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Old 02-03-2004, 09:56 AM
Heir Apparent
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Thank Cissan. I wasn't sure if there was some history I was missing about Erik and Jonas. And you're right, Erik doesn't seem like a very nice person if he is horning in on his ex-girlfriend's relationship and picking fights with her present boyfriend. I guess maybe he thought it would get Madeline back ...

Old 02-04-2004, 11:42 AM
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According to reports in Swedish newspapers 04 February 2004, several "madmen" have lately shown abnormal interest in the princess by sending her letters and trying to contact her in different ways. The Swedish security police, SAPO, is now giving her armed escort when she is outdoors. Such security is normaly only given to the Prime Minister, the King and Crown Princess Victoria.

Madeleine stalked by madmen

Madeleine is being followed and lives under a serious threat or they are following the threat seriously.

Presently, the SAPO guards are protecting Madeleine.

-Apparently, she needs protection(or shelter. Hmmm) says spokeswoman Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.

Aftonbladet can reveal today that Princess Madeleine lives under a serious threat and needs the protection of Säpo.

One sources tells us that several men have had a rather large interest in the young princess.

They have sent letters and tried to contact Madeleine in several different ways.

-They are morbidly obsessed with her. I know that Madeleine thinks these situations are very unpleasant although she is attempting to not to contemplate about these madmen too much, says a source.

Therefore Madeleine will now have armed bodyguard from Säpo when she goes out into public.

On Friday, she and friends were going to visit the Café Opera in Stockholm where there is one large room but the Sapo dissuaded the princess for going there.

They evaluated that the situation(crowded place, one big room) was not safe so they persuaded her not to go in. There were completely too many people there, says a source.

Madeleine did not have a bodyguard from Säpo when she went out to the Stockholm restaurant.

The last 6 months the princess has been escorted by a private owned company when she has been in town.

On Saturday night, Princess Madeleine went to the restaurant/bar Kharma in Stockholm.

There she saw a fight between current boyfriend Jonas Bergström and ex-boyfriend
Erik Granath.

Säpo is confirming that they had a bodyguard with princess Madeleine that night.

– We were there with her. We can't comment further., says Andes Till , Säpos spokesman(spokesman for the personnel department?)

According to Säpo, they only protects the prime minister , the king and Crown Princess Victoria.

But Säpo says that in the remaining talks with the royal family, they will address the issue of whether or not the royal family needs more protection. says Elisabeth Tarras Wahlberg.(I think)

Does Madeleine need protection now?

- Apparently, she does need some from the Säpo, says Tarras-Wahlberg.

Princess Madeleine is not alone in being exposed in the family. Crown Princess Victoria has also had periods of increased protection as well from Säpo.

When, last winter, she visited Västergötland(Western Sweden, near Goteborg) she had an increased police protection.(That was the first trip after the death of Anna Lindh.)

They are looking for the 5 men with the unhealthy(No comments, please) interest in Princess Madeleine.

Old 02-13-2004, 04:10 AM
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Location: East of the sun and west of the moon, United States
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Well, here's another one. It may be nothing but it comes at the worst time for the Royal Couple. He may be in the "innersta kretsen" but not as close as Mr. Nyhlen implies. O, well. Okay. A friend of Madeleine's was picked up for drugs. The guy apparently is a real party animal. And apparently generous as well. But still
Old 02-17-2004, 03:32 PM
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Hi! Is true tha Princess Madeleine is pregnant?? A magazine said that Queen Silvia will be grandma!
Old 02-17-2004, 03:33 PM
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Originally posted by Hatsumomo@Feb 17th, 2004 - 8:32 pm
Hi! Is true tha Princess Madeleine is pregnant?? A magazine said that Queen Silvia will be grandma! 
I doubt it. I haven't heard anything like that. It is most likely just someone trying to sell magazines as usual.
Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
Old 02-17-2004, 03:36 PM
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Originally posted by Hatsumomo@Feb 17th, 2004 - 3:32 pm
Hi! Is true tha Princess Madeleine is pregnant?? A magazine said that Queen Silvia will be grandma! 
What magazine is the source for this bit of news? I do wish they'd stop spreading rumours around.
Old 02-17-2004, 05:35 PM
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Poor Madeline. That's a horrible rumor for anyone to face, but to see it in print... *shudders*
Old 02-17-2004, 05:48 PM
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Originally posted by Fireweaver@Feb 17th, 2004 - 5:35 pm
Poor Madeline. That's a horrible rumor for anyone to face, but to see it in print... *shudders*
Especially when you´re not sure, if you are pregnant or not...just imagine you go to the city to buy a pregnancy test and a magazine with the latest news on you in it, and then you read the magazine (which tell you, that you´re pregnant) before you make the test...this would drive you crazy
And often mags say that a celebrity/Royal is pregnant, when she has gained a bit...and this can be very offending
Old 02-18-2004, 09:42 AM
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What a bohemian girl. Living in apartment, driving cheap KIA, wearing same dresses. Many royals should learn from her.

She is very beautiful and has warm smile.
All the best to her.
Old 02-23-2004, 08:56 PM
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From SE&HÖR (the article won´t be very long online)
For those, who like little details (IMO they say much more about a Royal than big staged TV-shows) as much as me...
Lately Madeleine and Jonas went to IKEA (which is IMO a sensation itself ) and they bought...a garlic press, a whisk and a saucepan for seems as if our little wild Madeleine would become homely...and I like the idea...Madeleine and Jonas cooking-that´s an nice imagination
Old 02-23-2004, 10:41 PM
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: East of the sun and west of the moon, United States
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Smart move. Good cooking things. Neat.
Old 03-29-2004, 04:48 AM
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Princess Madeleine gets increased protection

Expressen reported a while back that the Swedish security police (SÄPO) has increased the protection for HRH Princess Madeleine. At the moment, she is not allowed to drive herself, but has to be transported by a security police car with two ”bodyguards” in it. According to Expressen, the security police are conducting investigations on people around her where she moves (not her friends). In the past there has been psychiatrically disturbed people who have been obsessed with the Royal House and has tried to get as close to them as possible. There is one person called ”the Madeleine man” who is well known by the security police and that has been written about earlier. One year ago he tried to get into Drottninhgolm Palace (the home of The King & Queen and the Crown Princess who lives in a wing of the palace) to talk with Princess Madeleine and give her presents.

Princess Madeleine was in a "flight drama" this past Saturday (27 March), here are two articles from the national newspapers Expressen & Aftonbladet.

Expressen’s version of the event:

Princess Madeleine in flight drama today

The SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) flight SK 611, which was supposed to take off at 9:20 AM, was standing on the runway. Onboard was Princess Madeleine and her boyfriend. Suddenly the cabin was filled with smoke.

Just before 9:30 AM this morning the alarm came. At the front of the SAS plane, the smoke was thick. The rescue service turned out and all 102 passengers were quickly evacuated. The Royal Court’s Press Director, Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, confirms to that the Princess was onboard.
- She was going to Geneva on a private errand.

After a while, it turned out that it was not a fire but oil fog from the planes engines that had been sucked out through the planes hydraulic system. The Princess calmly stayed at Arlanda (airport) just as every other passenger.
- It wasn’t that dramatic, Tarras-Wahlberg explained.

About an hour later the passenger could board again to collect their hand baggage, and at 11:15 a new plane took off towards Geneva. The Princess was then again omboard with her boyfriend. The replacement plane landed at 13:52 without problems.

Aftonbladet’s version:

The cabin was filled with smoke before start

The cabin was filled with smoke before start – Princess Madeleine in flight drama.
All 102 passengers onboard was on Saturday morning forced to leave a SAS plane after smoke development. Princess Madeleine was one of them.

The plane was going to fly from Arlanda to Geneva. The alarm came just before 10:30 AM. The SAS plane that was supposed to take off at 9:20 AM to Geneva was standing at the gate, ready to get out on the runway.

The passengers didn’t get time to do more than sit down before the pilot demanded everyone to leave the plane. The smoke was sneaking into the passenger cabin from the front of the plane, and at the back the smoke was thick.

Princess Madeleine was on the plane when the alarm went off. Several passengers states to that the Princess was helped out from the plane. She was taken to a car, which then drove off from Arlanda.

The Royal Court’s Press Director, Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg confirms to that Madeleine was on the plane but wants to tone down the incident.
- Smoke development sounds very dramatic. It was not dramatic at all, she says.
- Everyone was taking it quit calmly, says one of the passengers. – We didn’t know what it was, but seven fire department vehicles (??) came to the plane.

The rescue service turned out, but went back soon afterwards. It turned out that oil fog from one of the engines had been sucked out by the plane’s hydraulic system.

- We didn’t do anything on the spot when we came to the conclusion that it was oil fog, says Robert Johansson, staff command on the rescue service north.

After an hour of waiting, the passengers were allowed onboard again to collect their hand luggage. After that they waited a while longer before a replacement plane could be set on duty. At 11:15 this morning, it took off towards Geneva. A few minutes before, the Princess came back to the gate and went onboard minutes before the plane took off. According to Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, Madeleine is going to Geneva in private matters.

Article about Princess Madeleine & her studies from the national newspaper Expressen on this past Saturday, March 27. :flower:

That exam was no art!
“Study Princess” managed her last exam superbly.

Now Madeleine is staking everything on the c-essay – then she aims for a Bachelor in Arts.
- We are thinking and discussing different directions to continue with, says her mentor Lena Ramel to Expressen.

The study results after the basic course in the History of Art showed that Princess Madeleine had found what’s right for her. And the results are continuing to impress people in her surroundings. A few weeks ago, the oral exam for the c-course in the History of Art at Stockholm University was carried out. The Princess was put against the wall in the old fashioned way and had to prove her knowledge in the self-picked topic design and handicraft.
- She said it went very well and was very pleased when she came from it, says Lena Ramel.

The Princess has for a long time been very interested in art, design and architecture. She has, among other things, practiced at an interior-decorating magazine.

Now, only the c-essay is left, which is to be turned in at the end of the term. But what subject she has chosen to absorb in, the Princess wants to keep a secret.
- It is partly in the same area, says Lena Ramel.

The Princess earlier was famous for her wild partying in the society of Stockholm, now spends more time to her studies. She is describes as goal-oriented, ambitious and amused by the studies.

Right now Madeleine and her mentor is thinking about the directions for the fall.
- The goal is for her to take a Bachelor in Arts degree. It is very nice if she could get her academic degree. She has succeeded very well so far, I’m actually very proud, says Lena Ramel.
Sofia's Blog (my blog)
Old 03-31-2004, 01:05 AM
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I was scanning the Madeleine pages when I came across this:

But when Madeleine's ex-boyfriend Erik arrived, a big commotion soon arose.
They used to be together and Erik visited the Princess when she was in London. But last year she and he broke up and shortly thereafter, she started to date Jonas. It was an irritating or heated mood.
-Madeleine and Erik openly fought with each other. There was smoke(fire) when Erik and Jonas are together and it let to a fight says, an eyewitness.
Another eyewitness said it started when Erik nudged Jonas.
A bitter verbal fight soon arose.
-It was all so embarassing and it looked like the Princess wanted to sink into the earth.(Disappear, I suppose) said an eyewitness.
The guards in Madeleine's party broke it up and Erik was escorted from Kharma.
-He was becoming what plainly was a problem, said one witness.
Jan Jonsson of the security police said yesterday evening:
-The matter was handled before it became messy. But as a matter of principle we never safely protect the royal children.(that can't be right. Strange sentence. I must have misread it. It could be that they never blame the royal children)
Expressen contacted the owner of Kharma, Robert Hållstrand who was in the restaurant last night:
-I never talked about the guests that we have.
Did you see the fight?
-I will not comment on the Princess or her guests who were here last night.(something like that)
This is amazing! A real people's Princess! I had to laugh out loud!

I NEVER thought I'd use this emoticon!
Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Old 04-04-2004, 03:19 PM
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Princess Madeleine Current Events Part 5 (April 2004-August 2004)

what do you think the size princess madeleine wear,is it 42,44 or 46 france size
Old 04-04-2004, 03:38 PM
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A french 42 would be a 10 in the USA, a 40 in Germany, and a 14 in GB, right??? If it´s this way I would say she has a french 42 or 40... but not more than 42.
Old 04-04-2004, 06:48 PM
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oh that´s too big. Did you see the pictures of Victoria, shopping in Rome? She bought a pullover at Zara in size M (that´s a german 38 (maybe 40), so a french 40/42) but I think Madeleine is even a bit thinner than Victoria, so I would say she wears size 36/38 (in German). For example the biggest (german size) you can get at Zara is 44 (as far as I know).
Old 04-04-2004, 08:28 PM
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I do not think she is a size 10. I don`t know. That seems too big. Anyway, congrats to Jine on your first post.
Old 04-04-2004, 08:34 PM
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Yeah, I don't think Len is a 10 US size... but perhaps who knows... remember the camera adds 10 lbs...
Don't squat with yer spurs on
Old 04-04-2004, 09:11 PM
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I would definitely say Princess Madeleine is a Swedish size 36/38!
Sofia's Blog (my blog)
Old 04-04-2004, 09:52 PM
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how tall is she ?

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