictated more often than not by their ego. Attempts to back them into a corner, or demanding that they change their thinking or behavior will quickly reveal the extent of their intractable nature. Even when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the foolhardiness of their ways, Leos can stubbornly cling to bad relationships and wrong ideas because their egos simply will not allow them to admit being wrong.

Sun in Eighth House: The first third of your life may be difficult due to the physical and/or emotional loss of your father. You're able to attract the support of other people. Your emotions are deep-rooted and stable. You're very creative and sex is important to you. Towards the latter part of your life, your interest in the occult and life-after-death increases. You may inherit money from the male side of the family. You'll do good in any field that has to do with death or the dead. When death comes, it should be natural. There may be financial troubles through mismanagement of your resources or from your partner's extravagant manner.

Sun Semi-Square Venus: Close or intimate friendships are often marred by an unwillingness to compromise, often leading to loss of that relationship. You have difficulty seeing that you may take your close friends for granted.

Sun Trine Saturn: Your success comes through hard work and discipline. You're conservative, practical, well organized and able to concentrate all your energy on what you're doing. You have a strong moral fiber and self-discipline. It may seem that you have more than your share of responsibilities (and sometimes you do). You hate to waste resources and naturally save for a rainy day, fulfilling your practical desire for security. You don't like taking risks with your own resources and you're often long-lived. In a woman's chart, your father and/or your husband are successful.

Sun Trine Uranus: You're very original and independent with a sense of drama you're able to express positively. You're very intuitive, broadminded and have a sense of universal brotherhood that often involves you in some humanitarian effort. If you join a movement, you're totally dedicated to that cause. You have a strong, magnetic healing force and personality that gives you good leadership ability, even though you might not always be tactful. In a woman's chart, men are attracted to you more as a buddy than a soulmate and your spouse will probably be some type of authority figure.

Sun Square Pluto: You can be willful, boastful, arrogant, domineering and rebellious and often, your ambition for power causes you to try to impose your will on others. You want to change others when you should be trying to change yourself. Positive expression of some areas of your personality is difficult and there's added strain and tension in your life-- extra positive sympathy from those around you is helpful. It's not easy for you to constructively harness your energy. You're a great manager, but must learn cooperation. Your temper needs controlling and you must develop moderation in all relationships, especially with the opposite sex.

Sun Square Midheaven: You may have a conflict with your superiors and any type of authority figure. You may develop a deflated ego from so many failures. You may have a negative reputation and, in order to gain public approval and professional success, you may have to sacrifice some self-expression. You may have conflicts in your home due to career problems or career problems due to domestic conflicts.

Moon in Cancer: You're maternal, sympathetic, artistic, creative, dramatic, patriotic (due to love of home), sometimes patronizing and have a meditative mind. You naively trust your feelings, which are deep and intense. You're apprehensive about things outside your control. You hide your true feelings under a hard shell. You have very accurate sense perceptions, but don't often act on them and, when you do, your reactions are slow and uncertain. You're especially close to your home and family, with deep, strong bonds to your mother that may become a complex. You often make changes in your life and travel, but you need a home base to come home to. You're easily imposed upon, then resent it, even though you like taking care of others and understand their feelings. In a women's chart, you are too easily hurt and tend to dominate at home. You may smother and/or dominate your children.

Moon in Seventh House: You tend to marry, often early, for emotional and domestic security, but you must develop maturity for it to work. Your family may influence your marriage, even to the point of choosing a mother or father figure as a mate. You usually have several opportunities for marriage, but often have trouble deciding who to marry or even if to marry. You're socially popular and will have many relationships with women. You're emotionally sensitive to others and seek emotional fulfillment through relationships, although your feelings often change over the years. You may have dealings with the public in business. Furthermore, your mate may be sensitive, moody, and unstable.

Moon Conjunction Mercury: You're versatile, adaptable, imaginative, witty, talkative and whimsical. You have an alert mind that has unusual access to information stored in the unconscious. You're apt to be self-centered and are extremely sensitive to what others say to or about you.

Moon Opposite Mars: Self-indulgence can lead to the abuse of sex, drugs, and/or alcohol and you're very argumentative when drinking. You must develop self control. Your impulsive nature causes you to act irrationally and you tend to be over-influenced by strong emotions. Extravagance will cause financial problems and carelessness with others' resources can cause resentment or even conflict.

Moon Trine Jupiter: You're devoted to home, parents and family and want to maintain domestic peace and happiness. Financial success comes through an inheritance or your own business ability. You attract great blessings due to past compassionate service and get help from your mother and through your domestic life.

Moon Opposite Ascendant: You may have difficulties in marriage. Your emotional sensitivity is good for work in public relations and sales, especially in food or domestic related articles.

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Old 10-09-2003, 10:29 PM
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 494

Mercury in Cancer: Your mind is retentive and your thinking creative, but it's easily influenced by others emotional appeals. You often have trouble thinking objectively since emotions are always involved and may make you tend to feel sorry for yourself. You're impressionable, changeable, very emotional and too easily swayed by your senses and the surrounding atmosphere. Once you make a decision, you stick to it-- arguments make you stubborn and others should use praise and kindness to change your mind rather than logic.

Mercury in Seventh House: You're quick-witted, keen and alert and want your mate to be the same. You may marry when you're very young or marry a younger mate. You may have more than one marriage since your partner may be unstable or untruthful. You prefer to work in partnerships and relationships tend to focus on intellectual companionship. You may have problems in communications with others, misunderstandings in marriage, partnerships, and/or unkept agreements.

Mercury Sextile Venus: You have artistic talent, musical ability, literary talent (often in poetry) and are very graceful and skilled in thinking, writing, and speaking. You're friendly, sociable, charming and diplomatic, but apt to be superficial. You have a pleasing and melodic voice and communicate in a way pleasing to others.

Mercury Trine Jupiter: You communicate with ease and confidence and can project your ideas and have others accept them. You have good judgment, keen powers of observation, above average intelligence and integrity---you naturally consider the moral and ethical implications of your thoughts and actions. Your mind is active but often unoriginal. You can be stubborn and usually avoid controversy.

Mercury Trine Saturn: You have reliable judgment, good memory and concentration and great mental organization. You're practical, logical, studious, worldly, resourceful, responsible, serious, and methodical. When you're young, you prefer the company of those older than you. You're a good student because of patience and your ability to work hard. You often gain through education or a sibling. You'd make an excellent general, politician, historian, scientist, writer or big businessman. Your success increases as life advances. You have superior manual dexterity, great attention to detail, usually good health, and strong moral character.

Mercury Square Pluto: It's hard for you to see matters in perspective other than your own, so you want and try to shape the ideas of others to conform to your point of view. You often fail to consider a problem before committing yourself verbally, so you end up taking unnecessary risks.

Venus in Virgo: You're shy, soft spoken, critical and analytical (especially toward your partner). You don't relate to others easily but have a strong desire to serve: you have sympathy for the underdog and you're helpful to the sick. You have an excellent business sense and can benefit through your employees. You seek a partner with whom you can share your work and intellectual pursuits and your spouse is often a co-worker. You attract material benefits of quality and beauty that you feel gives you status.

Venus in Ninth House: You love philosophy, religion and art, especially religious art and music. You're fond of study and usually well educated, usually in artistic and cultural history. Romantic and social contacts are made through universities, churches or long journeys (often to foreign countries) which you take for pleasure. You're strongly attracted to foreigners or those of another race or religion. You have high ideals regarding love. Your relationship with your in-laws is harmonious and profitable. You'll probably move far from your birthplace, maybe even to a foreign country.

Venus Opposite Jupiter: You tend to be sickeningly sweet and, if too well-to-do, you can be spoiled and too involved in meaningless social activities. Women with this placement are often conceited, thinking more of themselves than others do, and expecting everything to be done for them. You can be lazy, self-indulgent, too religiously sentimental, vain, idle, overly emotional, overly optimistic and ostentatious, often wasting money on the luxuries you crave. You're often a fair-weather friend, your hypocrisy becoming evident when something practical must be done for the needy. You often have too many love affairs and marital problems usually centered around religion. You tend to use others but become angry if they use you. You take too much for granted and if you're wasteful with money, you may be without it in later life. You want to be the center of attraction and usually succeed, often by exaggerating events or over-dramatizing them.

Venus Square Uranus: You have a magnetic personality and want to be friends with everyone. Sudden attractions often result in sudden marriage followed by sudden divorce. You're often unwilling to sacrifice your personal freedom to attain a stable relationship.

Venus Square Neptune: Your emotional problems are connected with your unconscious mind and imagination and often tied to past experience. Your feelings are easily hurt, often without real cause. There is a constant struggle between your feelings and intuition and you're easily deceived. If you feel unappreciated, you tend to blame others. You must overcome your insecurity and gain a universal sense of love and compassion. You often give your love unwisely or secretly, which can cause a scandal. Disappointment in love is often due to karmic debt you owe. You may be dishonest or skirt the truth in marriage. Your imagination can create sexual fantasy and passion that is either perverse or carried on in private.

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Old 10-09-2003, 10:42 PM
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 494

Mars in Capricorn: Your actions are well organized and designed to produce the most in concrete material gain and professional advancement. You're patient, persistent, proud, self-reliant and have a magnetic personality. Your self-control and self-discipline mean you expend energy efficiently. You must have a practical reason to act and when you do, you act decisively. You're able to take orders and implement them properly, but you expect the same from subordinates. You like to be in power and this may cause problems with your superiors. Your ambitions may exclude all else and you may ruffle some feathers on your way to the top. You may be separated from a parent, usually your father, and as a parent, you want your children to be someone of importance.

Mars in First House: You're very self-assertive, self-confident, independent, positive, physically strong, ambitious, courageous, competitive, impulsive, and impatient. You throw yourself into everything you do but only if you want to do it. You have the ability to lead, organize, and work hard. You tend to be destructive if you're idle. You seek recognition and public acclaim. You can accomplish twice as much as the average person due to your strength, stamina and energy level, but only if you apply yourself.

Mars Conjunction Neptune: Your reactions are often secret and mysterious and you may be involved with or be the victim of treachery. You have exotic or peculiar emotional desires and must learn to sublimate your feelings.

Mars Conjunction Ascendant: You're aggressive, competitive, domineering and forceful, but you can be selfish and accident prone (especially minor cuts and burns). You make yourself noticed and markedly affect your environment, usually by trying to change the people and the situation around you.

Mars Sextile Midheaven: You have a lively attitude towards your career, which may take place in the home. Constructive action in professional and domestic affairs lead to opportunities for career advancement leading to fulfillment in the home.

Jupiter in Pisces: You're benevolent, compassionate, easy going, friendly, happy, indecisive and restless. You may be extravagant, overly emotional, self-indulgent, and unreliable. Your strong imagination and emotions often influence or are influenced by your religious values.

Jupiter in Third House: Your mind is optimistic, philosophic and spiritually oriented, but it's also restless so you need a non-routine job. You often expand your mental faculties through communications, education, philosophy, publishing, religion, teaching and travel. You do a lot of traveling, both short and long trips. You're happy-go-lucky and witty, yet practical with high ideals. You have strong intuition and common sense, making you a good analyst, and a perceptive political/social commentator. Your thinking is usually compatible with prevailing beliefs. You're very curious about trends in social thought and the modes of communicating them, especially through all forms of writing or speaking. Relationships with siblings, relatives and neighbors are congenial.

Jupiter Square Uranus: Your judgment is not always sound so speculation because sudden, unforeseen events will likely nullify any gain. You often get urges for travel and adventure and may become a wandering bohemian. You're restless, outspoken, enthusiastic, independent and willful. Cultivate patience and forethought and learn moderation in all things. You want to start at the top but lack preparation, causing conflict between the status quo and your desire for freedom and independence.
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Old 10-09-2003, 11:00 PM
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 494

Saturn in Sagittarius: You have developed strict moral codes or strictly adhere to religious or philosophic systems. You want to be regarded as an authority or achieve some distinction in higher education, law, religion or philosophy. You're disciplined, honest, fear-less, frank, intellectual, open and thorough.

Saturn in Eleventh House: Although you have a sense of responsibility in friendships and group associations, you seek to know important and influential people who can help advance your own status and career. You often establish friendships with older, serious, career-minded people who help you mature. Your single minded concentration on objectives and reserved nature make it hard to get truly close to anyone. You need respect from peers more than love. If afflicted, you and your friends use each other for personal gain. You're either lonely and depressed or a show-off. You compensate for inner insecurities through hard work and constant involvement.

Uranus in Sagittarius: Your intuition and judgment work hand in hand with each other and the fiery enthusiasm you throw into all you do. An inner optimism and a good sense of humor helps to expand your horizons inwardly and outwardly. If afflicted, you may dogmatically adhere to social philosophies and strange religions or desire to negate all religious concepts. Free expression of every type is important to you. You travel suddenly, taking long journeys for sheer adventure and often having many unique experiences in foreign countries or with foreigners.

Uranus in Twelfth House: Unless you learn self-control, you can be your own worst enemy and go through life alone. You have a tremendous desire to feel free but often feel caged and confined. You need to accept life as it is and not set up subconscious blocks and resistances. You like to work behind the scenes in humanitarian efforts or scientific goals. You often join secret organizations, friends confide secret information to you or you may have several secret love affairs.

Neptune in Capricorn: You're conscientious with a deep sense of responsibility and self-discipline. You have great drive and determination and are able to effect many changes for the public good.

Neptune in Twelfth House: You often have memories from previous incarnations. You have an intuitive link with your unconscious mind but there are stresses due to extreme sensitivity. If afflicted, you can be deceitful, yet maintain a charitable, caring spirit.

Pluto in Scorpio: You're sensitive to your environment, intrigued with mystery, emotionally intense, penetrating, and maybe even ruthless at times.

Pluto in Tenth House: You have a highly developed will, strong desire to succeed, strength, courage, tenacity and an obsessive need to be the best. You're self-assertive, determined, and willing to fight authority to achieve your goals. Your ability to understand those in positions of power and their motives enables you to be a spiritual leader in reforming existing power structures, often with little or no conflict. You often have clairvoyance, far-sightedness and/or healing ability and you're able to present your ideas lucidly and eloquently. You drive yourself relentlessly in attempts to achieve perfection. Crises in your career may force you to make drastic career changes.
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Old 12-02-2003, 10:51 AM
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Ceres in Libra: You are nurtured by beauty. You will also tend to nurture others in the same way, with small, tasteful touches.

Ceres in Ninth House: You would tend to feel nurtured by taking long trips, either physically or mentally. Travel will do it, but so could study and discussion of religious or philosophical matters.

Ceres Sextile Saturn: Early nurturing received will be adequate, efficient, and well organized. As an adult, you will tend to nurture in the same way.

Ceres Square Neptune: You may have the tendency to try to "nurture" people who are constantly draining you, like the alcoholic who is always falling off the wagon and needs you to pick them up "just one more time." It could easily work out the other way as well. You could be the one who is "needy" and constantly drains everyone around you, until those people get fed up and leave.

Pallas in Virgo: You have the ability to see tiny (even microscopic) patterns and solve problems to the 10th decimal place.

Pallas in Eighth House: You have the ability to manage other people's money.

Pallas Square Saturn: When it comes to solving problems, you often take your time. Your learning process is also slowed down because of your fear of making mistakes. At times, you may feel stupid (even if you are really brilliant).

Pallas Trine Neptune: Your imagination is increased.

Pallas Sextile Pluto: You have the ability to notice things that seem hidden to most others.

Pallas Trine Ascendant: It's easier to solve problems when you're working (together) with others.

Pallas Sextile Midheaven: Problem solving and pattern recognition will tend to be an important part of the career. One or both of your parents were likely to have been strong in these areas.
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Old 12-02-2003, 11:18 AM
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Juno in Sagittarius: Your partner will come from an entirely different background and may even be a foreigner. Even if he is not a Sagittarian, he may have Sagittarian traits. He may be involved in higher education or take frequent long trips, and he may talk a lot and listen only a little (if at all).

Juno in Eleventh House: Marriage to social activities is a possibility here. You could marry a friend, or become friends with the partner after marriage. Your partner may be the one involved with organizations or social causes, or you could get involved with those things yourself after marriage.

Juno Conjunction Saturn: Your partner will be older (in spirit if not in actual years). Since this aspect is afflicted, your marriage may be delayed or denied. It is wise for you to try not to get married before your first Saturn Return (which occurs around the age of twenty nine). An early marriage (before the Saturn Return) will slowly decay until there is no affection left and the marriage collapses.

Vesta in Aries: You have the ability to focus quickly and intensively on any task.

Vesta in Fourth House: Being home too much will drain you. This is easy enough to cure. Just get out more.

Vesta Trine Uranus: This aspect makes it easier for you to focus on your innovative abilities.

Chiron in Gemini: You may talk compulsively, or, on the other hand, seldom speak.

Chiron in Sixth House: You can always help (or teach) co-workers do the job better than you can do it. Perhaps you are a whiz at helping everyone else get healthy while you still smoke and eat junk food. Learn to take care of yourself every now and then. Sometimes it works out in the opposite fashion. You may demand others to serve you, and you are usually never satisfied. Furthermore, you may have the tendency toward eating disorders. This can also manifest as strange likes and dislikes in the food department.

Chiron Square Venus: You need to try to get some pleasure for yourself in a relationship instead of always helping your partner to open up.

Chiron Square Jupiter: You have the ability to inspire others more than you can inspire yourself. Indeed, you can fill others with optimism even when you yourself feel pessimistic and depressed.
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Old 11-17-2004, 10:40 AM
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thought this could be fun for our new members to read

what do you think

does it match up Charlotte
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Old 11-23-2004, 07:52 PM
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wow monte carlo, that is really did you do that? and i wonder would i be able to analyse myself like that?
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Old 06-19-2006, 03:50 PM
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Wow, I just read this and I'm speechless. I share Charlotte's same birthday and let me tell you, this was pretty close to who I am, like almost exactly.

Woooww..... .. it's absolutely unbelievable.

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