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Old 03-02-2023, 02:45 PM
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Mary and Frederik gave an interview to BB, which will come out on Thursday March 2nd along with photographs of the trip.

Muhler - will you be getting the magazine? Maybe be so kind as to provide a translation/summary of the interview/photos?

Tusind Tak!
"...You can be your own kind of leader – one who knows when it’s time to go.” Wise words from New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern upon announcing she would be stepping down. (You cannot see what is best for all when your vision is clouded by ego)
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Old 03-02-2023, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Izzie View Post
Mary and Frederik gave an interview to BB, which will come out on Thursday March 2nd along with photographs of the trip.

Muhler - will you be getting the magazine? Maybe be so kind as to provide a translation/summary of the interview/photos?

Tusind Tak!
I will, yes.

Plain forgot earlier today. But our dog has promised me to take me for a walk to the local supermarket tomorrow.
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Old 03-04-2023, 11:34 AM
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Here are first the scans from this weeks issue of BB, very much focusing on India.
I left out a couple of articles that doesn't contain anything new or relevant.
Summaries will follow.

Summary of short interview in Billed Bladet #09, 2023.
Interviewed by the omnipresent Ulrik Ulriksen.

Who started out by asking M&F how it was to lead this very large Danish commerce offensive, with emphasis on sustainable solutions regarding energy and water.
Frederik responded that they were filled with pride in leading the Danish delegation, for many of them this being their first step into India. It's also a source of pride that India has reached out to DK and invited DK businesses in helping with India changing into more environmentally sounds solutions. (*)

Ulrik Ulriksen notice that Frederik handled the energy sector, while Mary worked in the interests of Danish businesses who specialize in solutions regarding clean water, purification, water supply etc.

Mary explains that they split up in order to cover more ground. Not least because a trip like this is jam packed. They have however been advised in splitting up the areas they each cover into specific topics: I.e. Frederik = energy, Mary = water.
Which suits them fine as Frederik has a very considerable knowledge about energy, while Mary being more preoccupied with nature (preservation) and bio-diversity. (**)

How was it to visit Taj Mahal together?
F: "Some fine pictures of us in the foreground have been published and the whole glory in the background, but to stand there yourselves and and sense, feel, see and enjoy this beautiful sight, that's something I'd wish for a lot of readers, because it's so unique. It's truly one of the marvels of the world."

They intend to visit Taj Mahal with their children at some point?
M&F: They sure would very much like to.
M: "We had a fantastic guide who showed us around and he said it even more clearly - that it is so much more beautiful than can imagine. That's something you sense when you see the place. It's not just a piece of concrete. It's a building with a soul and which is a symbol of cultural history and a special time. It was a magnificent experience."

Mary visited a maternity wards, how does she see the situation for young Indian women in a country with big challenges in this area?
M: "It's a country with big challenges, but my impression is that they are aware of the challenges. They have focus on the challenges and what I experienced was a clear improvement, when we talk about maternity-fatalities. My impression is that there is a lot of focus on the rights of women."

UU also asked into the condition of QMII and the increased role and responsibilities of M&F.
F: "She is well as has indeed been reported earlier. And as for stepping up, that I have been used to for the past years, so it's not something I see as an extra burden. It is of course a part of what I must do and also do wholeheartedly. It's my duty and it's a pleasure to help my mother."
M: "That goes without saying."


Summary of the trip next.

(*) India has of course seen the light. This is where the money is and that those who do not adapt to this are left behind in the future. And of course the rapidly growing and ever more wealthy India middle class in particular are also concerned about the future, not least in regards to climate changes, which is likely to affect India very severely, if they do not prepare themselves - now.

(**) I do however believe that this more direct commercial and export oriented focus is new to Mary, while Frederik for years routinely have covered his areas with a commercial aim in mind.
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Old 03-05-2023, 05:12 PM
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Summary of articles in Billed Bladet #09, 2023.
Written by the indomitable Ulrik Ulriksen.

M&F started out at Taj Mahal in 30 degrees C - about 25 degrees warmer than back in DK.
Wearing a shirt from Etro Mary and Frederik were taken for a tour of the mausoleum that was completed in 1653 by Shah Jahan. Mary was busy snapping away with her phone.

Then it was off for another ceremony in New Delhi, where M&F showed their respect at the memorial for Mahatma Ghandi. It is in fact 70 years ago that he was murdered.
Having been issued white slippers for the occasion M&F laid down a wreath and spread rose-petals at the memorial.

M&F also opened a Danish-Indian cultural event, an exhibition called Silver Treasures from Denmark and India, at the Indian National Museum. That involved a lighting of lamps ceremony, which traditionally is supposed to bring luck.
The exhibition contains a mix of Danish silverware as examples of typical Danish craftsmanship and similar Indian silverware. (*)

While in New Delhi M&F also visited the magnificent and more than 1.000 year old Agra Fort, also known as The Red Fort.
Here M&F also snapped away, presumably for the benefit of their children as they have explained that they usually show pics and tell about what they see on their travels.

As is customary the Danish delegation hosted a gala dinner at Hotel Maurya, for their Indian hosts as well as representatives of Danes living in India. With M&F of course being in the forefront.
Mary wearing a dress by Søren le Schmidt as well as large earrings (in Indian style as far as I can tell) as jasmin flowers in her hair. Her hair was done by Søren Hedegaard, who must have accompanied her on the trip.
The open air dinner held around 400 guests, many being representatives of 38 Danish companies who took part in the visit as well as government ministers.
One of the songs played was a jazz version of a favorite of Mary: Solen er så rød, mor - The son is so red, mother.
It's a favorite of mine as well. On the face of it it's a song, a lullaby, about the reflections a little boy is doing around bedtime. But the real meaning may be more somber though: Is the boy going to sleep? Or is he dying? It's really up to what you think and how you interpret the lyrics. Hence why it is so often used at funerals for children.
I'm not surprised Mary likes it and it shows how advanced her mastery of Danish really is.

(*) The trade relations between DK and India goes back to the 1600s, where DK, as with most major European merchant nations, established two trading posts in India, which grew into cities. IIRC these trading posts were still in place when the battle of Plassey took place. At that battle the Mogul dynasty was defeated by the British and that led to India being gradually colonized by UK. The Mogul dynasty was supported by the French. It's interesting to speculate that had UK lost that battle, India could have fallen into the French sphere of influence and as such French might still be the lingua franca today.
The Great Indian Mutiny started in 1856. One of the things that encouraged the rebels was a prophecy that foretold that the British rule would fall 100 years after the battle of Plassey.
Anyway, around the time where UK took control of India there really was no room for trading posts from other nations, so they were either soon abandoned, quietly taken over by the British or bought out and that's what happened to the Danish posts as well.
But there are still traces of them in India and without animosity from India, because they were trading posts. DK, like most other European nations did not have the resources in colonizing even parts of India, nor any political interests for that matter. But Britain was at the time in a very real struggle with France for dominance. And during that struggle Danish merchant ships quietly sailed with goods and made a very decent profit, including sailing goods to both France and UK... - Something both sides saw the benefit of, so Danish ships were left alone all through basically most of the 1700s.

This is my favorite version of the song. A metal-version, which I think covers both sides of the song.
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