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Old 09-08-2017, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by LadyFinn View Post
Victoria attended today at the meeting of Crown Princess Margareta's Veteran Reserve Foundation, she is the chairman of the Foundation. Hopefully the court puts an article about this to their website.
Kronprinsessan i möte med Landstormsfonden - Sveriges Kungahus

And here is an article.

Old 09-08-2017, 03:44 PM
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Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Svenska Kulturfonden invited Victoria and Daniel to Opera Höstsonaten (Autumn Sonata) on the occasion of Finland's 100th anniversary at the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki on 16th September. Hanaholmen's ceo Gunvor Kronman has met Victoria before and describes her as a gorgeous woman. Victoria and Daniel have decided that only Victoria comes to Helsinki. She arrives on Saturday to the Opera and leaves back to Sweden on Sunday morning.
Kruununprinsessa Victoria saapuu ensi viikolla yllätysvierailulle Suomeen - Viihde - Ilta-Sanomat

Hanaholmen's ceo Gunvor Kronman said to finnish YLE news:
- This is a delightful surprise for us. We have recently received confirmation that Crown Princess Victoria accepts our invitation and we are now preparing the visit together with the Court and the Swedish Embassy in Finland.
Victoria attended at Future Forum in Hanaholmen in November 2014 and met ceo Gunvor Kronman.
Sebastian Fagerlund's opera, Höstsonaten, Autumn Sonata, is based on Ingmar Bergman's classic film with the same name. Swedish mezzosoprano Anne Sofie von Otter sings the main role at the opera.
- This work is a strong example of the cultural connections of Finland and Sweden. The Bergman film on the background and the brilliant diva, Anne Sofie von Otter, link the Finnish National Opera's production smoothly to Sweden.
- Princess Victoria represents our joint future and is a particularly pleasant guest. And the visit gives a special touch for the public at the opera that night, says Kronman.
Kruununprinsessa Victoria tulee viettämään oopperailtaa Helsinkiin _ Yle Uutiset _

Victoria spoke at the Future Forum in Hanaholmen in November 2014.

Old 09-13-2017, 10:40 AM
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Victoria met this afternoon at the Royal Palace Sven-Erik Bucht, the Minister for Rural Affairs. Minister Bucht informed Victoria about current issues in his ministry.
Kronprinsessan i möte med landsbygdsministern - Sveriges Kungahus

A better photo from the meeting at minister Sven-Erik Bucht's Facebook
"Have had a very nice meeting with Crown Princess Victoria. She is a friend of the countryside and has great knowledge and an impressive commitment to food safety issues."
Old 09-16-2017, 02:38 AM
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Victoria arrives this afternoon to Helsinki to see Opera Höstsonaten (Autumn Sonata) at the Finnish National Opera on the occasion of Finland's 100th anniversary. Victoria has been invited by Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Svenska Kulturfonden (The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland).
Höstsonaten is a new finnish opera, composed by Sebastian Fagerlund. It is based on Ingmar Bergman's classic film with the same name. Swedish mezzosoprano Anne Sofie von Otter sings the main role at the opera.

The finnish press tells that people can see Victoria in Helsinki only by a glimpse. Victoria comes to the Opera (starting at 18.00) by car straight from the airport. She doesn't move elsewhere in Helsinki, and goes by car.
- She is brought to the opera door where she goes in, says Maria Romantschuk, programme director of the Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre.
There may be the only chance of seeing the prinsess.
- She just comes out of the car and goes into the opera, Romantschuk says.
The media can photograph the crown princess shortly in the opera, but she doesn't give interviews.
Katja Jokinen, Head of Communications of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, wasn't able to say on Friday whether other opera viewers could see the crown princess.
Romantschuk tells that after the opera performance the crown princess has program organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Finland.
The princess arrives alone and stays the night in Finland. She will return to Sweden the next morning, says Embassy Counselor Jan Nyberg from the Embassy of Sweden in Finland.
- She was invited a long time ago. She decided to come and celebrate the centenary of Finland, says Nyberg.
According to Romantschuk, the hosts were very happy about that the crown princess accepted the invitation.
- This is where she participates in the celebration of 100th anniversary of Finland.
Kyllähän hän astuu autosta ja menee oopperaan_ – Vickania mahdollisuus nähdä vain vilaukselta _ Kotimaa _

Iltalehti speculates if Victoria visits also Meeri Koutaniemi's photo exhibition which is shown at the foyer or the National Opera. And if Victoria stays also this time at Hotel Haven, where she and Daniel stayed on their visit to Finland.
Prinsessa Victoria tänään Suomessa - tämä pikavierailusta tiedetään

Iltasanomat tells that according to the information they have got, there will be a small event after the opera, in which attend in addition to Victoria the hosts of the visit, ambassador Anders Ahnlid and the main performers of the opera. Iltasanomat also highlights that Victoria uses regular flights, and that is why she returns to Sweden on Sunday, not today.
Kruununprinsessa Victoria saapuu tänään Suomeen – käytännöllinen kuninkaallinen suosii reittilentoja - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Trailer of Opera Höstsonaten
Old 09-16-2017, 11:07 AM
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Victoria arrived to Finnish National Opera in Helsinki with ambassador Anders Ahnlid and her aide-de-camp colonel Lena Persson-Herlitz. Victoria was first welcomed by Päivi Kärkkäinen, the general director of Finnish National Opera. Inside she was welcomed by the hosts of the evening, Gunvor Kronman, the ceo of Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and Stefan Wallin, the Chairman of Svenska Kulturfonden (The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland).
The finnish press tells that Victoria was joyful and happy as usual and didn't mind the rain. She waved to the people who had waited for her outside the Opera. She noticed the that there was a lot of press. The press praises Victoria's outfit as extremely stylish and just the right choice for an evening at the Opera. The security was strict at the Opera.
Kruununprinsessa Victoria säteili Helsingissä oopperassa – sadesää ei pelästyttänyt_ mikä juhla-asu! - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat
Kruununprinsessa Victoria häikäisi Kansallisoopperassa Helsingissä - Upea kukkahame!
Kruununprinsessa Victoria varasti katseet – edustaa säkenöivänä Helsingissä - Viihde -
Järeät turvatoimet_ Prinsessa Victoria karautti oopperaan Audilla – jutusteli pilke silmäkulmassa Stefan Wallinin kanssa - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat
Victoria firade Finland på operan
Tihkusade ei haitannut Victorian ihailijoita_ _Hän on kaikista kaunein_ - tältä kruununprinsessa näytti Suomi100-vierailullaan _ Kotimaa _

Photos from Twitter of Embassy of Sweden in Finland
And from Facebook of the Embassy

Kruununprinsessa Victoria vieraili Oopperassa _ Videot _
Video from Twitter of Finnish National Opera

A short clip of Victoria's visit was shown at the main finnish News at YLE TV1, and also at MTV News.

Photos from Facebook of Finnish National Opera
Kruununprinsessa Victorian vierailu 16.9.2017 _ Facebook

Photos from Facebook of Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre

Photo from Royal Court Instagram

Photos from Stella Pictures


Kronprinsessan Victoria på 100-årsjubileum i Finland

From Twitter of Anders Ahnlid, Ambassador of Sweden in Finland
Memorable evening @oopperabaletti. Crown Princess Victoria present for #Höstsonaten and to celebrate #Finland100. Deep touching great achievement!
Old 09-17-2017, 03:37 AM
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Anders Ahnlid, the ambassador of Sweden in Finland, hosted an event at the Embassy after the Opera. From his Twitter:
"Great honor to host H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria, representatives of the amazing opera #Höstsonaten & Other Finnish Culture & Social life"

At the photo are among others the composer of Höstsonaten Sebastian Fagerlund, the conductor of the opera John Storgårds, Nasima Razmyar, the Deputy Mayor for Culture and Leisure of the City of Helsinki and Maria Ylipää, singer/actress who hosted and sang on 1st June in Hanaholmen, when the Nordic Heads of State celebrated Finland's 100th Anniversary.

Ambassador Ahnlid's photos at his Facebook
"A memorable evening with Höstsonaten at Finnish National Opera to celebrate Finland's 100 years of independence in the presence of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria was finished with a nice visit to our Swedish Embassy in Helsinki!"

Nasima Razmyar, the Deputy Mayor for Culture and Leisure of the City of Helsinki, at her Twitter
"Thanks for a nice evening. The Crown Princess is a brilliant person who brings light and joy with her."
Nasima Razmyar at her Instagram
"I got a pleasure to meet Crown Princess Victoria yesterday. Her charisma and character make an indelible impression. In addition, I experienced a real emotional experience in Höstsonaten opera, The Financial Times has given a full five stars and completely for the reason. Fine opera. Fine night."

Sebastian Fagerlund, the composer of Opera Höstsonaten, at his Twitter
"Happy and touched that Crown Princess Victoria was present at the opera #Höstsonaten A warm thanks to @SveAmbFI for memorable reception"

Writer and columnist Kaj Korkea-aho at his Instagram
"Thanks to Sweden's Embassy and Ambassador Anders Ahnlid for a brilliant evening of interesting meetings and conversations. An especially great pleasure was to meet Crown Princess Victoria, what a charismatic inspirator!"

Expressen's fashion expert Magda Omerspahic:
- Great for Victoria to showcase Swedish design as often as she actually does when she travels abroad. She matches a floral skirt from Camilla Thulin gorgeously with a powdery blouse from Daisy Grace. Both the a-line dress and the details of the sleeves feel right.
- This is actually not the first time Victoria carries exactly this outfit. Last we saw it when the Danish Crown Prince couple was visiting Stockholm this spring. Great that it is recycled!
Kronprinsessan Victorias klädrepris i svensk design _ Kungligt _ Expressen
Old 09-18-2017, 10:49 AM
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Finnish press about Victoria's visit to the Finnish National Opera:
Gunvor Kronman, the ceo of Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, told to Iltalehti, that everything went as planned. Even the sun came through when Victoria stepped out of the car. This was a short visit, so it wasn't planned for months, but still there are many things to notice. Victoria had her own bodyguards, but also the finnish police secured her visit. Kronman tells that she talked with Victoria a few times during the visit, about the opera and also other things. Kronman tells that they discussed about icehockey and the World Championships in Denmark.
Kruununprinsessa Victorian vierailu sujui erinomaisesti - Hanasaaren kulttuurikeskuksen johtaja_ ”Kaikki meni juuri niin kuin piti”

Gunvor Kronman told to Iltasanomat, that everything went really well. The atmosphere was cheerful and wonderful. The opera performance (Höstsonaten) is not happy, but it is a fantastic and artistic entity. The princess was impressed. Mother-daughter relationship and father-child relationship touch universally everyone, Kronman describes.
After the opera, the evening continued in nice and relaxed event at the Swedish Embassy. Among the dinner guests were renowned Finnish artists with whom Victoria was talking unrestrainedly during the evening.
- The Crown Princess met Finnish writers and musicians, as well as key political figures, said Kronman, adding that Victoria also had a lot of people on her own age to talk with.
Crown Princess sat at dinner with Joachim Thibblin, the director of Svenska Teatern and Leif Jakobsson, the director of Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. Free conversation was held in swedish the whole evening.
- It was very relaxed association. The Crown Princess likes Finland enormously and enjoys these visits, says Kronman.
Kronman has met Crown Princess Victoria several times through her job. She describes Victoria as a truly charming and nice person.
- She is very warm and takes all the situations with the necessary seriousness. She is always interested in other people and phenomenons, says Kronman.
Näin Victorian Suomen-vierailu eteni – yksityiskohdat oopperaillasta julki_ ”Prinsessa oli vaikuttunut” - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

The royal court about the visit at it's website
Kronprinsessan på Höstsonaten - Sveriges Kungahus

ROYAL: Kronprinzessin Victoria zur Opernvorstellung der Herbstsonate anlässlich dem 100-jährigen Jubiläum von Finnland
Old 09-20-2017, 11:24 PM
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Victoria attends today at Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture 2017 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm University and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences are proud to present the Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture 2017, to be delivered September 21 by Kevin Anderson, professor in climate and energy, and Uppsala University’s Zennström professor in Climate change leadership at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS).
This annual memorial lecture is in honour of Gordon Goodman, founding director of the Beijer Institute at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences from 1977–1989 and the Stockholm Environment Institute from 1989–1991.
The Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture 2017 - Kevin Anderson Registration, Thu, 21 Sep 2017 at 13_30 _ Eventbrite
Old 09-21-2017, 01:39 AM
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