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Old 01-16-2018, 11:03 AM
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Victoria was added today at the calendar to attend at the opening of Ockelbo's new multisports hall on 25th January. Previosly it has been told in the press that Daniel would attend. Maybe they take even Estelle and Oscar with them to watch when their dad plays ice hockey with former swedish superstars:

Originally Posted by LadyFinn View Post
Press release from the municipality of Ockelbo:

The Prince and World Stars inaugurate the combi hall - A prince and a whole bunch of hockey kings and queens
Prince Daniel's team includes Peter Forsberg, Nicklas Lidström, Mats Sundin, Markus Näslund, Maria Rooth, Mattias Norström, Emelie Berggren and a series of other former world stars.
- History will be written. It is great, says Christian Stark, Ockelbo HC's chairman.
Prince Daniel played ice hockey when he grew up in Ockelbo. And he does not mind paying back for what he experienced.
Not only is Prince Daniel participating at the inauguration of Ugglebo Arena on January 25th. Attending the inauguration match between his own team Team Generation Pep and Ockelbo HC, the prince has a whole bus filled with Olympic gold medalists, Stanley Cup winners and world champions.
- Prince Daniel continues to deliver. Time after time he shows what enormous commitment he feels for his hometown, says municipal commissioner Magnus Jonsson. He is pleased that the prince and world stars come to Ugglebo Arena to spread star glory over the family celebration that the opening ceremony is supposed to be.
In fact, it was the prince himself who threw the idea that he would "put together a bunch of people he knows" and play inaugural match to support little but hard-working Ockelbo HC, the engine in the building of the arena for hockey, inlines, archery and other sports.
- We met when Prince Daniel was in Ockelbo at Christmas and was skating with Princess Estelle last year. That's when he said he might have some acquaintances who would like to play inaugural match to give us some attention, says Stark.
Prince Daniel seems to have shared some thoughts and ideas with Bosse Stark, also a famous Ockelboprofile, who then went to his brother, hockey club's chairman.
Now Prince Daniel reveals that the acquaintances he pulled together to the match are some of the world's best ice hockey players ever, and other highly-rated players.
- You get shivers when you only think about it. Together they have won everything that is possible. The question is how often so many world stars meet to play a stunt match. It feels a bit historical, says Stark.
Team Generation Pep
21 Peter Forsberg
13 Mats Sundin
4 Mattias Norström
5 Nicklas Lidström
19 Markus Näslund
24 Andreas Dackell
27 Maria Rooth
2 Mattias Öhlund
10 Andreas Johansson
12 Jörgen Nyström
32 Mikael Tellqvist
73 Prince Daniel
55 Emelie Berggren
Prinsen och världsstjärnor inviger kombihallen— Ockelbo kommun

Old 01-24-2018, 11:59 PM
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Victoria and Daniel attend today at the inauguration of Ockelbo's new multisports hall. There will be a hockey match between Ockelbo Hockey A-Team vs. Team Generation Pep, where Daniel plays with the former hockey superstars.
The event was sold out immediately, but there will be a big screen at the restaurant tent outside the hall. The arrangers of the event are Ockelbo Hockey Club, Ica Ugglebo och Ockelbo Municipality.
Invigning av Ugglebo Arena— Ockelbo kommun

At the information to the media it is told that the doors to the hall will be opened at 16.00 and the players will warm up from 17.20. The inauguration starts at 18.00 and the match starts at 18.30.
Possible interview requests to Prince Daniel had to be done to information officer Ulrika Näsholm at the court.
Pressinformation— Ockelbo kommun

Peter Forsberg, Sweden's best hockey player through the ages never hesitated to say yes when his friend, Prince Daniel, needed players for the opening match in Ockelbo. - It was obvious to say yes. This will be really fun, says Peter "Foppa" Forsberg, revealing that he met Daniel Westling in a ice hockey cup in Hofors many years ago. Foppa joked before the match in Ockelbo: - We wil see if Prince Daniel is better now than when I met him at the last time.
Foppa_ inför matchen i Ockelbo_ _Får se om prins Daniel är bättre nu än när jag mötte honom senast_

Daniel, Peter "Foppa" Forsberg and the other players arrived to Ockelbo multisports hall. Bad quality video

Svensk Damtidning: Look at the photos, the King of Ockelbo has come home! Nice photo of Daniel with his friend Bosse Stark.
Se bilderna – kungen av Ockelbo har kommit hem! _ Svensk Damtidning

IBL Bildbyrå
Belga Image

Daniel was interviewed before the warm up.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Victoria and Oscar, and Ewa and Olle Westling and Hedvig Blom. Also Anna Westling Söderström, her daughter Vera Blom, her husband Mikael and his children are there.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Estelle and Vera Blom.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Old 01-25-2018, 11:58 AM
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Daniel looks ready to go! How fun to play hockey with the stars
Old 01-25-2018, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by polyesco View Post
Daniel looks ready to go! How fun to play hockey with the stars
Yes he does, doesn't he?
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Peter Forsberg and Mats Sundin are Daniel's friends, and when they agreed to play this match, they got some of their superstar friends also take part.

Some good photos.
Bildextra! Estelle och Oscar med mamma och pappa i Ockelbo _ Svensk Damtidning

In Generation Pep, an organization that works to make children and youngsters move more, the son from Ockelbo, Prince Daniel plays together with former big stars like Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin and Markus Näslund. The legendary manager Anders "Pudding" Weiderstål coaches the team.
Crown Princess Victoria was in place at the VIP section during the match, together with children Estelle and Oscar.
Gefle Dagblad wrote that Prince Daniel was ill before the match, but he was on the ice during the warm up.
- I'm tired of warming up, it's going to be fun to see how much you can do, said the Prince in GD's broadcast from the match.
The Prince also looked forward to paying homage to his teammates, the former NHL stars, because they wanted to play during the evening.
- It's superb, our best hockey players ever.
Then he revealed that a certain drama occurred during the warming up.
- I was about to be crossed by an ice resurfacer here, we'll see how it goes now, laughed the prince before returning to the ice.
Peter Forsberg was a little worried about the shape.
- Before I was training with Sundin and the others the other day I had not been on the skates since last fall while playing with Icebreakers. So it will probably be noticed that you have not played much lately, he told ÖP.
"Foppas" team led by 4-0 already when only ten minutes was played.
Prins Daniel_ _Jag höll på att bli överkörd_ _ Hockey _ Expressen

Daniel was interviewed by SVT News Gävleborg.
Daniel was asked at the video that he has played hockey in Ockelbo, how does it feel to go to the ice with these guys? Daniel says: If I'm honest, I have been ill and haven't exercised in two weeks and it has gone 22 years since I have played a hockey match. It feels a little nervous, but it is these guys who are going to shine, not me. Nicklas Lindström, a former NHL star, says: It is nice to meet like this, we got to talk a little at the bus fromm Stockholm and then go to the ice together. Peter Forsberg says: Of course we come to play. It is always great when new sports halls are inaugurated, where young people can play hockey. Good atmosphere. Great to come here. And it is a little special to play with prince Daniel, I must admit that! What a sports hall can mean to a municipality, the reporter asks. Daniel says: It is a meeting point and something people can together be happy about. I think it means very much.
Prinsen och Foppa intog Ockelbo _ SVT Nyheter
Old 01-25-2018, 01:50 PM
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From Facebook of Ockelbo Municipality
Warm up
The official inauguration of the multisports Hall ICA Ugglebo Arena, Daniel and Christian Stark, Ockelbo HC's chairman
Daniel made the 4-0 goal. The match ended 8-6, Daniel's Team Generation Pep won.

Photo of Team Generation Pep at court Instagram

Hockeyfest när Prinsen och stjärnorna intog Ockelbo _ Aftonbladet


After the match. Daniel with Estelle and Oscar. I guess Oscar was wondering a little to see his dad as a hockey player.

Victoria and Daniel
Old 01-25-2018, 03:24 PM
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This was quite an evening for Ockelbo. The match was shown live at the websites of many newspapers, you could see it if you are registered.

This Tweet also tells about how many people saw the event
"One Thursday in January Foppa goes around in an ice hall in little Ockelbo OMG"

Video of Daniel's interview after the warm up. And a photo of Daniel being congratulated.
Prins Daniel om stjärntäta invigningen av nya arenan i Ockelbo_ _Kul för orten_

Photos from Facebook of Generation Pep

Some nice photos and a video of the family.
Estelle myste med Victoria i Ockelbo – under Daniels match _ Hockey _ Expressen


Daniel greets Victoria and Oscar from the ice
Estelle and popcorn, the press has told she likes it.
Mom Victoria and grandpa Olle showing something to Oscar
Old 01-26-2018, 12:21 AM
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Celebration for the crowd when the Prince came home and inaugurated the Ugglebo Arena, look at photos here.
Publikfest när prinsen kom hem och invigde Ugglebo Arena – se bilderna här

The court about the match at their website

Victoria och lillprins Oscar i Ockelbo _ Svensk Damtidning

The newly built hockey hall as full when Prince Daniel at 18 o'clock inaugurated it with people from Ockelbo HC.
In the stands, Crown Princess Victoria was accompanied by the children Estelle and Oscar,, as supporters.
They witnessed an event where the prince participated in an allstar team together with former stars such as Peter Forsberg, Nicklas Lidström and Mats Sundin.
- I know many of them and they thought it was fun. They are very good girls and boys and it felt like hockey had given them so much so I think they are very generous to pay back. This is not the first time they set up. Maybe not everyone at the same time, but they are doing good things, he says.
What do you think it means to Ockelbo as a society that you come here and play?
- Everything that creates community and common topics matters to society. You get together and meet and talk about things. Fun to see that they have had this sports hall made after many years with very ideal forces.
How often are you in your old home place?
- It differs but some times a year. I love coming here and I know a lot of people here and have my parents here. I feel really dearly to come here.
Prins Daniel invigde hockeyhall i Ockelbo _ Aftonbladet

Victoria cheering for Daniel
Old 01-26-2018, 08:23 AM
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Lovely pictures of the family. Thank you.
Old 01-26-2018, 10:28 AM
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- It was great, just great. It's these guys whom you have looked up your whole live and to meet them, it was really cool, says Ockelbo HC's David Jansson despite that his team lost.
Maria Rooth from Generation Pep said:
- It has been a great fun day that ended with an ice hockey match at the full hall, fun anyway.
Hockeyfest i Ockelbo när nya hallen invigdes - P4 Gävleborg _ Sveriges Radio

And some selfies were taken after the match.

Some of the players of Generation Pep have commented at their social media
Peter Forsberg
"Thank you to the people in Ockelbo for all the support at the game yesterday. Fun with a win but noticing I'm far from being in good shape"
Mikael Tellqvist (some photos from the bus when they were going from Stockholm to Ockelbo)
"Thanks Ockelbo for a cracking evening"
Maria Rooth
"Thank you, #prinsdaniel, that I got to be with in Ockelbo today and inaugurate the ice hall. Great experience, crowded in the hall! And we won, always fun!"

Slideshow of photos, mostly of Estelle

Finaste bilderna på prinsessan Estelles kramkalas! _ Svensk Damtidning
Mor och dotter-kärlek_ Här myser Estelle och Victoria tillsammans, medan prins Daniel spelar hockey _ Hä

Prinssi Daniel pelasi lätkää - pikkuprinssi Oscar kannusti suomalaisen Reiman haalarissa
Old 01-26-2018, 01:52 PM
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Video of Daniel making a goal
Prins Daniel en av målskyttarna i invigningsmatchen _ SVT Nyheter

Another video from the match
Prins Daniel invigde hall i Ockelbo med Peter Forsberg med flera storstjärnor - DN.SE

Gallery with great photos without watermark
Oscar et Estelle de Suède, supporters de choc pour leur papa le prince Daniel

Ockelbo Municipality about the match at their website. After 30 years of struggle, the Ockelbo Hockey Association invited to its long-awaited opening of the new multisports hall - Ugglebo Arena.
Kombihallen invigd med stjärnglans— Ockelbo kommun

Stoppa pressarna writes how Daniel became the King of Hockey in Ockelbo. Victoria was proud of him. And about Victoria's comeback after her illness. An eyewitness tells that Victoria looked so healthy. She was radiantly happy and talked about everything and to everyone.
Här blir Daniel hockeykung i Ockelbo _ Stoppa Pressarna
Victorias comeback efter tuffa sjukdomen _ Stoppa Pressarna

Videos from Bunte, nice to see Estelle with cousin Vera.
Victoria von Schweden_ So stolz! Voller Liebe sieht sie ihren Daniel an _
Estelle von Schweden_ So niedlich! Cousine Vera kümmert sich liebevoll um die Prinzessin _
Old 01-26-2018, 03:52 PM
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I admire Victoria so much. Her family seems to be one with so much love and fun and she is able to share that with the public yet maintain her privacy too. The kids are adorable and Daniel seems to be an upstanding person who appreciates what a fine person he has married. I am excited to see what kind of influential Queen she will be. I hope she will go down in history as someone who does great things for her country and the world.
Old 01-26-2018, 05:36 PM
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Loved the photos and videos of the CP family at the match - it's also nice to see Estelle with her cousins. Oscar is so cute in his little bobble hat.
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Old 01-27-2018, 05:49 AM
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It amazes me to see how relaxed Victoria and the children were among all the people. And it is great to see the closeness Daniel and Victoria are having with the Westlings and Daniel's sister Anna and her family. There were also some of Daniel's childhood friends to look at the match. Daniel was having fun and Victoria was so proud of him.

A video of Daniel's interview after the warm up, before the match. Daniel is asked how it feels in his heart to be here? Daniel says that it feels good in his heart to be here but his legs are tired. It feels better in his heart than in his legs. What does this kind of hall mean to Ockelbo? Daniel says that it means a lot to the Hockey Club, there is a good "go" at the club and it well be very developing. What expectations you have before the match? Daniel says that he doesn't have any expectations for himself, but it will be fun. He is hoping for a good match.
Peter Forsberg is asked how it feels to be here? Foppa says that it feels much fun, it's great to play a little. This is a great thing, we are inaugurating a new ice rink so that our young people can continue this great sport. It is also a little special to play with prince Daniel, so it goes without saying that he said yes when he got the invitation. What expectations you have from the match? Foppa says: to have fun for 30 minutes and win in the end.

Pikkukuninkaalliset suloisissa talvikuvissa_ Oscarilla, 1, yllättäen suomalainen lastenvaate – hupaisa ilme pilkisti puvun sisältä - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Victoria and Oscar
Old 01-27-2018, 08:14 AM
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Here's a video of the Crown Princely Family at the Ugglebo Arena and Prince Daniel scoring!

Old 01-27-2018, 08:21 AM
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Time to open a new thread which can be found here


Closed Thread

crown princess victoria, prince daniel

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