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Old 07-09-2018, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Pranter View Post
I don't think Meghan/Harry will be in the pics...I thought only the godparents were in the pics?

I don't remember seeing formal photos of either George or Charlotte's godparents. I'm sure they took some, but only family photos were released.

I expect to see Meghan and James Matthews this time if they release full family photos.

Old 07-09-2018, 08:48 PM
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Ah, just thought of the other impinging color element: the room where the pictures will be taken. What will the colors be of the furniture, the walls? What will be the outside lighting streaming through the windows? It's the setting that I think the Swedish RF does well, too, as well as their planned color schemed dressing.

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Old 07-09-2018, 08:48 PM
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Ah okay, thanks !

Old 07-09-2018, 09:27 PM
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I posted about the formal portraits situation in the christening thread, since this thread is about Meghan's fashion. Harry was on tour during Princess Charlotte's christening. full shot of Meghan today

I love Meghan's look from head to toe. I especially love the way she styled her hair, and I feel that the medium hemline length on this bespoke Ralph Lauren outfit suits Meghan the best. I don't like her overly conservative midi and maxi hemlines. I liked the styling, neckline and color of her yellow dress by the American designer, Brandon Maxwell, the other day. The back slit made up for the maxi to midi length hemline, which was okay. It's just that it came back-to-back-to-back with the Cheshire maxi to midi length, the Royal Ascot maxi, the Commonwealth event maxi to midi length that I tire of seeing on her. The olive green dress is also medium length but not too low down past her knees.
Old 07-10-2018, 06:11 AM
iceflower's Avatar
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The Duchess of Sussex looking lovely and elegant at the Centenary of the Royal Air Force today, July 10:

** Full view ** Full view 2 ** Back view ** Upper part ** Close up **
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Old 07-10-2018, 06:24 AM
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Meghan makes a striking figure in this dark outfit. She certainly likes those boat necklines, but a fuller skirt makes a nice change. I especially love, love the hat, and her hair. Divine!
Old 07-10-2018, 06:27 AM
Royal Suitor's Avatar
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I'm struggling with this look. The fascinator evokes images of airplane propellers and I just can't see past it to the rest of the outfit. In some pictures the dress looks navy in others it's black. All in all it seems a bit too simple and too dark for the occasion. Not my favorite.
Old 07-10-2018, 06:35 AM
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Christening outfit - I applaud her for wearing olive color, since it's a color that not everybody else can pull it of, but it suited Meghan. The dress was ok-ish, nothing to spectacular. My two complains goes to the hat and shoes; I hate the hat, the design is weird; and I know she likes monochromatic looks, but it would've been a better outfit if she wore another color for shoes...way too olive color!

Centenary of the Royal Air Force - LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! The dress might be simple, but it's beautiful, love the fuller skirt and neckline. For the hat...I actually like it, though. And finally a different colored shoes that aren't the same as the dress. Great look!
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Old 07-10-2018, 06:39 AM
Pranter's Avatar
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I love the whole silhouette and style of things ...I think the only thing I would change would be something the break up the black...a brooch, a belt with color. The shoe is not quite enough color for the whole outfit.

Old 07-10-2018, 06:41 AM
Nico's Avatar
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Interesting look, apparently by Dior.
Maybe a bit too dark for the occasion (especially with the other royal ladies opting for light colors, and black is always a bit tricky protocol wise), but i can see the tribute to the RAF uniforms. The fascinator is a nice touch as well.
Old 07-10-2018, 06:44 AM
An Ard Ri's Avatar
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Simple but yet stylish look on the duchess,wasn't overly keen on the fascinator and the colour might have been a tad somber for this occassion.
Old 07-10-2018, 06:47 AM
Abbigail's Avatar
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Location: Nashville, United States
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Once again, the duchess looks very chic. I believe she's wearing navy? I actually like the dark dress paired with those color heels, the contrast is nice. Cute hat too!
Old 07-10-2018, 06:53 AM
Pranter's Avatar
Imperial Majesty
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Midwest, United States
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Edit! Updated ..Stephen Jones Hat, Bespoke navy dress by Dior. Clutch and shoes by Dior as well.

Old 07-10-2018, 07:03 AM
Madame Verseau's Avatar
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I thought Meghan's dress was a dark blue. Daily Fail got it wrong and called it a little black dress.
Old 07-10-2018, 07:04 AM
Royal Highness
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 1,537
I knew that the dress was NAVY and not Black on my computer screen! The dress shouts Meghan's style and fits to a T! Someone said that the hat looks like airplane propellers! Well...this is a Royal Air Force celebration so I would say that Meghan's hat fits the theme perfectly!
The boat neck style will definitely be Meghan's personal style so we should all get use to it! I mean Kate is wearing a coat dress that she has in different colors and that's her style!
Queue the usual suspects complaining about the French design! I could bet my salary on it!! Thank God for the ignore list! I wish that quotes from posters on my ignore list were hidden as well!
Old 07-10-2018, 07:05 AM
Abbigail's Avatar
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Location: Nashville, United States
Posts: 627
Just saw a really good closeup and I love the color and style/fit of this dress. She looks beautiful.
Old 07-10-2018, 07:08 AM
Heir Apparent
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Location: Philadelphia, United States
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I like the dress, although it needs a pin or something.
Not keen on that fascinator.
Old 07-10-2018, 07:12 AM
Lumutqueen's Avatar
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Adore today’s navy, definitely needed a brooch! Fascinator is pointless, but the hair is in a bun!
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Old 07-10-2018, 07:13 AM
Pranter's Avatar
Imperial Majesty
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Location: Midwest, United States
Posts: 12,310
I know they are saying navy...but on my screen it looks black in every pic I've seen! Must not be the right angle or something.

Old 07-10-2018, 07:13 AM
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One more thing about the christening dress. I just saw a photo of her and Harry leaving that gave a decent look at the back of the dress. I’m almost upset at her for wearing this to the christening now because this dress deserves a better look than the few seconds in the walkway. The back looked to be very interesting and I’m sad we aren’t getting a better look at it. Hopefully the green dress will be something she keeps near the front of her closet and gets a repeat at some point.

Now onto the dress for today. I really like it and thought it was quite striking on her, which surprised me a little bit because I would expect that color would just blend. But I think it’s the silhouette that’s quite interesting. It’s a really flattering cut for her. I’m giving her props for the hat. I’m actually a little surprised how fast the different hats have come at us and how natural she looks in them in the short amount of time. Usually they look a bit weird on people who hasn’t worn them a lot in the past.

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