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Old 12-26-2011, 08:27 AM
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Belgium : Endless Peace between HM the King and his Son HRH Prince Laurent.
As said VTM both are guilty!

Old 12-26-2011, 11:54 AM
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Location: Warsaw, Poland
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My predictions.

- Philippe will become a King;
- pregnancy announcement for Princess Claire in spring or summer - baby girl born late 2012

- baby boy for King and Queen in summer

Crown Prince & Princess will seriously argue, but they won't divorce;
- baby girl for Marie in late January

- baby boy for Tatiana & Nikolaos in early spring;
- girlfriend for Philippos
I think Alexia may divorce, although I don't know why.

- 50th wedding anniversary of Royal Couple;
- pregnancy announcement for Letizia in July 2012, a 'christmas gift' baby boy will be born in December

- 10th wedding anniversary of Willem & Maxima celebrations;
- Johan-Friso & Mabel will divorce

- Naruhito will become an emperor
- Sayako Kuroda will announce pregnancy lately 2012

nothing special

nothing special

- no engagement for Guillame, but there will be many of speculations

- pregnancy announcement for Charlene in early 2012 - baby girl will be born in summer, then A&C will separate;
- maybe an unexpected engagement for Andrea Casiraghi, but I don't think so

- pregnancy for Mette-Marit - baby boy in September/October

- baby boy in March for Victoria & Daniel - his name will be Oscar
- engagement for Carl & Sofia in spring, but no wedding in 2012

United Kingdom
- pregnancy announcement for Kate & William in early 2012, they'll have a daughter
- baby girl for Autumn & Peter Phillips born shortly after or before Victoria's baby;
- an Olympic medal for Zara, but no gold
- Beatrice and Dave will engage.:)

Old 12-28-2011, 03:09 PM
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Princess Eilika of Anhalt will marry the father of her son.

Weddings: Archduke Imre will marry Katherine in August and Christoph Adelaide - in October.

Giving that Imre is already engaged I put in his place Foulques, Prince of Orleans to get engaged.
Old 12-31-2011, 04:36 AM
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Sweden: Victoria will go to Karolinska Sjukhuset at around 23.00 CET on January 27(i belive Marchdate is to fool the press) and deliver a healthy boy named Erik Oskar Carl Olof at 05.00 the day after. The website will publish that Victoria have gone into labor and the press goes into hysteriamode and siege the hospital.

In february it will be reported that Carl-Philip and Sofia have split up.

May 17, a date that forever will live in the memories of Swedish royals as Madeleine announces her engagement with Chris.

Monaco: Charlene will announce that she is pregnant 4th of August

UK: William and Kate will announce around July they are to become parents. William will be part of a crew that rescues people in a severe storm and William get a medal.

Harry finish training and is posted at the Falklands

Japan: the crown prince becomes fed up with beeing the crown prince and the younger brother becomes crown prince

Atleast one royal on the Arab peninsula are forced to resign and flee the country.
"My feelings are all over the place." Prince Daniel express his feelings after announcing the birth of his daughter Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary
Old 12-31-2011, 06:56 AM
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Well,as I've observed many see the newcoming Dragon more dynamic and negative.Here are my guesses:
United Kingdom
-Duchess of Cambridge will announce pregnancy either in summer or autumn(a boy);
-No official girlfriend for Prince Harry;
-No pregnancy for Zara,she will receive either a gold or silver medal at Olympics;
-March(or February) 2012,a boy for Peter and Autumn Phillips;
-No boyfriend for Lady Gabriella Windsor;
-Lady Davina Windsor will announce her second pregnancy(a boy);
-A second pregnancy for Lady Rose Gilman;
-Earl Spencer will announce the pregnancy of his current wife;
-Rumours about separation of Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor;
-Pippa Middleton will be seen more times with George Percy,but eventually will reconcile with Alex;

-CP Victoria will give birth to a boy ;
-Prince Carl-Phillip will break up with Sophia;
-Princess Madeleine and Chris stay together;

-Announcement of fourth pregnancy for CP Mette-Marrit(a girl);
-Announcement of fourth pregnancy for Märtha Louise & Ari(a boy);

-A surprise announcement of third pregnancy of Princess Letizia(a boy),according to the will of the king they will keep the old primogeniture law;

-Announcement of the fourth pregnancy of Princess Maxima;

-Princess Charlene will be pregnant by spring or summer(a boy);
-Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana will break up;
-Charlotte Casiraghi and Alex will stay together;

-Duchess of Parma will give birth to a boy;

-Pregnancy announcement for Prince and Princess of Prussia(a girl);

-First child for Prince Nicholas and Tatiana(a girl);

-A pregnancy announcement for Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck(a girl);

-Joachim & Marie welcome their second child in January,it will be a girl;
-no engagement for Gustav S-W-B & Carina Axelsson;
-second pregnancy for Alexander & Nathalie Johannsmann(a girl);

-No girlfriend(sudden break up and only scandal rumours) for Prince Felix;
-No official girlfriend and engagement for Prince Guillaume;

-Princess Haya will give birth to a boy;

-Third pregnancy for Lalla Salma(a boy);

-The Duke and Duchess of Vendome will have another boy;
-The Duke and Duchess of Anjou will have twins( a boy and a girl);

-Prince de Ligne and Isabella Orsini will announce second pregnancy(a boy);

-Princess Clothilde will announce her third pregnancy;

-Princess Sayako will announce her pregnancy;

-Princess Margarita of Romania will announce her pregnancy(I know it sounds fantastic,but it's a New Year spirit);

-Sudden engagement announcement for the GD Georgi.
Old 12-31-2011, 07:06 AM
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Posts: 8,866
also Prince Ludwig-Ferdinand and Princess Chantal zu Isenburg und Budingen will have a baby (a boy) - Chantal is already 36.
Old 12-31-2011, 07:57 AM
agami.pearl's Avatar
Royal Highness
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- EII will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee surrounded by her family and loving husband
- later in the year DoE will reduce his engagements
- no pregnancy for Kate but of course lot of speculations, press an public will be more and more impatient
- no girlfriend for Harry, but many beautiful blonds around him
- good Olympics for Zara, maybe medal but not gold, no pregnancy
- another girl for Autumn&Peter, more traditional name this time
- Bea will find 'regular' job, but she'll be active in charity too
- Pippa will be still looking for husband

- abdication rumors
- no pregnancies
- more scandals with P Laurent

- girl for Joachim&Marie right after MII's celebrations (mix of French names and traditional Danish - I'm dreaming about Freja)
- rumors about unhappy marriage of Mary&Frederik
- good Olympics for Nathalie, maybe even medal
- separation for Alexandra&her husband

- happy year with many visits and events
- wedding anniversary of WA&Maxima with presence of European royals
- pregnancy for Aimee (boy)
- boy for D&Dss of Parma

- engagements for Guillaumne at the end of 2012 (wedding spring/summer 2013)

- pregnancy for Charlene in spring (girl)
- engagements for Pierre and Charlotte

- nothing special

- Inaki's scandal will make family stronger
- he will be find guilty but punishment won't be too big
- Felipe will be even more active due to King age and bad health

- boy for Victoria&Daniel at the beginning of February (Gustaw Olof or Carl Olof)
- Madeleine will stay in NY, still will be with Chris
- CP&Sofia will break up (I can dream )

other RF
- girl for Vendomes
- boy for Anjous
- pregnancy for Sofie&Georg (boy)
- boy for Haya
- boy for Tatiana&Nokolaos

we will see...
Old 12-31-2011, 09:31 AM
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- Pregnancy announcement for the Duchess of Cambridge in late summer/autumn
- The Duke of Edinburgh will recover & enjoy the Jubilee celebrations with the Queen (and it will be the biggest party ever! )
- Harry and Chelsy will reconcile and it will become more serious
- a baby boy for Autumn and Peter Phillips
- no pregnancy for Zara Phillips
- engagement of Beatrice and Dave
- a big party for Prince Michael's 70th birthday
- Freddie & Sophie will move back to England
- engagement for Lady Gabriella Windsor (maybe the fiancé will be already known )


- a baby girl for Joachim & Marie
- rumors about Frederik & Mary's marriage
- successful Olympics for Nathalie


- problems/scandals concerning Prince Laurent


- Abdiction rumors
- no pregnancies


- fourth pregnancy for Mette-Marit, a girl


- pregnancy for Letizia, another girl
- a new man for Elena
- rumors about the marriage of Christina and Inaki (I hope not, but possible)


- Engagement for Guillaume
- Princess Tessy will become pregnant again


- no pregnancy for Charlene
- engagement of Pierre & Beatrice


- A baby boy for Tatiana and Nikolaos
- boyfriend for Theodora


- a girl for Victoria & Daniel
- engagement of Carl Philip and Sofia (not what I wish for, but... )
- Madeleine and Chris will separate


- a baby girl for Haya
- birthday celebrations for the King's birthday
- no new wife for Prince Hamzah


- pregnancy for Jetsun Pema, a baby girl will be born in early 2013


- Pregnancy for Sofie, a girl
Old 12-31-2011, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by CarolineMathilde View Post
Announcement about that Amedeo is having a girlfriend
Nooo!!! I hope not! But knowing belgium, they will only male an announcement when they are engaged. And Amedeo is young :)

Originally Posted by CarolineMathilde View Post
No pregnancies for Mathilde, Astrid and Claire, they are done a long time ago
Maybe Mathilde will, I think she is ready for number 5, the last one...
Despite all the dificulties you face, learn what really matters in life, and never give up hope.

Queen Mathilde
Old 12-31-2011, 12:24 PM
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We cannot predict what will happen to the royals in 2012 but most of the news will be of pregnancies,engagements and some weddings because so far the crown princess of Sweden and the princess of Denmark are expecting and in 2011 royals got married and so we will hear announcements of princesses being pregnant.
" An ugly baby is a very nasty object, and the prettiest is frightful when undressed."
- Queen Victoria
Old 12-31-2011, 10:23 PM
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Albania: Leka/Elia wedding
Anhalt: change to allow Katharina/grandson as heir; Eilika engaged/wed
Austria: Imre/Katie, Christophe/Adelaide weddings
Baden: Stephanie, Aglae engagements/weddings
Bavaria: Ludwig engagement/wedding; Alice, Auguste pregnancies boys
Belgium: abdication, Philippe coronation; Laurent gaffe
Bhutan: Jetsun pregnancy girl
Brazil: Amelia/royal engagement/wedding; Isabella pregnancy girl; Luciana pregnancy
Bulgaria: Kirill/Rosario divorce
Cambodia: will name an heir
Denmark: Marie girl; Gustav/Carina split
Dubai: Hamdan engaged
France: Philomena boy; Anjou girls; Carloline Napoleon pregnancy girl; Jean Christophe Napoleon/Olimpia engaged
Georgia: David bigger role, move back to Georgia; Ines engaged/wed
Greece: Tatiana girl; more allegations about Carlos business dealings; Alexia will separate from Carlos; Theodora gets a better acting gig, boyfriend to promote it
Italy: Clotilde pregnancy boy
Japan: Naruhito bigger role; succession change, Sayako regains title
Jordan: more constitutional change that will set example for Middle East; Sarah pregnancy boy; Zeina pregnancy
Lesotho: Masenate pregnancy boy
Liechtenstein: abdication, coronation Alois; engagements/weddings for Wenceslaus, Rudolf; engagement for Maria-Anunciata
Ligne: Alix engagement/wedding
Luxembourg: Guillaume/Stephanie? engagement/wedding; succession change; Tessy pregnancy girl; Felix/Claire engagement
Monaco: no pregnancy for Charlene, more rumours for Albert, Caroline divorce; engagement/marriage for Andrea/Tatiana, engagements for Charlotte/Alex, Pierre/Beatrice
Montenegro: Nicholas bigger role as he moves there to take on official duties; Veronique pregnancy boy; Altinai pregnancy girl
Morocco: Lalla Salma pregnancy boy; Moulay Rachid engagement/wedding; Lalla Sukaina engaged
Netherlands: abdication talk; WA bigger role; Aimee pregnancy boy; Anne Marie girl; Jaime/Paulette, Nicolas Guillermo/Christine engagements/weddings
Norway: abdication rumours; Haakon bigger role
Oman: will name an heir
Prussia: Sophie pregnancy boy; Viktoria engagement/wedding
Romania: Nicholas/Rebecca engagement
Russia: Georgi/Royal engagement; Maria more time in Russia
Saudi Arabia: Amira pregnancy; more battling of wills between royals and religious leaders over women drivers, etc
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha: Kelly pregnancy boy; Alexander engaged
Serbia: Alexander Sr bigger role; Petar girlfriend; Philip/Lucy engagement/wedding in Serbia; Dushan engaged
Spain: trouble for Inaki; separation for Cristina; Letizia pregnancy boy; Beltran, Simonetta divorces; one of the cousins will get engaged/wed, Felipe bigger role
Thailand: Sirindhorn bigger role
Sweden: Victoria boy; break-ups for CP and Madeleine; Helene/Frederik, Carl/Vicky engagement/wedding; Viktor engaged; Emma pregnancy
Thurn and Taxi: Albert/Xenia engagement/wedding
UK: Catherine pregnancy; Harry Falklands; Autumn boy; Zara medal; succession change; Queen big jubilee; Gabriella royal/noble boyfriend for mom to boast about at jubilee
Old 01-01-2012, 06:24 PM
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Ugh, I hope I'm not too late being one day into 2012.

- QMII will celebrate her 40th jubilee with pomp and circumstance.
- Princess Marie and Prince Joachim will welcome a baby girl in the end of January.
- European royals will be present at CP Mary's 40th birthday.
- Princess Alexandra's husband, Count Jefferson, will be a no-show at the royal events Alexandra appears at, and yet again there'll be rumors about the marriage being in trouble.
- Princess Nathalie and her husband, Alexander Johanssmann, will announce a second pregnancy in the fall (a baby girl will be born in 2013).
- Princess Nathalie will do good at the Olympics.

- The Queen will celebrate her diamond jubilee with even more pomp and circumstance than QMII (and Beatrice and Eugenie will wear even more terrible hats than at Will and Kate's wedding - obviously from Phillip Tracy ).
- More health problems for the Duke of Edinburgh .
- Autumn and Peter Phillips will welcome a baby boy.
- The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will announce their first pregnancy in late 2012 (a baby girl will be born in 2013).
- Zara Phillips also will do good at the Olympics.

- CP Victoria and Prince Daniel will give birth to a baby boy in February.
- No engagements for either Prince Carl-Phillip or Princess Madeleine, they'll stay with Sofia and Chris though.
- Even more scandals for the King and there will be abdication rumours, but only rumours.

- Princess Haya will welcome a baby boy.

- Princess Tatiana and Prince Nikolaos will welcome a baby girl.
- Princess Theodora will continue to work as an actress and will eventually launch bigger parts.

- Pregnancy rumours about Princess Letizia and eventually a third pregnancy will be confirmed (a baby girl).

- Pregnancy for Princess Charlene and Prince Albert (a baby girl).
- Princess Caroline will divorce Ernst August.

- Princess Martha Louise will be talking more (maybe even writing another book) about angels.
- Nothing special.
"Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it you'll never make it through the night."
Our Princess

Old 01-02-2012, 07:26 AM
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Prince Karim and Princess Khaliya Aga Khan will divorce.
Also oldest daughter of Crown Prince of Thailand will marry (but it will be not a pompous wedding)
Princess Benigna Reuss and her husband will have a girl.
Old 01-02-2012, 03:52 PM
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It will not be a baby-boom year!!!
Over the whole of Europe (and the world) the birth-rates will decrease.
Due to the economic crisis a lot of people will decide to postpone or cancel a pregnancy at all
So my prediction for 2012 is: only those births that are already announced.
Old 01-02-2012, 06:47 PM
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- Pregnancy announcement for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in late autumn/early winter.
-Zara and Mike Tindall will also announce a pregnancy in late autumn/early winter
-Zara Phillips will win a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics
- Continuing health problems for the Duke of Edinburgh will force him to cancel a lot of his official engagements for the year

- Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will have another boy born after the Queen's jubilee celebrations but definitely before the end of January
- Health challenges for the Queen and Prince Henrik would cause cancellation of some of their duties, which the Crown Princely Couple will take over
- Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will become the de facto regent couple and will garner praise for their family and their many royal duties this year
- A 4th pregnancy for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary (LOL) Only 1 baby this time though!!!

- 3rd pregnancy for Princes of Asturias. They will have a boy!
- The Duke of Palma de Mallorca will be convicted
- Spanish Royal Family will face challenges with the conviction of Princess Christina's husband...but the family will overcome these challenges

- Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will have a boy

- Prince Albert and Princess Charlene will announce their first pregnancy this year and will have a boy
Old 01-06-2012, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by sjetajiem View Post
cancel a pregnancy at all

You cannot CANCEL a pregnancy!
Old 01-06-2012, 02:11 PM
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I predict baby news for Will and Kate in July/August.
Old 01-06-2012, 03:39 PM
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I think that Kate won't get pregnant this year yet, but Charlene will.
Old 01-06-2012, 05:53 PM
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I don't anticipate an expectancy announcement for the Duchess of Cambridge until the 59th minute of her reproductive years.

Albert and Charlene will announce.

A pregnancy has to occur before it can be cancelled - not a nice thought.
Old 01-07-2012, 04:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Biri View Post
You cannot CANCEL a pregnancy!
Well you can plan to have a child, then something alters your plans and you decide against having the child. It's like making a dentist appointment then cancelling it because something has caused you to change your plans. I don't mean to be crude here, just using an example.

We Will Remember Them.
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