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IKEA, the Persson family and Ilija Batljans SBB are some in the business world who open their wallets to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. So far, there are donations total more than SEK 500 million.
The H&M founder Erling Persson's foundation donates SEK 150 million, half of which goes to Save the Children and half to the Red Cross.
- It feels extremely important to contribute with support through Save the Children and the Red Cross to meet the needs that the war in Ukraine gives rise to, says the Royal Family's friend Stefan Persson, chairman of the Erling-Persson Foundation in the press release.
SBB, IKEA och H&M donerar över 500 miljoner till Ukraina _ SvD

Daniel and Victoria's friend Peter "Foppa" Forsberg has been pictured at a medal
Premiere! For the first time, exclusive collectibles are published that pay tribute to all Swedish medalists in the Winter Olympics with four selected highlights that participants in the Swedish team have achieved through the ages. Magical moments that will forever be in our hearts. The series is an official collaboration between Mynthuset and the Swedish Olympic Committee and is published in a very limited collector's edition, only 4999 copies.
Olympics in Lillehammer 1994, Peter Forsberg
20-year-old Peter Forsberg faked away the goalkeeper in the decisive penalty shootout for an Olympic gold and he did it with a fine we did not think was possible. No one thought it was true; neither the commentators nor the teammates, nor the whole of Sweden who sat in front of the TV sets. When Tommy Salo saves the penalty immediately after, the gold is a fact. Tre Kronor's Olympic gold in Lillehammer was the first in ice hockey ever.
Jubileumsmedalj till ära för svenska olympiska höjdpunkter

Magical moments that will forever be in our hearts. Peter Forsberg
The Swedish Olympic Committee in presents in collaboration with Mynthuset a collector's series of selected Olympic highlights.
The series is aimed at sports enthusiasts who want to protect and remember our sports heritage; strong efforts by Swedish sportswomen and men in Olympic contexts. The series raises funds for the Swedish Olympic Committee's Top and Talent Program for future victories.
Swedish Olympic Team - Peter Forsberg Olympiska Höjdpunkter _ Facebook

Peder Dinkelspiel attended with his sons yesterday at the movie premiere "Jag är Zlatan".
"Jag är Zlatan is the story of Zlatan and his unlikely journey, from Rosengård and out into the world, to become one of the world's foremost football players. About life in the suburban ghetto and the love to his roots and football, and about the boy who decides to live his dreams.”

Actress Cecilia "Cissi" von der Esch (wife of queen Silvia's godson Fredrik von der Esch) with dancer Hugo Gustafsson at the press meeting of Let's dance on 15th March:
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

The program starts today at TV4.

Svensk Damtidning tells that Louise "Lussan" Thott has now two children, last April she gave birth to a girl.

"Lussan" Thott with a double pram - what a surprise! That she has become a mother of two has not been known outside her immediate circle.
But now she is seen rolling around with her son Willem and the little new addition at Kungliga Djurgården, and it is a proud grandmother that we reach to congratulate:
- Thank you, yes, it's a cute little girl named Alexia, says "Lussan's" mother Carola Gottlieb.
According to Svensk Damtidning, Madeleine attended Alexia's christening.
Madeleines glädje! Bästisen ”Lussan” mamma igen – födde i hemlighet _*Svensk Dam
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Madeleine's friend Sofi Fahrman is pregnant, she announced it at her Instagram.

Svensk Damtidning:
Happiness to Sofi Fahrman, 42, and tech billionaire Filip Engelbert, 52. The couple is expecting their first child together.
Sofi has daughter Lily, 8, from a previous relationship.
Madeleines lycka – bästisen Sofi Fahrman gravid! _*Svensk Dam

Victoria and Daniel's friend Jacob de Geer has been appointed a new board member in the heart of the Wallenberg sphere, Wallenberg Investments AB.
Wallenberg Investments AB is the company that manages and develops the Wallenberg Foundations' assets and makes the strategic and long-term decisions about them.
The board includes some of Sweden's heaviest business people alongside the two cousins ​​Marcus and Jacob Wallenberg.
Jacob de Geer is best known for the payment technology company iZettle, which he founded and led, which was sold to PayPal 2018. Jacob de Geer stopped working at iZettle last autumn and has since devoted himself to his own investments in the "tech sector", as well as running the family farm north of Stockholm.
Do you know the Wallenberg cousins ​​before?
“No, you could say that we are familiar and that our paths have been crossed on a professional level over the past ten years because I have worked in fine tech and they own SEB, for example. In addition, we have met in 'Prince Daniel's Fellowship', an entrepreneurial network where Marcus Wallenberg was chairman for a period. But I have never been to Täcka Udden (Wallenberg's family place at Djurgården, Di's note), it will be exciting to see what it looks like.”
Izettle-grundaren Jacob de Geer till Wallenbergsfärens kärna
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Is this the same Wallenberg family as Raoul Wallenberg, the Second World War diplomat who helped people in Hungary to escape the Nazis?
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Originally Posted by Alison H View Post
Is this the same Wallenberg family as Raoul Wallenberg, the Second World War diplomat who helped people in Hungary to escape the Nazis?
Yes, Raoul Wallenberg was the second cousin of Marcus and Jacob Wallenberg's fathers. The Wallenberg family is immensely powerful and influential in Sweden and are said to control a third of the country's GDP through their financial dealings and their business interests.
Another influential relative of Raoul is his nephew-in-law Kofi Annan who was the Secretary-General of the UN between 1997-206
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Svensk Damtidning's article about the friends of the royal family, mostly Victoria and Madeleine. Lovisa de Geer has now two children, Ludwig and Gabrielle.
Hemliga kretsen! De känner till Victorias och Daniels hemligheter_ _Högsta vinsten_ _*Svensk Dam

The Royal Family's friend Jacob Wallenberg is proposed as the new chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
The Nomination Committee of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise proposes that the meeting on May 19 elect Jacob Wallenberg as the new chairman.
- I feel honored to be proposed as the new chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. We live in a time of great challenges and changes but also opportunities, and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is an important force and an important voice in pushing for new solutions for continued job creation and sustainable societal development. Small and large companies have a central role in our future community building, says Jacob Wallenberg.
Jacob Wallenberg is chairman of Investor AB and vice chairman of ABB, Ericsson, FAM, Patricia Industries and Wallenberg Investments AB and a member of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Steering Committee of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) and the Mayor of Shanghai's International Business Leaders Advisory Council (IBLAC).
Jacob Wallenberg föreslås till ny ordförande i Svenskt Näringsliv

So, Jacob Wallenberg will be the Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and his cousin Marcus Wallenberg is the Chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
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Peter Forsberg's spouse Nicole Nordin was yesterday with him when he got HM the King's medal for contributions in Swedish sports

Karl-Johan Persson was at football match Djurgården-Sirius at Tele2 Arena on 30th April.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Sofia and Carl Philip's friend William Värnild at Elle-galan 29th April.

Jan Dinkelspiel, friend of Victoria, Daniel and Madeleine, has bought a house from Falsterbo.
Jan Dinkelspiel, 44, is a financier and a well-known face from TV after his success in Robinson (version of the international Survivor format) in 2003. He has just bought one of Falsterbo's dream houses with a starting price of SEK 45 million.
The Dinkelspiel family has for generations spent their summers on the beaches of Falsterbo, and Jan Dinkelspiel with his wife Ellen and their sons of 4, 7 and 10 years continue the tradition.
The two-storey villa is 249 square meters with four bedrooms with sea views. A basement house from the 1930s with Italian elements, surrounded by a plastered wall and lots of greenery, which makes the plot separated from view. It is taxed as a year-round accommodation, but it is still uncertain whether the Dinkelspiel family intends to live in the house all year round or whether it will be a holiday accommodation.
Jan Dinkelspiel har köpt villa i Falsterbo – för 45 miljoner
Victorias vän har köpt ny lyxvilla – för 45 miljoner _*Svensk Dam

Andrea Brodin was yesterday morning again at TV4 News morning:
Decide what to do on your balcony or patio, so you decorate properly. This is interior designer Andrea Brodin's strongest tip when it comes to decorating the surface. In addition, she goes through the latest trends in interior design for the balcony.
”Hög tid att ta tag i utrymmet nu ” – så skapar du myskän... -

Expressen found out that Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz are selling their house in Lidingö.

After her career change, Andrea Brodin makes a life change.
Together with her husband Cedric Notz, she is now selling the luxury house on Lidingö for SEK 26.5 million.
Last year, Andrea switched to brokerage. She is seen as a guest "Nyhetsmorgon" where she talks about interior design and together with her family she now leaves Lidingö for Stockholm's inner city.
The 250-square-meter villa has a starting price of SEK 26.5 million and has, among other things, an incredible view of Kyrkviken and a brick fireplace.
"We are not going to buy a new house, but it will be back in town when all three children will go to school there this autumn. I'm trying to have a slightly simpler everyday life now that I also work as a broker", Andrea tells Expressen in a text message.
Andrea has invested wholeheartedly in her new career, she works at the reputable real estate agency "Eklund Stockholm New York". And she runs one of Sweden's largest interior design blogs on Elle and works with social media.
Andrea Brodin säljer lyxhuset – så mycket kostar det

They moved to the house in 2017. It's a big house, nine rooms and a kitchen. And beautifully renovated and decorated. It is not on sale at "Eklund Stockholm New York". Isabella starts her preschool class in the autumn (she turns six in November), so now it is a good time for a move.
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Victoria and Daniel's friend, Izettle founder and "Draknästet" profile Jacob de Geer gets married this weekend in Marstrand with his love Faye Flensburg. Victoria and Daniel are invited to the wedding.
Mångmiljardären Jacob De Geer och Faye Flensburg gifter sig

Victoria and Daniel attended Jacob de Geer and Nicole Kreuger's wedding in March 2007. They divorced in 2016.

Victoria and Daniel's friend Jacob de Geer is one of Sveriges Radio's "sommarpratare" (summer speakers). Every day from 25 June until 21 August, a well-known swedish person gives a Summer Talk at Sveriges Radio. The names were published today. Jacob's turn is on 15 July.

Jacob de Geer is one of Sweden's super-entrepreneurs and has devoted his professional life to building digital companies.
To simplify everyday life for small businesses, he founded iZettle in 2010, a payment solution where the mobile phone is used as a card terminal. The company was sold to American PayPal for over SEK 20 billion and now Jacob de Geer is investing in other startups, also at SVT's "Draknästet".
Jacob on his Summer Talk:
- I have made many more mistakes than right in my company building life and we entrepreneurs talk far too little about the mistakes on the road to success. My Summer Talk is therefore a tribute to the mistakes and to all those who have tried, failed or who may not yet have reached the whole way.
Jacob de Geer 15 juli 2022 - Sommar & Vinter i P1 _ Sveriges Radio

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz were on Wednesday at Cartier's Summer party and presentation of Clash de Cartier collection in Stockholm. Andrea wore a dress from Veronica Virta.

Besides Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz, also Louise "Lussan" Thott and Bathina Philipson attended the Cartier Party.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin attended a wedding at Vadstena Castle.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Caroline and Peder Dinkelspiel had a joint birthday party at Trångsund's farm on Saturday. Both had their birthdays in January, Peder turned 50 and Caroline 45 and they celebrated those now in the summer. Among others Karl-Johan and Leonie Persson attended the party. It seems that Victoria and Daniel didn't, since Svensk Damtidning doesn't mention them among the guests.
Victorias bästa vänners 50-årsfest – exklusiva bilder _*Svensk Dam

Sofia and Carl Philip's friend Johan Andersson is a board member of Brilliant Minds Foundation. He attended yesterday when Brilliant Minds launched a New Public Cultural Initiative With The Unveiling Of Ai Weiwei's Arch in front of the Nationalmuseum.
Johan with Al Weiwei


Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz attended on Wednesday Lexington's 25th anniversary celebration at the Eric Ericson Hall on Skeppsholmen. Andrea's dress is from Valerie (coming out this week) and earrings from Carolina Gynning. They were placed to sit at the honorary board with Lexington's founder Kristina Lindhe.

Madeleine's friend Sofi Fahrman, 42, and her husband Filip Engelbert, 52, have got their first child together, their son was born two weeks ago.
Sofi wrote today to her Instagram: "Small feet leave a big impression. Two weeks ago our dear son came. He chose to surprise his parents with an early entry. Since then, we have experienced Swedish healthcare at its best. Empathetic, competent and consistently absolutely fantastic doctors / nurses / assistant nurses / midwives / medical students. Thank you for being there."
Madeleines babylycka – bästa vännen berättar _*Svensk Dam
Sofi Fahrman och Filip Engelberts bebislycka

Sofi has daughter Lilly, 9, from her previous relationship and Filip has two children from his previous relationship.
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Congratualations to the parents. They are relatively old, so not surprising that their son came early. That seems to be quite common when the mother is in her forties.
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Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz spent the Midsummer at Stockholm archipelago with children and friends. Andrea published this lovely photo of her family at her blog:
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Victoria's close friends, Svensk Damtidning's Ellen Myrgård Lindén at the video:
Leonie Persson
- studied with Victoria at Enskilda Gymnasiet
- married with Karl-Johan Persson, billionaire and co-owner of H&M, they have three children
- Victoria is godmother to their daughter Philippa
- Daniel and Karl-Johan play golf and discuss business together
- Victoria and Daniel will have their summer house close to Leonie and Karl-Johan's on Fågelbro

Caroline Kreuger
- is three days older than Victoria and they have always been in each others lives
- married to businessman Jesper Kreuger, they have two daughters
- Caroline's mother Agneta is one of queen Silvia's closest friends
- the first photo of Victoria and Daniel together was taken at Caroline's 25th birthday party
- Victoria was a bridesmaid at Caroline's wedding and is godmother to her daughter Chloé

Caroline Dinkelspiel
- friends call her "Kling"
- they became friends at Gymnasiet and had a joint student party at Ulriksdal Palace
- married to businessman Peder Dinkelspiel, they have three sons
- Caroline was an important support to Victoria when she had an esting disorder and moved to USA
- Victoria was a bridesmaid at Caroline's wedding and is godmother to her son Willem

Andrea Brodin
- known as interior design expert at TV4
- she grew up with Victoria, they got to know each other through their parents, Hans Eric and Eva Benita Brodin are the king and queen's friends
- married to Cedric Notz, a friend of Chris O'Neill, they met each other at Madeleine's wedding in 2013.
- Andrea has two children from her previous marriage to Niclas Engsäll, Victoria is godmother to her daughter Diana
- Andrea and Cedric have daughter Isabella
Här är Victorias bästa vänner_*skyddas av hemlig pakt _*Svensk Dam

As always, there are errors at the video. Ellen Myrgård Lindén claims that Karl-Johan Persson is the ceo of H&M. He was, but retired from that job in 2020 and is now the Chairman of the Board of H&M. And Lindén says Caroline Nilsson, former Kreuger. Obviously she doesn't know that Caroline Kreuger Nilsson and her husband Jesper Nilsson have changed their names to Caroline Kreuger and Jesper Kreuger. They have taken Caroline's maiden name to their last name.


Andrea Brodin is on holiday in France and posted photos to her blog, wearing a dress from Mayla

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz are on a holiday in Sardinia, staying at Cedric's friend's villa. They hired a boat and went from there to Bonifacio in Corsica with Ivar and Isabella.

Karl-Johan Persson was on 16th July at football match between Djurgården and Värnamo IF at Tele2 Arena.

About Jacob de Geer's "Sommarprat" (Summer Talk) at Radio Sweden on 15th July. Every day the person who gives the summer talk can also choose the music to his/her program.
Becoming a banker like his father and his ancestor Louis de Geer, who is also often called "the father of Swedish industry", was the original plan for Jacob de Geer, who lives on the family estate Stora Wäsby castle outside Upplands Väsby.
But it really didn't turn out that way. In his summer talk, the super entrepreneur talks about the road to success - which has been anything but easy.
- I belong to those who have consistently failed during my company building journeys. So many ideas and companies that have gone awry, and so many decisions I've made along the way that have turned out to be completely wrong. But still, when I look back on my last 25 years, I realize that it was precisely the mistakes that on crooked roads led me in the right direction in my business, says Jacob de Geer.
Jacob founded the successful company iZettle in 2010. In 2018, the company was bought by the American giant PayPal for almost SEK 20 billion.
The music Jacob had at his summer talk
Din tid kommer – Otto Knows, Håkan Hellström
Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keys
You Can go your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac (2004 Remaster)
Vintersaga – Amanda Bergman
Highway to hell – AC/DC
Do it again – Röyksopp, Robyn
Enemy – Imagine Dragons, JID & League of Legends
Under pressure – Queen, David Bowie
Vinden har vänt – Petter, Thomas Rusiak
Don’t look back in anger – Oasis
Beautiful mistakes – Maroon 5, Megan Thee Stallion
Jacob de Geer berättar om vägen till miljardsuccén iZettle


Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz were at a beach party at Tartarughino Beach in Porto Rotondo in Sardinia.

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and their daughter Isabella left Sardinia and went to Switzerland to spend time with Cedric's mother and their friends there. As always, they hike a lot.

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin are in Mykonos.
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Daniel's friend, Academic Work Founder Johan Skarborg answering in May (in english) to question “how did you manage to remain focused on your company values while you grew to be one of the largest staffing and recruitment companies in Sweden?”
Academic Work founder on balancing work culture with growth _

Johan Skarborg is also the chairman of the board of Daniel's gym Master Training, and inspirer and mentor at Prince Daniel's Fellowship and its entrepreneurial programme.

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and Isabella celebrated the Swiss National Day on Monday. It was 30 degrees hot and Andrea didn't wear her dirndl because of that.

They have also been hiking from Rellerli to Sparenmoos.

Diana Engsäll's confirmation, Saturday 6th August.
Diana with her mother Andrea Brodin, photo from Andrea's blog.

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz with Diana, Ivar and Isabella.

Diana with her father Niclas Engsäll, photo from Niclas' Instagram.

Daniel's friend Håkan Lundstedt, ceo of Synsam, with retired speed skater, two-time olympic champion Nils van der Poel at the article about Synsam's collaboration with Nils van der Poel.
Synsam Group begins a collaboration with recent Olympic gold medalist Nils van der Poel. He steps in as a business developer with a focus on developing new sports glasses. The investment is linked to the company's new innovation center on Frösön in Östersund, which will be inaugurated in August.
- Nils is a winner who challenges conventions. It matches very well how we at Synsam like to challenge and constantly make things better, with the aim of helping our customers look good and look good. I am very happy to tie Nils to the team at Frösön and together broaden our sports glasses segment and develop visual comfort in all kinds of sports and movement, says CEO Håkan Lundstedt.
Synsam inleder ett samarbete med Nils van der Poel - Market

Daniel inaugurates Synsam's new production and innovation center on 17th August.

Andrea Brodin and her family attended a wedding
Andrea and Cedric Notz ready for a rehearsal dinner on Thursday 11 August
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Andrea, Cedric, Diana, Ivar and Isabella on the wedding day, Friday 12 August
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

The King and Queen's friend Lill Lindfors (82) sang at the delivery of the Cornelis Prize on 7 August.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

The royal family's friends Hans Eric and Eva Benita Brodin sold their beautiful Villa Loviseberg last October. It was bought by the National Property Board.

An unusual and very expensive purchase was made by the National Property Board last autumn.
Villa Loviseberg in Solna, which cost SEK 59 million.
Now Kvartal reveals that the villa is to be used as the prime minister's residence when the Lejonet quarter is renovated, something that is not relevant until 2024.
- We bought Villa Loviseberg to be prepared for an evacuation chain in connection with the renovation of the Lejonet quarter, where Sagerska is located. We have to be at the forefront, you can't get a replacement home when it's time to move, says a source to Kvartal.
Solna_ Statsministerns evakueringsbostad kostar 59 miljoner

Duchess Christina d’Otrante died on 9 August, aged 83.
Christina d'Otrante, born von Rosen, married Duke Gustaf d'Otrante in 1967. The husband's ducal title was French.
This makes the family unique as the only one in Sweden with ducal titles – apart from the royal family.
- All others are in the order of succession. The king has given those titles to his grandchildren, for example, says court expert Roger Lundgren and continues:
- And then there is the d'Otrante family, but it is French.
The duchess was a good friend of the royal couple, according to Roger Lundgren.
- Both the king and the queen knew her very well. She has been to the Palace many times.
Hertiginnan Christina d'Otrante död – Leif GW Perssons sorg

Duchess Christina with daughter Marguerite arriving to the private party at Drottningholm, day before king Carl Gustafs 60th birthday.

Bertil Nordström, a very close friend of king Carl Gustaf, has passed away aged 78. This is confirmed by the family for Svensk Damtidning.
Bertil Nordström was one of the king's oldest and closest friends who spent a lot of time with the royal couple.
Bertil was part of the king's inner circle and was also close friends with Anders Lettström, Anders "Aje" Philipson and Erik Lallerstedt.
The king called him "Bersan" and unlike other royal friends, he was neither interested in hunting nor fishing. Instead, the friends met around their love for nature and also sports, which they liked to watch together during weekends.
The king is godfather to Bertil's daughter Jenny, and queen Silvia is godmother to Bertil's son Niklas, both born in 1988.
Kungens bästa vän Bertil Nordström död – blev 78 år _*Svensk Dam

Leonie Persson and Caroline and Peder Dinkelspiel attended Louise Boije af Gennäs' book release at Restaurant Tak yesterday.

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and Andrea's mother Eva Benita Brodin visiting hotel Ett Hem on its 10th anniversary celebration, 23 August.

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz yesterday evening at the 50th birthday party of Michael Storåkers.

Andrea published at her Instagram this photo of her with her daughters Diana and Isabella, all wearing dirndls.
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Emma Pernald with husband Tomas Jonson arriving to Michael Storåkers' 50th birthday party on Friday 26th August.
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Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz were last week in Tuscany.
They attended at the celebration of their friends birthdays and that they had been married for 20 years and renewed their vows.

Andrea Brodin was yesterday morning at TV4 News morning, she told about interior design trends in the autumn. She wore a dress from Lexington.
Håll dig uppdaterad om höstens inredningstrender TV4 Play

The Team of brokerage firm ESNY (Eklund Stocholm New York) has been spending some days in Palma. Andrea Brodin, broker at ESNY, published at her blog photos of their staying in Concepcio by Nobis Hotel.
On the left Madeleine's friend Tin-Tin af Burén, Senior Vice Executive President of ESNY.

Carl Philip's friend and business partner Oscar Kylberg attended on 16th September at the premier of Snow White The Musical, with his son Walther and his friends.
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Andrea Brodin was today, on her 46th birthday, at TV4's News morning
"This is how you decorate at home to save electricity — the textiles that keep the heat.
Interior designer Andrea Brodin shows how we decorate smartly and save electricity. She brings everything from plaids to rugs and cozy slippers."
Så inreder du hemma för att spara el — textilierna som håller värmen

Cedric Notz had yesterday his 48th birthday, Andrea Brodin's Instagram:

Jannis Koehn and Cedric Notz have just secured funding of SEK 1 billion. Now they are ready to pass on the cash to fast-growing Swedish SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.
Float vill bli SaaS-bolagens bästa vän – ska låna ut 1 miljard - Breakit

Success for Daniel's longtime friend Håkan Lundstedt, the ceo of Synsam. He is also a mentor at Prince Daniel's Fellowship and its entrepreneurial programme.

Synsam is Sweden's best retail company - wins Market Awards 2022
The optical chain Synsam Group took home the finest gold medal of them all when it was crowned Retail Company of the Year in the trade's prestigious competition, the Market Awards. Synsam also won the category Opticians & accessories when the retail industry's Retail Arena and Tidningen Market awarded the best companies in Swedish retail during Wednesday evening's Market Awards.
Håkan Lundstedt, president and CEO of Synsam Group, thanks the entire team at Synsam:
- Synsam's core values are based on the customer's needs and that we always put the customer first. The win in the Market Awards is proof that the customers reward Synsam because we see them and it is a trust we cherish immensely. I am very proud of Synsam's employees' great commitment to helping people with their vision and eye health, we make a difference for our customers.
Synsam är Sveriges bästa retailbolag - vinner Market Awards 2022 _ Synsam Sverige

Daniel and Håkan in November 2005
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Håkan Lundstedt in 2022
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Three generations from the Persson family at football match Djurgården - BK Häcken on 9th October at Tele2 Arena: Stefan Persson, his son Karl-Johan Persson and Karl-Johan's son Ian Persson.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Andrea Brodin was this morning at TV4 News morning. She wore a dress from Lexington.

This is how you keep the darkness away with the right lighting
We are moving rapidly towards darker times. How do you light up life at home? Interior designer Andrea Brodin advises on the best lighting for each room and advises how you can save electricity.

Madeleine's good friend and Nicolas' godmother Katarina von Horn, 42, and Robert von Horn, 46, have filed for divorce.
The application is made jointly and according to the document, the divorce must be preceded by a period of consideration, which is standard when there are minor children in the family.
The couple confirms in each of their emails to Expressen, with the same wording, that they have decided to go their separate ways: "That's right, we are in agreement and good friends and now look out for our girls' best interests and with respect for the 21 wonderful years we shared".
The family has lived in a villa by the sea in Djursholm, they are joint owners of it.
Därför går societetsparet skilda vägar efter 21 år
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King Carl Gustaf's friend businessman Anders "Aje" Philipson, 79, and wife Bathina Philipson, 44, are divorcing. They have submitted a joint application for divorce to the Stockholm District Court. As they have three minor children, they request that the divorce judgment be announced after a period of reflection.
Bathina comments the decision on the phone from Marbella, where the whole family spend autumn holidays together. She tells that there was no quarrel or drama surrounding the decision.
- There is no drama in this, we have jointly chosen to separate. (..)
Bathina och Aje Philipson skiljer sig efter 18 år

Andrea Brodin and family are in Switzerland at the autumn holiday.

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin at an event of Les Deux Men clothing.

King Carl Gustaf's friend Laurent Leksell and his daughter, Madeleine's friend Caroline Leksell Cooke are working at Elekta. Laurent Leksell founded Elekta in 1972 with his father Lars.
Laurent Leksell is the Board chairman and Chairman of the Compensation and Sustainability Committee, Caroline Leksell Cooke a Member of the Board and Member of the Compensation and Sustainability Committee.
Members - Elekta

Madeleine and Chris attended in December 2012 the wedding of Caroline Leksell and Graham Cooke in St. Moritz.

Sisters, Madeleine's friend Lovisa de Geer and Victoria's friend Sophie de Geer Josefsson have been in London over a month ago. Lovisa on the right.
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TV4's News morning has their own Advent calendar.
On 6th December Andrea Brodin gave advice on how to create a Christmas atmosphere at home. The video was filmed at Andrea's home and we see also her dog Jaxy.
Lycka 6 i julkalendern – Så fixar du julfint -

Andrea Brodin was today at TV4's News morning, she gave tips on how to get a Christmas feeling at home.

"Andrea Brodin is a decorator and also a real Christmas fan who knows exactly how to get that special Christmas feeling at home. She gives tips on how to get a really fancy Christmas tree, whether we prefer a traditional one or a little more fancy, where we can find the cutest elves to decorate with and how we can easily make the whole house smell of cinnamon."

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and children have spent Christmas at Brodin family's estate.

Anna Z Ek, wife of Daniel's childhood friend Niklas Ek, had worked as a press photographer for 23 years when four years ago she decided to broaden her skills in her working life. In the spring 2018, Anna took the Poppius course to become a web editor. After the course, she got a job as a web editor with responsibility for social media at Stockholm City Mission.
- It had become quite tough in the newspaper industry and I felt that in the long run I could lose my job. I wanted to make myself more attractive on the job market.
Anna enjoyed her job at Stockholm City Mission. In addition to taking care of social media, she had the opportunity to meet people, photograph, film and write.
- The City Mission is an organization with a fine foundation of values that does so much good for Stockholmers, and it has felt incredibly good. In the long term, I can imagine coming back and working here. The fact that I'm moving on is because I want to try something new and that I get shorter trips to work.
The focus of the new web editor job in Huddinge municipality's communications department is on writing, filming and photography.
Grattis till nya jobbet, Anna! - Poppius Journalistskola

Anna and Niklas Ek

Victoria and Daniel's friend Louise Lindh (CEO and board member of Fastighets AB L E Lundberg, Board member of L E Lundbergföretagen AB, Holmen AB and Hufvudstaden AB) has been elected as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
39 prominent researchers and experts at companies and the public sector are elected as new members of the The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The new Swedish and international members will further strengthen and broaden IVA's competence in important future issues within technical and economic sciences as well as for the development of business life.
Här är IVAs nya ledamöter – hela listan - IVA

Andrea Brodin, Cedric Notz and children have spent Christmas at Brodin family's Duseborg estate.
Cedric's mother attended the celebration, as did Andrea's ex-husband Niclas Engsäll (father of Diana and Ivar) with his children from his second marriage.

Andrea, Cedric and Isabella flew to Switzerland

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin enjoy their life in Switzerland too.
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Sofi Fahrman Engelbert published photos of her and Filip's wedding a year ago while celebrating their first wedding anniversary in December.

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin with their children wished Happy New Year

Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz celebrated New Year in Gstaad.
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