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Old 12-26-2019, 01:53 PM
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Generation change with the swedish royals
Crown princess Victoria takes on more and more responsibility in the affairs of the Swedish royal family.
Generationswechsel bei den schwedischen Royals _ Das Erste

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Old 12-29-2019, 06:24 PM
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Aret med kingafamiljen 2019

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. - Robert Frost
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Old 12-29-2019, 06:42 PM
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Thanks for the link, MagMil. I always look forward to Aret med kungafamiljen!
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone". Audrey Hepburn

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy". Anne Frank
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Old 12-30-2019, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by MagMil View Post
I have posted the link to the program (and some screen shots) already on 22nd December here

The program was shown this year on 22nd December and the viewer rating was 1 061 000.
Tv-toppen_ ”På spåret” lockade flest igen - Sydsvenskan

The program of 2018 was shown on 1st January this year and the viewer rating was 1 028 000.
På spåret_ kör över nyårsprogrammen - Sydsvenskan

So, the 2019 program had a little more viewers.

Sandra Wejbro wrote at Aftonbladet about "Året med kungafamiljen" (and a little of TV4's "Kungahuset 2019" and the Republican Association)
The court's PR machine is skilled - and gets help from public service
The camera follows King Carl Gustaf through the Palace, from his point of view we look out over the courtyard and when the family arrives they are kindly kissed. Swedish "The crown" opens grand.
In 2019 Sweden took a big step closer to the republic, states the Republican Association in its annual summary. None of this is noticeable in "The Året med kungafamiljen 2019" (SVT Play).
The chronicle begins just as cinematic as described above. Possibly, the competitor channel's "Kungahuset 2019" (TV4) has forced a higher level of ambition, where the encyclopedic enumeration of state visits had to stand back for a harder selection. In short - in TV4 you get more, but SVT makes it look better in terms of image. I think the filmmakers are not completely unaffected by the British queen soap "The crowns" (Netflix) success.
Parallel to the royalist pomp, which all conservatives are sure to get a little extra heartbeat from, the production of the royal family runs so sympathetically that even the vast majority of Swedes probably melt.
How nice is it not to see a little South African girl climb on Queen Silvia or Prince Daniel on a hospital visit with a boy who got a kidney donated by his mother (he got one of his dad himself)? All the royals have chosen heartfelt issues to fight for, where Crown Princess Victoria's commitment to the climate and role as UN ambassador for the global goals of sustainable development are perhaps the most political. Throw in a couple of very cute, playful children like Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar and after an hour, even the hardest cynic has been converted to a newly saved royalist.
As neither SVT nor TV4 offer any counterweight to the portrayal of the royal house's excellence, I began to search for one myself. The Republican Association, which works for the role of head of state to be elected by election, highlights the king's decision to exclude all grandchildren except Estelle and Oscar from the royal house as a success. This means that they are neither part of apanage nor have any royal duties.
The family says it is a natural and undramatic step. Princess Sofia objects to the expression that the children are now given their "freedom", because that would mean that they themselves do not see themselves as "free".
Another Republican victory, according to the association's annual summary, is Thomas Lyrevik's book ”Den kungliga kleptokratin” about the king's secret billions, mainly consisting of jewels and art in various collections and foundations. The Marshal of the Realm Fredrik Wersäll responded to the accusations in the Expressen by admitting that the wealth is probably enormous, but that it is irrelevant since it is a cultural heritage that the royal family themselves would never disperse or embody themselves.
You can think of what you want about that promise, but as long as the court's own skilled PR-machine gets help from both public service and commercial media, the vision of a future republic appears increasingly unlikely.
Wejbro om ”Året med kungafamiljen” i SVT _ Aftonbladet
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Old 12-31-2019, 09:22 AM
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The royal family wishes Happy New Year with this film with a selection of many program points during the year.

Gott nytt år! - Sveriges Kungahus
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Old 01-03-2020, 03:32 PM
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Svensk Damtidning writes about "2020 - what a royal year!"
They write that in the summer Victoria and Daniel celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They list that on 7th January Olle Westling turns 75 years, Estelle celebrates her 8th birthday, there will be a 85th birthday party to princess Margaretha which was not held in October, in May there will be 100 years of the death of crown princess Margareta, in July on Victoria's birthday there will be 25 years of Victoria's iconic speech on her 18th birthday, and Eva O'Neill will have her 80th birthday. And of course also the celebrations of the foreign royals.
Johan T Lindwall, the editor-in-chief of SD, writes that we will have a fantastic royal year in front of us and we know who will be in focus: Victoria and Daniel. What do you remember best from 2019? Crown princess Victoria's birthday celebration and Nobel! Two wonderful celebrations we know we get to celebrate again this year.
2020 will definitely belong to crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel. The crown princess couple will be in focus on the Midsummer Eve, on 19th June it will be 10 years since Victoria said yes to her dream prince at the Stockholm Cathedral. We all who saw the wedding will never forget that day. And for the happy couple the 10th wedding anniversary will be something special. It is not a daring guess, that it will be celebrated on their beloved Öland with new potatoes and strawberry cake.
We who want to celebrate the couple can do it on the crown princess's 43th birthday when she invites to a party. The concert will be held at a new place, at Slottsporten at Borgholm Castle. It can be magical then with a view over Alvaret and Kalmarsund. This decision confirms also that the crown princess will keep on the tradition to celebrate her birthday publicly. Victoria knows how much it means to the tourism on Öland. Without her birthday there wouldn't be so many tourists on Öland in July.
We can also look forward to queen Margrethe's 80th birthday, if it will be as big as her previous big birthdays? If so, the royal couple and crown princess couple will go to celebrate.
There will be many exciting things to look forward to. But Lindwall thinks that the biggest news in 2020 will be royal baby news...
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Old 01-16-2020, 11:21 AM
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Jesper Börjesson, who has hosted TV4's annual program of the royal family "Kungahuset" in 2017-2019, has resigned from his work at TV4 and its News morning. Börjesson has followed the royal family to their foreign visits, interviewed them and among others, picked up garbage with Victoria and Estelle.
Börjesson published the news at his Instagram yesterday
"After almost 25 years on TV4, it's time for me to step out of the studio and do something else in life... So for almost my entire adult life I've worked here. It has been an amazing journey where I got to report from lots of great events and met so many exciting people who shaped both me and the world forever. I love meeting people and hearing their stories.
I am incredibly proud that I have been part of this fantastic editorial team and that I have been the program leader for Sweden's largest and absolute best morning program...
On silly legs, I will soon leave TV4 and Nyhetermorgon to start at the technology consulting company @rejlers. I will be there to lead a whole new and very exciting educational venture."
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Old 01-31-2020, 12:18 PM
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Concern for the Coronavirus is spreading. "The royal family is informed and there is a readiness", says Margareta Thorgren to Svensk Damtidning.
- As far as the Coronavirus is concerned, the royal family is informed of the situation, and there is a readiness. We always have a discussion with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs about the trips abroad, and they make ongoing assessments of safety and risks, says Margareta Thorgren.
Have you had to cancel any trips?
- No, not right now. At present, we have not had to make any such changes. But now so much is happening with this virus, the situation is changing day by day. So we will see how it develops.
The royal family's trips are planned a long time in advance, and they usually visit Asia several times each season. For the past year, the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel have been to Vietnam, the King has been to a scout meeting in South Korea, and Prince Daniel has been on an entrepreneurial trip to Singapore with his Fellowship. In addition, the King and Crown Princess were guests at the Emperor's coronation in Japan.
The announcement by WHO Director-General, Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, yesterday that international emergencies have been announced as a result of the Corona outbreak, are likely to affect the royal family's plans for the spring. And right now, the only trip in the court's official calendar goes to Norway - it is the king who will attend the Ski Tour 2020 in Trondheim.
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was also in Sweden last spring and met with Crown Princess Victoria at the Royal Palace, in conjunction with the World Health Organization holding a conference in Stockholm.
Hovet_ Så påverkas kungafamiljen av Coronaviruset _ Svensk Dam
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Old 02-04-2020, 10:47 AM
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The family attended the funeral of Dagmar von Arbin in the Oscars Church today, February 4:

** belga gallery ** belga gallery 2 **

** svenskdam: Kungafamiljen under Dagmar von Arbins begravning **

** svenskdam: Just nu – kungafamiljen anländer till begravningen **

** dm article: The House of Bernadotte in mourning: Sombre Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden leads the royal family as they attend..**
**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Old 02-04-2020, 12:56 PM
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At Dagmar von Arbin's funeral at Oscarskyrkan attended the family and relatives, among them countess Marianne Bernadotte, countess Bettina Bernadotte and count Bertil and countess Jill Bernadotte. Also a lot of friends, members of the society. Both Peter and Marcus Wallenberg attended with their wives.
Kungafamiljen och societeten hedrar Dagmar von Arbin _ Svensk Dam

Dagmar's granddaughter Camilla Flach, who runs Frid Begravning funeral services.

Carl and Christina de Geer

Ewy Rosqvist-von Korff (90), one of the most successful swedish rally drivers.

ROYAL: Die schwedische Königsfamilie bei der Trauerfeier und Beerdigung von Dagmar von Arbin in der Oscarskyrkan in Stockholm
Dagmar von Arbin siunattiin haudan lepoon - kruununprinsessa Victoria hautajaisissa

When the Bernadotte relative Dagmar von Arbin was brought to the final rest on Tuesday, the entire royal family sat at Oscarskyrkan. But Princess Madeleine was not present at the funeral. Now the court tells why.
- Princess Madeleine was not present because she lives in the US. The rest of the family was there and they represented also her, says Margareta Thorgren.
However, the absence does not mean that Madeleine did not stand near Dagmar. The royal family's Grand Old Lady is incredibly missed and Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine loved to hear her old stories.
- The Princess participates with her thoughts, Margareta Thorgren continues.
Among the more than 300 funeral guests gathered at Oscarskyrkan were also Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson, but also many members of the Bernadotte family. They all greeted Dagmar's four daughters Louise, Cathrine, Jeanette and Madeleine and the thirteen grandchildren.
The funeral church - Oscarkyrkan at Östermalm in Stockholm - also has a special connection to Dagmar: it got its name after her own grandfather king Oscar II.
Dagmar was close to royal family all her life. She was invited to all royal weddings and baptisms. She was very close to Crown Princess Victoria.
- Victoria will be a fantastic queen someday, Dagmar said during our interview.
Madeleine kom inte på kungliga begravningen _ Svensk Dam

Photos by SPA

About Dagmar's interview in Svensk Damtidning in 2016:
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Old 02-04-2020, 01:58 PM
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Members of the RF attend the funeral Service of Dagmar von Arbin at the Oscars Church in Stockholm.

21st of February 1575,Death of Claude de France,Duchess of Lorraine.
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Old 02-05-2020, 03:43 PM
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A nice photo of Victoria and vicar Hans Rhodin

Hans Rhodin has been as priest at the confirmations of Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine, and it is obvious that he has a close relationship to the royal family

Victoria de Sučde et le clan royal en deuil aux obsčques de la comtesse Dagmar - Purepeople
Princesses Victoria et Sofia, reine Silvia de Sučde, leur dernier adieu ā la comtesse Dagmar Bernadotte

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