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Old 09-18-2019, 12:11 PM
Imperial Majesty
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This has been a great visit.

love the warm greetings

DRF gallery
Svensk-Dansk Business Forum og besøg hos House of Green | Kongehuset

Now it's off to Norway for Frederik where he attends the inauguration of "The Twist", designed by Bjarke Ingels Grou
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Old 09-19-2019, 06:47 AM
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It was a whirlwind trip but the fact that the two couples are good friends gave it a whole different perspective. I saw the DM was having a little trouble with the fact that the two heirs split off from their spouses as usually we see two men doing their thing and two women doing theirs.

Splitting into pairs with the heirs and consorts presented the Danes with a different dynamic. Mary wasn't going to take Daniel to see the local WI charity work so they had a chance to show the consorts sharing their interests.

I really liked how that worked as Frederik and Victoria shone in a way two guys don't and Mary and Daniel shone in a way two women don't. It was more of a real working situation for all four.
"Words ought to be a little wild, for they are assaults of thoughts on the unthinking." - JM Keynes
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Old 09-19-2019, 10:01 AM
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Indeed, Marg.

The tabloid BT, which has had the by far best coverage of all the Danish media of this visit, has also run a side story, which I have so far omitted to mention, because I thought it was a bit silly.

The side story has been a running review of this general rehearsal of M&F as the regent couple - as BT has angled it.
I'm certain that BT is correct in the sense that this time it was M&F who planned the whole show, together with their Swedish counterparts - just as if M&F were the regent couple and that QMII has only interfered to what extent she had to.
However, I'm pretty sure M&F have had a serious influence on other incoming visits where M&F had a prominent role.

Anyway, while Mary was expected to be professional and deliver the goods flawlessly the experts mentioned in the BT reviews were more interested in Frederik's performance.
It is no secret that Frederik is uncomfortable with being "officially on the job" and on this visit, he was basically the monarch, acting that role all the way through.
The articles claims that he appeared at times a little tense and perhaps a little nervous and occasionally had a few problems when delivering speeches.
But on the other hand being in company with good friends, V&D, he also appeared very much at easy.
So the general conclusion in these articles is that Frederik passed. Not with with flying colours but with a solid performance.
Mary was described as "frighteningly professional and good!"
Her performance was flawless.

- We can always debate whether BT's review was on target or not. It is in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.
I personally think M&F delivered, based on the considerable routine they now both have. And it was after all a routine visit from a "friendly" couple, from a "friendly" country with a "friendly" press.

Now, would anyone like to take a bet from me, that BT will within a day or two run an article where it is speculated that QMII could perhaps consider abdicating next year, when turning 80 - now that M&F has passed the test?
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Old 09-19-2019, 10:30 AM
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La princesse Victoria dégaine l’or à Copenhague aux côtés de la princesse Mary et des princes Frederik et Daniel

Victoria von Schweden_ Roar! Ihre XL-Clutch macht alle wild _

Betyg på kläderna! Alla Victorias outfits i Danmark _ Svensk Dam

SE BILLEDER_ Det svenske kronprinsessepar besøger Mary og Frederik _ Indland _ DR

Danish-Swedish partnership on particularly the green solutions of the future was in focus when the Swedish Crown Princess Couple attended both the DI Business Summit and the Swedish-Danish Business Forum in Industriens Hus.
In 2017 Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel welcomed the Danish Crown Prince Couple in Stockholm to highlight future opportunities for development in the Øresund region in particular.
Last year, Denmark’s exports to Sweden amounted to nearly DKK 125 billion, while Sweden’s exports to Denmark amounted to DKK 109 billion. Both countries therefore have major interest in strengthening the cooperation.
On 16-18 September, it was the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s turn to welcome their Swedish counterparts in Copenhagen.
As part of the Swedish visit, HRH Crown Princess Victoria spoke at the DI Business Summit 2019 about the importance of the Danish-Swedish cooperation across the Sound.
“We’re here today to build on the fundament we laid in Stockholm and to take the next step in our cooperation,” HRH Crown Princess Victoria began her speech at DR Koncerthuset.
HRH Crown Princess Victoria also emphasised the importance of continuous development, even though both Denmark and Sweden are in a strong position today.
“Denmark and Sweden not only border one another - we’re also family. And just like other families, we also compete. That’s something we learn from, but first and foremost we are stronger together,” concluded the Crown Princess in her speech at the summit.
Royals tie Nordic region together - Dansk Industri

Photos from Facebook of the Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen

Kolla in Victorias härliga modeshow i Köpenhamn

ROYAL: Mary und Frederik empfangen Victoria und Daniel zum Besuch in Kopenhagen, Tag3

Photos at Swedish Royal Court Facebook, by SPA and the Royal Court
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Old 09-19-2019, 10:44 AM
Serene Highness
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
The side story has been a running review of this general rehearsal of M&F as the regent couple - as BT has angled it.
Rehearsal as regent couple...
What angle would they have taken if QM hadn't been abroad...? And, BTW, she was abroad and CP Frederik regent the same dates last year.

Does BT and the "expert" really not know that the CPC are the ones who have handled most things during incoming state visits and other official visits for the past 10 years now, with QM handling the parts only she can handle. They are very experienced at this and if Crown Prince Frederik hasn't appeared to be "nervous" before, he would hardly have been nervous now that the Swedes visit

I don't understand why the expert seems to think they are now suddenly starting to "rehearse", like it was something completely new. I have read many articles where he comments on things and I rarely agree with him.

Yes, and F&M will be "King and Queen" soon, QM will abdicate next year...That's what Australian New Idea (also know as 'No Idea') just "knew" in an article
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Old 09-19-2019, 11:40 AM
Imperial Majesty
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Agree with you Nordic 100%, these articles always come out but in reality Frederik with Mary have been the "hosts" for years now. They are the ones with the presidential couples or head of states, the majority of the time.
Frederik leading the visits is not new and he did not look nervous at all. Maybe if the press covered his more "suit-and-tie" events more often they would know.

Overall a great visit. The 4 did so well, friendly, professional, fantastic.

and now a fun note. The royals enjoyed some very special cocktails, ones with pictures of themselves

"The task was to create personal portraits with associated monograms for DKH Crown Prince and Crown Princess as well as DKH Victoria and Prince Daniel at an intimate welcome ceremony on the occasion of the Swedish business promotion in Denmark.

The royal family looked with admiration at the personalized welcome drinks, and of course photos were also taken for the family album - both the royal family and Helmuth's.
The experience with the royal family exceeded all expectations, and the people from Helmuth also had a long talk with HKH Frederik in particular.
It turned out that the designer of the glasses that Helmuth had brought had also designed the glasses for the crown prince's wedding."


close up of the cocktails
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Old 09-19-2019, 01:57 PM
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What a funny idea.

No wonder Mary wanted a snap.

And I agree with Nordic and Polyesco.
M&F passed their examination as the future regent couple years ago.
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Old 09-20-2019, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by polyesco View Post
That video of the cocktails is taken by Daniel, at the Instagram of Swedish Royal Court

Victoria's speech at Danish Industry Summit, video at the Youtube channel of the Swedish Royal Court.
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Old 09-21-2019, 02:35 PM
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Some good and big photos without watermark
Kungligt fredagsgodis – the Danmark edition – Ebba Kleberg von Sydow
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Old 09-29-2019, 06:05 AM
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Summary of articles in Billed Bladet #38 & 39, 2019.
Written by Marianne Singer and Ulrik Ulriksen.

This being an official visit means that QMII's presence was not required as it would have been had this been a state visit.
V&D were accommodated at the guest mansion at Amalienborg, Chaistian VIII's Mansion, but they spend a lot of time at M&F's home across the square, where they after a photo shoot, had dinner and no doubt chatted away way into the evening.

V&D started their visit at a reception at the Swedish embassy, located a few hundred meters from Amalienborg. Here Victoria wore a dress by Valerie, shoes from Gianvito Rossi, clutch from Little Liffner and earrings from Ebba Brahe Jewellery.

The work started the next day when V&D and M&F went to the UN Town, to have a look at UN's work for sustainable development worldwide, something that is high on the Danish and Swedish political agenda.
A very merry Victoria took the frontseat with Frederik while Daniel and Mary occupied the backseat. Mary in a, as the article puts it "understated elegant" attire. - And the less said about that grey thing, the better...
The Swedish Minister for Welfare accompanied V&D on this unusually business-like visit. (There was little "fun" in the schedule.)
So it included things like a visit to Danish Industry's HQ. (This organization works close with the DRF and represent pretty much every industry-company worth mentioning in DK. Visiting a renovation facility and other less than glamorous things.
So let's go straight to the reception aboard the stealthy Swedish warship HMS Nyköping. The article offers no explanation as to why the guests including the royals had to board the ship via a somewhat improvised looking scaffold, when the ship had a perfectly nice looking gangway. Especially as the weather was terrible. - But perhaps it's a Swedish joke...
After the reception and posing for a few photos on the deck, it was off to the Swedish embassy dinner party.
Here Mary wore a Ralph Lauren creation and a Bottega Veneta clutch.
While Victoria wore a dress by Malene Biger, Gianvitto shoes, a wristband by Dulong Fine Jewelry and a clutch by Elie Saab.

While Frederik and Victoria for many years have a had a kind of sister-brother relationship when together, it was also noticed that Mary and Daniel obviously have a good rapport. With Mary joking leading Daniel to almost crack up in a most un-Swedish manner. (*)
- It must be nice, I imagine, for Victoria from time to time just being "kid-sister" to two older brothers, Haakon and Frederik. Not least considering her role now and in the future and because she is the older sister on a day to day basis.

So all in all, a pretty successful official visit from Sweden, both on a personal level and for the countries involved. Sweden, unsurprisingly, is one of the most important trading partners for Denmark. And it's positively crawling with Swedes in Copenhagen.

(*) I genuinely like Daniel. I think the Swedes should count themselves very lucky that he ended up marrying Victoria. But he is also so archetypically Swedish, that's it's almost irresistible to have a little loving fun his behalf.

Here are the scans of the magazines covering the visit, for your viewing pleasure.
BB #39, 2019.

BB #38, 2019.

BB #37, 2019.
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Old 09-29-2019, 03:18 PM
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Graffiti Cocktails at its Facebook today
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Old 10-08-2019, 11:26 AM
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Thanks, LadyFinn.

A couple of details from the article.
Mary left to give a speech for WHO right before V&D arrived, so it was a casually dressed Frederik who received them and entertained his guests until Mary returned.
So the mood was already relaxed (Daniel had discarded his tie and jacket as it is observed in the article) when the whole party posed for the photographers in the official receiving-room at M&F's mansion.

Svensk Damtidning refer to what can only be (a very busy BTW) Lene Balleby from the PR office, for saying that V&D stayed in M&F's private apartment. But Billed Bladet claims they stayed at the guestrooms and Christian VIII's mansion at Amalienborg. (Considering the schedule I find that more plausible.)
Perhaps it was a language mix-up between Lene Balleby and Svensk Damtidning?
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