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Old 05-01-2010, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by sgl View Post
Yes, I realize that; however, for the purposes of my question, it is easier to describe him as the man seated next to the Crown Princess. Not everybody can identify by sight the Danish Prime Minister.

But thank you for pointing that out
Judging by your post you knew who the man was, so wouldn't it be logical that for the benefit of those reading who may not know who he was, that you would refer to him as the Prime Minister? It's not like we can get him confused with the man on Mary's left, afterall...

Also-many people read this site in an effort to learn something about royalty. Not everyone may know the official terms for the items associated with royal orders. A polite, "It is called a badge, medal and ladies' bow, or breast star; not a pin" is much nicer (IMO) than putting quotes around the word the poster used. If you happen to know the correct terms, then please share your knowledge. Do not hold it against another member if he/she does not use the term
With all due respect, there was no need to make an issue where there wasn't one.

I did share my 'knowledge', in the exact same way I'd expect someone else to share theres. My use of italics is to highlight a word or sentence, not an intention. There was nothing rude about my response.

Hold it against a member for not using an exact term? I'm sorry, but you're emphatically incorrect.

Originally Posted by Sister Morphine View Post
4. The Order of the Dannebrog Star.
It is the Order of the Elephant star


"Dressing is a way of life" - Monsieur Saint Laurent
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Old 05-07-2010, 04:54 PM
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Summary of several articles in Billed Bladet #18, 2010.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen & Henrik Salling.

Now, You can hardly expect a magazine like Billed Bladet to deal with the more political issues in connection with a state visit. – And indeed they didn’t.
In fact they managed to write four articles basically about nothing.

One entire article was devoted to the fact that the various ladies in the DRF recycled their dresses – within one month. Oh goody!
Another article was devoted to the fact that Mary and Marie indeed are sweet, enchanting and presentable. Our reporter Ulrik Ulriksen, who is never at loss for words, managed to outdo himself in his praise of the two Princesses and I quote: - ..Here not only Danish and Russian reporters and photographers could again enjoy Mary and Marie. Also the many paying guests in the old pleasure-garden (Tivoli) looked on gawking and admiring as Denmark’s beautiful Princesses strolled from Nimb over the Lawn into the concert hall. And an hour and a half later they strolled out again to the waiting crown cars (royal cars) at the main entrance of Tivoli.
Rarely has Tivoli been more beautiful. Thanks to among others Crown Princess Mary and Princes Marie”.
(Sorry for the break, had to go and say hello in the big phone in the bathroom).
I mean, Medvedev and Svetlana Medvedeva were surrounded by no less than 60 security guards, two zillion photographers and a couple of hundred staff members. – Okay, slightly exaggerated I admit. But people would hardly have seen more than a few glimpses of Mary and la Marie, however enchanting they are.
Even a Russian journalist was quoted for saying: “They sure are beautiful, your two Princesses”.

Mary and Svetlana Medvedeva visiting Rosenborg and stuff, only get a few lines.

Okay, Joachim and Marie are fast becoming the favourite couple in Billed Bladet because they continue to supply the mag with cute and idyllic photo-ops, so Henrik Salling, no doubt in an attempt to compete with his meister-at-words, Ulrik Ulriksen, wrote: - Especially Joachim and Princes Marie seemed to enjoy each other to the fullest. (*) Joachim gallantly ensured that Marie at no time was left alone and the love between them lit up and competed with big sea of light in Tivoli. (**)
Ah, come on, Ulrik Ulriksen and Henrik Salling, surely you can do better….

We are however also informed that everyone enjoyed a buffet at the restaurant Nimb in Tivoli and that they enjoyed bits from the Bolshoi Theatre, very appreciated by QMII, who is very fond of ballet. That was a part of the return dinner hosted by the Russian guests.
The gentleman sitting next to petite Marie at the gala dinner at Fredensborg was the Russian ambassador to Denmark, Teymouraz Ramishvilli. (Sitting to her left).
President Medvedev and Queen Margrethe seemed to get along fine. Medvedev is apparently a pretty serious man, but during this visit he was relaxed and smiling and even laughed heartily. Both being interested in literature, painting, culture and music no doubt ensured they had a lot in common.

(*) They held hands of course! What did you think I was referring to? You and your dirty minds…

(**) And not an eye was dry…

ADDED: I should perhaps explain that for the first time in five years I was in the situation that there was hardly material enough to write a summary about an event involving the DRF. - And a state visit at that!

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