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Old 10-01-2006, 04:16 AM
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Of profession, Princes of Asturias

The advertisement of the dona Letizia's second pregnancy coincides with a campaign of the couple the support of the street to be gained

Little before half after five in the afternoon of last Monday, when the House of the King began to send messages SMS to the mass media, Letizia Ortiz did the same thing with her relatives and friends. She supports frequent contact like that with theirs since she left her house of Vicálvaro's neighborhood of Madrid to move to the palace of The Zarzuela.

The princes of Asturias had decided this day to make official the news of which they were going to be parents, for the second time, in spring. The future mother has expired already her second month of pregnancy and though the not written protocol of the royal families recommends not to publicize the state up to the three, the couple agreed to reveal the secret to make the things easier.

" I have more nauseas that in the first pregnancy and it I am passing worse ", has made clear the Princess to her friends. To tell that she was going to be a mother in spring solves the ballot of how to justify absences and catches the rumors of which she has problems to be a mother. To the nine months of the infanta Leonor was born, when the German press was speaking openly that was suffering nourishing disorders and for it she had suffered an abortion, the communique of the new pregnancy was actuating as an effect response.

" They are euphoric with the news ", makes clear a friend of the couple. " They want to have several children. The Princess is 34 years and 38 he; because of it they do not want to wait very much. " Besides, as many other parents, they have decided to have them followed in order that it is easier to raise them ", it adds.

The Princess, according to the accounts, remained a pregnant woman in Palma at the beginning of the summer vacations. In these days one saw her with the Queen walking along the nautical club with the infanta Leonor and demonstrating that their relation is very good. The small one also was showed everything that one that was approaching up to her babay car; for then also it was inspected on the motives that were leading the Princes to extracting so little of palace to the girl. And it is that the couple, especially dona Letizia, lives since she came to the royal family surrounded with a great journalistic pressure.

Years ago, don Juan Carlos defined the queen Sofía as " the great professional one ". The Princess of Asturias has adopted partly this model to confront this new stage of her life. Three years ago she stopped presenting the informative one of the nine in Spanish Television to marry and to begin to be employed at another company: the royal family. And as a new employment Letizia faces this challenge.

In this time already she has learned that publicly it is necessary to contain. This way, for example, when one asks her these days how she is, she limits itself to saying: " Well, thank you ". But she tells to her friends that the nauseas do not leave her. She doesn´t that there repeat themselves situations so criticized as the day of her request of hand, when she said to the Prince: " Leave Me, now I have to speak to me ". This containment in gestures and words also has made it gain the image of distantly and her of being too much obsessed in spite of the protocol not skipping in the official acts.

But privately dona Letizia speaks clearly, especially, to the Prince. It is what more her friends value of her and her enemies criticize.


Old 10-01-2006, 04:17 AM
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The woman who came three years ago to the life of don Felipe was got by certain caution for the intimate circle of the inheritor. She seemingly also was kept distant initially with this group so removed from the profile of her friends journalists. But now the things fit.

" Letizia says to Felipe what nobody dares to say to him and it to be good ", tells one of the friends of the Prince. " For much that he has tried to connect with the street years behind, he lives in a palace removed from many things and it is the one who opens the eyes him, because she is a normal woman, who even does nothing she was doing the life of a current person ". The couple has dinner with friends the weekends; it is frequent to see them in a few cinemas of the Princesa street; and 15 days ago don Felipe was discovered in Asturias throwing petrol to a car in which his wife and daughter travels.

This clarity of the Princess at the moment of declaring on some matters is interpreted by some more traditional circles like that she is the domineering one. Dona Letizia thinks, and it is not habitual between the members of the royal families. She speaks about politics when she meets politicians and the same thing gives her to seem on the process of peace in the Basque Country that on the immigration. This spontaneity surprises and pleases almost always out of palace.

Once a month the royal family gets together with the members of their secretaries to organize the agenda of activities. In these appointments decides the one who goes to a place and who to other one. Until Letizia came to palace, the debate almost did not exist. Now she speaks, thinks and asks. " I prefer that the councilmen do not wait for us in the door of the Town hall, but they give us the hand and go away. Better than organize a meeting with all in which also there are local representatives; and if there is some problem in concretly in this place, which the affected ones avenge and tell it to us ". And she says all that supplied with pencil and paper. She writes at everything.

Don Felipe is enchanted with the suggestions of his wife and helps them, because in her a companion has found in the work of being a prince. The couple has tried to have more autonomy inside the House of the King creating a slightly major office that the small secretary that they have, in order that from it their style takes form of taking the things. They has not achieved it at the moment.

How does Letizia remove with the Kings and the infantas? They count that with the Queen " every time better " and that " very well " with the infanta Elena.

These days there has been re-opened the debate on whom must reign if the infanta Leonor has in spring a brother. Don Felipe and dona Letizia try to elude publicly this question and privately they go furthermore far. They know that they first have to win the people, the street, and in it they are.

The version of the House of the King is that the debate is unnecessary: " it will appear when the Prince is King and beech that to designate an inheritor. Till then it is a lot of time ", it indicates.

The House of the King handles a survey of last spring according to which 83 % of the Spanish believes that the change in the Headquarters of the State will be produced " without scares ". Nevertheless, there are great the Spanish who declare themselves juancarlistas and not monarchic.

Letizia knows it and because of it she has made see her husband that now they touch to both there be gaining the popular credit, which has to be used in this task in the next years, and for it nothing better to do of the fact of being a royal Highness a profession.

Old 10-01-2006, 04:29 AM
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Thank you very much for great translation, lula!

Poor girl, so this pregnancy is more difficult... Now she has to also look after Leo who will start walking soon...

Old 10-01-2006, 09:59 AM
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Great article, Lula; very elucidative!

I especially enjoyed the part when it talks about the professioinalism how they prepare the acts at La Zarzuela. They will be great monarchs!
Old 10-01-2006, 10:43 AM
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Many Thanks ( as usual ) for the article, dear Lula.

It's an excellent " paper" because it put the things very clear.

I had allways thaught that the Princes have to make by themselves TOGETHER their work to promote everywhere in Spain their image, it's obvious. I'm glad that this idea seems to be an idea of the Princes themselves and mainly that Letizia accept to be beside the Prince and not to have, for the moment, her own agenda.

I'm totally sure that the Princess is so clever to seek an improbable first plan when it's absolutly obvious that the firt aim of the Princes is to reinforce their notoriety as futur Kings of Spain.

The role of the Princess until now and for the next years is to give to Felipe something of the Spain that, may be, he don't know very well. For that she is the best one to do it as the article said.
Old 10-01-2006, 11:43 AM
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Old 10-01-2006, 12:20 PM
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Letizia meets it very handsome pretty
Old 10-01-2006, 01:01 PM
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Great work with El Pais translation lula.

Thank you for sharing.

Looks an insight view and I'm glad that this close firneds sources share interesting things and not only... well, the other things.

It was very pleasant reading...once again, thank you for taking your time to translate and share it with us.

Old 10-01-2006, 01:28 PM
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WOW! They look wonderfully happy! And Letizia looks great!!

I do love how "full" she looks when she's expecting; her face benefits most of all. And I LOVE the purple velvet!!
"ONE" *Get involved and help with the fight against extreme poverty!!*
Old 10-02-2006, 04:05 PM
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I think her pregnancy already is notice!
Old 10-04-2006, 02:40 AM
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Princes de Asturias will preside over the oath of the 2,031 new police the act of delivery of titles to the components of promotion XX-B of the National Body of Police will take place in the center of formation of Ávila next the 11 of October EDUARDO CANTALAPIEDRA Princes de Asturias will attend the next Wednesday to the act of oath and delivery of titles the 2,031 components of promotion XX-B of the National Body of Police that will take place in the football ground of the Center of Formation of Ávila as of the 12.00 hours, according to confirmed yesterday the Real House to the School of Police. It will be the first visit that Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will make jointly to the abulense capital, after the heir to Corona Spanish went the 17 of November from 2005 to the city to preside over the General Assembly of the European Organization of Consumers celebrated in the Palace of the Serrano of Social Obra of the Savings bank of Ávila. The act of the 11 of October will also serve to officially inaugurate the works of extension of the Center of Formation of the National Body of Police, that began at the end of November of 2004 with a budget of 27 million euros (the 85 percent contributes to the Department of the Interior and the 15 percent to it the Meeting). These works have affected 21,600 square meters and are assumption, on the one hand, the extension of the building of classrooms, with the creation of 22 new stays with capacity each one for forty students, and by another one, the construction of two new blocks of residence, the extension and reforms of the present center of coexistence and the rearrangement of the provision networks. All it stops to lodge the 5,500 future agents pertaining to XXII the promotion of the Basic Scale - most numerous of the history that during this course will be formed in the abulense school, which supposes an increase of the pupils of the 31 percent with respect to the previous course. In addition, to these students it is necessary to add other 2,100 who already have given to beginning the practical classroom, arranging the theoretical classes with the formation in group, and other so many that will make during these eight practical months and means in police station. Also it is necessary to add 450 students pertaining to the Executive Scale (225 by course), with which the total number of people related somehow to the Center of Formation of the National Body of Police in Ávila will surpass east course the 9.900.
Old 10-04-2006, 04:41 AM
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Hi everyone, i'm very glad for the great news about the pregnancy of princess Letizia. Congratulations to the family!
Old 10-04-2006, 08:38 AM
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Letizia is glowing, once again. She looks great! She definately looks the most radient when pregnant.
The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Old 10-05-2006, 12:37 AM
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Letizia looks beautiful whether pregnant or not....but she simply glows with added sparkle when she's expecting.

Plus, her face looks better with the pregnancy weight...although she has a figure to be envy she does look much better with a slight fuller face!
Old 10-05-2006, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by lula
The Princes have been present at a private luncheon with journalists in Madrid
One of the journalist was Victoria Prego and she talk about her impressions of the Princes of Asturias



First: Princess of Asturias eats everything and of everything. Of anorexy, nothing. Cheese soup with anchovies, merluza surrounded in crocante of bread and chocolate dessert. It took yogur instead of the chocolate soon and hazelnuts.
She is well, but the pregnancy plays bad the last ones to him that the women who there are had children we identified immediately.
She speaks sincerely of her paper and her work. And secunda to its husband with intelligence. I do not believe that in Spain there has been a Princess of Asturias so well formed and so prepared. She is not a noblewoman, as the monarchists reproach to her, but is a luck.

Second: Prince Felipe is an intelligent man. Affluent speech and long of each question that considers to him. He expressed with total precision.
He has not eluded any question nor has given roundups not to answer it. He has explained, that yes, that his position prevents him to take public position in favor of one or another one from the great parties in the great questions that face to them, and how.
It is evident that the lack of consensus, so aggravated, reduces his space at the time of speaking. Even yet, many things have explained us. Many.
He is very well informed into the subjects that matter to the country. Note, or we noticed those that we dedicated ourselves to this, that it is in contact with the enemy with people of the different sectors. That it has information of first hand, I mean. And note that has a very important formation.
He is not a rigid nor distant type. He is sometimes until pure-blooded. I did not believe that I had inherited marchamo of its father in this, but some sparkles I have seen him today.
He is very affectionate with his woman. And vice versa. And enough the ready thing like for, when finishing, to request excuses to us by not being able to arrive as far in their answers as we had wanted. But “I believe that you will understand it”, said. We understood it.
But what all the colleagues, or all with which I spoke at the end of the food, we understood mainly, he is that here there is a future king of Spain that for himself other European monarchies for the holidays loved to it.
To thus I it have seen. And I have not differed of my companions.

Automatic translation, sorry
Old 10-05-2006, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by fanletizia
Automatic translation, sorry
Nevermind, Fanletizia! It's a very interesting article and I enjoyed reading it very much! Thanks for sharing it!
Old 10-05-2006, 06:53 AM
lula's Avatar
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Thank you, it is very interesting.

Always it is very good, to read the impressions of these journalists. Unfortunately, the commentaries of others without information, and only with spirit of gossip, cloud the real labor of thge Princes. The levity always is easier.

Victoria Prego is the professional one of the serious journalism, of the political journalism that goes many years in the profession and that has lived and great acquaintance. Because of it her opinions are worth valuing.
Old 10-05-2006, 07:51 AM
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Great article fanletizia! Thanks for sharing.

It's very good to read an honest and unbiased opinion once in a while.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift... That's why it's called present...
Old 10-05-2006, 09:54 AM
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Thank you so much fanletizia for sharing this article.

I love Victoria Prego .

And the translation is great, my dear, thank you for taking your time to do this.

But I wonder what means "marchamo"... anyone can say an aproximate term in english.

Thank you in advance.

Old 10-05-2006, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by mtbcm
I wonder what means "marchamo"... anyone can say an aproximate term in english.
"Marchamo" is a mark that the custom-house officers put on things. In this case, it means charisma.

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