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House of Dulo
629?–665 Kubrat … son of *Alburi, descendant of Irnik, son of Attila
665–668 Bat Bajan … son of Kubrat; remained in “Old Bulgaria,” 668–*690
668–694 Asparuh … son of Kubrat; settled in Lower Moesia 680
694–715 Tervel … son of Asparuh
715 *Ajjar … *son of Asparuh
715–721 Kormesij … *son of Tervel
721–737 Sevar … *son of Kormesij
House of Vokil
737–754 Kormisoš … *son of *Uran by *Bozok, *daughter of *Ajjar
House of Ukil
754–760 Vineh … *son of *Urus Bugu by *Zuhra, *sister of Kormisoš
House of Ugain
760–763 Telec … *husband of *daughter of Umor (below)
House of *Bilig
763–765 Sabin … husband of daughter of Kormisoš; son of *Kelbir; fled to Byzantium, died 768:
House of Ukil
765 Umor … *father-in-law of Telec; kinsman of Vineh; fled to Byzantium

House of Dulo
765–766 Toktu … *son of *Kermek, son of Sevar
House of Ukil
766–767 Pagan … *son of Vineh
House of Ugain
767–777 Telerig … *son of Telec; fled to Byzantium
House of Dulo
777–796: Kardam … *brother of Toktu
:802–814 Krum … *son of Toktu
814–831 Omurtag1 … son of Krum
831–836 Malamir … son of Omurtag
836–852 Presian I … son of Zvinica, son of Omurtag
852–889 Boris I2 … son of Presian I; abdicated, died 907
889–893 Vladimir … son of Boris I; deposed, died 893?
893–927 Simeon I … son of Boris I; emperor 913
927–969 Petăr I3 … son of Simeon I; abdicated, died 970?
969–977 Boris II … son of Petăr I4
977–997 Roman … son of Petăr I5
House of Nikola (the Komētopouloi)
997–1014 Samuil … son of komēs Nikola; regent 971–977 and since 991
1014–1015 Gavril Radomir … son of Samuil
1015–1018 Ivan Vladislav … son of Aaron, brother of Samuil
1018 Presian II … son of Ivan Vladislav; abdicated, died 1060?
1018–1185 (to the Eastern Roman Empire, partly interrupted by the rebellions of the following)
(1040–1041 Petăr II Deljan … son of Gavril Radomir; deposed)
(1041 Alusian … son of Ivan Vladislav; deposed)
(1041 Petăr II Deljan … restored; deposed, died 1041)
(1072 Petăr III6 … son of king Mihailo I of Zeta, son of prince Stefan Vojislav by daughter of
prince Vladimir I by Kosara, daughter of Samuil; deposed; Zeta 1081–1099)
Emperors of the Bulgarians (Second Bulgarian State)
House of Asen
1185–1197 Petăr IV7 … leader of revolt against the Eastern Roman Empire
& 1188–1196 Ivan Asen I … brother of Petăr IV
& 1196–1207 Ivan I (Kalojan) … brother of Petăr IV
1207–1218 Boril … son of sister of Petăr IV; deposed
1218–1241 Ivan Asen II … son of Ivan Asen I
1241–1246 Kaliman Asen I … son of Ivan Asen II
1246–1256 Mihail Asen I … son of Ivan Asen II

1256 Kaliman Asen II … son of sebastokratōr Aleksandăr, son of Ivan Asen II; expelled, died 1256
1256–1257 Mico Asen … husband of Anna/Teodora, daughter of Ivan Asen II; expelled, rival 1257–c.1262,
died :1278
1257–1277 Konstantin Asen I … married Eirēnē, daughter of emperor Theodōros II of Nicaea by Elena,
daughter of Ivan Asen II; son of Tih[omir?] by daughter of Stefan Nemanja of Serbia
1277–1279 Mihail Asen II … son of Konstantin Asen I; associated c.1272; deposed, died 1303:
& 1278–1279 Ivajlo8 … married Maria Kantakouzēnē, mother of Mihail Asen II; deposed, died 1280
1279–1280 Ivan Asen III … son of Mico Asen; fled to Byzantium, died 1303
House of Terter
1280–1292 Georgi Terter I … husband of Marija, daughter of Mico Asen; fled to Byzantium, died 1308?
House of Smilec
1292–1298 Smilec … husband of daughter of sebastokratōr Kōnstantinos Palaiologos, brother of emperor
Mikhaēl VIII of Byzantium
1298–1299 Ivan II … son of Smilec; expelled, died :1330
House of Terter
1299–1322 Todor Svetoslav9 … son of Georgi Terter I; associated c.1285–1289
1322–1323 Georgi Terter II … son of Todor Svetoslav; associated c.1321?
House of Šišman
1323–1330 Mihail Asen III … son of despotēs Šišman of Vidin by daughter of sebastokratōr Petăr by
Marija, daughter of Ivan Asen II
1330–1331 Ivan Stefan … son of Mihail Asen III; associated 1323–1324; expelled, died :1357
House of Sracimir
1331–1371 Ivan Aleksandăr … son of despotēs Sracimir of Karvuna by Petrica, sister of Mihail Asen III
+ Mihail Asen IV … son of Ivan Aleksandăr; associated c.1332–1355
1356–1397 Ivan Sracimir … son of Ivan Aleksandăr; associated 1337–1356; in Vidin10
+ Ivan Asen IV … son of Ivan Aleksandăr; associated 1337–1349; in Preslav?
1371–1395 Ivan Šišman … son of Ivan Aleksandăr; associated c.1355; in Tărnovo, from 1393 Nikopol
+ Ivan Asen V … son of Ivan Aleksandăr; associated c.1355–1388?11; in Preslav?
1397–1422 Konstantin Asen II … son of Ivan Sracimir; associated 1395; in Vidin; deposed, died 1422
1422–1878 (to the Ottoman Empire)
Princes of Bulgaria and kings of the Bulgarians (Third Bulgarian State)
House of Battenberg
1878–1886 Aleksandăr I … son of Alexander, son of grand duke Ludwig II of Hesse; prince of Bulgaria;
also of Eastern Rumelia 1885; abdicated, died 1893
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
1887–1918 Ferdinand I … son of August, brother of king Fernando II of Portugal; prince of Bulgaria
and Eastern Rumelia 1887; king of the Bulgarians 1908; abdicated, died 1948
1918–1943 Boris III … son of Ferdinand I
1943–1946 Simeon II … son of Boris III; deposed
(republic 1946)

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The monarchs of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha used "Emperor" ("Tsar") in Bulgaria, although they were addressed as "King" abroad.

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Old 12-20-2020, 01:33 AM
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Tsar Ivan Asen II defeated Theodore of Epirus at the Battle of Klokotnitsa on March 9, 1230.
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History what a important place to visit. A teachable moment, if young minds are willing to absorb it and not try to change it to fit their view.
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list of rulers

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