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Old 11-07-2020, 05:57 PM
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Naming customs in the British Royal Family

To get a better idea of the names within the British family I decided to do a somewhat comparable exercise as the one I did for the Belgian royal family. Starting with George V (going back to Victoria or Edward VII would add too many names including those of foreign royal families).

Generation I
George Frederick Ernest Albert

Generation II
1. Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David (1)
2. Albert Frederick Arthur George (Bertie) (1)
3. Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary (1)
4. Henry William Frederick Albert (1)
5. George Edward Alexander Edmund (1)
6. John Charles Francis (1)

Generation III
2.1. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (1)
2.2. Margaret Rose (1)

3.1. George Henry Hubert (2)
3.2. Gerald David (2)

4.1. William Henry Andrew Frederick (2)
4.2. Richard Alexander Walter George (2)

5.1. Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick (2)
5.2. Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel (2)
5.3. Michael George Charles Franklin (2)

Generation IV
2.1.1. Charles Philip Arthur George (1)
2.1.2. Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise (1)
2.1.3. Andrew Albert Christian Edward (1)
2.1.4. Edward Antony Richard Louis (1)

2.2.1. David Albert Charles (2)
2.2.2. Sarah Frances Elizabeth (2)

3.1.1. David Henry George (3)
3.1.2. James Edward (3)
3.1.3. Robert Jeremy Hugh (3)
3.1.4. Mark Hubert (3)

3.2.1. Henry Ulick (3)
3.2.2. Martin David (3)

4.2.1. Alexander Patrick Gregers Richard (3)
4.2.2. Davina Elizabeth Alice Benedikte (3)
4.2.3. Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise (3)

5.1.1. George Philip Nicholas (3)
5.1.2. Helen Marina Lucy (3)
5.1.3. Nicholas Charles Edward Jonathan (3)

5.2.1. James Robert Bruce (3)
5.2.2. Marina Victoria Alexandra (3)

5.3.1. Frederick Michael George David Louis (3)
5.3.2. Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia (3)

Generation V William Arthur Philip Louis (1) Henry Charles Albert David (Harry) (1) Peter Mark Andrew (2) Zara Anne Elizabeth (2) Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (2) Eugenie Victoria Helena (2) Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary (2) James Alexander Philip Theo (2) Charles Patrick Inigo (3) Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne (3) Samuel David Benedict (3) Arthur Robert Nathaniel (3) Emily Tsering (4) Benjamin George (4) Alexander Edgar (4) Edward David (4) Sophie Amber (4) Rowan Nash (4) Tanit (4) Tewa Ziyane Robert George (4) Thomas Robert (4) Ellen Mary (4) Amy Rose (4) Tallulah Grace (4) Charlotte Patricia (4) Imogen Mary (4) Miranda Rose (4) Maximilian John Gerald (4) Alexander Joshua (4) Georgina Elizabeth (4) Xan Richard Anders (4) Cosima Rose Alexandra (4) Senna Kowhai (4) Tane Mahuta (4) Lyla Beatrix Christabel (4) Rufus Frederick Montagu (4) Edward Edmund Maximilian George (4) Marina Charlotte Alexandra Katharine (4) Amelia Sophia Theodora Mary Margaret (4) Columbus George Donald (4) Cassius Edward (4) Eloise Olivia Katherine (4) Estella Olga Elizabeth (4) Albert Louis Philip Edward Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Louis Arthur Nicholas Felix Flora Alexandra (4) Alexander Charles (4) Zenouska May (4) Christian Alexander (4) Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina (4) Isabella Alexandra May (4)

Generation VI George Alexander Louis (1) Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (1) Louis Arthur Charles (1) Archie Harrison (2) Savannah Anne Kathleen (3) Isla Elizabeth (3) Mia Grace (3) Lena Elizabeth (3) Isaac (5) Ida (5) Otis (5) Mateo (5) Leo Cyrus Anthony (5) Ivy (5) Lilianda (5) son (5) Cleo (5) Jack Marley (5) Penny Moon (5) Marlow Fox (5)

Looking into the more popular names (5 times or more; or otherwise important names (previous/future monarchs)):
George/Georgina (18): 6x first name, 12x middle name
Alexander/Alexandra (18): 5x first, 13x middle name
Elizabeth (15): 1x first name, 14x middle name
Charles/Charlotte (12): 4x first name, 8x middle name
Edward (11): 5x first name, 6x middle name
Louis/Louise/Lucy (11): 3x first name, 8x middle name
David/Davina (10): 4x first name (includes the king formally it was the last of his middle names), 6x middle name
Mary/May (9): 1x first name (non-official but in practice), 8x middle name
Albert (7): 2x first name, 5x middle name
Henry (6): 3x first name (incl Harry), 3x middle name
Arthur (6): 1x first name, 5x middle name
Rose (6): 1x first name, 5x middle name
Frederick (6): 1x first name, 5x middle name
Marina (5): 2x first name, 3x middle name
Christian/Christabel (5): 1x first name, 4x middle name
Philip (5): 5x middle name
Patrick/Patricia (5): 5x middle name
Robert (5): 5x middle name
William (3): 2x first name, 1x middle name
Victoria (3): 1x first name (official, in practice Mary was used), 2x middle name

In addition, there are several names that are included 4 times, such as: Alice, Andrew, Nicholas, Richard.

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Old 11-07-2020, 06:12 PM
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Also see the related threads:

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Oh, I like the colored charts.

It's surprising how often David pops up, considering the Abdication and all...
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Old 11-07-2020, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Tatiana Maria View Post
Thanks. I looked for it but came across the titles thread and that one seemed less appropriate.

Mods, would you please merge this thread with the first one mentioned above?

N.B. Number behind names in post above indicates how many generations they are away from the throne (1 = child of monarch (or future monarch), 2 = grandchild, 3= great-grandchild etc.); as we may expect that those that are more generations removed from the throne are less likely to pick a traditional royal name (with in some cases the (partly) female line being less traditional than the all male-line).

[my post was getting too long; couldn't add it in there]
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british royal family, customs, names, tradition

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