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Old 11-22-2020, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by tommy100 View Post
Baby girl for Eugenie and Jack
Beatrice announces pregnancy at some point in year
Philip has quiet 100th Birthday celebration
Royals get out and about more thanks to vaccine
Andrew stays in a holding pattern of no public duties and any suggestions of them resuming are dismissed. Maybe he starts doing some good work privately but further focus on hims comes from trials in US
Harry and Meghan review sees them formally leave behind RF and start life in California almost full time with only a few returns for Harry
Meghan drops DM case after another big revelation

More good times for Vic and Daniel
Maddie and Chris have some marriage/finance difficulties

WA and Maxima ride their big popularity until some sort of problem showing them to be out of touch a la the Greece holiday
Negative reports about RF finances (as ever)
We see more of Beatrix again as Covid comes under control

No return to Spain for JC
More financial issues arise in press resulting in Felipe asking public body to audit his finances

Protests against King gain traction and gain worldwide attention

More revelations about MT see her effectively leave Luxembourg a live basically full time in Paris
Gui and Steph take on more duties in Luxembourg with Steph coming into her own without MT around
Louis' relationship becomes more serious and maybe an engagement
Alex gets a boyfriend (well her boyfriend becomes public)
Tessy continues to embarrass herself holding on to her royal links

ML and her BF become engaged causing uproar in Norway to the extent they announce they are moving to USA a la Sussexs
Haakon takes on more and more as Harald faces ill health
Haakon gets a new suit...that fits
Who are ML and BF?

Old 11-22-2020, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by duchessrachel View Post
Who are ML and BF?
Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her BoyFriend Durek Verrett were meant

**** Welcome aboard! ****
Old 11-22-2020, 05:13 PM
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-First tiara eventi for Elisabeth
-Engagement for Joachim or possibly Maria Laura
-The role of Delphine is made more clear

-F&M continue to step up but QMII is still steady on the throne
-J&M stay in France, maybe some info about the future intentions of Nikolai and Félix

-MT will have more problema
-Third child for F&C
-Engagement for Louis and Scarlett
-Sébastien and/or Alexandra will reveal a SO

-Third child for Pierre and Beatrice
-Engagement for Jazmin and Ian

-WA and Maxima will be scolded for their spending/lifestyle and will tone it down

-Wedding for ML and Durek, Norwegians are pretty upset about it
-Haakon will step up and MM will stay stable

-Third child for CP and Sofia
-Some kind of problem for Madde

-The Cambridges are done with children
-Second son for the Sussexs, they will continue the American life and leave the Firm behind even more
-A son for E&J
-Pregnancy for Gabriella and maybe Bea (but I think she will wait till 2022)
Old 11-22-2020, 05:33 PM
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Elisabeth will enroll at KU Leuven


Margrethe will not step back, barely scaling down


Engagement for Sebastien


Tiara photoshoot for Catharina-Amalia's 18th birthday


Long regency periods for Haakon
No marriage nor engagement for Märtha Louise


If the pandemic allows it, Leonor will spend some school time in the US
More family members will get involved in Juan Carlos' financial issues


Silvia will take some time off


A girl for Eugenie and Jack
No official apperance for Harry except than for his mother's statue unveiling
Old 11-23-2020, 12:42 AM
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- Princess Elisabeth will get even more media coverage, mostly about her military training and her duties, before she left Belgium for university
- Elegant photos of Princess Elisabeth (hopefully with a tiara!) released for her 20th birthday
- Prince Gabriel will either take a gap year or doing a 1-year military training like his sister
- Engagement news for Prince Joachim and Victoria Ortiz
- Romance news for Princess Maria Laura and possibly Princess Luisa Maria as well
- Princess Delphine will be seen more with the royal family and started to participate in royal engagements, though not as much

The Netherlands
- Even more talk and controversy related to the RF's financial situation
- If Covid does not permit, Princess Amalia will go straight to university instead of doing her gap year plans
- Princess Amalia's 18th birthday celebration, a formal one similar to Elisabeth's
- Boarding school for Princess Alexia?

- More coverage for Guillaume and Stephanie and little Charles
- Prince Louis appears more with his girlfriend Scarlett, probably an engagement at the end of the year
- Romance news (possibly an engagement) for Princess Alexandra

- Princess Ingrid Alexandra will get even more media coverage as she's about to turn 18, with possibly an interview or documentary about her life. The celebration will be held in January 2022
- Princess Ingrid Alexandra will carry more official engagements to support her grandfather
- Prince Sverre Magnus will attend the same secondary school as his sister
- Possible engagement for Princess Martha Louise and Durek or they just appear together more frequently

- Prince Christian will have a quite big confirmation celebration in April
- Prince Christian will go to the same secondary school as Prince Felix
- Prince Felix will undergo military education after he graduated secondary school

- Pregnancy for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia by the summer
- Everything stay the same for the rest of the fam

- Princess Leonor will undergo her another milestone royal event
- Princess Leonor will possibly go to a boarding school overseas
- Not much happening for the extended fam

- 100th Birthday Celebration for Prince Philip
- Baby boy for Princess Eugenie and Jack in January 2021
- Pregnancy for Prince Harry and Meghan, a girl
- Pregnancy for Princess Beatrice and Edoardo, a girl
- Pregnancy for Lady Gabriella and Thomas Kingston, a boy
- Prince George will appear in the public to accompany his parent(s) on a public engagement
- Prince Andrew stays the same

* Regarding to state visits: there won't be any until the end of the year; and it will be between (or to) countries that already keep their Covid situation under control.
Old 11-23-2020, 01:23 AM
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All of below subject to the development of Covid 19 epidemic. (Just let me pretend that everything will resume normal in 2021. I know it's impossible but just let me dream)

* Mathilde wears the Spanish gift tiara as a necklace.
* Hopefully Elisabeth wears a tiara in some occasions.
(I just copy what I wrote last year)

* Christian invites Ingrid Alexandra to attend his confirmation together with her parents. Estelle doesn't join the confirmation but she goes to Denmark with her mother. And we get a picture of three Scandinavian future-future monarchs.
(I, again, copy what I wrote last year. Damn 2020)
* Margrethe has more and more sick leaves (mainly due to the issue of her legs), Frederik continues stepping up.
* Joachim and Marie stays in France, Nikolai continues working hard on his modeling career and Felix starts pursuing a career in military.

* Still no wedding announcement for Mako, more bad news and rumors from her fiance.
* Masako debuts the Chrysanthemum tiara in New Year Reception.
* Aiko reuses this tiara for her 20th Birthday.

* MT continues staying in Paris and Stephanie takes up some of her duty as the first lady.
* Abdication rumor widely spreads but nothing happens in 2021.
* Engagement announcement from Louis.
* Pregnancy announcement from HGD couple at the end of the year, and it's a girl.
* Tessy decides to publish a parenting book, emphasizing "mother of two princes."

The Netherlands
* Minor bad publicity or controversies keep happening but no serious issues happen.

* Harald takes more sick leaves (to rest, not because of illness) but nothing sad happens, Haakon takes up more duties from his father and acts as regent frequently.
* The palace announces the detail of Ingrid Alexandra's 18th birthday celebration. Different with her father, it will not be a white tie event (I hope I am wrong......).
* Martha Louise engages with her boyfriend, and announces that she will completely give up her title and succession right. They have a private wedding and after marriage they will move to US (to do whatever they want). Her daughters will stay in Norway with their father's or uncle's family to complete their study.

* Gratefully nothing happens.

* Madeleine and Chris enjoy their stable quiet life in US happily, even though the same old random stories of "marriage failure", "financial crisis", etc. keep popping up from Swedish press.
* CP spends more time on car racing.

* For some reason the royal family, especially the king, lost the supports from the government, many laws regarding royal family are going to be abolished, and a massive monarchy reformation is near (really hope it will happen).

* State visit from Japan or Belgium (please).
* Sophie gets a new splendid tiara loan (I said that I am going to write it on my every prediction).
* Eugenie and Jack will have a baby girl.
* No pregnancy or marriage announcement this year.

Last but the least everyone is safe and healthy.
Bad money drives out good.
Old 11-23-2020, 09:24 AM
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This is fun. I know my predictions are either far-fetched or generic, but here goes nothing.

  • Joachim and Victoria get engaged.
  • Elisabeth attends first tiara event.
  • Delphine’s kids meet their maternal cousins.

  • Eeuphelma and Dasho Thinlay Norbu announce pregnancy.

  • Ingrid attends Christian’s confirmation, which is as high-key as the situation permits.
  • Fred and Mary perform more duties on behalf of Margrethe, who remains in good health.
  • Felix starts military training.
  • Joachim and Marie remain in France.

  • Masako wears Chrysanthemum Tiara for the first time.
  • Mako and Kei continue to sort out the latter’s financial issues.
  • Kako performs more engagements to prepare for her sister’s imminent wedding.

  • Alex starts dating.
  • Seb starts dating.
  • Guillaume and Stephanie perform more duties, which means there won’t be another pregnancy any time soon.
  • Louis and Scarlett announce engagement.

  • Jazmin and Ian get engaged.
  • Louis and Marie announce pregnancy.
  • Pauline starts dating.
  • Pierre and Beatrice announce pregnancy.

  • Catharina-Amalia participates in major event for the first time.

  • Haakon takes over some of Harald’s duties as the latter gets older.
  • Märtha Louise and Durek get engaged, causing much shock and uproar in Norway.
  • Possible rumors that Ingrid Alexandra will learn Northern Sami in order to connect with the Sami minority better.

  • Juan Carlos remains outside of Spain.

  • Carl Philip and Sofia announce pregnancy.

  • Protests lead to massive reforms of the monarchy, such as repealing its draconian lèse-majesté laws, more transparency, probably switching to absolute primogeniture, and probably allowing family members to marry non-Thais without losing succession rights (provided that the partner learns Thai and is a Theravada Buddhist or converts to it).

  • Sheikh Mohammad’s image is tarnished even further when more evidence of his cruel treatment of his daughters surface.

  • Beatrice and Edo announce pregnancy.
  • Eugenie gives birth to a boy.
  • Harry and Meghan receive ultimatum: stay in America and lose their titles or keep their titles and return to the UK.
  • BRF celebrates Philip’s 100th birthday party, though it won’t be a highly lavish affair.

  • In a last-ditch effort to find a princess bride, Rafael sets his sights on non-European royalty, particularly the Sub-Saharan African ones.

  • Theodora and Matthew marry in a scaled-down ceremony.
  • Philippos and Nina get married in a scaled-down ceremony.

  • Nicolae reconciles with his mom.

  • George and Rebecca announce engagement, angering some hardcore traditionalist monarchists.
Old 11-30-2020, 01:08 PM
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My pregnancy guesses:
HRH Princess Beatrice of York
HRH Princess Sofia of Sweden
HRH Princess Theodora of Greece
HRH Hereditary Grandduchess Stephanie of Luxemburg
Marie Ducruet
Beatrice Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi
The Duchess of Sussex
HRH Princess Nina of Greece
HIRH Archduchess Elisabetta of Austria
HIRH Archduchess Gabriella of Austria, Princess of Bourbon-Parma
HIRH Archduchess Éleonore of Austria
HRH Princess Elia of Albania
HRH Princess Tatjana of Greece
Lady Gabriella Kingston
HSH Princess Mahkameh of Schaumburg-Lippe
HRH Princess Scarlett of Luxemburg

HRH Princess Theodora of Greece + Matthew Kumar
HRH Prince Philippos of Greece + Nina Flohr
HIH Grandduke Georgi of Russia + Rebecca Bettarini
HSH Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg + Carina Axelson
HSH Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein + Rafe Worthington
HRH Prince Louis of Luxemburg + Scarlett Lauren Sirgue
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Old 11-30-2020, 01:58 PM
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A Boy for Eugenie and Jack
2. Boy for Adelaide and Christoph of Austria
4th girl for Kathleen and Imre of Austria
3. No wedding for Theodora and Matthew
4. Engagement and wedding for Joachim and Victoria (Belgium)
5. Third child for Carl Philipp and Sofia
6. Third child for Pierre and Beatrice
Charlotte and Dimitri will separate
7. Louis of Luxemburg will become engaged
8. Second child for Meghan and Harry
9. First Child (a daughter) for Beatrice and Eduard
10. Alexandra Luxemburg will become engaged
11. Märtha Louise and Durek will marry
12. Big Party for Maxima's 50th birthday

I like your predictions. I think some of them will be SPOT ON.

As regards No.10? Is Princess Alexandra of Luxemburg seeing someone?
Old 11-30-2020, 07:34 PM
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UK -
Harry and Meghan’s future roles are finalized and it is confirmed that they will live in USA full time from now on - and that Eugenie and Jack has moved to Frogmore Cottage permanently.... Though they will return to UK for Prince Philip’s 100 Birthday and for the unveiling of the statue of Diana.

The legal situation with Prince Andrew and the Epstein-affair remains unchanged and he continues to refuse to cooperate with the legal authorities, being his usual arrogant self...
His Honorary military appointments is (finally) taken away from him after heavy pressure from the armed forces.

Prince Philip’s 100 Birthday will be celebrated low key... No public appearances from him except for some official photos... Possibly a service of thanksgiving in St George’s Chapel if his health and the Covid-situation allows for it.

Princess Eugenie gives birth to a boy named Philip Brooksbank.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie gets a few new patronages.

Denmark -
Prince Christian is (given that the Covid-situation allows for it) celebrated after a Confirmation Service at Fredensborg or Gråsten.

A State Visit from USA takes place in the autumn. Now with a President who does not want to buy Greenland...

Plans are being presented for The Queen’s Golden Jubilée on Friday 14:th January 2022... It will in true Margrethe-style be a long gala weekend with lots of foreign guests, lots of royal jewellery, gala performances and glittering gala dinners in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Fredensborg

Sweden -
Incoming State Visits from Spain and Netherlands (if the Covid-situation allows for it)

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill moves back to London due to financial difficulties.

No more grandchildren for The King and Queen.

Norway -
By doctors orders, The King, very reluctantly, scales down on his public duties and The Crown Prince’s work load increases.
The Queen continues with a full program.

Maud Angelica Behn’s 18:th Birthday on 29:th April is celebrated at the Royal Palace with the entire Royal Family and Behn Family present.

Plans are being presented for Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18:th Birthday on 21:th January 2022... She also starts to appear more significantly in the media and performs some solo engagements.

Netherlands -
Queen Maxima’s 50:th Birthday on 17:th May is celebrated big (if the Covid-situation allows for it) with foreign royals present (though no guest from norway unless they have the actual celebration over the weekend).

Princess Catharina Amalia’s 18:th Birthday on 7:th December is celebrated with formal ceremonies and official pictures.

Belgium -
Princess Elisabeth appears in a tiara for the first time.

Delphine’s family is invited to family gatherings as a sign of peace and reconciliation.

Amedeo and Elisabetta expects their 3:rd child.

Luxembourg -
The Grand Duchess spends more and more time abroad wich causes new rumours of an imminent abdication. Though she always returns to the most important events to show that she is still the First Lady.

Gulliaume and Stephanie announces by the end of the year, that they are expecting their 2:nd child.

Monaco -
Charlene surprises us all by becoming more and more visible.

Louis and Marie announces that they are expecting their 1:st child.

Lichtenstein -
Engagement for Prince Josef Wenzel.

Spain -
JC remains exiled and far away from Spain.

King Felipe manages to regain support for the royal family in the popularity polls.

Thailand -
The King agrees to some changes in the constitution and voluntarily renounces some of his power to try to calm the protesters.

The King starts to undertake some foreign State visits... Everyone is playing guessing-games about wich one of of his Consorts will be accompanying him To everyones shock and dismay, it’s not always Queen Suthida

Princess Sirivannavari is named ”Crown Princess” by her father, replacing her half brother, and also getting engaged. She is choosen over her elder half sister as she is the only one who wants to get married and have children, giving the Thai Royal Family a future beyond Vajiralongkorn...

Japan -
The Empress adapts well to her role and is shown lots of love and support.

Princess Aiko is more and more visible... On her 20:th Birthday on 1 December, she will be presented with the insignia of the Order of the Precious Crown, and a stunning Pearl and Diamond parure from Mikimoto.. Ofcourse with a mirroring tiara and necklce

Greece -
Low key wedding for Theodora who also announces that she is expecting her 1:st child.

Low key wedding for Philippos.
Old 12-06-2020, 04:49 AM
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I think James MIDDLETON will marry next year, with Eugenie and Jack maybe attending, and Prince Louis as a pageboy.

A baby for Princess Beatrice.
A baby for Princess Sofia of Sweden, possibly?

Some weddings for the SPENCER family, but probably very low-key.
Old 12-07-2020, 03:20 AM
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A son for Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen of Austria
A son for Archduke Christoph and Archduchess Adelaide of Austria
Old 12-09-2020, 02:22 PM
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A June, 2021 baby for Zara, announced.

Who knows, Kate might even surprise us as well. I think definitely Pippa.
Old 12-09-2020, 02:31 PM
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I feel that 2021 will be a fairly quiet royal year and that 2022 will be cluttered with royal festivities with the Winter Olympics; Queen Margrethe's jubilee; Princess Elisabeth's 21st birthday; the centenary of insulin therapy for sugar diabetes; and maybe Crown Princess Mary's 50th birthday.
Old 12-09-2020, 08:49 PM
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For 2020 I made the following prediction:

13. Zara misses the Olympic team and announces another pregnancy around the time of her mother's 70th birthday - a boy born in 2021 named Philip Michael

Obviously with no Olympics in 2020 the first part became irrelevant but the second part - the pregnancy has now been confirmed. It will, of course, mean she won't be making the British Olympic Team for Tokyo either.
Old 12-09-2020, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Susan D View Post
I feel that 2021 will be a fairly quiet royal year and that 2022 will be cluttered with royal festivities with the Winter Olympics; Queen Margrethe's jubilee; Princess Elisabeth's 21st birthday; the centenary of insulin therapy for sugar diabetes; and maybe Crown Princess Mary's 50th birthday.
Yes, I believe that 2021 will be fairly quiet. And that 2022 will be full of royal festivities. Princess Ingrid Alexandra will turn 18 years old in 2022, so maybe some celebrations will happen? I wonder what happened to Haakon when he turned 18 years old.
♫A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.♥
Old 12-11-2020, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by kathia_sophia View Post
- Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel continue their duties
- Financial and relationship problem rumors for Princess Madeleine
- No more children for the sisters
- Pregnancy annoucement for Prince Car Phillip and Princess Sofia
- Princess Estelle continues to appear in the public eye
- Health problems for King Carl Gustaf
I got one right Well, the announcement was in 2020 and not in 2021, but it is a baby for 2021! How lovely

I didn't predict anything for Zara and Mike. So I didn't got anything right.
♫A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.♥
Old 12-11-2020, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by principessa View Post
HIRH Archduchess Elisabetta of Austria
Are you thinking of the wife of HRH Prince Amedeo of Belgium? Neither she or her husband use the titles HIRH or Archduchess/Archduke of Austria (though it forms part of Amedeo's full name in his birth registration).

In the statement the Palace sent out to the Belgian media to announce the birth of their son, her title was "Princess Elisabetta Rosboch von Wolkenstein".
Old 12-11-2020, 12:49 PM
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Last year I predicted that Martha-Louise and Durek would drift apart, due to her spending more time with her daughters. That didn't happen. But I think we will be hearing more From Norway in 2021 due to King Harald's health issues and Haakon and Ingrid Alexandra taking on more duties.

The Covid-19 situation will not be significantly better until the last half of 2021, which will affect state visits, etc.
Old 12-14-2020, 08:50 PM
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First child (a son) for Nina and Phillipos Greece around end of May

Second daughter for Gabriella and Henri Bourbon Parma

A boy for Zara and Mike

Third son for CP and Sofia

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