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Old 06-06-2021, 10:23 AM
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Lily sounds like the most likely of the rumored choices. I could see Lily Diana or Lily Spencer if they didn’t want Diana, or Lily Pip if the baby is born on his grandfather’s birthday. Philippa, with the nickname Pip, is also pretty cute on a girl. Pip on its own would be a little too casual.

My original guess was a name that is somewhere on the British popularity charts, not necessarily as high up on the American charts, and sounds casual and not long and formal. Lily fits but so would something like Maisie, Ellie, Lucy, Poppy, Luna, Willow, etc., or a name that fits more American tastes like Spencer or Wells or some name from her mother’s family tree.

Old 06-06-2021, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by tihkon2 View Post
I'm going to guess "May" . It's simple. Starts with M. And Queen Mary was known as May to her family.
I could see this. May Mountbatten-Windsor is simple and pretty. I like Archie and May together. Maybe a twist to Mae spelling?

Old 06-06-2021, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by _Heather_ View Post
I'm expecting something along the lines of Poppy, Willow, Wren, Lark, Harlow, Maya, Lily, or something similar.
Originally Posted by ACO View Post
Maya and Lily are hippy California? Lol.
Originally Posted by Lee-Z View Post
Lily is really growing on me here... Archie and Lily...think that has a good ring to it..
Originally Posted by Hallo girl View Post
An update, it is insiders from the USA maybe not experts but anyway, to honour the queen , Lily, for The DOE, Pip, then of course Diana.
Originally Posted by bluestocking View Post
Lily sounds like the most likely of the rumored choices. I could see Lily Diana

I've only gone back a few pages, but those who mentioned Lily must have been psychic.
We Will Remember Them.
Old 06-06-2021, 05:56 PM
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It is apparently a well liked name in the US at present so I suppose it wasn't that odd to think of it.
Old 06-06-2021, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by kathia_sophia View Post
I think they will choose a trending name of their liking for first name, and a second name with a meaning like Harrison.

For first name I will guess: Emma, Ava, Eve, Hazel, Grace, Zoey, Ellie, Leah, Lily, Eliana, Gabriella, Clara, Arianna, Eliza, Iris, Andrea, Josie, Molly, Daisy, Ariel, Sienna.
It seems I said Lily too. Though I doubt people guessed the spelling "Lili", and nobody said Lilibet I think.
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Old 06-06-2021, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Denville View Post
It is apparently a well liked name in the US at present so I suppose it wasn't that odd to think of it.
Yes, and even more so in the United Kingdom, according to the figures of the US Social Security Administration and the UK Office of National Statistics. Lily ranked as #35 in the most popular names for female children born in the United States in 2020, whereas it ranked as #9 for female children born in England and Wales in 2019, the latest year for which figures are available. Amongst United States births, Elizabeth (#16) was higher in popularity than Lily (#35).

It would be interesting to know whether any individuals have been formally named Lilibet up until now, and if not, whether that will change in the future.
Old 06-06-2021, 07:59 PM
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Well, now that the baby is born and her name revealed, the purpose of this thread has ceased to exist.

Because no one will ever know who Lili's godparents are.
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Old 06-07-2021, 04:25 AM
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As the Sussex baby has arrived, this thread will now be closed.

Well done to those who guessed Lili in its variants!

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