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Old 05-10-2018, 11:50 AM
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Nicolae and Alina Maria are spending the Independende Day/King's Day as honorary guests in Pecica.

Former Prince Nicolae says that his relations with royal family members are "not the best" and even if he does not communicate with them, he will invite them to the wedding
The King's Day was marked in the town of Pecica by the "King Mihai's Friends" Association, with the support of the City Hall and the Local Council, and former Prince Nicolae, along with his wife Alina. The couple made a tour of several city attractions, such as schools, and a bakery. The two also visited the "King's Oak", planted on the day king Mihai was born.
- It's a very important day for us, for the country, I'm glad I came to Pecica, where the King's Oak is. It is a miracle that this tree is still alive, it reminds us of my grandfather, King Mihai, Nicolae said.
On Thursday evening there will also be an old music show by the Euterpe Quartet of the Arad State Philharmonic and soprano Nicoleta Brola, attended by monarchists and former prince Nicolae, alongside his wife Alina.
In the official program of events, Nicolae is attributed to his former title, showing that his "Royal Highness Prince Nicolae of Romania" will be present in Pecica.
Asked by journalists if his relationship with royal family members has improved, the former prince said he does not have a good communication with his relatives.
- Relationships are not the best, but I'm still trying to open up some communication with my family, Nicolae said.
He acknowledged that since the death of his grandfather he has not spoken to her Majesty Margareta, the custodian of the Romanian Crown.
- I have talked to my mother a few times and I have a very good relationship with my sister, Nicolae said.
Asked by journalists about his wedding, Nicolae said he would send an invitation to every member of the royal family.
- I hope they will come, said the former prince, who did not want to reveal other names on the guest list, saying he would probably do so next week. He said, however, that he has guests from all over Europe, but also from the US and Australia.
Fostul principe Nicolae spune că relaţiile sale... _

Article about Nicolae and Alina Maria in Pecica on Thursday.
They were open, friendly and smiling - Prince Nicolae of Romania, the grandson of King Mihai I and his wife, Alina Binder, throughout the visit to Pecica.
Even though their plane landed early in the morning in Timisoara, the princely couple was interested in the town and people.
The first stop was at Bakery Doris Prod Com, where they were accompanied by deputy mayor Miodrag Stanoiov, local councilor Vasile Chifor, organizer of the event and former senator Constantin Trag Igaş.
After learning the history of Pitei of Pecica (bread) and tasting it, the prince and his wife made a tour at the Liceului Teoretic "Gheorghe Lazăr". The guests entered several classrooms, class V students and music teacher Alexandra Zaharia sang several patriotic songs.
"Alina is involved in a computer science project for girls. I wish you success" - said Nicolae of Romania to the students of the 12th grade in the computer lab.
They met mayor Petru Antal at the Town Hall, with whom they discussed the city, history and also the future of the monarchy in Romania. Archaeologist Marius Oprea, Vice-President of the the Movement for Kingdom and Crown, took also part at the discussion.
Hosts and guests walked to King Mihai's Square, accompanied by a group of monarchists from Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca.
"The city has grown a lot since I was here the last time, and the oak seems to have grown up", said Prince Nicolae, after which he posed for photos with everyone who wanted.
Asked by journalists, he said the religious wedding is in preparation and soon details will be announced. "We will have guests from all over Europe, from the US and Australia. I invited all family members, I hope they will come".
If at his last visit he preferred to answer in English, Prince Nicolae now speaks very good Romanian.
They visited also the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Trinity Park, with the monument dedicated to the victims of communism.
The last stop was at the Bivoli Farm, whose location and facilities were praised by the princely couple. Nicolae of Romania also tried the bicycle that offers the virtual tour of the "Lunca Mureşului" Natura Park on the screen.
Delighted and tired after the tour, Prince Nicolae and his wife, Alina Binder, went to meet people of Pecica in the evening at the House of Culture "Doru Ioan Petescu".
Nicolae and Alina Maria by The King's Oak
The press was interested
This article has a good gallery of the visit
Principele Nicolae şi soţia sa au făcut turul oraşului (GALERIE FOTO) – Pecica News

More photos from the visit to Pecica, also from the evening event
The special guest of the evening, Prince Nicolae of Romania, climbed the stage with the applauses of the audience. Mayor Petru Antal handed over the "Key of the City", the prince being visibly excited by the reception and gesture. "Thank you for the warmth with which I was welcomed to Pecica. I am proud of what the family has done for Romania, and we must work for a more united Romania", said Prince Nicolae.
Principele Nicolae al României şi soţia sa, Alina Binder, au vizitat oraşul Pecica - Foto

Principele Nicolae şi soţia sa au făcut turul oraşului Pecica - ARADON

Nicolae posted an album to his Facebook
Vizita la Pecica - 10 mai 2018 _ Facebook
Old 05-12-2018, 02:44 AM
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Photos from the visit to Liceul Teoretic "Gheorghe Lazăr" School in Pecica
The Independence Day of Romania brought this year exceptional guests in our high school
Visiting Pecica, his Royal Highness Prince Nicolae of Romania, accompanied by his wife Alina, made a stop at the "Gheorghe Lazăr" High School.
Welcomed with bread and salt, our school directors led our high-class guests through a few classes where our students had the opportunity to meet them. The youngsters, the 5th grade, who were in the Music Education class, welcomed them by singing "Bună ziua" after which they performed the Royal Hymn.
The guests were, in turn, excited by the meeting with our children and left the school with the hope of a new visit in the future.
We can only hope that this will happen as soon as possible.
Ziua Independenței de Stat a României a... - Liceul Teoretic _Gheorghe Lazăr_ Pecica _ Facebook

Photos in Alina Maria's Facebook
Momente de bucurie cu ocazia zilei de 10... - Alina-Maria de Roumanie _ Facebook

Gallery at mayor Petru Antal's Facebook
Today, on Independence Day and the King's Day we have outstanding guests in Pecica: His Royal Highness Prince Nicolae of Romania and his wife, Alina. The prince returned to the city six years after his first visit and I introduced, together with Deputy Mayor Miodrag Stanoiov, them the main local objectives. I met two honest and very friendly people who hope to have an important role in the future of our country.
Vizita ASR Principele Nicolae - 10 05 2018 _ Facebook
Old 05-12-2018, 07:34 AM
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Nicolae posted link to this video at his Facebook, he congratulated the students for their prize

Royals through the eyes of children
The interview, carried out by students Julie Crihana and Codin Miron, received a special prize of the jury at the symposium "The public image of the Monarchy in Romania". We thank His Royal Highness Prince Nicolae and his wife Alina Maria de Roumanie!
Old 05-13-2018, 07:56 AM
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Several posts have been moved to the thread.
Old 05-13-2018, 09:14 AM
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I'm no expert in romanian, but I would say that this Facebook post announces that the religious wedding of Nicholas and Anna Maria is going to take place on September 30''th.
Old 05-13-2018, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by xenobia View Post
I'm no expert in romanian, but I would say that this Facebook post announces that the religious wedding of Nicholas and Anna Maria is going to take place on September 30''th.
I'm no expert in romanian either, but Google translation is very good.
Yes, the religious ceremony will be then in Biserica Sfântul Ilie in Sinaia. The religious ceremony will be followed by a reception which will be attended by guests from Romania and abroad. More details will be provided closer to the event.

Another nice photo of Nicolae and Alina at the religious ceremony announcement in Nicolae's Instagram.

Biserica Sfântul Ilie is close to Peleș Castle.

Biserica Sfantul Ilie - Sinaia
Old 05-13-2018, 10:28 AM
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Who will pay the religious Wedding ? Are they rich ??
Old 05-13-2018, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by xenobia View Post
I'm no expert in romanian, but I would say that this Facebook post announces that the religious wedding of Nicholas and Anna Maria is going to take place on September 30''th.
On a Sunday...
Old 05-13-2018, 11:04 AM
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More Beautiful pictures of the couple
Old 05-13-2018, 11:38 AM
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The press about the wedding date
Prințul Nicolae al României anunță data nunții cu Alina Binder
Cununia religioasă a fostului principe Nicolae cu... _
Fostul principe Nicolae a anunţat data şi locul nunţii_ „Relaţiile cu familia regală nu sunt cele mai bune, dar voi trimite invitaţii. Sper că vor veni“ _

The photos published today are obviously taken at Sinaia Casino, where the press previously reported the wedding would be celebrated.
Old 05-13-2018, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by eya View Post
More Beautiful pictures of the couple

Do we know who took them,very glossy photos and they are a beautiful couple.
Old 05-13-2018, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by An Ard Ri View Post
Do we know who took them,very glossy photos and they are a beautiful couple.
At the photos reads "Ostafi", so obviously this agency
Ostafi Photography – Fotografi de nunta profesionisti

Today Nicolae, Alina Maria and her brother Mihai took part in Team Hospice in the Half Marathon in support of the charity organization Hospice Casa Sperantei, Nicolae has been cooperating for many years with Hospice.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

And from the bib number Mihai has, we can find out that they run the half marathon as relay 7km + 7km + 7,1km.
And from the results we see that number R1732 "3 for Hospice" came 97th out of 456 teams. Not bad!

About Hospice Casa Sperantei
HOSPICE Casa Speranţei
Old 05-13-2018, 01:30 PM
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I wonder who funds glossy magazine spreads about the upcoming religious ceremony in Romania.
Old 05-13-2018, 07:17 PM
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Lovely photos of Alina and Nicolae ahead of the religious wedding. I find it unusual that such photos are released in between the civil and religious wedding when they feel more like engagement photos. They look very happy together.
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone". Audrey Hepburn

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy". Anne Frank
Old 05-14-2018, 11:44 AM
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Romania's Popular, Disinherited Prince Announces Wedding __ Balkan Insight
Date & place of ex-prince Nicolae of Romania’s wedding revealed - Romania Insider

Some photos of their run for Team Hospice
From this album at Facebook of Team Hospice
#TeamHOSPICE la Semimaratonul 2018 (Album 1) _ Facebook

Nicolae and Alina Maria posted in their Facebooks a link to their new interview
"Our first interview together about our engagement and wedding"

New information behind the scenes from the wedding of the year. The former prince Nicolae and Alina Binder have revealed everything
Nicolae Medforth Mills spoke for the first time about the wedding announced for this autumn with Alina-Maria Binder. There will be invited guests from 13 countries, but also, he hopes, members of royal families of Romania. The two told how the moment of marriage proposal was, and how she would look at the bridal gown.
Nicolae confessed that he chose Sinaia as a wedding venue because it is a city where both he and Alina feel at home. He spoke about the importance of the area for the royal family, but also about the memories he has in Sinaia. Here will come in the autumn the representatives of the royal houses of Europe and, if they will accept the invitation, members of the royal family of Romania.
The religious ceremony and the actual wedding would be organized according to the traditional Romanian model, say future husband. There will still be some minor changes for the guests, coming from different cultural environments, to feel good.
The love story between Nicholas and Alina began two years before the marriage proposal. And the latter followed the classic pattern: requesting the hand from the parents and then surprise her with the ring. The climax took place in Cornwall, UK, where Nicholas decided to organize a mysterious trip to surprise his girlfriend.
Informații noi din culisele nunții anului. Fostul principe Nicolae și Alina Binder au dezvăluit totul

The couple revealed that Medforth-Mills proposed to Binder on a weekend break to Cornwall in southwest England. He wrote "I love you. Marry me" in the sand. He later gave her a diamond and sapphire engagement ring.
Medforth-Mills, 33, was disinherited by Michael in 2015 following reports he fathered a child outside of wedlock. He reconciled with the royal house before Michael's funeral last year. The communists forced Michael to abdicate in 1947.
Binder said she admired the way he quietly dealt with the disgrace.
Medforth-Mills is one of the most popular members of the Romanian royals, because of his down-to-earth manner and love of cycling.
Romania in royal wedding fever_ grandson of late king to wed _ Atlanta_ News, Weather and Traffic
Old 05-15-2018, 04:35 PM
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What a lovely young couple they seem to be. I have been following them for a while now and hope for the very best for them and the country.
Old 05-16-2018, 12:18 PM
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In September, the city of Sinaia will turn into a fairytale land with princes, princesses, beautiful dresses, elegant world. Prince Nicolae of Romania and his fiancé Alina Binder will unite their destinies in the little royal town at the foot of the mountains.
For the first time the two talked about how the wedding will look, whom they invited, but also how Nicolae gave her the engagement ring and how Alina perceived the first meeting with the Prince's family.
The nephew of King Mihai and his fiancé Alina will get married in Biserica Sfântul Ilie in Sinaia. "Then we will spend the party at Casino Sinaia. We want to use this opportunity to show what Romania has, because many guests have never been here. There are many guests, from Europe, Australia, USA, from 13 countries in total. Of course, every member of my family will also receive an invitation to the wedding. I hope they will come."
Asked why he chose Sinaia for his wedding, Nicolae said that this city is very close to his family. "Here, we feel very well like at home. My family has left a mark on this city. I am connected to this city because Carol I came and built here the Peleş-Pelişor Castles and my family helped to develop the city. "
As for the bridal dress, Alina said she would like "to find some traditional, subtle details. I would like to have a classic line and feel relaxed in it, that it represents me. I would like it to be created by a Romanian designer."
Alina and Nicolae have been a couple about three years, and in July they will celebrate the first anniversary of their engagement.
"Our relationship has evolved. I've come to a point in my life when I felt ready to take the next step. Of course, I started with Alina's parents. I sat down with them and asked for Alina's hand. They said yes. It was the biggest challenge."
Alina says that marriage proposal "was a total surprise. I was in the office when he called me: "Why don't we go somewhere after you finish the job?" I did not know where we were going. It was incredible when I arrived in Cornwall, a special place for both, which he showed me at the very beginning when we moved to England".
Nicolae adds: "In the morning, I went to the beach, with a bottle of champagne. And as Alina watched the sunrise, I wrote on the sand, "I love you! Marry me!", I went down on my knees and gave her the ring."
And the story of the engagement ring is just as beautiful: "The ring is tied to earrings. When Alina turned 29, I gave her earrings. When I was in Sri Lanka, I bought the stones, then I made the earrings. When I chose the ring, I wanted to have a stone like at the earrings, a sapphire. And I made a ring with three stones: two diamonds and a sapphire", Nicolae confessed.
About the encounter with the Alina's family, he confessed that he had some emotions: "But I was welcomed with open arms, very friendly, relaxed. From the first day we got along well. Alina is very lucky to have a very united family."
Alina met Nicolae's family before she got married. "It was exciting, but I can't say I have spent a lot of time with his family."
The two of them say that when they saw for the first time, they understood each other perfectly, having a common passion.
"I like that he is spontaneous, courageous, has traveled to distant, wild areas, gave me the impression that he can handle it in any circumstances, he is a modest man, not at all arrogant. I was very impressed by the fact that in 2015, after his title was withdrawn, he chose to suffer in silence, not to make a case of his situation."
Nicolae tells that Alina is "a courageous person, who likes sport, smart, beautiful. We understood each other without much effort. That was important to me. Alina became my rock, after what happened in 2015 with the withdrawal of the prince title".
Uite unde va fi nunta Prințului Nicolae și ce rochie va purta Alina! _ Click
Old 05-17-2018, 04:09 PM
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Nicolae and Alina Maria attended today, on the Ascension Day and Heroes' Commemoration Day, at an event in Catedrala Patriarhală in Bucharest.
Nicolae and Alina are seen at the video
Fostul Principe Nicolae și soția sa, prezenți la slujba de Înălţarea Domnului de la Catedrala Patriarhală -

Nicolae and Alina Maria at the website of Ostafi Photography, which took the photos published of the couple.
Nicolae al Romaniei si Alina-Maria Binder – Anunt Cununie « Ostafi Photography – Fotografi de nunta profesionisti
Old 05-17-2018, 07:46 PM
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An extremely handsome couple they are...wishing them both well.
Old 05-18-2018, 02:49 PM
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Photos of Nicolae and Alina Maria at a memorial service yesterday on Ascension Day and Heroes' Commemoration Day, in Catedrala Patriarhal
„Mântuitorul apreciază jertfelnicia”. Eroii neamului au fost pomeniți la Catedrala Patriarhală -

Nicolae and Alina Maria posed also with the priests
Sărbătoarea Înălțării Domnului la Patriarhie

Nicolae and Alina Maria are seen at this video of the service
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