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Old 12-01-2010, 01:18 PM
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2010 Royal Predictions--how'd we do? & Predictions for 2011

Below are the predictions I wrote for 2010 on this forum. I've marked those that were accurate or close to the mark! Find your predictions and grade them, then post the Predictions for 2011 in a separate post.

Originally Posted by Hopewell
Duke of Edinburgh will suffer a stroke and be out of action most of the year. He will recover. WRONG!

Her Majesty will cut back her work load to be with him. She will not ramp back up to full-time work again. Close--the Duke is cutting back.

Prince Charles will win a major environmental award. Close--he has a new documentary and new book out on the environment.

Camilla will holiday abroad with her children/grandchildren and be photographed in an unfortunate bathing suit, necessitating the re-publication of a billion photos of Diana in a bathing suit. WRong!

Princess Beatrice and long time boyfriend Dave will try [unsuccessfully] to hide her pregnancy. Andy and Fergie will be surprised, but supportive.WRONG!

Princess Eugenie will party hardy and enjoy University. Right !!

Harry and Chelsey will be engaged and will have a low key [well, for a royal] wedding and a long honeymoon in Africa. William will still not be engaged. OH SO CLOSE!! Wrong Brother, but he did propose in Africa!

William will take on much of the Queen's workload since Charles will announce he has some form of cancer and will require treatment. He will be ok in the end. WRONG!!

Harry and Chels will do much more charity work and rumors will emerge that they are moving to Botswana. It won't be true. They will have a home in either St. James Palace or Kensington Palace. They will endlessly be compared to his mother, while everyone will forget all the charitable work his Dad has done. WRONG! He will try to speak up about this, but those parts of interviews will be cut before broadcast. Maybe right

Princess Anne and Tim will quietly divorce, as will Andrew Parker Bowles. Anne and Andrew PB will become and unmarried couple.... Wrong!

Zara and Mike will still be together, but her training and his training will get in the way still of marriage. He will be caught out drunk driving again.

Peter Phillips will come home from Hong Kong, start a family RIGHT!!!! and run his mother's estate. He will spend a lot of time with his ailing grandfather and his grandmother.WRONG

Prince Edward will rail at the press for taking an unauthorized picture of one of his children and be even more unpopular. His wife will be frequently seen walking or riding with the Queen. His children will be there to cheer their ailing grandpa.Wrong, but still likely!

One of the Mountbatten sisters [Pamela Hicks or Lady Mountbatten] will die. Nick Knatchbull [now Lord Romsey] will be arrested and Charles will make an unannounced visit to him in prison. Unlike Di, he won't alert the press. Penny [mother of Nick] will be seen sitting on the terrace regularly with the recovering Prince Philip and will be photographed kissing him good-bye. No mention will be made of the Queen being present at the time or of Penny kissing her, too! Wrong, but Lady Pamela IS writing her memoirs and Penny and Norton may have split up if you believe the tabloids......

Minor Royals:

Freddie Windsor's wife will fail in the US and that will lead to a drugs or anorexia report. Freddie, meanwhile, will be seen lunching in NY with his Mum. His father will go on impersonating the last Tzar and will be seen opening a supermarket in Richmond, Kentucky.

Earl of St Andrew's son and heir will be stopped for excessive speeding. People will blame it on his godmother's death [Diana]. He will blame it on lack of focus. St. Andrew's daughers will be photographed in Tattler. RIGHT!!!! and so was their brother!

The Earl of Ulster and his wife will have a baby girl and one of his sisters will also be pregnant at the end of the year. BOTH sisters also had baby girls! RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!!!

Lord Linley, India Hicks and her brother Ashley Hicks will all suffer business losses that are debilitating. They will rebound eventually. Helen Taylor and husband Tim will come close to closing the art gallery, but will have a last minute bonanza and stay afloat. SORT OF RIGHT All have seen a downturn, but Linley's wife just opened her own shop.

Old 12-01-2010, 01:55 PM
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Royal Predictions for 2011

Wikileaks will release letters from Diana to the Queen Mother that Princess Margaret THOUGHT she'd destroyed [See William Shawcross book]. They will reveal medications Diana was on and will also reveal that she had a secret tubal ligation and could not have been pregnant at death. This will unleash revived rumors on her death in time for what would have been her 50th birthday.

Prince Charles will be the new Bono--raising awareness of Global Warning, etc at all the high profile conferences in defiance of the government. He will be offered a job with the United Nations or other organization, but while really tempted will not take it. Will fuel more rumors of William becoming king instead.

Prince Harry will be allowed to go to Afghanistan and will do well.

Prince Andrew will play a lot of golf and go on way fewer trade events abroad. He will, however, spend a lot of time speaking at education conferences world wide on the importance of teaching geography.

William and Kate will have a son, Henry Charles Philip William born prematurely in late December. He will be called "Henry" so as not to be confused with his Uncle Harry. He will end speculation on changing the succession to first born since he is a boy.

Harry and Chelsy will be seen together again, but she will be working as an attorney for a non-profit in South Africa. Speculation will run wild about an engagement.

Zara Philips and her team will earn Silver while her Father's American team will win gold and allow him to retire with a great success. Speculation about an engagement will peak at Olympics time.

Princess Anne will win a humanitarian award for her Save the Children work.

Prince Edward will be forced to move out of Bagshot Park as an economy gesture. He and his wife will live in a smaller, but still grand house on the Windsor estate. The Queen will, of course, need this move politically and to cover William and Kate's new estate expenses.

Camilla will spend more and more of her time at her own home and rumors will swirl about Charles and a female aid. Comparisons will be made with Philip and Penny Romsey/Brabourne.

Princess Beatrice will go to America, possibly to Columbia University, for an advanced degree. Boy friend Dave will follow her.

Princess Eugenie will have an in-appropriate boyfriend and flaunt him.

Minor Royals:

Sarah Ferguson will reveal she has a drinking or drug problem.

Earl of Ulster will also be in Afghanistan and will be injured.

The Duke of Kent will be frequently seen with a younger woman [albeit middle aged] prompting more comparisons of his wife's treatment to Diana's treatment by the Windsors.

Freddie Windsor will lose his job in the economic crunch. He will land a new job, but it will be less impressive. His mother will insist it's a promotion.

Lady Ella Windsor will be engaged and her mother will stage manage the wedding.

Old 12-01-2010, 03:38 PM
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The predictions for British Royal Family and aristocracy

So,I've understood that here are predictions for only British royals in 2011.
I am a new member,so let me try please.
-Prince Harry will return to Afghanistan,he will reconcile with Chelsy Davy,but there will be no engagement
-I fear the Duke of Edinburgh will probably pass,but he will be alive at Prince William's wedding
-Kate Middleton will get pregnant (with a boy),it will be announced only in late autumn,either December,the boy will be named either John,Phillip,Arthur or Richard
-Mike and Zara,no engagement,still busy ,especially she with training for Olympic Games 2012
-Prince Charles will announce he leaves the throne for William
-Eugenie will be seen in public with Italian boyfriend
-Prince Andrew will reconcile with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson,but unofficially
-Jasmin and Camilla Al Fayed will be invited at the Prince William's wedding
-Lady Davina Windsor will announce her second pregnancy(a boy)
-Lord Brabourne will try to get official divorce
-Nicholas Knatchbull will recover from drug addiction and try to defend his mother,Lady Penelope
-Prince Michael of Kent will travel more to Russia and try to open elections on the question of monarchy restoration,he will be seen with another woman,but nothing serious
-Lady Gabriella Windsor will be seen with a Romanov descendant,still no engagement,Aatish Taseer will try to turn her back,she will make a choice at the end of the year
-Lord Frederick Windsor will have some problems in family life,the wife could want separation or divorce,he could return to London separately
-Duke of Westminster will lose some of his money
-The Duke of Hamilton will break his engagement,if not his family life will gradually turn bad
-Kitty Spencer will have some health problems
Old 12-01-2010, 03:46 PM
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