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Old 05-30-2021, 08:46 AM
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To me he was so happy with our Marie and had a new life with a warm person.
The interview in Point de Vue , i thought , was to say he was new in good condition.
But it seems in Denmark , the Point of Vues are different .
His Father Prince Henrik should have been grateful for what denmark has done for him.The Castle of Cayx , his collections of Jade etc...

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Old 05-30-2021, 09:35 AM
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Well, he's at work these days.

France is heavily engaged in several countries in Sahara, among them Mali, where there is also a sizable UN-peacekeeping contingent.
Denmark is also involved there, with either an HQ, a helicopter contingent, a special forces contingent or a light combat contingent - depending on circumstances and what is needed. The next Danish unit to be deployed there is a helicopter contingent. - Under French command.
The aim is to combat Islamists there. And preventing them from establishing bases and training camps.
That has been going on for 10+ years now. With regular skirmishes.
The UN-troops have been suffering the most casualties though.
Partly because they try and protect tribes who are under attack, and partly because they are less well trained and much less well armed than the European forces there.
The war there is just as much between tribes than about religion, which makes the whole thing very murky.
And in-between we have bands of Tuaregs reverting to their old habits of marauding.
The situation is pretty much the same in Tchad, Mauritania and Niger. But now also spilling into the Central African Republic.
All that is within the French sphere of interest.

However, there has recently been a (another) military coup in Mali and President Macron has warned that if the government turn towards increased implementation of Islam in Mali, the French (and as such Danish) forces will be withdrawn.
Seemingly the people behind the coup omitted to inform France before committing the coup.
So Joachim is no doubt busy these days writing reports and having meetings and briefings with French officers and civil servants.


I myself will still prefer an elaboration of what Joachim really mean, before coming to any conclusions.

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Old 05-30-2021, 01:26 PM
Heir Apparent
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Originally Posted by Archduchess Zelia View Post
I also disagree that they're planning to slim down the monarchy. That makes sense in the case of the BRF that has an overwhelming amount of members, many of which . But the DRF currently has 14 members. 6 of those are children. 4 have, since the day Christian was born, not been expected to have an official role within the monarchy. The DRF is already a slimmed-down monarchy and there's no need for further slimming down as that will happen naturally.
I've replied to this post in The Future of the Danish Monarchy.
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Old 05-31-2021, 05:30 PM
Royal Highness
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
I believe he referred to himself as spare.

Anyway, it's annoying that he doesn't elaborate.

I can understand he won't do it the middle of the street, but Joachim needs to explain exactly what his misgivings are, soon, otherwise it will lead to a lot of needless speculation.
And for Joachim to be compared to another spare, (we all know who!) who is currently babbling away and shooting himself in the foot on a daily basis.

Talk about it, get it out in the open, so we the public can debate and agree or disagree, but do talk about it!
The cat is out of the bag, and it won't go back.
Part of the problem, though, is that it’s a complicated topic. For Joachim to give a full picture of his issues and misgivings would require a much lengthier interview! He’s also constrained in that giving the public a full picture of where he’s coming from would probably require going into detail about various family relationships and other things that most people would consider to be private.

I think the role of the spare is one of those topics where it’s best for the people involved to refrain from commenting in public as much as possible. There’s just no winning. The press doesn’t like complicated when it comes to royal coverage. Joachim could potentially give very thoughtful responses to questions about his role in the DRF, but it would be up to the press to report what he said accurately, within the correct context. I think Marie has made some ill considered statements over the years, but she hit the nail on the head in the recent interview when she said there always needs to be a villain. You see this to a greater or lesser extent in every royal family - sooner or later the heir and his/her family are built up by the royal court and the media, often at the expense of the spares.

I think the point someone else made above about how royal children work for a royal family from birth is very valid. The children are an integral part of a successful monarchy - all of them, not just the heir. In Joachim’s case he served the interests of the DRF well for a long time, and, with his marriage to Alexandra, may have been its strongest link for a number of years. He and his family certainly helped take some focus and pressure off Frederik during a time when, judging by Frederik’s own comments, he may not have coped so well with having to carry the full weight of everyone’s expectations. And there were almost certainly plenty of limits put on Joachim’s life - it’s not like he would have been told he could do whatever he wanted, marry anyone he wanted, live wherever he wanted, etc.

Most people have the expectation that they will personally benefit down the road from sacrifices they make, and that they will share in the rewards that come from anything they’ve done well. The problem with the life of a royal spare is that they’re making these sacrifices and doing good work for an organization that considers them expendable. If something bad happens with the monarch, the heir, or their spouses the official RF will circle the wagons and do whatever they can to make things right. If something bad happens with a lower level member of the family, they’re on their own. And even if nothing bad happens, over time the lower level members will still find they’re on their own. The organization that derived so much benefit from them has moved on.

I think Joachim has actually done well for himself, compared to his counterparts in other royal families. It’s hard to picture the UK or Spain, for example, agreeing to generously finance the second son’s ex spouse for many years. But I think there are parts of the lives of the non-heir children in every royal family that are legitimately not fair, and the money is only a small part of it. Honestly, there’s not much to be done about things for royals of Joachim’s generation, but hopefully this generation of royal parents will take on board that they need to be thoughtful and purposeful with the future of all of their children, not just the eldest.
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Old 06-01-2021, 01:34 AM
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Camelot you are making some good points and I agree to a lot of things,
but when taking a closer look the majority of spares are just fine with their life.
The BRF is an exception but due to what? Maybe structural changes needed like you proposed, but aswell probably a repeated weakness or unability of a parent when considering the situation ifs Margret, Andrew and now Harry.

Joachim is the son of his father and IMO tried to fulfill his expactations or what he himself considered those to be, reportedly a very strict father his son seemed to run after love and now taking over his father's late resentments, there's be a lot to analyse in this father-son relationship and nothing too special by the way, it's ordinary psychological patterns.

I think most royal families coped quite well with the upbringing of the spare. Women cope better, but that is to a certain extent due to male behaviour patters.

What I often think is we are making it a special situation because of the monarch
but is it really so much different to what ordinary families owning a farm or family business
have to do and have been doing ever since? The eldest takes over.

As most RF slim down because the acceptance of monarchy itself decreases in our days the possibility of just dragging along a spare gets more unlikely for the future so everybody has to do it's homework for the future , some do better some less, that's life.
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Old 06-08-2021, 01:27 PM
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BT has published three surveys made by YouGov regarding Joachim's apanage.

The three surveys were phrased differently as seen here below:
Survey A:
Prince Joachim receive 3.9 million DKK from the state each year. How do you agree of disagree in the following:
Joachim must continue to receive an apanage at such an amount for as long as he lives.
46 % Disagree to varying extent. (No to such apanage for life)
21 % don't agree of disagree.
27 % agree to a varying extent. (Yes to such apanage for life.)
7 % don't know.

Survey B:
In 2019 Prince Joachim moved to Paris where he today works as a defense attache. He receive 3.9 million DKK a year in apanage from the state.
How do you agree or disagree with the following:
Prince Joachim should from and including 2022 himself give up the apanage.
21 don't agree to a varying extent. (He should not give up the apanage.)
22 don't agree or disagree.
49 % agree to a varying extent. (He should give up the apanage.)
7 % don't know.

Survey C:
In 2019 Prince Joachim moved to Paris, where he today works as a defense attache. He receive 3.9 million DKK a year in apanage from the state. How do you agree or disagree with the following:
A majority in the Parliament should decide to to strip Prince Joachim of the apanage taking affect in 2022.
26 % disagree to a varying extent. (Do not strip him of the apanage.)
22 % don't agree of disagree.
53 % agree to a varying extent. (Strip him of the apange.)

The surveys were conducted during 4-6th June 2021. (Over a weekend around the Constitution Day.)
1.240 adult Danes were asked.
The format was CAWI, which I don't know what is. Phone? Online? Asked in the streets?

- Two things to point out:
A: Assuming they didn't ask the same people all three questions, only 400 on average answered each question.
B: There is no way the Parliament will strip Joachim of his apanage on such a short notice. It simply will not happen, unless Joachim has committed a serious crime.
It is very doubtful the Parliament will strip Joachim (or any member of the DRF) of the apanage at all. Joachim will either give up his apanage more or less voluntarily or not.
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Old 06-08-2021, 02:28 PM
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CAWI: Computer Assisted Web Interview; see this link for more information.

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