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Old 05-07-2020, 11:40 AM
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There are horses again at Fredensborg.

When the palace was build back in 1720 it came with stables and a riding ring as horses were not only for exercise but also transport and hunting.
Now a part of the stables have been reestablished as well as the riding ring.

Back then it was a bit to the side in the palace complex, as Kancillihuset was not a private residence for members of the DRF back then, but for senior staff members.

The horse seen ridden here is a (Czech) kladruber. That horse and it's four-legged colleagues are used to pull some of the grandest of the DRF carriages. And the horse is used to be ridden, because there is no driver in these carriages.

Usually the work horses of the DRF are at home at Christiansborg, but I'm sure they will love the nature around Fredensborg. It's more quiet and less smelly.
There is also room for detachments of the Guards Hussars to have their horses there as well.
Because the stables at Fredensborg are not to be a permanent home for the horses. Basically merely a place to stay the night, rather than being driven for up to a couple of hours home to their stables.

The horse Mary owns and rides is IIRC at home in the barracks of the Guards Hussars, but that's about an hours drive from Copenhagen. So I guess her horse will find a more or less permanent home at Fredensborg as well, where she can ride it regularly, at least during the summer.
Because Mary's horse is not a cavalry horse. Cavalry horses are ridden and trained differently - or perhaps more correctly the horses train their conscript riders...
The cavalry horses are used to riding in formation, and know the drill and their place in the formation. They also know and react to the signals from the trumpeter (not bugler, that's US cavalry and some dragoon regiments) something their silly riders can't always figure out.

I also imagine they will invest in a horse for Isabella, if she is a dedicated rider.

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Old 07-13-2020, 04:04 PM
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The tabloid Ekstra Bladet has gained access to the minutes at meetings regarding the new riding ring at Fredensborg. The angling of the article is negative, so I have applied the BS filter.

The ring and the renovation has been partly funded by the Mærsk Foundation.
The purpose of the rings was, as I wrote in the previous post to provide stabling for horses from the Guards Hussars and the Royal Stables, when the royal road show takes place at Fredensborg. Usually for the horses to stay the night and get acclimatized rather than being driven back and forth in trailers.
Outside that the ring is at the disposal of the DRF. That means the CP-family, because QMII don't ride and J&M are in France and have shown very little interest in riding.

The minutes are from two meetings with Mary and Kultur- og Slotsstyrelsen = the agency in charge of preserving and maintaining among other things the royal palaces - they are owned by the state.
It is clearly Mary who is in charge. She is the one who has outlined the details regarding the stables, like lamps. And a friend of the CP-family, who is one of DK leading equestrians was asked for advise in regards to riding ring itself.

QMII is kept informed.

It will be the DRF who will pay for the daily costs of the riding ring.

It was also discussed whether and how the ring could be shielded from prying eyes, when the family is riding. (Presumably referring to the children having a private life while riding, without being photographed by tourists.)

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Old 07-13-2020, 05:24 PM
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If they are worried about prying eyes it seems an odd place to put the riding ring as isn't it right by the public front of the Palace? Nice to be able to have a non-profit pick up the bill for your riding ring IMO, even if it does mean sharing it with the Royal guards now and then.
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Old 07-13-2020, 06:09 PM
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I think they refer to preventing people from taking pictures from a distance of 25 meters or so.

As it is right now there is a sentry outside Kancellihuset where M&F live when at Frendensborg and the public isn't allowed past the sentry. And that sentry stands about 25 meters from the riding ring.
But if the access is restricted to nearer than the main road leading up to the palace, then we are talking 50 meters or so. And only a part of the ring will be visible.

As it is right now, the public can get close enough to see the stables in full, the whole front of Kancellihuset and the palace church - and as such also the whole of the riding ring.
And surely there will be no reason to restrict access when the CP-couple isn't around.
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Old 07-13-2020, 06:51 PM
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I'm surprised that a charity paid and not the Government because it's government property.
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Old 07-14-2020, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Susan D View Post
I'm surprised that a charity paid and not the Government because it's government property.
From the DRF in May

"Over the past year, the Agency for Culture and Palaces has been in the process of re-establishing Fredensborg Palace's original riding arena from 1720 as well as parts of the adjoining stable."⁣ ⁣

"The course has been closed for many years, but on the occasion of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince's 50th birthday on 26 May 2018, the board of directors of A.P. Møller and Wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller's Foundation for General Purposes granted an amount for the establishment of the historic old riding arena. In addition, the foundation granted funds for the renovation of parts of Long Stables at Fredensborg Palace. In the past year, the project has been carried out by the Palaces and Culture Agency, and in April the re-establishment was completed.⁣ "
The Agency for Culture and Palaces

The A.P. Møller Foundation has donated to the restoration of the statue at Amalienborg Palace square on the occasion of Queen Margrethe II's 25th regency anniversary, the restoration of Fredensborg Palace gardens some years ago, etc and many other similar projects.
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Old 07-14-2020, 04:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Susan D View Post
I'm surprised that a charity paid and not the Government because it's government property.
As Nordic pointed out it's not the first time the Mærsk Foundation funded part of what is an ongoing restoration of Fredensborg to how it originally looked.
The Mærsk Foundation - and other foundations often help fund restorations or renovations of buildings and places that are of national, historical and cultural significance.
The various government agencies have a budget dedicated to maintenance, repair and minor restorations, so it happens very often that various foundations donate money for major projects.
It's tax deductible and creates goodwill for the companies and business owners - in this case the Mærsk family. And it earns brownie points for the company at the municipality, state or the DRF. Which is also good for business.
Also, in this case it cements the affiliation between the DRF and major Danish businesses. Because if you are a shady business-owner who offers to pay for a major renovation of say Kronborg Castle - you will be flatly refused. You have to have a good reputation in order to be accepted as a donor to a major project, which again means you get an official stamp of approval for being reliable and of good repute and you get favorable treatment in return. Say a government minister or the DRF help promote your business abroad.
It's very much a give and take system.

Surprisingly it works, because it's based on mutual trust, integrity and the fact the everybody of importance know everybody else of importance in the Danish business world.
And if you fall out of grace, you fall deep! As we have seen recently with a former close friend of PH, Kristian Kjær.

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