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Old 05-03-2020, 08:34 AM
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King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and princess Birgitta visited yesterday Strömsholm Palace.

The king, queen and princess Birgitta made an excursion to Strömsholm Palace - in the king's brand new BMW.
The Public Health Agency's recommendation is that 70-plus people should stay at home as much as possible.
- They probably wanted an excursion in isolation, just like me, says Ann-Sofie Klint, who got a look at the royal couple.
Ann-Sofie Klint was out with the family at Strömsholm Palace outside Västerås on Saturday afternoon.
They wanted to look at the fish aspen currently playing in the water around the Palace.
- We would look at aspen, this fish, they are big and cool, so we went there. When we stand there and look down into the water, a nice car came up in front of the Palace, and we said that you can't drive there? Then I joked that it might be the king? And so it was.
Queen Silvia and Princess Birgitta also got out of the car - a brand new BMW M8 Competition.
The site Bytbil has previously reported that the king chose a specially ordered paint on the car - but not what color.
The king obviously chose a turquoise blue.
- My son then said it was the king's new car. It was cool, you are not so royalistic, but you are interested anyway. They probably wanted an excursion in isolation, just like I did, says Ann-Sofie Klint, who says that she had distance to both the royal couple and the children during the trip to Strömsholm.
For several weeks, the king and queen have not been seen outside Stenhammar Castle where they are staying during the corona pandemic.
From Stenhammar Castle outside Flen to Strömsholm Palace outside Västerås, it is about 70 km, and an hour's drive. According to the director of the press department Margareta Thorgren, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia are careful with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency.
- The royal couple has been at Stenhammar for a number of weeks as a result of the corona crisis. The royal couple follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. And making excursions is something that the royal couple has the opportunity to do, without breaking any restrictions for that reason.
She does not want to comment more on the trip to Strömsholm.
- Private excursions are not what the court comments on, but the royal couple are very careful to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency, says Margareta Thorgren.
Kungens nya bil – här fångas han på bild under utflykten

The Royal Palaces including Strömsholm Palace are temporarily closed due to the corona pandemic.

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Old 05-04-2020, 02:48 PM
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The woman who gave the photos of the king, queen and princess Birgitta at Strömsholm Palace to Expressen, has spoken also with Svensk Damtidning.

Ann-Sofie and her family waved - and took the opportunity to take some pictures.
- They seemed happy and the queen waved back to us. The King probably enjoyed the car ride with his new cool car. The three went straight into the Palace with a woman waiting for the stairs and went down and met them when they arrived. They stayed in the Palace for a couple of hours, says Ann-Sofie.
The royal couple had with them Princess Birgitta, who lives at Stenhammar castle at the moment, and their beloved dog Brandie.
The royals provoked a cautious stir among the other visitors to Strömsholm Palace.
- People came from all directions. They wanted to come and watch, says Ann-Sofie.
About Birgitta
- We first saw a woman who was with the King and Silvia, and then we didn't recognize her. But then we saw, it was Princess Birgitta, Ann-Sofie says.
According to Ann-Sofie, Birgitta looked to be in good spirits.
- She went up the stairs. I also noticed that she was wearing a pair of big sunglasses. Then she and the royal couple were inside the castle for a couple of hours, says Ann-Sofie.
Prinsessan Birgitta – så ser hon ut nu _ Svensk Dam
Coronavirus_ Silvia lämnar sin karantän _ Svensk Dam

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Old 05-04-2020, 03:23 PM
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Location of both Stenhammar Palace and Strömholms Slottet.
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Old 05-13-2020, 05:10 AM
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Gunilla von Platen is one of the most well-known and successful female entrepreneurs in Sweden. She is one of the inspirers at Prince Daniel's Fellowship Entrepreneurial Programme. She has been a member of the business delegation at the royal visits, for instance at the king and queen's state visit to India last year, and at Victoria and Daniel's visit to Vietnam.

Gunilla has given an interview to Svensk Damtidning and in it she spoke also about the members of the royal family:
- The first time I met them was obviously nervous, but now that we have met for a number of years I really see how amazing they are. We talk about parenting and entrepreneurship, just like you and I do now. They are absolutely trained, but they are extremely easy and pleasant to keep up with. The Queen is lovely, she takes time for everyone and in the evenings we all sit in the bar at the hotel together and talk. Then we are just like any Swedes who are abroad. Both the King and Queen are very nice and Victoria, she is truly incredible. What a job they do together, she and Daniel, and then they are so cute with each other. They really take care of each other in the nicest way you can imagine. I am very impressed with Daniel's job of highlighting Sweden and entrepreneurship. It is important to encourage young people and with that we work a lot with, Daniel and I.'

Gunilla von Platen with queen Silvia
With Victoria
With Daniel
With Sofia
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Old 05-18-2020, 12:11 AM
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Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine live two quite different lives, even though they are both royalty. Victoria is Sweden's future regent, a conscientious faithful servant with the calendar bursting with official assignments. Madeleine chose to go his own way quite early, moved to Florida with husband Chris O'Neill and moves mainly outside of royal contexts.
But have you considered that they also speak quite differently? Linguist Lars Melin has.
When Lars wrote the book “Fint språk” (published 2007) with his son Martin, he wanted to consider how the Swedish upper class speaks. Among others, he started with Victoria and Madeleine.
- It was obvious that the young ladies speak so incredibly different, says Lars.
Lars did research and discovered that the difference was not due to chance. King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia had hired actress Margaretha Krook from the Royal Dramatic Theatre to train Victoria in language management. Madeleine was not given the same opportunity.
- Victoria has thus been schooled for her language. She would speak what one might describe as "mainstream Swedish". It was thought that the Swedes in common were more comfortable with it, says Lars.
Instead, Madeleine speaks more of a "brat-svenska" (snobbish Swedish), says Lars.
- She speaks like people at Stureplan. What you notice most are the open vowels. That is why you have called her "Madelääään". It is an easy nasal treatment as well. A blend of phonetics and attitude, he says.
- It's so conscious. The other should belong in her upper-class environment. The second is a commodity for the entire Swedish people.
How does the king speak?
- I usually say that he is the last Stockholmer. He has refined the ekensnack (Stockholmian way to speak). When he was growing up, it was like the tough guys talking on Kniv-Söder. He acquired an attitude, purely linguistic.
So the king is talking like it was cool to talk in the 60s and 70s?
- Yes, you could say that.
Silvias val för Victoria – Madeleine utanför _ Svensk Dam

Victoria has told that actress Margaretha Krook trained her before her first public speech at her 18th birthday. She told at her 40th birthday interview that she was of course nervous and met Margaretha to learn technique about how to speak, and how to be calm in a situation like that. Krook told her to take that moment and remember to breathe. Krook said that don't forget to breathe, or you will faint. Victoria said that it felt great to do that with Margaretha Krook.
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Old 05-18-2020, 12:51 AM
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So they paid to have Victoria sound less upper class

Its like reverse Pygmalion. I get training someone to be a confident public speaker, but to train them to have a specific accent??

I can only imagine if someone suggested William take lessons so he sounded less Etonian educated. There is no hiding royals come from a posher circle and different schools then the average person on the street.
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Old 05-18-2020, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Countessmeout View Post
So they paid to have Victoria sound less upper class

Its like reverse Pygmalion. I get training someone to be a confident public speaker, but to train them to have a specific accent??

I can only imagine if someone suggested William take lessons so he sounded less Etonian educated. There is no hiding royals come from a posher circle and different schools then the average person on the street.
It is no surprise that they are trained to sound less posh than they might. I would not be surpised if that was not the case with William as well; to me he sounds like posh than Catherine, Charles or Camilla.
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Old 05-18-2020, 10:06 AM
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Crown Princess Victoria speaks without any accent at all except for the tiniest flavour of the modern Stockholm dialect. The iconic Margareta Krook obviously schooled her in speaking in the neutral Swedish we hear in theaters and on TV and she did a great job doing so.
Given that it's a long time since Victoria turned 18 and Margareta died not long after that I wonder if Victoria has continued taking lessons in diction and giving speeches. People who scoff at her father's speeches seem to forget that dyslexia can affect your speaking abilities quite a lot and I'm of the opinion that the disability, and the way it was left untreated in the King's youth, is the cause of his reluctant and slow way of speaking.
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Old 05-24-2020, 02:13 PM
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Margareta Thorgren has been interviewed by Svenska YLE, the swedish news editorial of YLE, the public service broadcasting company in Finland.

The Swedish royal house's Instagram account is filled with pictures of the king in video meetings - why?
The pictures on social media show that the life and everyday life of the royal family is also affected by the corona crisis. Margareta Thorgren, director of the press department, says that the royalty should support the people in the time of crisis, but also set a good example.
We have to make up our minds to stay home, the king said in his speech to the Swedish nation in early April. He explained that everyone, including him, must stay home during Easter.
When Queen Margarethe turned 80, the royal house published a video greeting from royal houses all over Europe.
The Swedish royal house's Instagram and Facebook accounts are full of picture evidence of how the royal family's work is also adapted to the corona crisis. No job is going on as usual, many pictures are shared at video meetings.
Margareta Thorgren explains that the king's role in the time of crisis is extra important. The monarchy, unlike the elected officials who are replaced every four years, must look to Sweden's best in the long term and unpolitically.
- When a country gets into a crisis, perhaps this unpolitical role and support for Sweden is more important than ever, and we have tried to address that.
It is also about setting a good example and showing that it is important to follow the advice of the authorities. And to instill support from the people.
- The action of the royal family is something that many people notice. The Swedish people listen to the king and act many times according to what the royal family does. It's about being a support and a consolation and the view that this is a time we all go through, but there is also a time after. A crisis is a difficult period but will go over.
The work of the royal family is largely made up of representation and meetings. Like all other organizations, their work has been adapted to the situation.
- With the help of technology and digital communication, we have tried not only to cancel or postpone things, but meetings and audiences that are possible to do, they are implemented. It is important not to stop, but to think in a new way.
Corona-related tasks have also been added, such as supporting and alerting people and groups who are doing an important job in the crisis. This too must be done through press images and social media.
- We have a lot of pressure from the media, Thorgren explains.
Normally, both photo agencies and the media participate in many of the meetings, gatherings and events that the royal family undertakes. The pictures on video meetings are a way to invite and show that the meetings continue - but via video.
- The most important thing is that we write about the meetings themselves, because they are the same. It might not be as fun to see someone sitting in a video meeting, but that's how it looks right now.
Can there be any consolation in the fact that the members of the royal house must also adapt to the situation?
- Yes, I think so. It is also a way to support and to continue to think new during this difficult period. So it is also a part, that you see that here too, members of the royal family sit and work just like everyone else through various digital technologies.
Svenska kungahusets Instagramkonto fylls med bilder av kungen i videomöten – varför_ Utrikes _ svenska.yle
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Old 06-16-2020, 01:43 PM
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Svensk Damtidning has an article about the royal family and selfies

Queen Silvia is a person of great warmth and generosity. This is testified to by all who have met her in different contexts. She is a fellow human first, a royal second. At the same time, she maintains her integrity - and this is evident in her attitude towards selfies.
It was Expressen which in 2017 managed to get a document that the royal house had sent. The document was a list of requirements that the queen wanted to convey before a royal visit and was addressed to an organizer of an event where the Queen was to attend.
There it is clear that the queen is not fond of the selfie phenomenon. At least not if she should stand in front of the lens herself.
“The royal family has cameras constantly aiming at them. Photography is allowed, but it should be done from proper distance, not close in. Self-portraits together with royal people with mobile cameras, so-called selfies, and the like are being declined of", said the document according to Expressen.
Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia are two royals with the same basic attitude to royal assignments: they should be handled with both dignity and warmth.
But when it comes to selfies, mom and daughter feel completely different, Victoria likes to pose for selfies. During Victoriadagen she usually takes hundreds of selfies with the royal fans who have come to celebrate her outside Solliden.
Little different is it with husband Prince Daniel, who has his principles. He himself likes to take a selfie, both at work and in private, but when it comes to the children, Estelle and Oscar, it is another cup of tea.
The royal siblings attend only a few official celebrations each year. And Daniel wants it to remain so. On July 14, when the Crown Princess celebrates her birthday on Öland, the children are always present. And the photographers are almost more interested in photographing them than their parents.
But when the family, on the other hand, go out, off the official calendar, Daniel wants you to ask before photographing Estelle and Oscar. They should, like all other children, be able to have days when they are not included in the picture. This rule Daniel wants both photographers, and the Swedish people, to follow. And when someone breaks it, he has no problem of speaking up, in a friendly but determined way.
Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill are also keen on their integrity. They live their anonymous life in Florida, Madeleine has a secret Instagram account for her immediate family and Chris evades close attention. At the same time, Madeleine chooses to regularly post pictures of her children on Instagram. However, this is fully conscious on the part of the princess. For her, it's about keeping control of the images.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

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