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Old 02-24-2019, 12:52 AM
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A Notice From the Moderating Team Regarding the Sussex Forum - Updated

The atmosphere in the Sussex forum these past few months has become untenable. Endless bickering, in-fighting, snarky comments directed at all and sundry, off-topic discussion -- not to mention the complete disregard for in-thread moderator warnings on multiple occasions.

This past week, it has all come to a head and the TRF Moderating Team has no desire to allow the Sussex forum to continue as it has been. It is untenable long-term, and makes browsing the Sussex forum an unsavoury experience for the larger portion of our membership base.

Why should members who follow the rules and contribute to a civil discussion be penalised when a thread is closed and they no longer have the option to discuss a topic that interests them because other members are unable to follow the rules and respect the opinions of others?

As such, several suspensions have been issued to the members often found involved in the above issues, in our attempt to return the Sussex forum to an atmosphere that is pleasant for our members.

Moving forward, we expect our members to act civilly, reasonably and responsibly. Those that do not, will find themselves facing a suspension.

Any posts that feature any of the below will be removed by a member of the moderating team:
  • Insulting comments directed towards the royals, other posters, the Markles or members of the media
  • Subtle - or not subtle - accusations of racism towards other posters or members of the media
  • Off-topic remarks
  • Aggressive tones
  • Agenda-driven posts
  • Bickering
  • Repetitive and circular discussion

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as long as it does not break any of the TRF Rules and Guidelines and meets the above principles, it may be posted here.

The Sussex General News thread will be host to discussion - as relevant to current news stories - about Meghan's family and the relationship between the Sussexes and the media. However, the moderating team reserves the right to revert to our original decision of not allowing these two topics to be discussed here should posters revert to the original behaviour that saw the Markle Family thread closed permanently.

Any and all issues are to be directed to the moderating team via private message.

**TRF Rules and FAQ**
Old 07-17-2019, 05:14 AM
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Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 8,525
A Notice From The Moderating Team - An Update

Many will have noticed a much quieter Sussex forum this past week. This has stemmed from the closure of two of the most popular / active threads in that forum, as they had descended into a situation almost identical to what we had in February this year.

The moderating team had hoped that the happy occasion of a royal birth, and the Duchess’s subsequent maternity leave, would have changed the atmosphere of the forum and allowed a period of ‘downtime’ where calmer heads could have prevailed at the end.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, despite the measures the moderating team took back in February when several accounts were suspended and new, stricter rules were put in place. In the time since, these rules have been all but essentially ignored on a day-in, day-out basis with the end result being threads closed multiple times a week, endless back-and-forth arguments over the smallest of things, and an atmosphere that has driven many of our ‘neutral’ members to avoid the Sussex forum with a ten-foot pole.

At the same time as these thread closures, an opinion thread was created in Forum Announcements which indicated to the moderating team that our members were as fed up with the situation as we were, and everyone was desiring change. As said at the end of that thread, the moderating team wholeheartedly thanks everyone who contributed to that thread for their thoughts.

With the majority of our membership in mind, the moderating team has spent the past week determining our position and the best way to improve and maintain an inclusive atmosphere in the Sussex forum. We are determined to restore normality to the Sussex forum, one that is seen across The Royal Forums as a whole. To achieve this, several new measures have been taken, as the moderating team evaluated our role in the Sussex forum:

• Several accounts have been banned or suspended, while a significant amount of additional accounts were given official warnings
• There will no longer be the same amount of 2nd or 3rd chances given to members who are continually involved in discussions that head south, or toe the line. This may mean that members who up until this point have perceived their behaviour as ‘acceptable’ will find that it is indeed not
The media is now no longer a topic of discussion. All comments on royal reporters, journalists, media outlets, or any comments with the intention of making the media the topic of discussion instead of the content of the article will be removed immediately by the moderating team
• The more gossipy articles and media sources will be removed by the moderating team
• An aim for a renewed focus on facts, not point-scoring between members

To assist us with this renewed Sussex forum, the moderating team will require the help of our members and regular posters. We have re-evaluated the role we play within the forum, and ask that our members do the same and adapt their behaviour accordingly.

Some of the most important things the moderating team request of our members are the following:
• Report posts you have an issue with, and do not respond in-thread
• Utilise the ‘Ignore’ feature for members you cannot stand to read the posts of
• Stop responding to any perceived snubs
• Stop with any references to ‘fans’ or ‘haters’, or subtle accusations of bias
• No personal attacks on each other, or the subject matter
• No getting into never-ending back-and-forth arguments

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as long as it does not break any of the TRF Rules and Guidelines and meets the above principles, it may be posted here.

Should you have any queries on the above, please contact a member of the British Forum Moderating Team or the Administrating Team via Private Message.

We look forward to having the Sussex forum become a place where all members of the broader royal watching community can discuss the Sussex family in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.
**TRF Rules and FAQ**
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